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Kristen Stewart: 'Yellow Handkerchief' Happy

Kristen Stewart: 'Yellow Handkerchief' Happy

Kristen Stewart arrives at the premiere of her new romantic drama The Yellow Handkerchief at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 18).

The 19-year-old actress, wearing “Stann” platform pumps by Bally and Azzaro’s “Graffiti” Dress, was joined by his costars, Maria Bello, William Hurt, and Eddie Redmayne at the event.

Recently Kristen shared with E’s Marc Malkin the progress on the last installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn.

“I have been told to be ready for November,” Kristen told Marc. “I mean, it looks like a ‘yes,’ but it’s still not concrete.”

She also shared how she believed the last film should be split into two movies. “It would be hard to cram all of it into one movie,” Kristen said at the premiere. 40+ pictures inside…

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kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 03
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 04
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 05
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 06
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 07
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 08
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 09
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 10
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 11
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 12
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 13
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 14
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 15
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 16
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 17
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 18
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 19
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 20
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 21
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 22
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 23
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 24
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 25
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 26
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 27
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 28
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 29
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 30
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 31
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 32
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 33
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 34
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 35
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 36
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 37
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 38
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 39
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 40
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 41
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 42
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 43
kristen stewart yellow handkerchief 44

Credit: Winter; Photos: Bouys/AFP/Getty
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  • alex p

    “was joined by his costars, Maria Bello, William Hurt, Eddie Redmayne, and Eddie Redmayne at the event.”

    there’s two guys named eddie redmayne… LOL

  • xtina

    awwwwww she’s totally gorgeous=)
    Go Kristen!

  • Carrie

    Kristen Stewart, a hairbrush, have you two met?

    Seriously, the angst grunge look is fine when you are a confused 13 year old emo, but really she needs to grow up.

    … and stop standing like a man as well. She’s as bad as Ellen Page

  • cornelia


  • Gail


  • lillyb

    Average girl, below average actress making a ton of money, for being average.

    Did i mention she is nothing more then average?

  • brightside

    Butch, pouty, emo girl in a boring black dress. Wow (rolls eyes)!

  • jasmine

    I like the dress, dont love it though.
    Her makeups cute and the hairs okay but i think she’d look a lot better with it a lighter brown and longer.
    This outfit looks kind of similar to other stuff she’s worn before, i’m not hating on it just saying she could a little color.

  • beth

    get a manicure, really ragged nails.

  • Annoying Girl

    She always looks so awkward and it makes me uncomfortable to even look at her. Then she opens her mouth and makes the dumbest comments. I wish her publicist would tell her to shut her mouth in regards to her opinions and only promote the movies she’s in instead of critizing them.

  • martin

    She looks good, kind of like Victoria Beckham.

  • Kaylee


    Sorry but I disagree completely. Posh has style and confidence. This chick is like a wet noodle…boring as hell.

  • flynnstone

    She still looks drugged & un-likeable…

  • cutiemcfreckles

    her pot smoking(and presumed munchie eating) is starting to show. this is what happens to all skinny potheads. they become flabby and chubby!

  • NativeNYker
  • KristenRULES!!

    OMFG Kristen drives me crazy, i just want to take her right there!

  • tanzey

    she’s a natural beauty… love her!

  • schuellen

    This movie looks that its going to bomb big time. Those Twi movies are her only meal ticket in HW. After those Twi sequels, she’ll be back to being an anonymous / irrelevant hacktress just like before.

  • vale

    She looks great

  • Amanda Dubs

    What a hottie, I am in love with this girl.

  • Janeth

    Rumer Willis is that you?

  • nao

    so we’re probably not going to see breaking down till late 2011 :(

  • j

    can anyone say Miss slouchy …poor posture and poor attitude

  • Kristin M

    Great, they’re splitting the last movie into 2 separate parts. They’re trying to copy Harry Potter because that’s what they’re doing with Deathly Hallows. No matter how hard you try, Twilight, you’ll never be or achieve Harry Potter success.

    It’s like comparing dog food to fillet mingon.

  • jill

    Kristen IS THE MOST REAL GIRL IN HOLLYWOOD. She doesn’t dress like the typical hollywood girl. She has her own unique style and atleast shes not as bad as tayler momsen! shes smart and may not be the best actress in hollywood but she doesn’t talk about what she loves about her body etc. (bragging) like jessica biel,beyonce and all those other girls.

  • roja

    She want to be noticed, so she don’t act and dress like the other HW girls, she make the total opposite of what everybody in HW are making.

    She hides herself just to make the media wondering about her

    This is the new tactic of HW, be “private”!!!

  • sara

    everytime i see pics or interview of her i get second hand embaressment. she always so f**king uncorfotable, weird and unarticulated.

  • audrina from the hills who?

    The new Ceiling eyes

  • Sweetness

    It’s odd how so many find fault with her posture awkwardness and hair, and ragged nails…yet this is the very same person Robert Pattinson is crazy over… they are still ROBSTEN, they don’t dare speak about their ongoing relationship to maintain their privacy…so what is it that Robert Pattinson sees in her? You would think his fans would be adore her since he is worshipped by so many fangirls.

  • linda

    wow. she looks great. love the face, skin & dress. the acting prowess is a given

  • sara

    i’m a Rob fan but i got to say has a terrible taste. just look his ex girlfriend…. I only wish he was with Emily De Ravin.

  • emmas

    LOVE!!! She’s amazing!!!! Can’t wait for Eclipse.

  • Barney

    I mean I understand it probably gets tiring having to smilie everywhere you go, but could she at least act like she was happy to be there?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahahaha.. horrible.

  • Chris

    Kristen’s hair is so awful. Why doesn’t she try to curl it or something? It just looks so flat. And her nails – why doesn’t she get acrylic nails or something?

  • She’s sexual beast

    A girl any guy would love to have, as a gf or friend…

  • Hun81

    I like Kristen! She could smile a little bit more though. Shes pretty bad ass, i guess. Reminds me a little bit of myself. hahaha. ;) LLLLLOVE her in twilight. =)

  • x-tina

    she looks much better now! hot! love her hair in that way

  • Really???

    PLEASE!!!!! That is the ugliest child I have ever seen and I am tired of HW forcing this boyish untalented girl down the public’s throat like she’s so gifted in the acting field. you will NEVER see her at the Oscar table, why? Because she CAN NOT act. She is NOT even passing pretty and she thinks she’s smarter than she really is. If not for Twighlight most you wouldn’t give a rat’s azz about her or that boy Pattinson.

  • redd


    this movie was not make to make a lot of money at the box office. its only going to be a limited release in a few theatres and did not cost much at all to make

  • c

    Kristen is amazing. HOT and adorable.

  • eric

    Hot girl.
    Robert? Please. He hate VAGINAS.

  • the african darkside

    I live on the east coast but my opinion is,there are two type of people who appear in film,actors or actresses,and movie stars. Ms stewart seems to be just an actress.Which is smart to me.And she has a nice look,facially.

  • Celia

    Poor thing, even when she tries, she still looks like she’s high on meth.

  • nicole

    Jeez, look at her arms, they’re so fat…haven’t realised before but she has such chubby arms…well, I hope she makes money now, cause after she reviels she’s gay -not that we hadn’t figured- Hollywood will turn its back! Cause they are racists!

  • Heather

    @Kristin M:

    In no way should Twilight movies be compared to Harry Potter movies. They are so different. The reason the last book should be split into two is because of the amount of content in it. Have you read it? I can’t imagine it being put into 1 movie unless you want it to last 3 hours.

  • Celia


    I have read it. Most of it is PURE garbage. Her editors didn’t even look at that book, they just sent it straight to the presses. Only 3 big things happen…max, the rest of it is just useless or just flat out DUMB! I don’t even think that book had an actual plot or point. The same can be said for the rest of them, but especially for Breaking Dawn. All that happens is they get married, she gets knocked up, she becomes a vampire. None of the crap that happens in between is important to the plot…NONE of it. That whole book read like a pathetic fan fiction. There was no thought, no emotion, no creativity behind it whatsoever. It’s like she had writer’s block, but instead of taking a break, she kept going and made up some bullsh*t. That book should be cut down to a 30 minute film if the filmmakers are smart.
    And Kristen looks like a man in that dress. I hate the way she stands like a boy with her legs open. It’s not cute and it’s very unflattering.

  • k_stew_fan

    she looks so gorgesous and beautiful

    she’s like the realest and the most amazing person in hollywood at least she’s the only natural beautiful person without make up

  • k_stew_fan


    woow are you kidding me she can’t go any where without being noticed she doesn’t need to do any thing to get attention
    her and robert are now the hottest young couple in hollywood
    and two of the most money makers in hollywood you have to check out the lists and know who are the real celebrities right now

  • Jen


    Ive always thought she looks like Rumer Willis too!

    I dont like her and think she cannot act however I think she actually looks good in that black dress.