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Miranda Kerr Shares Her Favorite Styles This Season

Miranda Kerr Shares Her Favorite Styles This Season

Miranda Kerr arrives at Perth Domestic Airport in Perth, Australia on Thursday (February 18) in a cute striped dress and flip flops.

After arriving at the airport, the 26-year-old Aussie model jumped into a waiting car and drove off to her next destination.

Miranda recently shared her fashion picks for the season with the Sydney Morning Herald, saying she loves Sass & Bide jeans, boho chic looks (“something beautiful and Parisian,”), a statement jacket and ankle boots. Super chic!

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  • Keira

    she has the cutest face

  • Orly

    Prettiest among the VS models

  • NativeNYker

    Love a woman not afraid of horizontal stripes.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Jayne

    she dont look 2 happy?

  • Britt

    She looks so pretty. I love stripes a lot this season, and blazer is always classic!

  • RTtome

    Toothpick legs and a face as huge as a football field. Yuck.

  • Dreadlocks

    This girl is not sexy to me. She does have

  • Dreadlocks

    She does have a cute face but she has toothpick legs.

  • Lars

    She reminds me of Chucky (Child’s Play). I don’t like her face.

  • Roar

    Her body and face are amazing

  • coco

    @ 8/9

    yes,it is so truth what you say.

    her Face and her legs are ugly

  • @12

    No, that’s not “so truth”.
    Those are OPINIONS.
    OPINIONS are subjective. The truth is not.
    The TRUTH = she is one of the highest earning models IN THE WORLD.

  • @10

    That’s it?
    Falling back on old insults?
    Desperate, huh?

  • yes!

    She must be exhausted from all of her travelling, but she still looks super cute to me!

  • brightside

    Successful model, beautiful girl, bad, bad, dress. Looks like a convict’s nightshirt. So not liking this look.

  • @16

    Yeah, I’m not crazy about it either.
    But I will give her a pass because it looks like she was just opting for comfort on the plane.
    She’s not walking a show looking like that. :-)

  • lisali

    Her legs kinda freak me out…skeletal.

  • One of prettiest

    I think she’s one of the prettiest Angels out of the current bunch. I say “one of” because there are several others among the newer Angels who are also very pretty IMO. Miranda looks fresh and sweet. She looks younger than her current age (26 almost 27) which is no doubt a good thing – especially in the world of modeling where it’s all about freshness and youth.

  • hmmm

    She is so pretty.
    Wonder if she will make it back to LA to go to the Global Green Party with Orlando.

  • @20

    Isn’t she supposed to hit the runway for Balenciaga in Paris on the3rd march, same date of the GG pre Oscar party….?

  • grace!

    Lucky Orlando Bloom

  • @21

    Not sure.
    I would love to see her on the HF runway again.

  • big dig

    looks cool

  • belinda

    Why is there a post about this cabbage patch kid every bloody day. Her face is weird and yes, she does look like chucky. She is much too thin and all in all she just looks boring and plain. Enough is enough.

  • @25

    There are posts “every day” (which isn’t true, BTW) because her posts get a lot of hits by people like you who come here just to complain.

  • steffi67

    She is the most beautiful VS angel. Period. Most beautiful model too.

  • Hmmm?

    It’s funny how you guys think she looks like a ‘chucky doll’, and a ‘cabbage patch kid’. Why do I only read these type of insults here on JJ?
    How can she be ‘scary’ or ‘weird looking’ and be one of the top models? I don’t get the comparison. If Miranda gets compared with looks to anyone it’s usually always Adriana Lima and Gemma Ward, and sometimes Aishwarya Rai and Natalia Vodianova, and lately she’s been compared to Candice Swanepoel and Rosie H W.
    If she was sooo ugly why would the majority of people compare her looks with Adriana Lima, one of the most beautiful women in the world? I guess all these girls are chucky dolls too!

  • lakers fan in boston

    cute lil dress, loving the legs she’s showing off =]
    such a beautiful face at well
    i still think it’s a shame she doesnt go 2 fashion week
    im almost sure she could get a couple shows, even if not that big but u gotta start somewhere

  • hummmm 2

    You know I wonder the same thing. Some of these comments are so ugly makes you wonder how sad these people must really be. I would love to look like Miranda, maybe in my next life.

  • @28

    No, silly.
    They are only ‘Chucky dolls’ if they start dating Orlando Bloom.

  • Sarah

    If she looks like a Chuck Doll. Then, hell I wanna look like one too!

  • tiki

    She’s cute in a kwoopie doll sorta way.

  • nina

    I think Kate Bosworth is much prettier and so petite. Miranda is too much like an amazon warrior. Kate looked so cute nestled under Orlando’s chin. I miss that couple.

  • @34

    Please expand your knowledge and look up the phrase “Amazon warrior”.
    Miranda is tall. But with her delicate frame, there is no way in he!! that she could ever be called an ‘Amazon’.
    Amazon warriors are not only tall, but broad shouldered and strongly muscled. Venus and Serena Williams are great examples of what powerful ‘Amazon warriors’ would look like.
    But I agree, Kate is more of a classic beauty. But she always seemed so clingy and needy. Orlando is much better off with a woman that he doesn’t seem to need to baby sit. He and Miranda seem great together.

  • Sivana

    There is NO way I would put Kate B on the same level as Miranda. She is unbelievably plain, she is one of those actresses that I always thought was so plain. Her face isn’t anything special, it’s bleh most of the time, and yawn the rest of the time. I think it’s a crime to compare the two, just because both were/are dating orlando doesn’t mean you can compare there beauty (or lack of in Kate’s case)
    Miranda’s one of the most beautiful girl my eyes have had the fortune to see. In the real world Kate doesn’t hold a candle to Miranda.

  • http://google toni

    way too thin, and her legs looks like a tooth pick.

  • @37

    A THIN model.
    What has the world come too?

  • reba

    Is that her mother? She is definitely part Abariginal! You can see it in her features – wow!

  • Sarah

    met her, love her
    all u haters can go F.U.C.K yourself you jealous B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S

  • mesa

    what’s her height???????????i’m wondering…

    some people say she’s only 5-7.5

  • Km

    Met Miranda today. She is absoloutly stunning and even more beautiful in real life. (I know that’s hard to believe!)
    she has such a lovely presence, and is a real sweetheart.

    Don’t hate cos you aint!

  • crazy woman



  • melli

    Miranda looks in the real life as a girl form 12 years,in the real life she is not beautiful . believe me i met her too.

  • @41

    She is 5’9″

  • RUBY


  • @46

    I’ll yell since you did…..

  • Jayne

    we can all look good if we had there money and there time.

  • @48

    I’m assuming that you meant ‘their’ money and ‘their’ time, and not money and time that they put over ‘there’.
    Sorry, poor grammar doesn’t bother me, but that is a pet peave of mine and has nothing to do with English being a second language. Native speakers do it all the time. Especially the younger ones.
    They don’t seem to realize that there is a difference between:
    their – there – they’re
    your – you’re
    its – it’s
    It makes me twitch.
    But back on topic…
    No, not everyone with money can look good. Just look at Donald Trump.
    Sometimes trying to make people look good without something natural to work with is like putting lipstick on a pig.

  • Jayne

    wotever there was no need 4 that, i dnt know a pig mite look gd with lipstick on who knows never tryed 2 put it on 1 have u??

  • @50

    Using tech-speak when characters are not limited is a sign of either ignorance, immaturity, or both.