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Sienna Miller: From Tokyo to Heathrow

Sienna Miller: From Tokyo to Heathrow

Sienna Miller arrives at Heathrow Airport in London, England on Friday (February 19).

The 28-year-old British actress came back to her home country after a trip to Tokyo. Sienna is back in town for London Fashion Week, where she and sister Savannah will be presenting the latest from their line, Twenty8Twelve, and paying tribute to the late Alexander McQueen.

“Nothing will be the same again and I don’t believe the young people studying fashion will be as inspired as we were studying by such an extraordinary man,” Savannah wrote on the Twenty8Twelve website.

FYI: Sienna is wearing the Loewe “Amazona” bag in black suede.

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  • yo sista

    Why is Angelina always on the Head thing? Ok i like her but that’s a little too ,much, don’t you think? Her stupid stans & Jen’s stans hating on each other on every damn post! BORING! Enough Brad/Angelina/Jennifer it’s sad, i feel bad for those commenting.

  • A

    who’s that?
    no one knows

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn i just love this chick
    a lot of u guys hate on her but i find her hot
    cute scarf she has on
    i hope what her sister debuts is good, she had a good line up last fashion week

  • CanadaGirl

    Love her. It’s nice to see posts about Sienna. It’s quite respectful of her to pay tribute to Alexander McQueen; he truly was inspirational.

  • Carmela

    Here is the slutty, looking for publicity at any cost. She is enjoying the headlines, trying to resurrect her acting career (lol) and sell the clothes design by her sister. But no matter how homewrecker and whore she is, because she is so cute. Have to be retarded to not realize how annoying and manipulative she is (can you hear me Jude?, bloody idiot)

    It is sad to see that people do not have the intellectual and spiritual matters, only the physical care and frivolity, and is not bad a little bit, but when governs the lives of many is a tragedy.

  • kristin

    OMG would you haters calm down a bit! why hate on her so much? she is pretty and has an upbeat personality that guys obviously love, i like her fashion sense, she always looks stylish no matter what she is wearing

  • aka

    @Carmela –

    such a jealous idiot. She works for her money, she can act and has a great sense for style/fashion.

    So get of yourself!

    She has no need to run after Jude for anything!

  • Pamela

    Besides the fact that she’s not getting hired and furthermore can’t get any attention. So Jude’s the way to go for that. Have you seen the efforts by her PR since she’s back dating Jude? “Sienna’s dusted off her engagement ring” is the latest. It’s desperate. She can’t just be with somebody, she has to find a way to be talked about while doing so.

  • Carmela

    @Pamela: wise words. but unfortunately her fans can not see it, they are only interested in how pretty and nice dress (copying Kate Moss, of course) she is.
    it is sad, but without a man beside she goes undetected, lacks star power. She needs to return to A list, and Jude’s star power is the way, remember that she was vetoed by the powerful friends of the Getty’s wife (ouch, I just mention a tabu)

  • kingsman

    She hasn’t filmed a movie in two years. She had that stupid play with the crap reviews. She pretends to be a fashion whatever because she’s skinny and wears wierd clothes. The only thing she’s good at is banging married men adn taking vacations. She’s totally useless and evil. All of her money comes from daddy anyway. Jude deserves whatever this stupid tramp gives him, but I can’t believe he’d ever have her around his children. Just shows what kind of dad he really is. His dick is always going to be the most important to him, just like attention and partying will always be the most important thing to her.

  • Deanna


    So it doesn’t matter that she’s ruined so many lives? Treated so many people so cruelly? She’s pretty and skinny, and that’s all that matters? Nice to know what your values are.

  • Zaander

    I wonder if people think that dating the bald wonder will make people forget she’s a cruddy actress and a homewrecker. It must piss her off that he won’t romp around naked on a beach somewhere.

  • Jenn

    Kingsman, forget about these two, tell us all about how you’re a shit-for-brains drunk-ass welfare mama who pretends she’s not?

  • Ronia

    I’m totally with Carmela on this one and I am a PR myself. He would be a huge fool to go on with this circus. The girl is desperate, she got a couple of nasty kicks from lions in the business lately, she needs him, oh so much. I don’t hate her but I hate the way she tries to use this dusty old story. If she was so willing to forgive, why didn’t she forgive then? Nonsense. She is a user. Hopefully he can still think.

  • Kingsman


    Wrong on every count. Not a mom and have never received a single welfare check. Don’t even drink. Sienna is still a stupid tramp.


  • Jenn

    Changed your name lately, did you?

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    she looks really cute!!!

  • Baltazar Getty

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  • Baltazar Getty

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    I think it is time I let you go, and that is so hard to do because some part of me will be in love with you for the rest of my life, but the daydreaming, the running in place .. it’s not healthy.
    So this is me, cutting the cord. This is me, doing what I should have done eighteen months ago … saying goodbye.

  • Baltazar Getty

    No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying.

  • Baltazar Getty

    I had a dream and it was about you …
    I smiled and recalled the memories we had …
    then I noticed a tear fell from my eyes …
    you know why?
    Coz in my dream you kissed me and said goodbye …

  • Scotty

    She’s very beautiful.