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Tokio Hotel Hits Sanremo Music Festival

Tokio Hotel Hits Sanremo Music Festival

Bill Kaulitz and his Tokio Hotel bandmates pose at a photocall during the Sanremo Music Festival on Friday (February 19) in Sanremo, Italy.

Tokio Hotel will be kicking off their “Welcome to Humanoid City” tour starting Monday (February 22) in Luxembourg. The tour runs until April 14 and travels all across Europe! For dates and tickets, visit

Before arriving in Sanremo, Bill and Tom were spotted at the Nice airport yesterday!

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  • Alien

    Love them.

  • vbn

    Kill them all. Talentless emo/s l u t s .

  • Liz

    they look like a bunch of freaks, no offence

  • Kathryn

    The twins look so healthy and tanned. All 4 of them look happy and relaxed before their tour, thank goodness. I can’t wait to hear WBMW with an orchestra!

  • Diana

    Bill Kaulitz is soooo beautiful!

  • intheparkinglot

    They look great!

  • mars


    you don’t understand fashion, clearly.

  • Glitterellique

    I just love Bill’s fashion sense so much!

  • balloonboy

    Can’t wait to see them in their concert .

  • Ulrikke

    All the guys from Tokio Hotel is so charasmatic and talented. And Bill is just getting more and more beautiful every day.
    Tonight’s performance with the orchester will be epic!

  • katie

    They all look great, especially Bill! :)

  • INYS

    FASHION BBY! Bill, you never fail to amaze me.

    Tokio Hotel, you are my heros!

  • FlyingSolo

    I love Bill’s new hair.
    He looks so sophisticated.
    One of a kind this boy and he’s straight!!

  • balloonboy

    Oh , and they look gorgeous as always. So tanned and fresh after holidays. Thanks Jared for posting ::)

  • melissa

    @Liz: xDDDDDDD EnvY for Bill.

  • Sky

    1. First of all, you don’t know a thing about them or else you would’ve known that they’re not emo at all. and s luts…really.
    2. You wouldn’t recognize talent if it hit you on the nose
    3 How would you feel if if we killed everything you loved. You don’t have to like them but saying that they should be killed is just so unnecessary

  • Surviver

    @ vbn
    You are clearly very ignorant.
    Their music is not emo, and they are definitely not sluts. (Though Tom is kinda a manwhore ^^)

    Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav – You look beautiful! I love you guys so much.

  • Hannah

    He’s like the Hayley Williams of Tokio Hotel.. lead singer, and always striving for all the attention.

  • Adriana

    Mmmk. Are they good or something? I haven’t really listend to them, but I am now curious if the are at all good…the look they they would be some sort of european, dance/electronica, indutrial rock outfit. I think I’m going to look into it. His style is so cool. He always looks so well dressed and ready for his close up.

  • st

    @Adriana: I’m their fan. They aren’t the BEST band ever but their music is catchy and addictive. You should give a try, maybe you’ll also like it. It took me sometime to like them a few years ago but now I hear their music all the time. (:

    about the pictures, all of them are damn gorgeous.

  • digga

    Wow, they look fantastic.

  • yo sista

    OHAI RHIANNA! What you be doing with them Tokio hoes?

  • kookoo

    LOL This guy in the middle – Bill – resembles the model Alessandra Ambrosio very much. May be he should try swimsuits, just a pair of boobs he needs.

  • balloonboy


    You can youtube their songs, like 1000 meere
    their new song for Alice in Wonderland soundtrack “Strange”

  • metph

    They’re a freakshow! Bill looks like a girl without breasts, Tom like a looser that everybody would just laugh at if he wasn’t famous (those clothes really should not be worn by anybody except bulky rappers) and those other two guys are just totally insignificant weirdos.

    how in god’s name could anyone objectively think they’re “hot”, seriously, especially bill.

    as a german i think they are a disgrace for their country as teenagers all over the world will associate those freaks with german music….

    please don’t tell me you all can’t see this! :)

  • GET MORE!!


  • / asd

    @metph: babe, your comment just shows why the rest of the world can’t take YOU seriously. Now please, go sleep a little bit and come back when you’re able to see what “maturity” and “respect” means. (:

    As a german I tell you have MANY other things to be ashamed of but Tokio Hotel isn’t one of them. God, grow up, people, grow up.

  • KaranA

    Thanks so much for the pics. Oh, the boys look so amazing. I love their outfits and just how perfect they look!

    As for their music. Jared, please post the full “Strange” with Tokio Hotel and Kerli when it released legally. It is insanely beautiful!

    *dies now*

  • S

    Wow, great pics! Thanks!

  • balloonboy


    Do you want us to associatee Germany with Puss.y? Because if you say that is music then let me laugh for a while.

    You Germans should thank Tokio hotel , so many people think different about you now. See Germany as beautiful country with beautiful people, even your language seems beautiful now. Not just some nazzi counrty with fugly women.

  • KaranA

    oops typo: meant to say: “when it releases legally.” It is such a beautiful song. It has to be the standout on that soundtrack!!

    As for the boys: they look fantastic. I think what people forget too is that they’re only 20-22 years old. Who the hell does this country have at that age, doing what Tokio Hotel does? No one. And if they do, they are so teenybopper, it’s not even funny.

    I guess that’s a compliment in a way. That the boys aren’t categorized as such, but still. They’re beyond amazing. At least to me. :)

  • Status quo

    Bill is fierce…..beyond fierce….

  • Venom

    Why does Tom continue to dress like a retarded gangster rapper and play second fiddle to Bill?
    That just makes no sense to me..

  • andreas

    They look amazing, thanks for posting, Jared :).

  • ………………..

    They are a freak show but not because of their looks… it’s because the two twins admit to being soul mates . they admit they don’t have g.fs because the girl wouldn’t live up to his bro. mmmk?

  • Annika Hansen

    Well I don’t know this band but the lead singer looks hot! So what are these guys like? Rock? Metal? Emo? I’m not sure if I’ve heard any of their songs. Do they sing in English? What singles can I goggle?

  • amanda

    Love this band, and can’t wait to see them live.

  • Annika Hansen

    Hmmm I’m listening to them now on their website and I’m disappointed. Not exactly Ramstein are they? Oh well, they look good tho.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l such adorable little girls.

  • MK

    @Annika Hansen:

    I’d like to recomend masterpieces like “Monsoon”, “Don’t jump”, “Ready set go!” and “Automatic”. They are a rockband/liveband.

  • amanda

    @Annika Hansen:

    No , not Rammstein. And that’s good.

  • Village

    I love Tokio Hotel. And thanks Just Jared. As far as I know, you are the only blog following the boys. I wondered why they were in Nice. It’s hard to believe they have been together since there were pre teens. They just keep getting better and better.

  • Elizabeth

    Can’t stand anything about them. Especially since I found out that one guy isn’t a chick.

  • me

    Tokio Hotel! Love them so much. Can’t wait for the tour to begin!

  • LoriLori

    Love this band, the twins are so cute and their music is great
    thanks jared!

  • Steins

    They look incredible. Thank you for featuring them!

  • Michele

    Its ridiculous how gorgeous those boys are!

  • Jakdoc

    I’m sorry is that a guy or a woman?

  • Cindyg


    Just because you can’t stand them because that guy isn’t a chick? wow! so mature. *rolls eyes* -.-

  • Cindyg

    actually they aren’t “Talentless emos/sluts” like you said. They are actually very talent. The lead singer is writes mostly all the songs for the band. These guys started in a very young age playing music. Where they are now is because of their hard work they have done and they deserve it. How about you and @metph (who thinks he’s so “awesome” for his comment he just posted) go f*** yourselves!. It’s ok if you don’t like them, but don’t come in here pretending you know everything about them.