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Kate Bosworth: Bread Me Up, Buttercup!

Kate Bosworth: Bread Me Up, Buttercup!

Kate Bosworth stays warm in a cute gray sweater with gold studded shoulders as she strolls through New York City’s SoHo neighborhood with a gal pal on Saturday afternoon (February 20).

The two lovely ladies did a little window shopping before having lunch at the delicious Bread restaurant.

Yesterday, Kate was seen lunching with model Helena Christensen near The Bowery Hotel. They attended Calvin Klein’s show together on Thursday and were seen laughing together at the after-party.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth lunching at Bread…

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kate bosworth bread restaurant 01
kate bosworth bread restaurant 02
kate bosworth bread restaurant 03
kate bosworth bread restaurant 04
kate bosworth bread restaurant 05
kate bosworth bread restaurant 06
kate bosworth bread restaurant 07
kate bosworth bread restaurant 08
kate bosworth bread restaurant 09
kate bosworth bread restaurant 10

Credit: Tom Meinelt/893, Gardiner Anderson/Carlos Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • yo sista

    OMG ok let me guess the kinda comments you’ll witness for the next few hours:

    1 she’s losing her hair
    2 she’s following Alexander Skarsgard
    3 she wants to break Chris Martin marriage
    4 Alexander Skarsgard called Gaga “fat”
    5 Alexander Skarsgard is “gay”

    lol at you dumb hoes hahahaha

  • Pete

    @yo sista: I don’t see the TB dude in these pics..why do ppl keep bringing him up? You’re right though, she is losing her hair. She has been for a while.

  • brightside

    WTF! She’s featured again! JJ, there are better actresses out there than this one, How about focusing on them for a change!

  • essence

    I feel sorry for this girl. Her clothes literally hang on her.
    Does she eat?

  • twin peaks

    Kate looks very thin there. Remember the camera adds weight so imagine how much thin she is in person.

  • Katy

    Her boots are cute. The sweater is ugly.

  • So Sad

    EPIC FAIL!!!! Again with this one!!! She has every pap and blogger on speed dial!!
    @yo sista Perfect!!! You said it all for me so all I have to do is copy and paste!!
    1 she’s losing her hair
    2 she’s following Alexander Skarsgard
    3 she wants to break Chris Martin marriage
    4 Alexander Skarsgard called Gaga “fat”
    5 Alexander Skarsgard is “gay”

    Let me give proper credit!! This was stated by “Yo Sista” Just agreeing with everything she just said.
    Hey, yo sista, is Kate paying you too!!!

  • cute

    She’s a cutie but plain when she’s not made up.

  • Claire

    To anyone who bashes her style, you obviously dont know anything about fashion. She is one of the most stylish actresses in Hollywood and this outfit is great:) Love her so much

  • Marie

    Ha…looks like she is back hanging out with her old standby friend/assistant. Looks like her old friend who is ALWAYS with her was not good enough to take to the CK fashion show. No not while Alex and his crew were in town. She took the wife of Alex’s best friend to the show to kiss some major a** and get brownie points with them. SO HIGH SCHOOL, KATE! Ditch your good, loyal friends to kiss up to the guy you like. This girl needs to grow up! That is what happens when you are born rich and get everything you want. When reality hits she can’t handle her sh*t.

  • beats

    She has a sweet face. Shame about the fivehead.

  • jamie

    Kate Bosworth again? Jared, come on, you can do better.

  • fashionista

    @Claire: Sorry but you’re wrong here. She is never featured on the best dresses lists or noted for her style in the major fashion issues. She occasionally wears designer clothes which receive some attention in the mags and with proper styling and makeup she can look good. But she’s not a fashionista and probably never will be.. which is fine. She’s just a semi-famous female celeb who appeals to the 18-34 year old demographic.

  • t

    her skin look better. she was looking haggard for a while.

  • licorice

    Aside from the top, the outfit is really cute. Imagine how nice it would look on a healthy woman?

  • @1

    LOL – They are just too predictable, aren’t they?!
    @13 – Are you kidding me???!!!! She’s one of the darlings of the fashion world as she should be!!!! Man, what rock do you live under?

  • Juice

    @yo sista: If Chris Martin were in town we would have heard about it. He will never leave his wife for a ho like this.

  • Sasha

    @@1: No she isn’t. She gets some clothes from Calvin and Stella and did a bit of modeling for Calvin a while ago but she is not in the same league as the major actresses who have huge contracts. She’s a B-lister who shows up to some events when they can’t get A-list stars.

  • Wilson

    @yo sista: I noticed that too. She has early onset female pattern baldness.

  • CanadaGirl

    Is KB on sale? This is the only reason I can see to subject us with this person again and again.
    There are a lot of great actresses out there who have new interesting projects threads can discuss. The only discussion we can with this broad is our annoyance at having to see posts with her in them.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it and help women everywhere.

  • Jenn

    I don’t know if she’s losing her hair but the center part is not helping her look — she has a large forehead so that style can make it seem like she’s losing hair in the front.

  • dundies

    lol # 21


  • asdf

    Where are the pics of Helena Christensen?

  • asdf

    Helena used to be gorgeous before she started screwing married men. Watch out, Kate, you could be next. The hair is already starting to go :-(

  • Carolyn

    She’s a classic beauty. IMO one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  • @Carolyn

    Maybe if you’re blind…

  • @Marie

    That girl isn’t a friend/assistant. She’s a good friend of Kate, Chris, and Gwyneth. How do you know she wasn’t at the fashion show? Were you the person with the guest list?

  • L


    If he likes her, he can post about her as much as he wants to. It is, after all, HIS site.

  • Dante


    Make up your mind will ya, is she a friend or is she a friend….

  • Julie

    Kate Bosworth AGAIN? Boring.

    Can we have someone else now please?

  • @Dante

    I think @Marie was quoting Marie (#10) when he/she wrote “friend/assistant”. I’m assuming it means the girl isn’t KB”s assistant. Whatever. . . .

  • Dress

    I adore her style.

  • evathediva

    @yo sista: wasn’t going to say anything, but now that you mention it…well.. Oh and it takes a ho to know another one…please refrain from calling people names that you know nothing about.

    Really, it ain’t that serious.

  • lol

    @yo sista:

    you forgot
    6) has she done anything since blue crush?
    7) eat a sandwich (from jealous lard asses)

  • yo sista

    @So Sad: B!tch please!

  • evathediva

    @lol: haha good one!! Top ten lists, lets go for 8-10. LOL

    8) She throws up all her food(from jealous hoes

  • yo sista

    @evathediva: B!tch jokes are supposed to be funny! Die please…

  • young slim pretty stylishgirls

    anyone who bashes her style here are mom jeans wearing skarsgard’s lardies who go grocery shopping in full outrageous make up. Definitely for them her exquisite casual and dressy chic is something ‘omg what is she wearing’

  • ray

    she is perfect!

  • jessie

    I think JJ is just a fan.Considering he was at that CK party and didn’t report the gossip.

  • Gorgeous

    Kate looks good, but what is it with all these bitter women coming to JJ posting all these hateful posts about people they never met and who they don’t know anything about except what has been reported on different gossip sites. JJ certainly seems to have more than his share of crazy hateful posters. Aren’t there enough shrinks for you people? Reading your posts makes me think you are a bunch of bitter old ugly losers with no lives of your own.

  • Flo

    Her again? Jared, she hasn’t been in anything worth watching in years. Unless you get pics of her and Askars showing some PDA in a public place, let’s have some pics of someone else hey?

  • ky

    I think I figured it out- does she help you sponsor the site? Because SERIOUSLY, homegirl hasn’t been in a movie for years, clearly has some sort of eating/drug problem and you post about her once or twice daily…its a BIT much.

  • Nahla

    @young slim pretty stylishgirls: No, they just have a different opinion. As for mom jeans, I remember seeing Kate Bosworth wear those. They didn’t look good on her either. She does wear minimal makeup but so do a lot of women especially when they go grocery shop. Not everyone gets decked out Dita von Teese style.

    Kate is not stylish. She’s just a very thin celebrity who sometimes wears couture. You never read about her great street style like you do with other female celebrities. She’s a cute but unoriginal dresser who’s lucky to get designer freebies.

  • are you kidding?

    why is she on here every single day? she has no career. why are you giving this pathetic druggie slut attention?

  • Again?

    Naomi and Isabel in the front row at CK, and you focused on the blond who did a surf movie 10 years ago? Money.Is.Changing.Hands.

  • young slim pretty stylishgirls


    I don’t need to read about someone’s style anywhere to validate my opinion,
    i see what I see.

    and she was mentioned in vogue for her style.

    who do you find stylish? just curious.

  • jessie

    you realize she is a actress right? Not a model.

  • ITA

    @Nahla: Agree, plus she uses a stylist so she doesn’t even dress herself. You’d think whoever styles her would do a better job given all the publicity she gets from certain blogs. Her coat is nice but she looks like anyone other woman on the street. She doesn’t stand out to me.