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Kate Bosworth: Bread Me Up, Buttercup!

Kate Bosworth: Bread Me Up, Buttercup!

Kate Bosworth stays warm in a cute gray sweater with gold studded shoulders as she strolls through New York City’s SoHo neighborhood with a gal pal on Saturday afternoon (February 20).

The two lovely ladies did a little window shopping before having lunch at the delicious Bread restaurant.

Yesterday, Kate was seen lunching with model Helena Christensen near The Bowery Hotel. They attended Calvin Klein’s show together on Thursday and were seen laughing together at the after-party.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth lunching at Bread…

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kate bosworth bread restaurant 01
kate bosworth bread restaurant 02
kate bosworth bread restaurant 03
kate bosworth bread restaurant 04
kate bosworth bread restaurant 05
kate bosworth bread restaurant 06
kate bosworth bread restaurant 07
kate bosworth bread restaurant 08
kate bosworth bread restaurant 09
kate bosworth bread restaurant 10

Credit: Tom Meinelt/893, Gardiner Anderson/Carlos Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Tim

    She’s perfect!

  • eva

    @yo sista: you are a serious head case. What are you talking about. B!tch jokes? Please refresh my memory. I commented on your first post. The LEAD post.!!! I think you said hoes, not b!tch, forgot what you typed. dear heart?

  • whenwillitend

    SO everyone who posts that have never seen Kate in a movie or knows what she has done in the last 10 years, or don’t agree that she is a fashion icon, or did not like her before Askars and hated her during Orlando Bloom are:

    2) Fat
    3) Not Fashion Conscious
    4) Wants Askars to themselves
    5)Hates his friend Bjorn
    6)Are hoes
    7)Need psychiatric help because they dislike her for all of the above
    8)Not allowed to have an opinion?

    MMMM?interesting. Hot dang. JJ needs to shut the site down. The SANE people have spoken.

  • @whenwillitend

    Yeah – I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Post a picture of yourself … please!!!

  • Angie

    Kate looks great!

  • Liv

    I agree with #47. She’s a blond Rachel Bilson, who does absolutely nothing worthwhile. Yet we keep seeing her here. Gee, I wonder why.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …don’t worry everyone. jared only dcik ride people for a short period of time then he moves on. expect another thread or two on bosworthless and her massive forehead and then you wont see her on here again for a long time.

  • Erica

    I agree with #47: Money is changing hands. Otherwise, why would a story from 2 nights ago (Alex attended the CK party where KB also was) be on the banner? It’s a bit desperate.
    #56@Liv agree but don’t bash Bilson to get at KB. At least Rachel has turned her cinematic obscurity into legit columns in magazines where she is noted for her fashion sense. KB has neither. All she is is a PR seeking skinny skank.

  • Tess

    She’s a beautiful girl with a great sense of style. One of the most popular actresses at The Fashion Spot.

  • brightside

    @Liv: That’s actually an unfair comparision. Kate Bosworth has quite a resume compared to Rachel with regards to her career. Since Blue Crush she has been in Wonderland (2003, not very good), Beyond The Sea (2004, again, not very good), Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (2004, absolute cr*p), Bee Season (2005, strange and not an audience friendly movie), Superman Returns (2006, her acting was described as ‘somewhat dead, nothing special’), 21 (2008, mundane melodrama), The Girl In The Park (2009, bizarre but compelling) and also Warrior’s Way (awainting release), Straw Dogs (post production) and Lost Girls And Love Hotels ( in developement). Her RT profile is 38% compared to Rachel Bilson’s 0%.
    OK, KB is not the best actress in the world but her work profile shows she is considered a better actress than RB. KB is B-list, but RB is barely even C-list, and, not forgetting, KB is a year younger but has done so much more.
    Saying that, I think JJ has reached saturation point with this one. She’s not that good an actress and certainly no A-lister.

  • A

    I love her outfit, from head to toe!! A large forehead doesn’t make her ugly. Angelina Jolie has one of the biggest foreheads ever, and most people consider her the most beautiful woman alive. Kate is pretty. She is too thin though. I think some of these too thin actresses are losing their hair because of their poor nutrition, not female pattern baldness. Jessica Alba seems to be having the same problem.

  • brightside

    @A: I’ve never heard of female pattern baldness. What the hell is it? I’ve never heard of women losing their hair either, except due to bad hair dressing practises, excessive stress or micro-braiding. And I’ve never seen a bald woman! Or even one whose hair is thinning! Where are all these bald and thinning women then? They don’t live in my country.

  • KateisNapalm

    Kate has absolutely no style. She has a STYLIST! If you are looking for someone who has AMAZING steeze then it is Sienna Miller!! Who Kate tries to copy every chance she gets. Not that Sienna is admirable but she is a MUCH better actress and naturally stylish. Heard Alex was eyeing Sienna but Jude got back to her b4 he could do anything. Too bad.
    Anyways to those posters on here who say she is a great actress, stylish, beautiful, gorgeous, whatever…are Kate’s people or Kate herself on here. She is a sh*tty actress, a box office curse, dr*ggie and has a serious eating disorder. She is NOT nice and is only acting so b/c Alex is extremely sweet and friendly. And to add to the mix she is a homewrecker who so desperately wanted Chris Martin that she betrayed her friend. Now none of her old common friends with Gwyneth will have anything to do with her. Kate is epically stupid, mean, desperate, and conniving with the press. Something is definitely fishy with the recent stories of her and Alex and her relationship with these bloggers. Not cool. Anyone with a brain can see right through this bs! And hanging with Helena is definitely two birds of a feather flocking (or snorting) together. Helena is known as a BIG TIME dr*ggie(think Heath Ledger situation-remember) and a sl*t like no other. Still attractive and naturally stylish but not a good person. She was probably giving Kate advice haha!
    Can’t believe Alex is hanging out with these sleazy people in Hwood and NYC!! I thought he was classy but he is definitely sleaze material. He should think along the lines of Matt Damon, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Sam Worthington, etc….great actors who work and don’t party so much and get caught up on that ridiculous party circuit with the wrong people of hollywood. It will ruin his career if he is not careful and may go the way of Ledger if he gets in the drug thing too! sad. Kate is trying to change her rep but that will never go away. She is like Britney and Lindsay lifelong headcases! No one will ever buy that she has changed b/c she has no intention of actually doing so she just wants to give that impression. sicko.

  • A

    @brightside: Hi brightside! Female Pattern Baldness does exist, but it isn’t common. It usually happens to menopausal women due to the increase in male hormones. Just like men go bald when they age, some women can too because of hormones. Many women just have a thinning of the hair, but some actually lose it! However, women also lose hair due to eating disorders because they aren’t getting enough nutrients for it to grow, and they also start to get too many male hormones once they get so thin. Women do lose their hair because of the reasons you stated too.

  • whenwillitend

    @@whenwillitend: Ummm, first of all yo sista, I am making an observation, which is something you know nothing about. Post my pic, why? I’m sure posting yours would scare the holy hell out of us. However, as it has been said before, its really not that serious. I have nothing to prove, except that you are a head case, which has been proved. You can’t post a pic on this site dumb doo doo !!! LOL Leave it alone!!

  • eva

    @A: well she def has the boy thing down. I really have nothing agianst Kate, its just perplexes me that she is being featured so muc. I really think if she would eat , she would look so much better. She just does not look good in most of her pics, In some she does but most , no way.@KateisNapalm: what did Alex ever do to you? YOu post under EVERY Askars related thread, and you say the same thing. Since you claim to be an insider, could you give us something new and substantial?

  • Nadia

    I wonder if Alexander was dating Camilla Belle or Anne Hathaway or Kristin Bauer (IMO I think they did date) would there be such negative blogs about those classy women? IMO I don’t think KB is not in the same category with the women I mentioned above not even close. I believe eventually Alexander will move on and who his next gf will be? Hopefully it will be someone who is more compatiable with him. I am not into Kate’s style at all. I think when they have down time yes dress comfortable, but OMG I rarely see her dressed IMO to be fashionable clothing. Anne dresses classy at the events she attends. Another thing it is ridiculous for KB to parade around NYC with no bra for example the pic above. We see something daily on this site almost about KB and I wish we could see more things about other A list actresses or upcoming actresses. I agree she isn’t in any movies right now all she has been in the press for is her relationship with AS. By the time Straw Dogs hits the theaters nobody will want to here anything about the movie due to the overload of IMO useless gossip we are hearing now about the stars affiliated with the movie.

  • Vera

    IMO, if we want LESS of Bosworth, we should STOP COMMENTING ON HER POSTS. Since most of us don’t give a damn about her.

  • sassy mama

    @eva: Die please.

  • LoveSkars

    Jared SERIOUSLY!!!! I’m getting sick of seeing this woman’s face EVERY SINGLE TIME I decide to browse your site. What special thing has she done aside from dating Orlando Bloom 4EVER ago?!!!

  • brightside

    @A: Thanx for the info – I’ve not heard of this till now. As if we girls don’t have enough to worry about….. :D

  • @63

    Every interviewer and every co-worker of Kate’s has said she’s very nice, extremely intelligent, and funny. There are no pictures or reports (other than silly posts like yours) of bizarre behavior. Was there a rough patch in her life when she lost weight? Yes. Does she look happy and healthy now? Very. You call her boxoffice poison so I looked up her b.o. avg and it’s 52 million. Her total boxoffice for 9 films is $469.5 mil. Hardly poison. You like Sienna’s style. So do I. Both Kate and Sienna have great style. You said we can’t give Kate credit for her style because she has a stylist. So does Sienna. In answer to your question about Alex dating – yes, whomever he’s seen spending time with will take hits. Why is it anyone who disagrees with you has to be Kate or one of her people? I like her. I’m a fan. I have a feeling I’m arguing with a very young, jealous girl and the thought of that is embarrassing. Think I’ll stop now.





  • @ brightside

    what country do you live in that you never heard of woman baldness??? or maybe you live in a bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brightside

    @@ brightside:
    A country where women don’t suffer much from it, obviously (certainly it hasn’t received any press attention). Although hair straightening, relaxants, micro-braiding and peroxiding claim lots of victims – but they are not natural causes. This female pattern thing sounds natural. Is there a genetic component? Does it affect some ethnic groups more than others, perhaps?
    Glad you could join the thread. It’s nice to see you supporting an actress with a higher profile than the one you usually support. I actually thought that Kate was very good in The Girl In The Park. She beat five other actresses to the part of Louise, including Sienna Miller and Emily Blunt. Which was why I think that Liv comparing Kate to Rachel is an unfair comparision.
    I think she’s performed better than Sienna Miller regards box office. Superman Returns grossed over the $200 mark and Remember The Titans was a big grossing film too.

  • scary


    the haters are the older fans (twimoms and older like)
    those who tell she is not worthy or too skinny (shut it, she is perfectly slim) or ‘Alex’ as they call him shall date someone older and curvier (read; middle age fatass like they are) a REAL WOMAN (such a stupid term slender girls are not robots)

    those woman are the scariest and the dumbest

  • jessie

    you can really say it’s askars fans because she got the same type of comments before on JJ.

  • jill

    @ brightside so please tell us what country you are from are you ashamed of where you are from its very strange that you never heard of hair loss in a women like i said you must live in a bubble or one of those murderous countries i dont judge actresses like you do or bash or hate like you do i give all of them the benefit of the doubt and for trying you on the other hand are a NP supporter you dont give a sh-t about nobody else so get off mobody cares about you youre a nasty dirty ugly peice of garbage like your country go straight to hell EVERYONE THE ARABIAN NIGHT IS BACK IGNORE IGNORE I KNOW YOU WILL SO NOW DUMBSIDE GO TALK TO YOURSELF

  • A

    @jill: Why are you guys saying this about brightside? This is the 1st of her posts I’ve read. What types of things has she said/done? Seriously, I’d like to know. That’s some mean things you guys are throwing around.

  • A

    @brightside: Ha, ha…so true…why is it always us females that have to endure so much!!!

  • ~

    Go Kate! Thanks JJ.

  • sven

    Uggh, so much hatin’ in here. KB is an atrractive girl, she lives a life that most would envy and it shows here. I’m assuming that most of this is from Askars fans who would love to be in her shoes but you all shouldn’t worry so much. According to both of them KB and AS are just friends….and I for one really believe it.

  • Edison

    damnit I was in Soho yesterday shopping too bad I didn’t run into her.

  • @ 80


  • eva

    @sassy mama: Wow what a great comeback. Besilly, yosista, sassy mama… You stoopid!!! LMAO, Whateva!!

  • brightside

    @jill: You don’t know my country but I’ll give you a clue. It’s an island and not, technically, a country in it’s own right. There’s always talk of secession among some groups but I doubt it will ever happen.
    And, no, I’ve never heard of this female pattern baldness. No one I know has. It’s not been featured in any magazine I’ve come across, nor are there any ads for remedies – lots for weight loss, but none for hair loss.
    I think Kate doesn’t suffer from it, she just has very fine, blonde hair that looks thin. Lots of blondes have hair like that. Fine and flyaway.
    Is this hair loss mostly an american thing, do you think?

  • TC

    @sven: She may be getting more attention because she’s been linked to that guy but Kate’s never been popular here so I don’t believe the majority of the posters are his guy’s fans. Yes, she has hair loss issues, probably due to poor diet and nutrition or genetics. It is not as common among young women but they too can experience hair loss and balding. An example of this is Lori from Real World Back to New York who showed noticeable hair loss and bald spots during her season. It was noted on many message boards and Lori even blogged about it explaining thinning hair runs in her family.

  • Jayne

    she had the best.

  • eva

    ummm, people, first of all,she is not a true blonde. maybe its from bleaching and dyeing her hair a tad too much. It happens to every woman at some point that continues to bleach already fine hair constantly. She looks to have very fine hair, but maybe should lay of the bleaching for awhile.

    As far as askars fan hating her, she was very much hated before askars by Bloomie fans. Check your history. Most of those women were young.

  • TB


    ….and now they’ve “matured” into even more spiteful and mean-spirited women. They seem like such a charming bunch.

  • A

    @@ 80: She’s not posting to herself, jerk. Everytime somebody sticks up for someone, it’s always “you’re posting to yourself under different names”. No! I saw brightside being nice and asking valid questions, and then a few posters launched a nasty attack out of nowhere. Would just like to know why? I guess because you are immature.

  • So True

    @eva: Agree about the bleaching and she’s not very popular period. Doesn’t matter who she dates.

  • paul

    she needs another hair style. The part in the middle is getting old and the hair color is bad. She is a C actresses. She isn’t the “it” girl and she isn’t up and coming either. her career is stalled.

  • http://chicalika angie


    She appears in every fashion blog! she DOES have style…