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Daniel Craig: Snowy Dream House!

Daniel Craig: Snowy Dream House!

Daniel Craig shoots a snowy scene for his new movie Dream House in Toronto, Canada on Sunday (February 21).

It was a sunny day in Toronto, so the production team had to use snow machines to create the winter effect. Hollywood magic!!!

Fellow Brit Rachel Weisz recently signed on to star opposite Daniel. Can’t wait to see these two (and Naomi Watts) light up the silver screen together!

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daniel craig snowy dream house 01
daniel craig snowy dream house 02
daniel craig snowy dream house 03
daniel craig snowy dream house 04

Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Anna

    He’s awesome!

  • Satsuki

    Finally a new thread, on a day we all found out that our long-held suspicions have been confirmed – not married just commitment rings. Most of us knew it all along, save a few idiots who will do anything to prove Sats is such a good catch and Daniel loves her all so very much….

  • Celia


  • re: link

    Yes and here’s the link from the other thread

    And, Gossip Cop can report, still unmarried.

    A source close to Craig assures Gossip Cop the actor and Mitchell are “not married.” We’re told the rings represent the long-time couple’s commitment to each other, but not any new official or legal status.

  • refreshing

    Its so nice to see pictures without her ugly mug in them.

  • to: 2


    And we all know that the “she is the love of my life” is bollocks now.

  • Carrie

    What does it matter if they’re married or not? You all don’t have a chance either way!

  • to carrie


    LOL, here comes the DtD brigade.
    Didn’t take you worshipers long did it?

    I bet you thought differently when you thought they were married, but now, of course, marriage doesn’t matter. How convenient and how transparent of you all.

    How does it feel to be SO wrong and SO used by this couple and their false games?

  • lol: desperate dtd

    lol, yeah right, it doesn’t matter. liar.

    so is DTD going to erase the “YEAH FINALLY MARRIED” thread then?

  • to: 7

    I’m glad,
    As his tasted runs to monkeys, maybe you do though!

  • Meh

    Reeks of a Lifetime Movie.

    So what’s this in the Daily News about his being married? Reminds me of the Bollinger fiasco.

  • Carrie

    You’re a paranoid sad little person. I dunno wtf you’re talking about, just because I laughed at how much you all care about his relationship, doesn’t mean I’m part of his fanclub or whatever the hell that is. You need to get off this site some time, man.

  • ke$haluv

    luv it

  • to carrie gonk


    As do you, Gonk.

  • What about the 13th?


    Yes, the movie looks crap.
    Another flop for him.

    But let’s all be warmed in our hearts by the fact he has his commitment ring on.

    But what happened on the 13th? Why wasn’t it on then?
    No-one seems to be able to answer me on that one?
    Any takers???

  • to 9- a ‘what’ thread

    @lol: desperate dtd:
    d2d has what kind of thread? Do you mean they actually did that, have a thread that is titled “YEAH FINALLY MARRIED”!
    Well i can’t really be surprised at this new ‘thread’ of theirs! What a bunch of stalking creeps. frankensteins, the whole lot of them tossers. There are d2d members sitting in Starbucks at all filming points in Toronto, freaking out Daniel’s poor, embattled security team and living, day and night camping out just to get a glimpse of Daniel.
    And they posted on their site those stupid photoshopped wedding photos of Daniel and escort service in a big heart with a big “congratulations” or whatever idiocy they drooled.
    So pathetic they are, yet they have the nerve to come over here to JJ and ‘hate’ on this site. They can only post Disneyland lies so all the hate is on them. Lets see d2d will admit they have been wrong and acknowledge the commitment rings now. Probably not, yellow that they are.

  • Finke

    Mr.Bond, come to my country. You can encounter the snowstorm without snow machines.

  • S O Shite

    Same old crap, same old news (we all knew he wasn’t bloody married, nothing legal), same old psychos.

  • to 16

    @to 9- a ‘what’ thread:

    Yes they do. They took great delight when he wore the ring at the Telethon then jumped to ASSumptions.
    The latest denial has not proved very popular.
    Their bubble has burst and they are now saying that “marriage is not important” anyway.
    How expedient of them.

  • daily mail

    They have taken the thumbnail off the main page now.

    The story has been relegated to old news now: non story.

  • XXX

    It’s didn’t snow today….it was very mild outside. That must be fake snow. Wow a website getting details wrong – you think that could ever happen (being sarcastic). Just think of all they info they got wrong and will get wrong.

  • Angie

    Awww…his dress coat, leather gloves,How gorgeous it is!

  • 10Jesse

    He’s got a great sense of style.

  • answers


    Nice try to take it off the non marriage story.


    Nice try again.

  • to XXX

    Yes it was fake. A DtD member went to York/Adelaide in Toronto today and took some pictures of them filming. She didn’t get any of Daniel though or maybe she did and only select members get them now.

    *rolls eyes*.

  • Rolling eyes


    It’s called THE FILM STYLIST. He is not responsible for that look someone on the film gives the character the look. duh!

  • LeviKlein

    Woww he’s back! Nice to see him again…

  • answers

    @Rolling eyes:

    They’re NOT married.


    They’re NOT married.

    Keep them coming. The information really hurts doesn’t it?

  • changed his mind


    Yes without the Ugly Gonk beside him.
    No wonder he didn’t marry her.
    Maybe he’s realized he’s not totally in love with her.
    Seems he’s changed his mind.

  • 10Jesse

    To answers
    marrige?Did Daniel Craig marry?

  • lainey fibs 4evr

    So now, that they are just commitment rings, I suppose that Lainey gossip is just a big fibber when she quoted a relative (the father?) of the girl saying “not yet’ in response to the marriage question. Obviously lainey makes everything up about Daniel and this girl . Cinderella Disneyland stories indeed!

  • to 30
  • 10Jesse

    To Rolling eyes
    I khow it, but he wear chic-clothes skillfully, right?

  • to 31

    @lainey fibs 4evr:

    He probably didn’t even say “I love Satsuki Mitchell” either.

  • becks


  • lainey fibs 4evr

    @to 31:
    Like the game ‘whisper down the lane’, you are right he probably didn’t. There were reports at the time that he did not say anything close to that, IF he said anything about her at all.

  • to 36

    @lainey fibs 4evr:

    I know. Really it’s all B.S.
    They are B.S.

    He copped out and Satsuki has to deal with it publicly.
    She thought she could get away with the marriage rumors whe she only wore the wedding band but when he wore the ring, now we know.
    I wonder if he decided wearing the ring would out the truth that they are not married?
    Reverse psychology and all that.

    Whatever it was, it backfired as it makes him look like a crafty bugger and her like a desperate clingy prideless s*lut.

  • cathy

    Good that he’s still single. Daniel, please give Jen Aniston a call. You 2 would make a beautiful couple.

  • Z list

    People have voted Daniel down to 89 on the Z list.

    That’s isn’t great is it?

    I think Satsuki has hurt his image. maybe thats why he didn’t marry her.

  • fauxmance

    LoL @ the comments. I don’t think he would be with her if he didn’t love her unless he’s needs a beard. is he gay? Who is she and what does she do anyway ? i need details… why is his girl so hated by his fans? is it the typical jealous fangirl trip that overtakes most male celebrity fans?

  • to Gina lol
  • to 40


    Please read back over a couple of years worth of threads on here.

    Every new thread brings that question. It’s too long to answer.

    Love that word; Fauxmance.

  • cathy

    Daniel and Jen forever.

  • DtD

    Desperate TossPot ‘s Den.


  • to 43


    Daniel and whoever his changed his mind for.

  • cathy

    The rumor in HW is that Jen Aniston will be in the next Bond movie. Yeah! Daniel and Jen, my fav couple.

  • livejournal

    WTF? Maniston in a Bond movie? Hahahahaha, you gave me a good laugh.

  • xxx

    Jennifer Aniston does not strike me as a Bond Girl. I am sure men find her sexy but in my opinion she is too “girl next door” and I am not sure if she is strong enough to act next to Daniel who has a powerful screen presence. I personally like someone like Michelle Stafford or even Angelina. Here is how I would cast it …just for a laugh….

    Miss Moneypenny – Billie Piper – Kate Winslet or Emily Blunt
    Bond Villian – Tim Roth
    Bond Sex partner – Michelle Stafford/ Angelina Jolie/ or an unknown exotic beauty with a strong presence
    2nd Bond girl – someone angelic in appearence

    I think one of the things that make Bond films so sexy are accents. The American accent doesn’t seem to work atleast not for me.

  • Bond Style