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Kristen Stewart - BAFTA Awards 2010

Kristen Stewart - BAFTA Awards 2010

Kristen Stewart wears a stunning white strapless Chanel dress on the red carpet of the Orange British Academy Film Awards held at The Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 21) in London, England.

The 19-year-old New Moon actress WON the Orange Rising Star Award, beating out nominees Carey Mulligan, Nicholas Hoult, Tahar Rahim and Jesse Eisenberg. Congrats, K-Stew!

Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson is not up for an award, but will be presenting at the ceremony.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart at the 2010 BAFTA Awards…

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Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty
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  • emmas

    I LOVE her! She’s so talented and amazingggg, Kristen all the way! WE LOVE YOU :D

  • Ashley


    No,it’s not the public choosing her,it’s TWIHARD choosing her.

  • @Kate

    @Kate.. WTF are you talking about.. Kristen has the most beautiful skin ever.. The picture showing a zoomed in photo of her feet shows they’re very cared and taken.. She has beautiful toes and legs.. and the shoes complimented it more.. OMG.. these haters are now too way overboard.. pathetic haters.. Kristen is still 19 and I am so looking forward of her more.. Proud that she is the youngest Rising Star Award Winner.. Totally deserves it…

  • amy

    she looks much more cute and pretty when she smile. why didnĀ“t she smile more?

  • Las Vegas

    I am a Huge fan! Young American Actress…Is Not afraid of being Herself…What is wrong with that.!!!!

  • Aliison

    Sorry, but she is so over-rated. I think she only gets recognition as she is part of a hugely successful franchise. Her attitude stinks too.

  • kr

    Congratulations Kristen. So happy for her. She deserves it. I really like her acceptance speech. It was humble and showed real emotions. Will alwasy continue to support her.

  • serena1994

    I like her – I think she’s pretty, not that bad actress but she has to stop standing like a boy ! And maybe smile more.

  • Amalie

    she is beautiful.
    && I’m so happy she won. <3

  • crita

    omg she looked gorgeous she totally deserved the award coz she is a fantastic actress…………………”dont hate her coz u aint her”

  • Munchie

    Congratulations on the win Kristen. She is one of the most honest and genuine young actors in Hollywood. I can’t wait to watch her portray Joan Jett in “The Runaways.” Hopefully this performance will help prove to her naysayers that she really does have talent and range.

  • brian

    whats up with that trailer park trash haircut

  • Eva

    This is a new one for me, but seriously every other actor/actress in that category is better than her. She can’t act worth shit…

  • c

    Go Kristen.

  • Justice Prevails

    To all Kristin haters, just leave your comment to yourselves. There is nothing you can do anymore. You had your chance to vote the other contenders. But SHE WON & SHE DESERVES IT. This means that there are lots out there find Kristin a good & talented actress. She is the actress to be watched in the new generation eversince I saw her in the movie Panic Room. I am a big fan of her because of what she achieved so far and she is for real. Finally an actress doesn’t want to be a Hollywood puppet or bimbo.

    As for the dress I totally agree with some. She looked akward because she didn’t like the dress and didn’t feel comfortable in it. You can see the way she carried herself. Again this is a learning curve for Kristin in an event like this. If I am not mistaken, this is her first time to attend to this kind of star studded event. Who knows she will do much better at Oscar’s night..

  • Celia

    @Justice Prevails:

    I voted for Carey Mulligan. I’m sure everyone else voted for the other actors who actually deserved the award, but this is what happens when the little no-life twi-tards are allowed to vote on something. They sit on their butts all day and vote continuously. All the other actors have fans over the age of the 15.

  • jess

    If you read the Bafta website you were only allowed 1 one per person for this award…therefore “13 year old Twilight fans” couldn’t sit on their butts all day and continuously vote. And, I for one am glad she hasn’t sold her self out like many other young stars. All the people who are hating on her here are probably huge fans of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus. Fans of celebrities that play the part of celebrity for the viewers like you. Kristen is gorgeous and intelligent, and looked amazing last night. Also, she might have been a little uncomfortable last night on the red carpet considering it was freezing and there were no heaters according to fans that attended the event. I would love to see a picture of some of you “haters”…I’m sure you are just gorgeous yourself *sarcasm*. You “haters” must feel such empowerment to come to a “message board” and hate on a young girl that accomplished far more in her 20 years then you will ever accomplish in your life time. Where is your Bafta award haters? Who voted for you? Kristen is amazing and I am excited for all her upcoming projects.

  • Robert P.

    How has this girl made it?
    Her posture and style is so lame.
    Time will tell. Bella could have been played by anyone.
    Her acting skills $uck.

  • http://justjared frilogy


  • nicole

    I saw pcs of her & Prrinson leaving together in a car after the awards party…I suppose they ARE dating, which mahes me sorry for the guy; She is obviously a butch lesbian, which I don’t mind; she also can’t keep her eyes open&along with the constant fidgeting, it makes look like she’s on drugs; as for last night, the dress was beautiful, but ir was obviously not tailored on her, so it didn’t flatter her at all; the thing is with this girl, that she walks like a guy&slouches so much, that nothing on her looks elegant. She makes a pretty dress look bad!

  • http://justjared frilogy


  • nicole

    @eric: but Kristen LOVES vaginas dude; she’s a freaking BUTCH lesbian!! If you don’t know what it means, google it!! and open your eyes!!!

  • ummahyk

    the dress makes her look like she has 3 layers of fat starting with her breasts;aaaaaaand…she should win like 5 razees for her acting in that saga that destroyed vampires forever…made them all glittery….gosh!

  • athena

    She looks drugged up and greasy. What gives….I would be a better stylist for her….and get off the drugs Kristen!

  • http://yahoo Missy

    MY! MY! WHY ALL THE HATRED MAIL ABOUT KRISTEN!!!! First she is NOT a LESBIAN – that was taking out of context!!! She was just making a statement that she could this or that BUT onething is and was clear her relationships now and then that they are PRIVATE!!!! She may a be star and her life is public enough w/o revealing her romances!!! BUT that’s alright that is her business not her fans! I think she was beautiful last nite, glad she won the BAFTA since this is voted on many other fans must love her as well!!!! OR yes how many people can claim that they have accomplished all she has done in 19 years????

  • lovely

    Congratulations, Kristen! It shows that a lot of people loves you than hate you. Stay humble and sweet to your fans as always. Love you!..from ur avid fan in the Philippines.

  • Katy Taylor

    I’m sure Kristen Stewart doesn’t give a crap what any of you lot are saying!!!! Ha Ha Ha its been sooo funny reading all these, its ok to not like someone, and arguing about her is just a sad waste of time….Losers!
    Kristen Stewart ROCKS!!! and yes it is because of Twilight and so it should be, its AWESOME!!!!!!!! TEAM KRISTEN STEWART x

  • Lyla

    Luv K stew…
    stuff all the childish jealous haters…seriously
    guys…all of you hating on other people need to really
    look at yourselves

  • Pugsley


  • Yeah

    She has huge shoulders and what’s up with her rolls of fat, she should fire her stylist

  • Jen

    @Ugh!: agreed.

  • Jen

    This girl cannot act and she gets an award. LOL

  • brightside

    Ah well, I’m not a teenager and I have never seen the Twilight movies – they are strictly tweeny based. But this girl is still ugly, has no poise and slumps like a sack of potatoes. Carey, on the otherhand, has impeccable poise and is pixie delicate in her looks, as well as being a superbly talented actress.

  • TERRY82

    she looks so stupid i saw her on the redcarpet she is selfish she thinks that she is a diva . i hate her very much

  • Sam99

    Just a note – Disliking something because it’s bad or lacks in quality does not make one a hater. You defending that something when it has no merit for being defended, does however make YOU a fanboy/girl.

  • george78

    she can’t act this girl my god!!!!! she should go back to school.

  • carl

    she win just because robert pattinson is her boyfriend and he is from england that’s all.

  • leo

    many people from england hate her and i’am so happy that they realise that this actress will not lasted.

  • carl


    you are right

  • leatitia


    you are right carl

  • Jako

    Is she can’t shit before the ceremony?

  • fieldjaz


    Gracious is when you say something with honesty and humility, all most people saw was a spoilt, pretentious and vacant shell, too cool to smile, too ‘hip’ to care. It is a perfect representation of youth in America when they hold someone of such low standards in such high regard, when that happens you get crap like ‘jersey shore’, ‘The Hills’ and the abomination that is ‘twilight’.

    Carey Mulligan or Nicholas Hoult deserved the award but in these times of ‘American Idol’ being talented is optional.

    Ipso Facto

  • trina

    she just has a unique glow and grace in her. so unassuming & grounded. very great young actress

  • congrats

    she looks great If she wasn’t a celebrity people wouldn’t call her ugly. She’s a fantastic actress and Congratulations to her

  • Ashley

    I think she doesnt really look that bad she getting better with her looks so you guys need to stop hating

  • dfdf

    she looks thrilled to be there. lol.

    someone should tell her that the award shows and the red carpet shite are coming with the job.

    I’ve never seen an actress looking so bored and sad on a red carpet.

    I haven’t watched the movie nor I am planning to, but I as I look at these photos I’m not putting in any hope on her acting skills.

  • http://google jessica10ification

    Having read the four twilight books and I am no dripey teenager may I add i think kristen totally becomes bella swan. She has completed two more films and is also going to portray JOAN JETT from the rockband in her next film. For someone so young she has accomplished ahell of a lot. She has said in different interviews she doesn’t feel overly comfortable speaking in public and actually beomes BELLA off and on in real life as the TWILIGHT films have been a big part of her life over the past couple of years. She deserved to win. She does look alittle tired and I think a dress with a little colour would have suited her better but after having flown halfway around the world to attend she did really well at least she spared us the crying fluffy speeches some people come out with. I always say credit where credits due and she is due a hell of alot. WELL DONE KRISTEN. PEACE OUT.

  • Khristi

    You can totally tell that this award was based on voting by those TwatHards-it’s great that you enjoy that franchise and all, but come on-she did not deserve to win that award over the other people in that category. Carey Mulligan is nominated for an Academy Award for crying out loud. DUMMIES.

  • c9

    The dress is ok but not on her!! she cant pull any of these dresses off. they look like they are wearing her!
    Nicholos Hoult or Carey Mulligan should of won, she only one cuz the public voted, the members of BAFTA would have never voted for her, she is a horrible actress, she should really b getting RAZZIES!
    Her speech was horrible (wat a surprise!) she was in no way charming and tried to be, but no one even smiled for her!
    lol the faces of nic n carey! they were prob waiting for commercials to laugh at her! they will go on to do better though!

  • Anna

    nice dress, crappy speech!