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Ryan Phillippe Splits with Abbie Cornish

Ryan Phillippe Splits with Abbie Cornish

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish have called it quits, sources confirm.

Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home,” her rep says.

People reports that on Sunday, the Aussie actress was spotted “removing her belongings from the house she shared with Ryan while he was running errands and toy shopping with children Ava and Deacon.”

Ryan, 35, and Abbie, 27, met in 2006 on the set of the film, Stop-Loss.

Back in December, Ryan‘s ex-wife Reese Witherspoon also pulled the plug on her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

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  • Ashley

    WOW Didn’t see that one coming.

  • ivanka

    wooo ryan hot and single again.

  • toria

    Gee if this was Brad and Angie, the trolls would be jumping for joy and saying all sorts of mean things.


    Reese and Ryan forever. I hope Reese and Ryan find a way back together. Forgiveness is a powerful thing and Reese is a woman of faith. I hope Reese finds it in her heart to forgive him…If not for her sake, but for the children.


    Ryan, stay away from all those LA vultures. They’ll just make your life a mess…

  • molly

    He looked amazing at the Calvin Klein events he attended. He looked younger and like a weight was off his shoulders. Things may have been tense between them for a while.

  • infamous

    sad, what a nice couple. I sat next to him at the Dentist not too long ago and he spoke about visiting her on set…
    oh well..

  • Tina

    Wow – he cheated – thats a new one. I wonder if she feels like Reese when he cheated on her. Karma is a bitch Now she knows what she put Reese through.

  • jessica

    He was very cozy with Kerry Washington at a party in NYC. He’s no John Meyer.

  • Erin

    It is really hard to feel bad for her. She is on the other side of the cheating this time. I wonder how it feels. Boo hooo!


    He’s made mistakes but I don’t think he will ever stop loving Reese.

  • doodle

    Yes, yes, yes!!!! Finally!!! I knew they wouldn’t last. No wonder why he spent the V-Day in NYC attending a fashion show. She probably wanted a ring but didn’t get one and decided to move on.

  • fauxmance

    Reese and ryan will get back together to fix their broken careers

  • marissa

    not surprising. nothing really lasts in hollywood.

    good for abbie and good for him. maybe he can revamp his stalled career

  • Megan

    Once a cheater always a cheater!!!

  • marissa


    soooo true. what goes around do come around ya know

  • S3WA

    Her agent confirmed the split. When asked if he cheated, her agent said “No comment.” Could’ve said no? But there were rumblings that he was getting it on when out clubbing. May or may not be true. She’s lovely and can certainly find someone who adores her.

  • LG

    Where does it state that he cheated on her.

  • Pattycake

    I agree, didn’t see this one coming although I did wonder when they were apart for V-day. So let the cheating rumors begin. Once again, it’s strangers, like the people here, who are giving us details. I still heart Abbie and Ryan, just apart now.

  • Jimmy

    Ryan is such a doofus. No real talent. Looks like a teenager. La Wither dumped him and now so has her successor.

  • brightside

    Was he cheating? Not that it’s a surprise. What’s surprising is how many girls assume men are creatures of fidelity when they are not. Men are built to cheat and will pretty much accept anything from any woman if it’s freely offered. Well over 60% of men confess to cheating on their significant others at some point in their lives.

  • Good Riddance

    Good Riddance to the homewrecking whoore.

    Now, she is a “name”, all she wanted anyway.

  • S3WA

    brightside @ 02/22/2010 at 12:09 am

    It may be so that men are biologically programmed to cheat (or it could be that men created this “scientific” excuse for their bad behaviour) but I believe women cheat almost as much when given the chance. Part of the reason women don’t seem to cheat as much could be that they are smarter at not getting caught. lol Or it could be that they are so exhausted from working, taking of the kids and picking up after their husband’s c r a p that they just don’t have the time and energy to cheat?

  • S3WA

    LG @ 02/21/2010 at 11:56 pm

    It was mentioned but not confirmed on That’s where I read it anyway.

  • riri

    He can’t deal with that when his woman is successful and gets some critical acclaim.
    Ryan is such a jealous guy. He is so easily threatened by women who have a career.

  • Pattycake

    @riri: Why do you pretend to know him? @S3WA: you sound like you’ve had a hard life. See a shrink, don’t project your life onto others.@Good Riddance: I like Abbie. But this split will be a good career move, sadly, because of people like you.

  • S3WA

    Pattycake @ 02/22/2010 at 12:58 am
    Hard life? How so? And who am I projecting my “hard” life on?


    They made a great couple. Shame that didnt last.

  • Judy


  • she shall remain nameless

    Thank goodness because I never really liked them as a couple to be honest.

  • Liz

    Oh my god I’m soooooo surprised.

    P.S. that’s sarcasm

  • mari

    Wow, in the picture above they look even more like brother and sister than usual. That was always creeping me out…that and the fact that he cheated on his wife with her.

    And I have never seen a guy/girl who stayed true to his next wife/girlfriend when he cheated on a past one. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • happy girl

    feel sorry for the kids. 2 break-ups to deal with on top of mom and dad divorce.

  • http://justjared llama

    Karma’s a bitch, Ryan. So, who will be the next married man that she hooks up with for greater media coverage in the hope of career advancement? I’m betting the next one will be a director.

  • Pattycake

    @S3WA: Re-read your post. Personally I think people make choices. As the philosopher Sarte said, not choosing is making a choice.

  • Mona

    Does this mean that there is a chance Reese and Ryan might get back together? I’d be so happy for them if they did!

  • Aliison

    I didn’t see that coming… they always look so happy together.

  • Reese’s showmance

    please stop selling BS about Reese Witherspoon’s “relationship”,
    her showmance contract ended, that’s all.

  • Liz86000

    Now that’s karma! Take that “ohter woman”! Now she knows how Reese felt… except she was married to him and they had children! But that didn’t stop Abby nor Ryan…

  • hehe

    HA! Karma is a b***. Abbie may be talented, but she still is a homewrecker, and Ryan is a douche. He cheated on Reese with Abbie while they were filming “Stop Loss”, they didn’t event try to hide it then!

  • ++Logan++

    she’s a homewrecker and he’s a sleaze, would have thought they would make the perfect couple.

  • yvonne

    She went after him for fame and she got it. Even after he was single and didn’t chase after her she moved to LA and stuck around until he against his better judgement started a relationship with her. When she got what she wanted from him she was done. She wants to travel and go on location and make movies and he is tied to LA and his kids. She knew that. Now she can make him the bad guy and try to win sympathy. What a horrible woman.

  • Megan

    “He can’t deal with that when his woman is successful and gets some critical acclaim.”
    give us a break with that crap made up by Reese, that phony biitch would do anything to make Ryan look bad.

  • Ben

    @Liz86000: Ryan is to blame – he should have dumped Reese long, long time ago!

  • Lori Joyce

    I agree that Ryan can’t handle a successful woman. He has no acting talent anyway. Just a pretty face.

  • trish

    Haha, stupid b****, you get what u deserve!!! Back to the land down under!!

  • Becca

    I think Abbie finally out grew his drinking and partying ways. Face it. He’s in his 30′s and he still acts like he is 19! Him and Reese deserve each other. Think about this: He has the kids, so the arguing, moving out stuff, happened while the kids were around. He actually had to take them out of the house so she could pack up and go. So much for the happy, fake image Ryan AND Reese put out there of being such great parents. Because Reese had Jake doing all kinds of stuff with those kids, then suddenly they break up! The kids are like props to them. Probably more for Reese since pictures are taken of her almost every day. Jake probably got sick of being a photo opportunity with her. Ryan is jealous of Abbie now she is getting more notice. I don’t blame Abbie. Ryan was always cheating.

  • Jaliah

    People on this board don’t know what really happened in this relationship or his previous relationship. So unless you were there mopping their floor, with your ears pressed to the wall with a glass, it’s speculation…maybe she cheated, maybe Reese Witherspoon made him feel really small while he was married to her….see I’m speculating but it’s as valid as your projection which is born of your own view. They only way it is not projection is if both parties (past and present) give a detailed interview on their reasons for splitting and you have heard both sides of it.

    I think it’s a shame they split but hey they are young with plenty of time to find someone new.

  • Good luck!

    Ryan and Abbie are good people, all the best to them!

  • miapocca

    you cant build a relationship on cheating…

    UGLY Claire Danes and Billy crudup (left Mary liouse Parker when she was 9 month pregnant)

    Angelina Jolie AND Billy Bob thornton (got hitched and while still living with another woman, and packed her things and put it in storage while she was away filming)

    Angelina Joile and Brad Pitt (given brad and Jennifer were on the rock, but hey he was still married and Jolie is a repeat offender looking to repeat with another actor..ahahha)

    Tori and Dean (Both were married but the only ones to have fessed up to what they did…relationship has trust issues!!)

    The utimate is Tiger with his numerous low quality sleeze girls!! I dont know how his wife can even be intimate with him after all she knows!

    Good luck to the musical chairs in hollywood…and have the decency to break up with someone before you cheat…