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Adam Lambert Goes Back to School -- For Charity!

Adam Lambert Goes Back to School -- For Charity!

Adam Lambert gives back to a lucky group of kids in L.A. on Thursday (February 18) through!

The 28-year-old musician dropped by to perform “Whataya Want From Me” with the students and passed out music composition books so they could write their own music!

Adam also got to listen to the students perform “Satisfaction” and an original song on instruments funded by DonorsChoose before participating in an online video chat as a prize for his fans who supported the site’s challenge to raise money for classroom projects!

You can still donate to classroom projects in honor of Adam at!

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert giving back…

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adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 01
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 02
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 03
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 04
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 05
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 06
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 07
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 08
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 09
adam lambert donorschoose classroom challenge 10

Photos: Toby Wilkins
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  • Immi, 25

    He is so amazing.

  • Donors Choose VIDEO Chat:
  • Donors Choose VIDEO Chat:
  • Donors Choose VIDEO Chat:
  • Donors Choose VIDEO Chat:
  • Donors Choose VIDEO Chat:
  • Donors Choose VIDEO Chat:
  • same only

    Donors Choose is a kickas.s charity and kudos to him for setting it all up.

  • dfdf

    the MOST perfect example of the GAY agenda.

  • Charity

    I saw that chat. He really is very genuine and intelligent and forthcoming and interesting. Shame the media prefer to focus on silly things.
    Those kids are wonderful, and what would we do without teachers.

  • Jory

    God he is so freakin Cute i flove him <3 he is a great human being ..

  • lol
  • headradio

    He is so sweet jesus christ.

  • http://justjared deke

    There has never been a musician that I have been so taken with. I just adore him!!!!

  • JV

    Over the Summer tour, his fans gifted tons of gifts so he got in contact with this charity called Donors Choose and asked his fans to donate to them instead of him.

    They ended up raising over $300, 000 for schools and kids. Which is truly awesome.

  • LA Times

    “Public schools don’t get the budgets for materials in the arts programs. We’ve raised an insane amount of money. Music classes, drama classes, art classes, these are the programs I really wanted to focus on because, as a kid, I was fortunate enough to have great funding in my district. That’s not always the case for people, so this is really important and great.”

  • yo, better photo

    Uch I love him. Those kids singing with him was adorable and so awesome.

  • really?

    @dfdf: I hope you realise what that makes you sound like.

  • Get Involved

    @Charity: I watched the Chat last night, linked to it via a blog.

    He is so nice. And hilarious and VERY smart and introspective.
    Great stuff.

  • Xib

    It was fun to see such an awesome thing borne out of a ridiculous circumstance (fans buying crap for Adam he didn’t need during the summer tour).

    He’s a great human being, and it’s a bit sad and annoying how the world judges books by their covers so quickly and often.

  • Erin

    Approx. $300k was donated by Adam’s fans for a charity challenge. The money went to music and arts programs in public schools, where funding is sorely needed. Whether or not you like Adam, check out because it’s a really great organization that helps out local schools.

  • Jada

    Just really happy for those kids.

    Adam is mad sweet and intelligent. I wasn’t part of the winning group but I watched the Chat, he is fkn incredible.

  • Lisa

    Adam’s performance with the kids is really cute.

    As posted by the LA Times:

  • P Keaton

    Awesome. Once he is setttled in his career a bit, he should branch out to other charities also. He is very honest and a brilliant public speaker.

  • House

    What I love about this is the fact that people have kept the Charity donations going.

    Instead of stopping once they got their Exclusive Video Chat with Adam (which btw was AWESOME! Amazing character, brain, person. Seriously amazing.) they have kept the donations going. Setting up Donation drives for other charities also ie. UNICEF Haiti.

    Everyone should give back.


    Twitter . com / AdamLambert
    Twitter . com / DonorsChoose

  • oh damn


  • Pandora


    Excuse me? What *gay agenda*? You think this was motivated by some sort of agenda rather than sheer goodwill? You must be a bible thumper. And we all know what *your* agenda is, because it’s not even thinly veiled. You don’t wear your hate very well.

  • lol
  • Pandora

    So cute, sweet, talented and a s**tload of other positive adjectives.

  • YAY

    Can I just say it so nice to SEE where my money went : ] I think DS are super organized. Their programs are simple yet also just amazing and creative and colorful and inspiring, like Lambert himself, minus the simple part lmfao.

    I hope these kids continue to take part in actitivies like this like Adam did, hope it continues to excite them and hopefully inspire them to dream big. With hard work, passion and determination, ANYONE can make it, even “the weird kid” ; P

  • naya

    Adam was getting tons of gifts from fans during the Idol tour so he asked them to stop wasting the money on him and donate it to charity instead. He’s a real sweet and nice guy, and I wish more people knew that.

  • Jake

    @naya: *Some* people don’t want to, refuse to, see it. Even if his niceness is staring them in the face.

  • naya

    @Jake: True. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  • y a y

    He almost looks normal here

  • hello

    Somebody had the nerve to pull out the term ‘gay agenda’? Bible thumpers are transparent c*nts. Adam is a sweetheart.

  • CanadaGirl

    How nice! It’s wonderful that there’s a gay positive message being sent to kids nowadays by a young man who seems like decent person.
    Good for you Adam!

  • California Dreaming

    What a big heart he has! Good for Adam!


    @y a y: What is “normal”?

  • wow

    surprised the press actually gave focus to something that matters.
    not that it will last since they prefer scandal and by they, i mean tacky gossip sites that like to rag on certain celebrities because of certain standouts. which the press then pick up like fire.

  • Bennet

    @hello: I don’t even have time for them these days. Does amuse me though that they think they will end up in heaven by spreading hate lol.

  • Lockdown

    The pretty girl who said he was a total ego-booster to her was freaking adorable, I’m not sure why she needed a confidence boost because she appeared confident and glowing but it was cute. It would be extra cool if him and the band were given time to visit the other programs and local schools as well.

  • Tanya

    @P Keaton: He “should” what if he doesn’t want to lol? He’s an Entertainer after all not anything else.

    Stuff like this is cool tho : ) Reminds me of when he threw his awesome lock necklace and jewelerly into the crowd on the last night of the summer Tour with so much love, literally gave them away. (then everyone started copying him lmao).

  • F

    @wow: He finds them hilarious in a “wow, y’all really have no lives do you” kind of way, so I’ve learnt to just LOL at them as well.

  • Matt

    @wow: Nothing wrong with a bit of scandal every now and again.

  • Katie

    He is beautiful inside out!

  • Rattlesnake

    He was the Idol runner-up and he is getting more coverage than the actual winner ……. I JUST DON’T GET IT !

  • Mari

    OMG he is so awesome!

  • Tiff

    he’s so lovely :)

  • @Rattlesnake: Seriously?

    Kris and Adam share the same label/company. Kris has gotten more promotion for his album than Adam has. The camera has even made sure to point to his face on that audition wall every episode this Season, and they’ve played half of his album for the montages, they’re even going to be showing footage of his trip to Haiti next week. Kris has literally gotten all the radio play, Idol support and coverage they could possibly give him.

    Adam’s team is just as supportive, only he is In Demand elsewhere. Away from Idol. Fashion shows, TV presenting, photoshoots, parties. He is In Demand because he’s not only genuinely interested in these fields, others are interested in taking him on. Film directors have expressed interest in working with him, he knows a lot people in the Entertainment field. And, he’s not afraid to take on other fun jobs whist still making music and performing.

    Adam is very specific and vocal about what he wants. He has that vision, mentality and work ethic, Kris is a little more “ok, cool…sure let’s do that.”

    2 people made the Final 2 out of thouuuusands of people. You make it sound as if there’s only room for 1 human that appeared on that show in the music industry.

    That show is over, they’re no longer in some silly competition so why even bring KA up…lol? They’re both swimming in the music bizz now. A lot of people knew Adam from before Idol via Zodiac or his band or other stuff. He did work for over a Decade in LA after all.

    BTW, did you miss Kris Allen’s Haiti post on this last last week? He visited Haiti for Idol Gives Back. He gets coverage but the media aren’t as interested/nosy/fascinated by his social and personal life, as they are Adam’s. I think Kris is fine by that. Everyone’s different.

    Kris Allen is an awesome guy. Adam is also an awesome guy. He has a little more executive realness and social charisma than Kris has which is I guess why he does well at networking quickly, making friends, social gatherings. He is a little different, a little eccentric – all round which is also a draw. It brings him a lot of positivity and interest, and a lot of negativity and bashers.

    PS. Adam did this by himself, it was his decision to connect to a Charity close to his heart and direct his fans’ gifts for him towards them. Idol didn’t ask him to do it like they did Allen.

    If you’re missing your daily Kris Allen fix, you should sign up to his fansite or something.