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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: BAFTA Awards with Reena Hammer!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: BAFTA Awards with Reena Hammer!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his Versace-clad girlfriend, Reena Hammer, hit the red carpet at the Orange British Academy Film Awards held at London’s Royal Opera House on Sunday (February 21).

The 32-year-old actor and actress Rebecca Hall presented the award for Production Design to the team from Avatar.

Avatar also took home the award for Special Visual Effects but was shut out of the top prize by The Hurt Locker.

15+ pictures inside of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Reena Hammer at the BAFTAs…

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jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 01
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 02
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 03
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 04
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 05
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 06
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 07
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 08
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 09
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 10
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 11
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 12
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 13
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 14
jonathan rhys meyers bafta awards 2010 15

Photos: Dave M. Benett/Chris Jackson/Ian Gavan/Dave Hogan/Getty, WENN
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  • treats

    Wow. He looks incredible

  • fran21

    Love him with the boyish long hair. He is soooo gorgeous

  • Tudorfriend

    Yes! I’ve been hoping for more pictures of him. Beautiful and talented man

  • red

    blake lively wore this same dress i believe months ago

  • Finder2

    Good lord, how good does he look! Seems like he’s having a good time.

  • S3WA

    Very talented actor! He looks different here somehow and I can’t pinpoint what. Thinner?

  • girlfriend

    He’s my favorite actor. So talented and sexy

  • dvfd

    justjared jennifer aniston and the gerald must have pay you very wellto promotethis shitty movie everytime i open a window

  • skaur

    gfriend ok i guess prettier indian ladies though lol but she makes most of what she got

  • nina50

    Here he looks boyish — adorable. Usually he looks intense and sexy — also pretty good

  • Tabby

    The girl he was with at the Irish film and television awards on Saturday was a much nicer match.

  • Lo

    @Tabby: She plays Princess Mary in the Tudors. But I agree (despite the age gap) they looked lovely next to each other.
    Love Jonny, so talented and he has beautiful features!

  • gish

    He always looks like he’s having more fun when he’s not with the GF. But they’ve been together for a while so it must be the real thing

  • Sheigh

    JRM put his hand on Reena’s belly ! Is she pregnant ? I think it’s possible, i notice a baby bump !

  • lonestar

    Love him as an actor and he looks great.

  • hmmm……..

    Oh god he is BEAUTIFULL with longer hair!!!!! Reena is one lucky bitch altough doubt he’s easy to get a long with.

  • AJ

    Did they get married? He is wearing a ring (it is visible in several pics) and so is she (you can see it in pic #1). Hmmmm….

  • Regina

    Gorgeous!!! Very elegant too.

  • gossiphound

    Now he looks as good as he has ever looked right there. Must be a happy man with that inner glow. Good for him.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee


  • Marieme

    That to me is the dreamist dress! Turquoise is one of my fave colors. It just looks so rich (density not wealth).

  • British Latin American

    He seems more gorgeous and vivacious than his girlfriend does.

  • Tabby

    Not married or engaged. Has called her his “girlfriend” in interviews as recent as last week. If she is preggers, it’s taking a very long time to gestate, because she had the same size bump about three months ago. I think she’s just developed a few curves, personally. Her arms are a lot thicker now and so are her hips and thighs. They’ve been wearing rings on and off for years. When asked in interviews about his ring, Jonny has said it’s not a wedding ring, but it is a gift from his girlfriend. He wasn’t wearing it at his From Paris With Love premiere in New York. It comes and goes. I think it’s a way to deal with his girlfriend’s insecurity without actually having to marry her, which I doubt he wants to do, since, lets face it people, you don’t run away from someone you love over and over and over again. ON/OFF things are toxic. It’s like both partners probably care for each other, but one is enthusiastically devoted and the other is just not that into it, but into it enough to string the other along. I wouldn’t want to give up the best years of my life that way. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me about a billion times, and you’re Reena Hammer. I know he’s hot and all, but if a man dogged on me once, he wouldn’t have a second, third, tenth chance. He knows he can get away with it. She’ll always come back.

  • Katie

    Love, love, love, JRM! I thought the hand on the tummy was kind of funny, too. Well, if she is preggers, she has gotten him good this time!
    They looked a whole lot happier in the beginning of their relationship.
    He always looks sooooo fine…oh, to be young again!
    I sure hope he keeps that partying under control…he is too lovely to lose!
    Her dress is pretty…but some times she looks like his mother!
    Just sayin’…stay cool Jonny…and if you are going to have a child with Reena, I’m sure you’ll both do the best you can and it sure helps that she’s an heiress…I mean…really!
    Love you!

  • Lady Perez

    is Reena Pregnant? wow OMG! look at her face she looks just like she is pregnant! Wow JRM like always sexy in everywhere Love him haha i keep asking Is she pregnant? haaa JRM daddy Licius!

  • Tabby

    That tummy pic really is a bit odd, and yes, I supose it really could suggest that. If so, I hope i’m wrong about my previous comments.

    If they have decided to start a family, I wish them every happiness and the best of luck. I just have this nagging concern about it working out in the long run. If there is a baby, I hope I am very wrong.

    Much health and happiness to both.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Didn’t Blake Lively wear that to the Met or some special event last year??? This chick cannot pull off a dress like that!!!

  • Eva


    I think it’s the hair. Indeed, wonderful actor and extremely gorgeous. His girlfriend is pretty too.

  • Stepdep

    ugh, please look at pics of him from a few years ago…something is going on he looks like something is going on with him, his skin is all mottled or marked it is a weird color, he is especially gaunt in the face… What is going on he used to really be very handsome checkout the Matchpoint premiere pics what a difference. From Paris with Love has not made the boxoffice that it needs to make to cover the budget that was spent to make it. If he can’t draw them at the box office he better look for another cable show real fast. His girlfriend looks like she is wearing her mother’s dress. It is cut way too high on the thigh all the way to her crotch really nice… classy. She would go to the opening of an envelope with him just to get face time with the media…wait she wants to become the next lifestyle expert or perfume peddler and really believes that she is qualified to do this because her boyfriend is an actor. Right now her career is working for her parents so getting preggers could be another long term financial planning strategy on her part (along with money from her parents).
    These two are really starting to look weird he is looking like a deer caught in the headlights and she is looking like la, la life is wonderful and I am so happy to be here…sad.

  • Corabeth

    It’s the style of the dress that makes me think she’s just a little heavier and not pregnant. I could be way off base, but among my girlfriends and sisters, and I’ve even seen this in actresses too, when you get pregnant, even if it’s early, you tone down the hoochie and punch up the classy in your wardrobe. You smile ear to ear. You glow. New dads smile big dopey smiles and act protective.

    “I’m so happy to be a couple of months pregnant!” Isn’t usually characterized by a slit cut to your crotch. But a dress like this CAN say, I feel insecure about the weight I’ve gained and need the sexual attention of men to feel better about myself.

    Someone said the dress is Versace, which didn’t make sense to me because it fits very badly and is not flattering. It looks like it was made for a taller woman. Maybe she didn’t have it altered in time? The color is gorgeous on her, but the fabric and cut are a terrible choice for a winter party. It looks out of place. Strappy sandal heels belong at a spring/summer event, not a winter party in my opinion. If the dress were altered correctly, this would be a beautiful look for an LA party, but London is cold this time of year!

    Jonny has lost weight and is showing a few wrinkles. It’s unfair that men can get away with so much more than women can. He looks very handsome in spite of it. To be fair, though, the drink in his hand in the last picture worries me. I thought he didn’t drink anymore.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say Reena has alterior motives. She seems to be very much in love with him. The on/off thing doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in this couple though, I agree with the previous poster on that. One of my best girlfriends was in one of these on/off disasters for eight years. She also started her relationship in her teens with an older man. Maybe some older guys go for very young girls because they don’t want commitment, and since young girls are not ready for it, the pressure is off?

  • Kenny

    Ok, in the one picture with the girl in the pointy shoulder black dress and JRM is turned toward her? JRM looks like he has to pee.

  • gish

    Actually it looks to me like he’s clowning around with her about her pointy shoulders. I think it’s kind of cute

  • gish

    I don’t like the dress but it would look better on a taller woman. I agree with the poster who said the color works for her. She can wear strong colors. Disagree with the remark about the sandals. This is the red carpet. All the attendees are wearing strappy sandals.
    I think he looks incredible. So handsome. I’m sorry his most recent movie hasn’t done well but all actors have ups and downs. He’s talented and I’m sure he’ll have more ups in his future. He certainly has not lost his looks .. they’ll be around for a few more years at least. And he also has talent, by the way, so he should do fine.

  • catwalkdiva

    You are right Corabeth, The shoes are wrong. For a red carpet winter party, a peeptoe pump, dress boot, or an evening dress shoe. The slit dress is enough. Jeweled sandals don’t work here. Paired with the heavy makeup, it’s too much bling.

    I have noticed this particular actress looking overdone in the past. She needs to fire her stylist and find one who understands how to flatter the line of her very pretty body.

    The handbag is also too much and clashes dreadfully.

    Less is more, my loves. No amount of heaping on bling is as beautiful as well thought out classic elegance.

  • julia

    wow..he looks hotter than ever! his girlfriend is ugly..I thought he way gay, bisexual then! He’s hot but I prefer his costar Henry Cavill..yum!

  • barbie

    Great to see this couple again in Just Jared’s site. JRM is a great actor (hot in the Tudors). He’s been with Reena (half-Bangali, half-Polish ethnicity) for a long time now. Hope they get to tie the knot soon. She’s loaded. Her mother is a famous make-up artist and owner of Millie and ruby cosmetics and her Dad owns the spa above Harrods in London!

  • teachersdatingsite

    He iss so great

  • Stepdep

    I see London I see France I see this chicks underpants… very stylish..

  • Stepdep

    No, I think his hand on her belly was his attempt to cover up the fact that her underwear could be seen through that dress…take a closer look at the arrival pics you can see clearly the lines of her underwear that appears darker under that dress in the bright lights… nice…ugh gross…let’s go to the British version of the Oscars and show my drawers to the international press…that will get attention…what’s that saying any press is good press…

  • anna

    I asume Reena is pregnant…
    …but if she is really on that picture`s?

    we will hopefully know it soon….

    PS: it will be a boy….

  • Laura

    hey all the best u make a gorgous couple x