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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Coffee and Crepes!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Coffee and Crepes!

Hayden Christensen takes his fiancee Rachel Bilson for a walk around downtown Vancouver, Canada on Saturday (February 20).

The 28-year-old Canadian actor is a local Vancouverite, who showed Rachel where to get some good coffee and crepes.

Hayden attended the the hockey game between Canada and the USA on Sunday, and got nervous when his country was down 3-2 going into the third period. “Beyond nervous,” he said, dressed in a Canada home-white jersey and sporting a black-and-red-trim Team Canada while sitting in Section 117, Row 23. “It’s been an amazing game but I don’t like the score right now…It’s incredible, such a treat for all of us to have the Olympics in our city.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing the Smythe Black Swing Coat.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen getting some coffee & crepes…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen coffee crepes 14

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  • lana

    Cute! Love them! *-*

  • bas


    great pics! thanks jared

  • hailey

    Why was Rachel a no-show at the Santa Barbara Film Festival to promote her movie Waiting for Forever? Her costars were there but no Rachel. Shouldn’t she help out with promoting it, since she’s the most well known cast member. Plus It’s not like she’s busy working on something else. Jared spent a lot of effort constantly mentioning the movie here, and Rachel didn’t even make an effort.
    Of the three reviews of the movie up at the SBCC site, two are negative. One writer comments that Rachel’s acting is the same as what she did on The OC.

  • enna

    Rachel wears a super cute coat. I wonder what brand is it?

  • the truth

    No3 i know you meann well but you know rachel is not going to promte herself when it comes to hayden and taking pictures.. She alwys let other people do her work for her.She don’t came about her career like hayden does .That’s all she loves to do run behind him and other guys. She never think about herself or anything else. This picture must wastaken earlier in the day cause Hayden went to club later that nght. So she just stay 24 hour then.Nothing about the enagament or wedding don’t think they are going to do it anyway.She need to just tellpeople that itsnot going to happen and stop making people think that she ‘s going to do it when she’s not. Rachel needs to grow -up Cause she has lied about everything that she said that was going to do.Should put the pics up earlier .She’s nothing but a liar and tramp.How she suppose to let people think she’s serious wen she go off and do this. Hayden wwill alwys have a career she won’t by running behind like i said .I guiess she will blame him him if she get an acting gig.Cause that what she went up there for anywayShe don’t know nothing about hockey.And lexy when you posted its not right for any yound womna tp run behind men like she do.And don’t have a caeer for herself.JJ said it right her boyfriend cause he one are them. When she’s in la she has others.Also well see if the movie make to the movies.liar and tramp..

  • amanda

    sweet couple :D

  • @the truth

    You are sooo in denial that it hurts.It is unbelievable!!

  • ellie

    Jared, is it true that Rachel was being considered for the new Josh Schwartz pilot Hitched but CBS chose Kristen Kreuk instead?

  • wowowow

    i sold him that hat on valentine’s day in niagara on the lake. it’s a tilley tweed newsboy cap. they were both really nice and they look cute together.

  • @ the truth

    She is still in Vancouver, she was on video at the club Hayden was at with her on Saturday night, and you can see a pic of them sitting together at the hocky game last night on Hayden’s fan sites. She did not leave in 24 hrs., lol!

    If you look at the 2nd to last photo above with them holding hands, you can see her engagement ring in the hand Hayden is holding. You are the one who needs to grow up and get some help for your unhealthy obsession with whether or not these two are together. Being in denial for this long is very strange!

  • unreechy

    Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minillo Version 2.0

  • leimore

    Yeeesh her “saddlebags” looks swollen, it looks like its about to burst due to to its hugeness

  • brian

    so why wasn’t she at the Santa Barbara Film Festival?

  • Peachplum

    I really hope these two make it down the aisle but according to Celebpsychic psychic they won’t:

  • the truth

    no7 wat you mean? What going to happen when she don’t have no career? Sop why she she be with other guys then/ You can’t be engage when you be hapnging with other guys can you.? Rachel will never have a caeeer the way she going. So why she haveeeen’t set a date? and wehy she always hiding her rting all the time? You are the one that in denial and rachel too.You can’t have caeer hanging around guy all the time. sopm why she don’t want him to be around her then. Rachel is not engaged are she wouldn’t ashame to talka baout it. She is still using hayden like she always do cauae she don’t have anything.SHe only went up to show people that eveything is aok with them as soon as he start working again that’s when the problem start all over again.Rachel do need to stop putting her business out there if she don’t don’t know what she’s doing. She is a liar and a tramp and she just hiding the fact that she don’t mess around other guys like people see her do.Why didn’t hayden hold her khand when he was in la in dec.And why don’t he go with her to events like otherguiys their girl friend.Noone suppose to trake your girl friend out to events but your boyfriend.You just afraid to tell the trueth about what going on with her. Why she always missing promoting her film s like that? She said she want to be taken serious about you see what she do. Hayden does his work and she don’t do nothing at all.People thiought he was going to the game but he did.Rachel don’t take nothing serious at all. Ifn want some coffee they should have stay home and make some. Its all for rachel and not him at all.All she do id trunnup andwant to bail her out when somebody said something about her.She never want to suport him about anything at all for her.ERachel is wasting her time running behind a man that don’t even come and her when she have something like that. You need to wake up no.7 whoever you are. Cause rachel is letting her life go hill for nothing.Ithought she want to be taken serious.IOf rachel lie she just lied .She said that she wasn’t going to come up there too much.And they had broken -up.She can’t keep that straight at all.When she broke -up with adaqm she she didn’t go backm to him like that.Did she. You mad cause i called her liar and that:s what she is. Hoe can people believe her her now. How can she expect peoplt believe whst she say at.But she gets man when other people get job and she don’t.She walking around here this spring and summer banking on hayden to get her an acting aor getting man cause he’s working and she ‘s not.Sop you rather alie than the truth about her .yoo betyteer than her.Always pretending that she don’t like the paz when she let them know where she at all the time. She need to stop doing that its not right atn all.I was tring to say when she broke-up adam she didn’t do all are that.So think it ok for her to lay up hayden and any other man. Then she run up there to him like than.That’s nobody that’s engaged.its somebody that loves to get her way.Rachel is just plain lazy ad useles. she this lastyear when she had a movie coming out. She didn’t even go .So this what yopu like in aperson one tat’s lazy and not doing anything with her but follw behind a man and doing noothing. Other has job and a movie coming out they go and promoted it.She run behind a man all the time.So when she going to grow-up ? She’s not getting any younger you know.She act like she don’t have proved herself a person.So when she going get tired are chasing hayden all the time. Hayden already got his act together she don’t .She suppose to be up there with other womwn her age who already has done something with themseleves. She haven’t done nothing witherself since she left theO. C. but followi behind what he’s doing.She never put herself first anymore.Or think about what she want out are life.This has otten old.Would contiue the way she’s going.? There won’t be no wedding cause there is no engagement to talk aboutor what she willbe doing years to come.Rachel is nobody but she was before valley girl and that it. cause she don’t like have nothing likeotherpeople do.Sowhen she don’t have a career don’t start balaming hayden about it.Beside if youn didn’t know he has no plans to marry her anyway.You’re theone in denial .She just want E! to say something about them ontheir shw cause they haven’t mention nothing about thenin awhile.She the that suppose to telling people about.Not to be seem with hayden in vancouver.Why dopn’t she be seem going out like she use to?She just wasting life doing that when she could be doing some work for herself instead are being doing the same thing.Sheknow she called the paz up therev so it should surprise hayden.Its all for her anyway like i said.No jealous just thiught hayden would know better than to let her come up ahter the way she acted when he came to visitd her around Xmas.Maybe he was soon get over her .I sure hope.Cause she’s no good to nobody

  • omg lol

    @the truth: Get a life !
    Whether or not she has a career is NONE of your business. Whether or not her and Hayden will set a date to get married is NONE of your business. And last but not least, whatever she does with HER life is NONE of your business. You sit here and type a whole essay about her like you know her. Even if you do, her life is NONE of your business. It’s freaking hilarious to me how much of what she does or doesn’t do affect you in such a way that you’ll waste time writing all that crap.
    Get help, kthanks.

  • brightside

    Was that the writer who pointed out that he was ‘unhappy with the casting choice of Emma & felt Rachel Bilson was totally banal. It was a great part for her, but she is still too O.C.’?
    Well, everyone knows she can’t act.
    Still she looks happy above, sort of-ish. Hopefully she’ll get married and settle down to being a housewife for her new husband. She’s better off supporting her fiance’s career than she is trying to get one of her own. He can’t act, either but he has more appeal (puzzled shrug) and more work.

  • shadowy

    Haydamn’s talking about Jumper is nothing new but just a mere “insinuation”. Its been their shout-outs for about 3 years now that Jumper sequel is a “go” instead of being reported by Variety or HW Reporter that it already received a greenlit feeded by 20th Century Fox or even from its writer/producer Doug Liman; whose “next, big & confirmed” project does “not” have anything to do w/ Jumper.
    So how soon would be that Jumper sequel would be… until it would finally announced that its going to get a “reboot” just like what have happened to Spidey 4?!
    But probably on Haydamn’s wishful thinking, its a “must” go as he’s been downgraded now into making a crappy B-movies either its star-studded or low-budgeted one, while his consistenly-unemployable fiance… well she just needs to be seen what/where ever it might be, its been forever since she faced a director’s camera as its always been a paparazzi’s camera all the time – lol!

  • viper

    Press op time again this is looks more like deja vu to me from France or NYC US Open. Let’s hold hands and smile for the camera. look happy.

    @ peachplum

    I don’t hold my breath that he will grow up fast enough for anyone to marry him this year or next. Don’t hold faith in he psychic community some think he won’t marry her some think they will, more no then yes.

  • viper


    Gee when you walk on the right side and the dude is walking on the outside yes he will he holding on to your left hand, Unless you expect that this is planned out that he would be holding her engagement hand for the camera. Like that isn’t a new idea again just more press opting for both of them. Jumper 2 I seriously don’t see that happening as someone mentioned it would have been given a green light over 2 years ago when it came out but, it hasn’t and good chance it won’t. So guess both need to locate work.

  • lana

    Get a life haters! And @the truth: you need help.

  • lana

    Hayden and Rachel are a cute couple, people here are jealous. LOL

  • reedley

    @ 3 & 13
    Isnt that too obvious that the oc-relic is MORE professional in media-wh0ring (cant reallly missed it for the world) than hacktressing. She probably just “ashamed” that in her latest movie, she looks “again” like EXTRA (just like in NYILY) w/ just around 5 speaking lines along w/ the smiling, blinking, pouting & giggling incessantly throughout the movie LOL

  • brightside

    I can’t honestly see a sequel of Jumper being made unless they ditch the two dodoes, Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson, and make Jamie Bell’s character the focus of the film. He’s a brilliant actor and much more enjoyable to watch.

  • jj

    I bet the other celebrity couples like Kristen Bell and Dax and Dave Annable and Odette will get married before these two, and all of those couples were engaged just a few weeks ago.

  • yawn

    they make a horrible couple. wonder how much rb paid for these pics?

    wow hc is aging pretty bad. guess thats the effect rb has on people.

    he never really looks at her, looks like he’s checking out someone else..LMAO

    He has looked miserable since being with her, but he’s made the choice to settle for her, and the misery that comes with it.

  • S

    @the truth
    If they want coffee they have to stay home.. and make some
    OMG, I had a very hard laugh. Now that was funny. You really need some help very quick.

  • rafferty

    They make me want to barf & puke. They just don’t look good together no matter how hard they try. And this cheezy photo op just looks retarded & would be acted more realistically by that another poser yet teen couple Zac & Vanessa.

  • the truth

    No 10 I have and you haven’t so why where is she now? since you know her so well? Why are are defend her anyway.Shehafd to make him do it for show aways.The girl brought that ring anyway. Why coulden’t she stay with adam. She is not up there with hayden she never will be.Youshouldn’t get mad about what isay itwas 24 hours. And you can’tmake me like her arebelive anything is forreal anywmore.So why the tramp bewith other guiys and why she he won’t come up there and take her out like the other guys take out their girlfrien.She sdid haide that ring she always do.She don’t nothing but play games with ity.What she trying to say its all about rachel and not hayden? that is where hayden live not rachel.Hayden hasn’t had any people since she stated coming up there.And you know whever you are.You need to get a life and rachel cause idon’t run behind a man like that.I think are mayself first and nowene else.Racherl don’t nothing abut her self and you know it.What an in his right wiould marry a person like that?She don’t like nobody but herself and you all know it.She don’t support hayden until its something for her in for her.You going to depend atramp like that willgo on dates with other guys.And called herself engaged to somebody she hardly be with and lrets rumors out that she was pregnant when she wasn’t .then she run up up there when she know that the paz was going to follow her up there.What’s wrong with you and others >she don’t cdare about her career that much.That’s what she known for anyway that’s what people say about her.So before you get mad with you get mad with herfor messing hayden and her career like that.Noone said anything about the dvd her and hayden waqs in. They didn’treally care nothingabout it.So this suppose to make-up bad movie she was in with him.This not a career.That you suppose run behind a man.Hayden haven’t had a hit movie in two years nor has rachel.She had doing the same thing as she been doing.You darn well that’s not right.Both their are career has went down to the pit.What is there’s left for them ?That “s show that’s all you want trachel to do is run around hayden ando0 nothing cause that what she do best anyway.That isnot what acting is all;about.You have work at it you just can’t quit like that.When Adam did that she said that hewasn’t no man.So she should breakup with hayden like she did adam when she thought that his caeer wasn’t going anywhere too.Don’t youn darn me thatr i’m wrong about the 24 hour.You know yourself ok.So hoiw long did she stay do you know?That’s how long he stay last time he was in LA.So if slove adfam so much so why didn’t she stay engaged to him.She don’t have travel that far to see like she do hayden.So we going to see if she officially breakup with hayden before his birthday like she did adam.I don’t knowwhy you and other supported this relationship anyway.IT haven’t beeb since they hookup.She date other guys and its allowede causeshe want it to be.Noone says anything about what she do.But get mad when other like me pointed it out.I have grown up morethan you.You and others don’t know adarn thing about life.Do see other girls follwoing behind a an don’t have career?You don’t seethat do you.Rachel has never gotten an awards doing anything nor has hahyden andthat’s shame for bothare them.Thought hayden would ge his acttogther this year and he didn’t .He beleft the awards all the time.Rachel just don’t do nothing with herself toget heran award.All she do is what do at home and running behind hayden all the time.Thought she had learned her lesson about up there all the time it cost money to go up there.That’s whyshe can’t get no acting job.Shecould been in valentine ‘s day like other actessbut she wasn’t.What shame to low yourself for guy.He don’t.But before get mad about me growing -up look how many movies rachel has been in latelythat made any money that go for hayden too.Nyly was amistake for both are them and a bad career choice for hayden. He suppose to be better than and you know this.rachel on the other hand will never an actress are any kind.We all know what she’s about don’t we.?Sop idarn whoever toQuestion me aboun whati say.Cauase you don’t know me at all.None are you don’t .These picturs ande what rachel doing don’t make no career.NO. 10 you and other don’t know about life and what it take to have a career.Cause it seem hayden and rachel don’t have one right now.Being engaged and drinjking coffee don’t make a career Soleave along ok.Rachel still a nobody and you can’t make think other wise .And if hayden don’t leave her alone he won’t be nobody either!!! liar

  • @27

    Why make cafe when you can walk the streets and be seen by enough twitters who live on that to press you out w/o paying for it. Again this is press paid for by their agents.

  • searlus

    A really random looking couple that only a “traveling carnival” could have dreamed of – Bug-Eyed Golem (RB) meets Stoned-Manakin (HC). Stoned-Manakin & Bug-Eyed Golem… “crash… rrr…. love at first sight” – LMAO!

  • lana

    They’re just walking on the street and taking a coffee, why all this hatred? Old women don’t support see Hayden happy??? People here are very funny, they hate this couple because Hayden and Rachel are never together and now they hate this couple because they are together, I really don’t understand LOL

  • bas


    about 99% of the people who comment rb/hc posts are absolutely CRAZY. they judge them no matter what. honestly most of these people are probably 15 year old girls who think heidi/spencer are the epitome of real love.

  • gilmorie

    Yeah I truly believe that DL would push thru w/ “Attica” as it look lke that he’s now seriously working his butt off to regain his credibility as a director that was humiliated & lost when he decided to cast these 2 non-actor & actress as lead in Jumper.
    And for those who blamed Liman for those 2 lead “failed” performances in the said film, why is it that Jamie Bell proves out to be the “opposite” and in a very positive way?! An “authentic” talent for sure is to blame.

  • Anonymous

    jeez, “the truth” you writting a book there? you seriously have nothing better to do if your just sitting there typing that much crap about Rachel. I love her she’s SO adorable && cute… i reaaaally wish Rachel would get back together with Adam, though!!! They were CUTE.

  • brightside

    Why? Adam Brody looks as though he is having a lot of fun with his new and beautiful female friend. Certainly he is happy without Rachel Bilson, and Rachel moved on three years ago. She is engaged to Hayden. Why would you want them back together?

  • The truth

    Because lana she lied about going to see him all the timeok.That’s the reason i say things about her. She don’t have career at all nor does she at this point.I don’t care either way. but when younstart telling lies about people have had enough are rachel made this relationship real when you don’t have do all the work to do it.What about the private thing both said that they didn’t like.Its all a lie.What else can to make their career better not this. When make a hit movie then you can do all this .This not when jumper came out.ok. They don’t have to promoted their relationship cause a failed movie.Everytime try to get back on his feet there she go doing something to make it her own too. Rachel can’t do nothing for herself. she always need someone to bail her her out when she has a problem. That what rachel do.Likie these so-called rumors they got to stop.If you going to break-up then do it.Stop letting her rep do all the talking for her and stick to it.People don’t like people contiune to do that.Also the baby rumors she knew that was mpregnant when she let it came out.She needto get her some work to do.I never said that should spend time together cause they do she’s not happy andnot either.Rachel don’t needto be with hayden anyway cause she don’t like to share the limelight with him.She better off without.It only get worse as time goes along.You all allrachel don’t love nobody but herself anyway.If itweasn’t anything for her in it she wouldn’t have came.She would have stay at fashion week.Any attention beside her putting up an effort for doing real work she will do it.Allshe is still usinng hayden. Don’t know why cause he’s not doing noithingn either.Sowhen Adam didn’t do what shen wanted him to do she broke-up with him.Hayden don’t do nothing for her at all.He does what he get ready todo.Any movie hey don’t it and she don’t get mad with and breakj-up with him.This all plan anyway just like last this phony engagedment.NShe should tell people that she neot marrying him right now.And for the person who said that is was good ideal for them to come out likethat you”re wrong .Its time for both are bto grow from that.Its not helping their career at all Especially hayden.It time for himto make his career happen than be on twiitter.So its true that they shas broken=up with him then it came from twitter.That site is for a young guy just starting out not hayden He needs togrow not go backwaqrd.All other has hits movies and awards hhe and rachel don’t.So what nmake hayden staying with walking around with acup in his hand aor ahit movie like everyone has this year.Lana don’t care about their relationship it sucks as alwys.I’m worried that hayden won’t become actor he could be before he hooked with rachel ./Rachel want caeer and she do anything top by doing this mesws. You got to work at it.And itcan’t be given to by holding a cup are coffee in your hand.It was all rachel and her rep ideal to do this.So guess she’s lying about the private thing right? She said one thing and she do anppther.Andthat’s wrong.She to stick to what she and don’t go back on her word/.I think it was wrong to cast rachel when it was given to her.The movie failed because media attention about their relatinship which should have had in the first place.Now both regrettingthat itshouldn’t have happen in thfirst place.You can’t make movie when it all about your relatinshio .The movie can’t survuve on that That’s why no on hire rachel because are that. its has to be drama behind it. And hayden he try to do better it always end wrong for him.He need to stop talking those crazy roles and get with the big boys..Its a shame that nothing good has comehis acting.For rachel she really don’t want it at all.This what she l;ove to do anyway.everyone should agree that hayden needs better work.And don’t let it be about your relationship.Rachel going be with with other men anywaySo might as well let her go or she should let him go and let himto save his caeer cause she’s not doing thatt for anymoreEverone thought that she was going to make it happen for him it didn’t hppen. Its going down by the minute and you all knowthis.Hayden was never this ynhappy with his caeer until now. Cause she want it yoo.She shouldtry and oit herself instead are banking on him to do it for her.Its not working they should leve wellenough along.And Qyuit tering to make it work when it not anymoreAnd be honest with cause rachel is not being honest withemselves about this..This for lana who said that they are being honest couple the’re not.Know rachel is not when she pulling the same tricks she last year.They both need to just break up already.

  • jillian

    I LOVE HAYDEN! And Rachelle is really cute so everyone shut up! Hayden…ahh my dream man!

  • aw!

    What an adorable couple! Their children will be gorgeous, for sure, they are both very good looking!

  • lexy

    Jealous of what exactly??? That her movie opened at #1?? No wait, that’s Jessica Biel. That she’s making millons off her endorsement deal and getting acting work?? No, that’s Jessica Alba or Jennifer Garner. That she and her man are some sort of “power” couple – no that’s certainly not these 2…again we might be talking about Jessica and Justin or Jen and Ben. Wait I know we’re jealous b/c she’s a the go-to actress in Hollywood b/c of her strong acting skills!! LOL! No it’s not that either!!
    I will say I give Rachel credit for keeping it together. She’s probably about to pee on herself at the sheer excitement of FINALLY having the paps take her picture after all these days. Sure she probably had to pay them like she normally does but still – she can pretend she’s a successful actress for a moment or 2.

  • Peaches And Poo

    Crapden and Crapchel strike again! What cracks me up the most is Hayden is not a local Vancoverite. He was born in Vancover but, raised in Toronto. AND< had the farm in Onterio. I guess add more cr$p to the c$ppy thread to make Bilpoo’s and Gayden’s story sound good. I think most are getting sick of the major sellout media wh$$ing fugtards.

    Hayden has the skinniest icky legs I have ever seen! BARF!

    The two are seriously perfect for each other. Talentless media press wh$$s. They have me ROTFLMAO.

  • Peaches And Poo

    I mean he has his farm somplace in Ontario. Not had. PPL seriously need to stop with the jealousy rant speech. I’m seriously not the big “J”. Rachel is tolerable but, the only reason she is popular is b/c she is Hayden’s girl. Whatever….. Rachel is better then a lot of other sicko fans I have come accross wanted to just f-their superstar celebrity. Hayden to me is not really a catch. Wooden acting and, he lost his hotness looking factor. To me, he looks like a stoner. Sorry to say.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao, i cant believe they’re still together
    she looks super boring as always
    u no what i wonder
    how come she doesnt live with him? i mean it’s not like she’s doing anything in LA besides pose for the paps and eating at a coffee shop

  • Lsad

    @lana: haah omg ive been saying this to many people but some of them just have problems. You cant help it just let him talk has he always do

  • Lsad

    @the truth: Are you serious hahahahahhahahhahahahhahahah You are a REAL douche

  • Lsad

    @lexy: hahah you again Laugh my ass off, its full of douches here. Its goes to Brightside too. I cant believe people can write so much about people walking?

  • lana

    @the truth: you think I’m going to read the text that you write? I will not waste my time with you LOL

  • lana

    @Lexy, @Viper, @Brightside and @The Truth: If you don’t like them, why don’t ignore it? Is very difficult for you? Why waste time with people you don’t like? Why to write a book here and spend the day discussing with each other? Why? It’s funny? God, I’m sorry but you need help.

  • callmewhatever

    I didnt realize how many people were jealous of her until seeing comments about her on here. I dont think she’s done anything for jealousy or love. Her man is gorgeous. His adams apple is a little too big even for a guy, I always notice it but he’s hot nontheless. She’s a cutie as well. Love her style.

  • callmewhatever

    thetruth, if your gonna write a book at least put spaces sepaprating paragraphs so it can be easier to read. Thats too hard on the eyes