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Ryan Phillippe Quits Abbie Cornish, Says Rep

Ryan Phillippe Quits Abbie Cornish, Says Rep

Ryan Phillippe takes his kids Ava — in a Juicy Couture cardigan — and Deacon to visit a friend’s house on Sunday (February 21) in Pasadena, Calif.

At the time, his ex-girlfriend Abbie Cornish was moving out of their home.

Yesterday, news broke that Ryan and Abbie called it quits. Abbie‘s rep claims that Abbie dumped Ryan but now Ryan‘s rep has a different story.

Ryan ended the relationship and asked her to move out of his house,” his rep tells

Abbie reportedly flew in Saturday (February 20) at Ryan‘s request to remove her belongings from his home as they had broken up already while she was in Australia. Ryan was most recently in the Big Apple for NY Fashion Week.

Like in any relationship, there are two sides to every story.

WHOSE SIDE of the story do you believe — Ryan’s or Abbie’s?

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Phillippe and his cute kids…

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  • S3WA

    Doesn’t matter who ended it… it’s still ended, isn’t it? Is this for real or is the media trying to make this more interesting than it is?

  • Rita

    Douche move, Ryan, a la ARod. The report must’ve really hurt your ego?

  • lisali

    Team Abbie… Ryan is immature and selfish. He probably couldn’t handle the fact that she was a rising star, so for his self-esteem, cheated on her, and presto…she got rid of him. Good for Abbie.

  • Good for Ryan!

    Ryan dumped Reese The Biitch Witherspoon for Abbie,
    and now he dumped Abbie!
    The man is learing, no point in staying in a bad relationship.

  • mike

    who cares hes hot!!! i wish im next

  • missy

    Who cares who ended the relationship? The point is that they’re no longer together. It’s funny that they were so private when they were together, but now that they’ve split, they’re publically arguing about who ended the relationship.

  • me

    I do not reget neither him,nor her. Ryan left Reese with kids for Abbie. Well,it seems it doesn’t really work out. Never liked Abbie… her for Reese? He was stupid. But I believe his story,he’s the one to leave and Abbie is to taste what the feeling is. Enjoy!

  • Joanne

    i don’t care he’s still hot. definite a DILF!

  • Rhonda

    those are the cutest little “mini-me’s”

  • anne

    @lisali legit. it’s pretty much what he did to Reese too. he’s just a douche.

  • well

    He got tired…Next——>

  • kookabear

    the kids are lovely. The girl looks just like a little Reese.

  • teri

    I don’t care who ended what but I’ve always thought it was Abbie who came between this married couple and thier kids. Shame on her!!!
    Guess when kids are involved I tend to be more upset. Ryan should have known better but in the end I’m happy because I think Reese always deserved better than some young punk.

  • LadyB

    Yeah, I thought it was irresponsible for Abbie’s rep to come out and say she ended the relationship. It should have been a joint statement between their reps to say the relationship is over. Obviously, Ryan was going to get annoyed and release his own statement.

  • ace11

    back to reese now i guess

  • Mena

    Well, it looks like this could become an ugly break-up. However, the way their having a PR war right now is pretty immature, they broke up, that’s enough, why do they need to argue who broke up with whom?

  • Ugh!

    it’s so lame to usetheir rep. to talk about their relationship.

  • CanadianGal

    haha awwww mini-Reese looks sooo cute with those glasses! adorable :)

  • Lori Joyce

    Reese wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  • lucas

    @S3WA: agreed. this isn’t end of the world stuff.
    Let’s save the huge story for when we find out that Abbie is knocked up. and maybe Ryan isn’t the daddy. that would be worth the tabloid trash treatment.

  • he’s a douche

    Abbie dumped Ryan because he was cheating on her. He has problems with women who are more successful than he is. When they stared out no one knew who Abbie was, and the cheating rumors started right around the time she was getting Oscar buzz for her role in Bright Star. He’s a super douche. If the woman he is with is more successful than him he cheats.

  • Reeselover

    First she crushed Heath Ledgers marriage and then Reese’s. She deserves everything she gets. What ocscar buzz ? She got some acclaim at Cannes but that was it. Nothing else ever again.

  • Hall

    A leopard doesn’t change his spots Abbie. Ryan is a player, but seems like a good dad.

  • Roar

    Ryan team :)

  • adrianna

    minin reese is so cute

  • jillian

    I thought he had curley hair…? and agreed that those kids are too cute! but ryan…mmm yumm, but doucheyyyy

  • Becca

    I guess a lot of you are dumb about relationships and guys. Ryan is a complete douche, period. He didn’t need to “correct the record” and say he threw Abbie out, which I doubt. He just needs to feel like he is better than her. As for being a homewrecker, that is SO not true. Ryan and Reese were broken up before Abbie ever came around. He had an apartment in L.A. He was always in the clubs, partying with his “posse” and picking up girls. They were fighting after they went to the film festival for Bright Star, and he got falling down drunk and trying to pick fights in France. There is even video of it. Abbie got so much attention, he got jealous …again.Ryan has issues. I don’t care how good he looks, he turns me off. I am Team Abbie all the way. Abbie and Jake Gyllenhaal are both good people who deserve a lot better than Ryan and Reese.

  • Vera

    “Never liked Abbie… her for Reese? He was stupid.”
    Ryan was smart to dump Reese, she is fake and nasty b*tch.

  • he’s a douche

    Reeselover Abbie Cornish didn’t have any relationship with Heath Ledger, they made Candy in 2005 when Michelle Williams was still pregnant. When Michelle and Heath broke up she was with Ryan Phillipe. Stop making shit up.

  • ME

    He doesn’t look to upset about this I think they just ran their course. Why did she wait until he got back from NYC why not move while he was out of town I think he asked her to leave.

  • Lane

    Such adorable children ~ It’s to bad children of a parent or parents that make a living in the film industry have to see their parents placed at higher standarded in their personal lives than the average person ~

    and then, like in this case, have to be party to being chased around and hearing the personal questions about what, when and where. Who cares who cheated on who. . . .It happens everyday, even in the most mundane of lives. What a screwed up society that cares about what some third rate actor does in his personal life and will not be outraged that he and his children are being chased by some crazies that are more than willing to possibly emotionally harm his beautiful children to tind out details of his personal life that is no one should care a whit about.

  • meh

    what a egomaniac douche.

  • Reese Phony Hag Witherspoon

    I wish Ryan would be in position to say the truth about his nasty ex-wife, but 50-50 custody and protecting the kids from the truth will never allow that.

  • lisali


    Um.. Heath Ledger was never married….

  • anon

    Abbie never dated Heath Ledger

  • Maria

    I’m going to have to go with Abbie on this. She’s learning a painful lesson: if a man is willing to cheat on his wife to be with you, it’s not that he found true love, it’s that HE’S A CHEAT!

    But that’s okay. Abbie’s career will flourish just like Reese’s has, while Ryan continues to struggle to have any kind of career at all.

    Karma’s a B*TCH, Ryan.

  • Liz86000

    Ava looks so cute! So much like Reese!
    But honestly, Ryan could hold her hand or his son’s hand. He looks like he’s walking ahead of them, the poor kids having to catch up with him!

  • Emma

    @Reese Phony Hag Witherspoon:
    You’re a nasty, mean and very weird person! Reese is lovely and brilliant.

  • Pattycake

    I feel like a kid caught in the middle. I like both Abbie and Ryan. But it is so unlike Ryan to make a statement…he never did when he split from Reese except to say that the well being and safety of his family was his top priority. So that makes me lean toward his story,. But nevertheless, I wish them both well.

  • Lola

    Guess we can expect to see him sniffing around Reese again now tha Abbie and Jake are history. Had Ryan been the man he “thought” he was when he was messing around on Reese and the kids before the divorce, we wouldn’t be waiting for the next tabloid headline of how he’s going to fight to get them back. Value what you have at the start and you won’t have to go through this drama. At least, if my theory is correct, I hope Ryan is ready to man up and Reese isn’t left holding the bag if she decides to trust him with her heart again.

  • http://internetexplorer tacky66

    he probably cheated, told her to move out her stuff, while he was gone with little reese and little ryan (unbelivable how they look exactly like them); that makes sense.
    i don’t feel sorry for abbie she broke up a marriage. and now wht he did with reese, he is doing the same thing with a female that is way younger than reese.
    i doubt it if, reese and ryan will get back together.
    a good shot would be brad and jen. that is about it.

  • vic



    He cheated on Reese with Abbie. Now he’s cheating on Abbie too. What did she figure? She deserves it!!! Maybe her and Sienna Miller can join a club or something………ha ha ha ha

    Women Beware: He’s a leopard who will never changes his spots. ONCE A CHEAT ALWAYS A CHEAT.

  • rachel

    this is sad :( I really liked them togheter

  • CanadaGirl

    haha. What comes around goes around. Noe her comeuppance is next!

  • Iggles

    Team Ryan!

  • Mary

    Seems like Abbie was as much of a player as Ryan going by her past. Wish them both happiness. Ryan has always been there for his children and hope he continues to move forward. Ryan most likely knows what he has lost (Reese) and will appreciate the future.

  • Crazytalk

    Who is this girl? I’ve never seen her in my life. Who cares.

  • Jimmy

    @Good for Ryan!:

    You got it very wrong. Witherspoon dumped Ryan, I imagine because she didn’t want a parasite sharing her big movie earnings. And I have no doubt Abbie dumped Ryan. He was alarmed that that kind of publicity so he is trying to spin it otherwise. #21 has it right.

  • Jimmy

    These kids NEVER smile or laugh whether they are with him or with Reese. I suspect very unhappy kids being shunted around among adults who come and go. Ryan, Reese, Abbie, Gyllenhaal, all come and go people. Kids need stable loving homes, not these constantly shifting movie link-ups.