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Carrie Underwood Cuddles A Piglet on HIMYM

Carrie Underwood Cuddles A Piglet on HIMYM

Check out this new clip of Carrie Underwood on How I Met Your Mother!

The 26-year-old country cutie plays Tiffany, a pharmaceutical sales rep and love interest for Ted! In the clip below, Carrie cuddles a teacup piglet and flirts with Josh Radnor…before she reveals she has a boyfriend.

Don’t miss Carrie‘s episode of How I Met Your Mother, airing next Monday (March 1) at 8/7c on CBS!

Carrie Underwood on How I Met Your Mother
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  • alycia

    i can’t wait to watch this!

  • LOL

    I hate her with a burning passion.

  • uchhh

    she is such a b!itch

  • Bit…ch

    I hate her personality. She is so self centered and kinda fake ugh.

  • hmmm

    I don’t hate her, just don’t care for her.
    Yeah she is a b!tch not in a good way either

  • shell

    I love how people hate her because she isn’t a fame whore. She doesn’t get involved in politics, she doesn’t party, she doesn’t say retarded stuff, she’s a great singer, and from the looks of it…will be a pretty good actress…yet some people like the three above me hate her. I bet at least one of you like Miley, or “zanessa” or taylor swift. Also how the HELL is she self centered and fake? Please enlighten me. Also again how is she a bitch? Please enlighten me again.

  • flutters

    Cute clip! I love HIMYM and Carrie seems pretty natural in it. The piglet is adorable too. Thanks for posting Jared!

  • shell

    At hmmm, how is she a bitch?

  • nursedatingsite

    She is so pretty

  • Ms Anonymous


    She is not self-centered and fake, she is very sweet.

  • Ms Anonymous


    It’s just jealousy, there is no way the haters can back it up. I love Taylor, so please don’t say crap about her. Taylor is just as good as Carrie – Taylor can act, sing and doesn’t do stupid crap either. So give it a rest, okay?

  • ke$haluv

    love her, face so cute love it

  • Huio

    Yuck – why does she need to have a baby animal? A movie set must be so hard on a baby animal like that.

  • catholicdatematch

    I lover her

  • Amanda

    awwww this is soooo cute I love her sooo much!!!! And PLEASE for the love of God, everyone needs to get it straight here, she is playing a CHARACTER you might be a semi-”bitch”, but she is by NO means one in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!! In real life, she is sweet, and very down to earth!!!!! I met her almost a year ago, and she couldn’t have been nicer in person, honestly!!!!

  • callmewhatever

    Alot of people say this chick is stuck up and arrogant. Ive litterally NEVER seen that in her. I see someone that may be a shy and quiet person. Alot of reserved people that arent desperate for attention are called stuck up.

  • asdfjkl;

    I hate how everyone is commenting on how much they love or hate her. If you don’t like her then stop watching or reading what she does and if you love her than go ahead and love her.

    Just to add, if you meet someone once it doesn’t mean that you know them. I wait tables and I suck up so much to customers but I hate it more than anything. So these celebrities might seem sweet when you meet them….it doesn’t mean they’re like that all the time.

    Just sayin’…..

  • GalPal

    Taylor tweens-please grow up and stop this childish backstabbing jr high school garbage. Jealousy is so unbecoming-Carrie you rock! I can’t wait to see you on HIMYM.

  • xx

    I think she’s gonna be a pretty good actress from the looks of it. I also think that she’s the Queen of Country in this era. Pretty girl, great voice, vegetarian, etc.

    I understand that most people (if not all) love Taylor Swift, and I agree. I think she’s got a great image and she’s cute but if we’re talking about vocals, Carrie is more skilled.

    No hate, just love~

  • Marcus

    @uchhh: Got Jealousy?


    Are you people BLIND? Sorry to burst your bubbles but this woman comes across as a total B..I…T…C..H in every interview lol. She barely every talks about others, she is ALWAYS going off on and on about herself, she gets snappy so quickly, and she gets bitter about awards so easily. I don’t hate her, I’m indifferent to her and she is gorgeous but her personality is not nice. Open your eyes, pretty is skin deep.

  • chelsey

    Are you people referring to the fact that she said “I’m always hot”? Because ummm if you didnt know, shes ACTINGGGG! Its a script idiots. Thats the only thing I can think of when people say shes a b*tch.

  • Remi

    @chelsey: NO! Her actual interviews.

  • hails

    Carrie is such a nice person… I don’t see how people can consider her a b… -_-

  • ANNA


    really, give me one interview. i find it funny people say that arent fans or are indifferent yet seem to follow her career pretty closely and know a lot about her . that is kinda pathetic.

    i am a fan, and watch her interviews and dont see at all where she always talks about herself. what?! she is being interviewed, so your brain should tell most questions will be directed to her about her or people she has worked with. she gives credit to randy travis whom she worked with, miranda lambert, other artists ALL the time.

  • brightside

    I watched an interview and she seemed sweet and kind of innocent. A little bemused by all the fuss. I thought she came across as a grounded girl with a positive outlook on life but still coping with all the attention. I know it was only the one interview, but she’s such a talented singer and didn’t seem at all arrogant, self-centred or bitchy. Just a sweet, natural person.

  • Bee

    Oh my goodness… I cannot WAIT for this. Carrie + HIMYM = WONDERFUL.

  • GalPal

    @BEAUTY: I find it amusing that you would say things that you know nothing about. But I guess your age is showing-you can tell when the tweens are out because their fangs are showing. Had it been Taylor with the little pig saying “I’m hot!” because that is what is in the script it would be entirely different. You tweens are really pathetic!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol that was pretty funny
    i think ill tune in when the air this episode
    im a fan of himym anyway =]

  • Olivia

    Wow I love how many people are hating on her and she is not fake or a bitch at all your all just jealous. It’s just a character she’s playing you dumbasses it’s called acting.

  • Get a grip

    I’m getting so tired of people saying “you’re just jealous” get a grip!! some people don’t like Carrie Underwood.

    I am one of them. I have no reason to be jealous of her. To me, she’s boring, annoying, and she whines too much. I find her songs to be uninspiring and corny and I can’t stand that 1 day she is a a good christian girl and the next she’s breaking windows because she assumes that she may have been cheated on and then we have have 1 night stands in Vegas. Yea that’s classy and very Christian! Seriously, her and her asshole fans need to get a grip on reality!