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Dakota Fanning Dons Shredded Tights

Dakota Fanning Dons Shredded Tights

Dakota Fanning sports some interesting fashion as she chats away on cell phone on Tuesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The actress, who celebrates her sweet 16 today, wore an American Apparel infinity scarf, shredded black tights, a Balenciaga bag and a black pair of lace-up high-tops from Doc Martens. Miley Cyrus wore a simliar pair of ripped tights last year.

Dakota topped off her outfit with a sparkly tiara with fur detail. Her personal style has certainly evolved over the years!


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# 1

OH MY GOD not another OLSEN TWINS.

# 2
Carolline @ 02/23/2010 at 9:04 pm

Today is my birthday too and i’m turning 16 too! Me and Dakota were born on the same day. :)

# 3

Interesting…she somehow makes trashy look cute.

# 4

hmm it looks like she got in a fight with a wild animal….and lost

# 5

hello Taylor Momsen!…..oh, wait!

# 6

I like the girl, and I think she look fine with what she is wearing, but I find it funny that Miley Cyrus was heavily criticized for wearing similar tights a few months back.

# 7

OK @Stan r u for or against?

# 8

OK @Stan r u for or against?

# 9

Happy Birthday Dakota!!! She is so beautiful!!!

@Stan: Miley managed to not only make it look completely trashy, she behaved and behaves that way too.

Dakota’s simply look ugly.

she look cute!!!and i love her backpack

wow what a bod

yeah, i dont get why its ok for her to do it but we have to stop the presses for miley. i dont get it.

dont get me wrong im a fan of dakota, i just dont get it.

i really don’t understand why girls dress like this. it makes you look trashy. it looked trashy on miley, and it looks trashy on her.

WHATEVER PEOPLE! It’s her B-DAY i mean she can wear a pijamas and it would be completely right! don’t hate her because u dont have the guts to wear what she’s wearing!

Love u Dakota, and Happy Sweet Sixteen! yay :D

PD. Loving The Dr. Martens.

Taylor Momsen has some competition.

Hope she doesnt turn into another starlet *****.

looks like a “walk of shame”… probably she sleeped at some friends house after the party..

hahaha She looks pretty ”punk” haha But I will say, I’m loving that purse. Proably cost more than my car but still.

she is sixteen and walking by herself. its not like she can drive yet so wheres her guardian?

jj, u forgot to put the ‘d’ in front of that ‘evolved’

love the balenciaga!

it’s not a good look, but miley looks like a hooker all the time with this kind of clothes

darcy hill @ 02/23/2010 at 11:00 pm

Why isn’t she in school?

wait.. today is a school day why she is wearing this? shes is in a private school she use a uniforme ! so someone can´t explame me that..i think she went to school today for the backpack..

whatever ..HB Dakota :)

brightside @ 02/23/2010 at 11:17 pm

She’s only sixteen and pretty dumb. She’ll grow up one day.

and jj – congrats for being mentioned in the NYT!

brightside @ 02/24/2010 at 1:59 am

Only 16 years old, still a child, and she has a double chin. What’s that all about?

What does a double chin have to o with her being 16?

The school she goes to makes pupils wear uniform 4 days the week, maybe that was one of the other days, or she jusdt took the day off…

a disappointed parent @ 02/24/2010 at 7:37 am

@brightside. i agree with you .

plus she looks very very very trashy and like a filthy hooker , shame on her and her parents for letting the child walk out dressed like that . it is trully shameful

and FYI: she does NOT make it look cute ,she looks cheap very cheap even miley didn’t look like this at least miley put some style into it unlike her . such a disgrace

a disappointed parent @ 02/24/2010 at 7:43 am

oh by the way my last comment

i meant i agreed with @brightside about her being sixteen and a dump child . not the double chin comment because that’s a kinde of mean , you shouldn’t make fun of her for being tubby :)

strange...... @ 02/24/2010 at 8:01 am

look at her picture not like her ordinary life….rather it look like some short of promotion stuff……..

looks like a “walk of shame”… probably she sleeped at some friends house after the party..

Taylor Momsen has girl to compete hahaha

Those pharmaceutical companies really take their experiments on humans too far.

she wore this to school….monfay through thursday they have to wear a plain white collared shirt and khaki shorts or skirt…usually she wears a more uniform type outfit i guess she wanted to dress up for her bday …fair play….and i dont think she would ever compete with momsen she is the biggest tryhard nobody can stip that title from her

tenamoore @ 02/24/2010 at 4:24 pm

I think all the hate for this talanted actress is sad, she is a sweet marure girl is, she is not a bad person how is nasty to people she has great family how surport her and am sure they won’t let her go down the wrong path and dakota herself am sure won’t this girl loves acting and is a smart giirl am sure she nows wright from wrong :)

Oh dear.. that is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, but whatever she likes.. I suppose.

i think the outfit looks good, minus the tiara!!!

Look out… we have another Lindsay Lohan on our hands……

omg!! She wore very trashy clothes, what happened to her?? Hope she’s not becoming another star(let) who can’t dress properly when going out. You can be a teenager & wear stylish, clean & nice clothes like nathalie portman wore when she was a teenage. Hollywood star(lets) & most teenagers nowadays are trashy copy cats. They really don’t get any great fashion sense anymore :((((.

You all people have no clue what the heck you are talking about! She is just having fun whatever she wears she wants! The pic was taken over the weekend ya tard! Do you want to go to school on saturday and sunday ? LOL you fail :) Dakota is the most beautiful princess of all time than any other celebrities and singers duhhhhh! Which is because she is way smarter than anyone!

I wear goofy clothes all the time everyday and it dont matter and I dont care either! I have seen alot of girls at the mall, movies and nightlcub wears weirdo and goofy clothes and there is nothing wrong with that! No need to look fancy and try to show off to everybody because that don’t work!

Also she tries to be like “1980s” style which I do still wear old clothes from 1980s and never change! duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

long live the 1980s! w00t!

this is the picture which Kristen pissed off in Access Hollywood’s interview.She stands up for Dakota coz her picture taken by paparazzi.Dakota just got back from school and that tiara made by her friends.

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