Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Poker Pair

Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Poker Pair

Eddie Cibrian and and his girlfriend, singer LeAnn Rimes, hold hands as they walk into the 8th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational at Commerce Casino on Saturday (February 20) in City of Commerce, Calif.

The PDA-friendly pair helped raise $100,000 to air the homeless. Other celebs in attendance include Grey’s Anatomy hunk Eric Dane (with pregnant wife Rebecca Gayheart), Teri Hatcher, Jenny McCarthy and Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty.

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Photos: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage
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  • michaela

    Thanks Jared for supplying those of us who like the subject of Le Ann and Eddie with great pictures once again.

  • fabp

    wow, they’re turning to be such a fab couple to watch! always been an Eddie fan since Third Watch days :D … super cute, I’d say and would love to see more of them together

  • cbme

    Hey, for all of you that think bad thoughts about them, they participated for a charitable cause. This has been a super week for good news about them. We don’t ever get enough of LeAnn and Eddie news.

  • mickey

    WIll she still have that big goofy smile when he cheats on her too?

  • kyle

    i kinda like them together. his ex wife is a plastic bimbo.

  • cacey

    these two SKANKS ARE still together?

  • lisali

    Me to.. they kindof go together.. I think they’re cute.

  • cacey

    TRASHY cute u mean. Cute is a father who does not cheat on his wife.

  • Dreads

    Haha you know….. It’s so FUNNY because people love to criticize them and call LeAnn a ho etc, but do you even realise that they’re just another Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie????? Ha. Seriously, they did jst what Brangelina did. Poor ex wives! Nevertheless, they are the cheaters and no matter what you say, they can turn out to have a great life together just like Brangelina. I hated Angelina at the time she did it. I thought every negative things you guys think about LeAnn, no one was a bigger b!tch. Yet, now I love Angelina XD …. I know “once a cheater, always a cheater” but it’s their lives. If there was no love anymore……let it be. Get real. I can’t believe I’m actually defending hmewrecker hoes.

  • michaela

    Eddie can’t be all bad if Brandi wanted to work it out with him and said that she’d always love some things about him.

  • cacey

    You have got t be kidding me Brad and Angie? pls say it ain’t so. Brad had no kids with Jen, and was at a dead end relationship. LR WISHES she was Angie.

  • michaela

    Eddie might say his was a dead-end relationship too if you asked him.

  • Emily

    they are kinda cute together!! and they’re people too, dont they deserve happiness? so stop bagging on them

  • Lana Turner

    My God she is ugly

  • ka-blamo

    All you people who are defending these classless tards are riding the shortbus as well.

  • michaela

    I’m sure she sings beautiful love songs to him with her superb vocal gifts.

  • The biggest differences are: 1) There were no children bet Jen and Brad, and 2) Angelina wasn’t married. Don’t compare apples and oranges.

  • http://bettyj2u@earthlink.net betty

    cbme-micaela I see you are on your job publicizing your farce about these two clowns as usual,This one is new and I see you wasted no time .LOL i’m sure there will be plenty of how happy and in love they are and knocking his relationship with his wife.using different akas. No matter what you post in the end they are still two cheating scumbags trying to attain respectability

  • michaela

    bet…Le Ann & Eddie have been together about a year now. Why keep whining about something that is over and done with!?!

    The rags have written that Brandi allegedly has a boyfriend, Johnny Messner so she must be happier now if what the tabs wrote is true. And the divorce should be final soon. So she must be moving on unless you know something the rest of us don’t…..that might explain the bitter tone.

  • miapocca

    are the a-r-s-e-h-o-l-e-s for real..they have no decency…

    First Cibrain is caught cheating and he assures his wife its not true and she even goes out to dinner with him to put up a brave face

    THe next thing we see, he is whoring around the country with the foolish little girl

    Lord knowswhat he tell Leanne…

    They should be in hiding and doing charity does not erase the memories for the kids involved

    What pathetic waste of air..these two!

  • Ms Anonymous

    God get over it, transfer your hate to Kate Gosselin, she needs it more than Leann does. Leann and Eddie are like Brangelina, let’s face the facts here.

  • ignoredspouse/kids

    wonder how many spouses are thinking about cheating because their mate is on the computer worrying and moaning about some celebrity’s life when they should be paying attention to them, their kids or home?

  • AntFarm

    They always seem so happy together…always SMILING! Good for them!

  • michaela

    miapocca…she doesn’t waste the airspace, in fact, she makes great use of the air when she uses it to give us that superb voice in song.

  • ignoredspouse/kids

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Yep, write love letters to your kids, then leave them for 2 years and run around the country with Steve wining and dining. Same old Kate.

  • bety

    LeAnn and Eddie are doing something worth while give them credit

  • cbme

    I love these two together; I love the pictures of them together. They have always looked like they belonged together and were at the same place at the same time as if it were intended. Some people were intended to be together. After all the meanness of people, the name calling, etc., they are still together. And, no, I don’t care why they are still together so don’t give me the old “he wants her money” story. If things are ok with them – they are ok with me. I love seeing their pictures and the fun things they do. They make you believe in love and that in itself is a gift.

  • Anon

    Some people carry their emotional baggage around their whole life, when they see someone like LeAnn and Eddie, Brad and Angie, or a group of other famous people that have done the same thing..they regress back into their fury of angst, anger, guilt, shame, pity, etc. Let it go, the weight is too much to bear. Your life is passing you by.

  • cbme

    Anon, I really don’t know if you are telling me I have emotional baggage or not. It really doesn’t matter. I still believe in people’s ability to love and be loved. That should be what the process of living is about. It has nothing to do with famous, nonfamous or infamous – just that its good to see that some people still have it. I am not trying to analyze or determine “why.”
    Some of these posters have enough nasty in them to condemn us all – but thank goodness they have to live with it.

  • Mer

    Thanks JJ for the pics. I almost thought you wouldn’t come through. At least I don’t have to read the negative comments, because I know their not saying anything new.

  • cbme

    @Lana Turner: Lana, I don’t know but I will bet you don’t look a thing like Lana Turner.
    LeAnn is a beautiful girl – being nasty doesn’t harm her in the least

  • Mer

    cbme, I agree with you. They were meant to be together, and the fans are so happy they found each other. I remember LeAnn saying she had just come off of touring, and wasn’t sure if she wanted to do a movie, and if Eddie had still been shooting Invasions (I think that was his last television show), he wouldn’t have been available to appear in Northern Lights.
    They are a happy couple, and people enjoy seeing them together.

  • aced

    I really hate these two.

  • cbme

    Mer, They make you feel happy just looking at them. To hate them, as the last poster said really takes some bitterness.
    Aced, if you really hate these two you must have had something to make you bitter.

  • FFFF


  • miapocca

    the PR FIRM they hired is busy doing damage control…Doing charity is not going take teh stink off these two…and I still tihnk she is a waste of air…I challenge you get back to your client and have her release an album and see how well it does..!

  • Sasha

    She always has that goofy smile on her face. Don’t care for either of them.

  • Anon

    geesh, I love how CEOs are robbing Americans blind with fat bonuses and credit card cos. get away with highway robbery but if someone cheats in a marriage, people want to stone them or ruin their career.
    Cheating is wrong, I’ve been cheated on…left to raise kids by myself…but trust me, until you take responsibility for your part in the crappy relationship and let the hurt and anger go…it will eat you alive. Some of you posters are carrying some major baggage around. You let the cheaters run your lives by being so bitter.

    At least they are still together.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    i dont know what to think about these 2. I am glad they are doing charity but could they stay away from the spotlight, for a while. especially with all the haters. Dont get me wrong i like leann and her music but i am still wondering if this relationship will work out. It could be like angelina and brad (Angelina stole brad from jennifer) after all Brangelina does seem to work, but it also could end up like any other mistress meets man relationship where it ends horribly. But anyways better luck to them.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    good point anon about the greedy CEOs

  • cbme

    None of us have a guarante that what we have is going to work.
    Do not want them to stay away from the spotlight; those of us who are fans want to see them.
    As long as there is love in the world, we will be alright. Some of it will work and some of it won’t. That is why we need to look at love more often – you may see things different to the person next to you, but with all the fighting, hurting each other, etc., that goes on, be happy if people love each other and wish them well.

  • http://bettyj2u@earthlink.net betty

    I see the akas are going strong with this farce even trying to use part of my name. What fans are happy?. I would think you two could come up with something new all this love and happiness is on every thread. cbme and micaela are the only fans the others are made up. I wonder who fronted Eddie the money to gamble with I know he cannot afford it knowing he might be out of a job shortly and he has child and spousal support to pay >The court will not look to kindly on him gambling his money away even for a worthy cause after all charity begins at home. Well. Leann to the rescue know wonder he is smiling . No money out his pocket and he can have fun and Leann can write it off. Money talks.

  • Kaylyn

    Love these two together- always seems they got this happiness about them, guess its called love. Some people are just meant to be . Thanks for giving us the photos, as a fan I look forward to the next.

  • cbme

    Betty, Eddie does have a tv show that pays him. Guess he used his own money. Is he not allowed some kind of life that he enjoys? He is supporting his children or he would be in court by now. Can’t you people allow him one thing to do that he wants to? He can write off his own money if it is for charity.

  • TAngel

    I love that LeAnn and Eddie look so happy and think it’s great that they have both found happiness. As for those who want to continue to bash them…..I guess that’s your right. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. But if the home is already a wreck when they arrive can you really consider them a homewrecker. I mean honestly, Eddie was with other woman before LeAnn while with Brandi so obviously there was something wrong in that relationship before LeAnn came into the picture. As for the kids, if mom and dad are together but unhappy and fighting it doesn’t exactly make for a great childhood. And when all of this broke last year it was Brandi not LeAnn or Eddie that continuously kept the story in the tabloids…15 mins of fame I guess….Every story I read included the words according to Brandi Glanville. I’m glad that she has finally moved on. I’m sure everyone involved will be happier now. And I think it’s great to see LeAnn and Eddie out doing charity events. And to those who are implying it’s a PR stunt…..LeAnn has always done a ton of charity and is involved with many different charitable organizations including The Children’s Miracle Network and The Coalition to Salute Americas Heros.
    Everyone just needs to get over it and move on. If you like LeAnn and/or Eddie for their works than great and if you don’t why are you reading the news about them? Just so you can post mean and hateful comments?

  • sunseeker

    Can somebody please tell me what happened about him suing the Life and style Mag for the story about his cheating on Leann.I

  • sunseeker

    Also I have a very happy marriage, no divorce 4 lovely children and I have no baggage but I still think the way those two behaved was irresponsible immoral and nasty not just Eddie but Leann as well, both had partners and when you leave a marriage you do it with dignity and respect for your wife and children.

  • Well

    Well Eddie is hot and LeAnn is a lucky bitch, serioulsy i would be happy to if my boyfriend was that fine and i get to bone him every night so they should be happy! :)

  • gwen

    Where did all of these LR and EC fans come from?

    It’s just michela, posting under several different names to make it look like EC and LR have support. So what you are telling us is that EC and LR still do not have the public support and you have to create it by posting under different names.

    So michela=miss anon, cbme, antfarm, emily, dreads, kyle, lisali, fabp

    So when a “different fan” shows up saying how cute and happy EC and LR look together” chances are it’s just michela posting under different names.

    Wow, did you see how long it took JJ to post these photos? you would think that with threads in the 600, that JJ would have posted them right away. There is no demand for EC and LR. The only way for EC and LR to get support is if they solict the media/press.

  • gwen

    Girlfriend? Don’t you mean CASH COW or SUGARMOMMA? Everyone knows that LR was there because she was afraid that EC would spot another woman and take her to the hotel. So the media/press are going to keep glamorizing EC and LR actions and perpetuating the victimization and humiliation of 4 innocent people?

    Did I call it it or what? I said that EC and LR were going to try to use CHARITY to redeem themselves and make us think that they are real couple because they hold hands and smile while they are “helping” others. You know a farce is farce when you predict what they are going to do. I told you that EC and LR were hiding out because they were planning the ultimate pr stunt that would once and for all make people believe that EC loves her. As usual it failed. Because everyone is pointing out that she was there to BABYSIT EC and makesure that he didn’t go off and have chemistry with another woman, just like that article from In Touch said.

    PDA friendly? To whom? That was very distasteful. To the other players and to the cause. This wasn’t supposed to be the EC and LR make out show. So thanks for showing us uhst ow selfish EC and LR really are. To think that doing “good works” makes it okay for them to disrespect DS, BG, and the kids. Shouldn’t charity begin at home and with EC kids? What type of people go and have make out sessions at CHARITY EVENTS? Ones that are trying to make everyone believe that they are a REAL COUPLE. You didn’t see any other couple acting like EC and LR, why? Because REAL COUPLES don’t ahve to validte their relationships by staging make out sessions in front of strangers at CHARITY events. There was nothing cute, hot, or sexy about what EC and LR did. As usual we see Mr Cibrian not insulating his kids because keeping his name and face in the tabloids is more important to him. EC and LR are the Sienna and Getty of 2010.

    Didn’t EC say that it’s not conducive playing ANYTHING in public AT ALL. So everyone thank the media/press for showing us that since EC doesn’t feel obligated to keep a promise to kids and his word then he most certainly does not feel obligated to keep a promise to Leann. So even though EC is holding LR hands, engaging in pda with her, and smiling that can not be trusted. So what is stopping EC from having another pda filled night with another woman? NOTHING. By staging even more “EC loves me because…” photo-ops with his mistress, EC just told the world that he lied when he said that he didn’t cheat on LR.

    The media/press had an option, sugarcoat EC and LR actions or tell the truth. They picked sugarcoat. Why? Because Miss Rimes has negotiated with the media/press for postive press. So thanks for once again showing us how these celebs use the press/media for positive coverage.