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Mike Comrie: $1 Million Engagement Ring for Hilary Duff!

Mike Comrie: $1 Million Engagement Ring for Hilary Duff!

Newly engaged couple Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie dine out at the popular Katsuya sushi restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday (February 22).

Hilary‘s engagement ring cost quite a hefty penny. E! is reporting that the 14-karat princess-cut sparkler cost a whopping $1 million. Cha-ching!

Mike, a hockey player for the Edmonton Oilers, is also the heir to Canadian home furnishings retail empire, The Brick. The couple is close to buying a $10 million home in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Katsuya couple Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

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Credit: Devone Byrd; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, WENN
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  • sal

    this is cute…wonder if it will last

  • Regina

    It seems like he is trying to buy her love, I remember away back he brought her a expensive car.

  • Sourpuss

    Nice ring. A million dollars could do a lot for Haiti right now. Ya but nice ring. Tackless to publicize how it cost tho, especially since people with way less are donating what they can to help others.

  • Alias

    He makes 1.125 mil this season playing hockey, so he’s nearly blown this year’s salary on this ring. His dad’s rich, maybe he borrowed some money LOL

    And a mil is probably what Hil spent fixing her teeth, haha

  • mary

    1 milion for a ring???That’s a shame!!Some people are starving…

  • ke$haluv

    luv it

  • miapocca

    wow,..girlfriend has great hunting skill…no wonedr she let Madden go..ahahha…

    Good luck to them..but do they really need a 10 million dollar home…I agree with spending money on the rock but you dont need that much space and over comsuption for two young people…will they be living with thier entire familie a la cruise clan?

  • mary

    I bet she will look really pretty in her wedding dress.

  • Lucas

    Ow *-*
    Very expansive ring, Mike! *-*
    Congrats to both.

  • LO

    I knew he had to be rich for this skank to spread her leggs wide eagle

  • LO

    I knew he had to be rich for this sk@nk to spread her leggs wide eagle

  • Victor Gumarães

    oh, i’m so happy for them! they do make a good couple! and about the 1 million ring, hmm, she deserves it, hahaha.

  • trophy

    the key is to stay faithful after the novelty of a trophy wife wears off.

  • Violet

    Sorry to be a spoil-sport but I agree with Mary #5.

  • Khristi

    She looks really happy. I am not mad at all-it’s nice to see someone genuinely elated after being proposed to. FYI-we don’t know how much money he has sent to Haiti so I don’t think we should be telling folks what to spend their money on.

  • http://google toni

    I am sick of bunch of jealousy, who cares if she had 1m ring on her finger.
    after all she deserve it, and there are others celebrities out there whose rings cost more than 1million dollars when they can donates some money to people who are in needs but instead they enjoys shopping for expensive things. I don’t understand why ya all just post a negative comments on Hilary.

  • ed


  • Rita


  • jillyro

    Wonder if HD is happy that her ring trumped Carrie Underwood’s in $ and now her wedding news may trump Carrie’s as well? Funny, both their fiances are named Mike, both were on Ottawa Senators hockey team (Carrie’s Mike still plays with them) and they both got engaged same timeframe.

    Apparently these HD & Carrie would ignore each other at games. Local news in Ottawa had it that Carrie ignored many at games, while HD was friendly to all the players wives and fans and word was some tension/competition between them. So I can imagine there may be some as well when it comes to their weddings, rings, marrying hockey players, both being blond, both being singers, ect. LOL.

  • Oh Bli Di

    I would be absolutely terrified of wearing that ring! They shouldn’t broadcast how much it cost cz thieves will be ALL.OVER.THAT.

  • Rhonda

    Well now you know what it takes to make a hollywood whore happy! a million dollare ring and a 10 millions dollar house! congratulatons!

  • abby

    WTF is wrong with you guys? Hilary has been working since she was a very young girl she deserves a million dollar ring. Besides you could do that with everything and everything. Saying who they didn’t need to buy that house, they could have given that money to this or that and lived in an RV. It could be done with everything and everyone.

    People could say the samething about me. Oh my parents didn’t need to buy me that car back when I turned 16. Its the same for everyone. Get over it.

    I’m happy for them. I don’t know anything about Mike but it seems like they truly care about eachother and at the end of the day thats what truly matters.

  • Nicole

    You guys are crazy Hilary always does a lot with charities the reason why you guys don’t know is because she doesn’t do it while the the photographers are taking pictures of it. She’s in love she deserves that ring!

  • good girl
  • unbelieveable

    You know what it’s their money they can do what they want with it. If he wants to give her a million dollar ring he can, if they want to give money to charity great, if they want to build a giant rocket out of gold they can what they do with their money is no ones elses business.

  • Nicole

    According to rumors Mike also wants to own a huge ship for them! :)

  • commonsense

    He’s an idiot! He’s not making the kind of money that will allow him to comfortably spend $1 million on an engagement ring, not if he wants to have money for the future. He’s not only foolhardy he’s also pretentious!

  • dating-doctors

    They are so lucky

  • Chris

    It’s none of your guys business of what they buy or do, you don’t even get a say in it! Just congratulate the couple or don’t congratulate them at all!


  • Venom

    Million for a ring, $10 million for a house?
    Big dummy.
    A fool and his money are soon parted….

  • sam

    I didn’t know that, his parents own the Brick, no wonder she’s with him, if he was just a hockey player, ah she might date but both millions to inherit and athlete, grab that ring,

  • Baftas

    If he did pay $1 mil for the ring, it should at least be in platinum. Who buys a $1 mil ring in 14kg.

  • http://google toni

    I suppose just leave her be she just enjoying her times having fun, after all she is still young.
    No matter what you guys says about Hilary, I still like her.

  • commonsense

    My bad, turns out he can afford a $1 million ring without blinking. His parents are really rich. So on that note, nice ring. I would be so nervous to wear it though I’d constantly worry about losing or getting robbed!

  • lisa


  • william

    first of all, mike makes like four million dollars and he is the heiress to one of the biggest companies in canada, ALSO, both of them work hard and Hilary donates so much to charity, she deserves to be happy.

  • shutup

    Hilary Duff has been working since she was very young and has donated a lot of her money away to charity. If these two were regular everyday people, no one would judge them, but just because they’re famous doesn’t make it a sin to buy her a $1 million dollar ring. They’re happy and in love, that’s all that matters.

    Congratulations Hilary and Mike :)

  • Avery

    LOL at people calling Hilary a slut. This girl’s network is over $25 million. She DOESN’T need Mike’s money at all. She works hard and donates millions to charities around the world. I guess because she is not a party girl that she is not considered cool, shut the F.U.C.K. up and stop hating on Hilary. Congrats to her and Mike.

  • Ms. English

    - Mike’s an heiress. lol
    - Hilary’s network is $25 mil. lol
    - 14 kg ring. lol
    Can’t help myself, sorry.
    Great ring, congrats to the lovebirds! Ah, to be young and madly in love.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, she got lucky in hitting the jackpot
    u cant hate on that, best of luck 2 u hilary

  • Venom

    Congratulations to the divorce lawyers in a few years that are going to make a fortune off of this marriage.

  • Marieme

    Um, okay. No truly worthy man believes a truly worthy woman covets a million dollar ring. Slash that in half and you still have a ring that costs too much.

  • Saudia

    Oh Canada!! LOL wow I didn’t know he’s the heir to The Brick.. I love that store! Congrats to the happy couple!! I adore Hilary..since she was on Lizzie McGuire :D


    LOL how much more fake and attention who.ring can these 2 get??

  • longchamp

    beautiful ring. beyond TACKY to let the price leak.

  • anna


  • http://none Evan

    I have a few thoughts.

    First, who cares how they spend their money? It is theirs. Welcome to capitalism and free-enterprise. I can almost guarantee, if you had the money that they had, you wouldn’t send it all to Haiti. If you say otherwise, you are a liar.

    Second, do not make the statement that Hilary “deserves” a million dollar ring. That is ridiculous. Until you cure cancer or solve world peace, you don’t “deserve” a million dollar ring. Many people have been working since they were young. That doesn’t entitle them to millions.

    However, she got what she got. Mike is a lucky man… he gets to rail her… mmmm

  • elin_woods

    Get that cash, Horse Teeth!!! Golddiggers unite!

  • remember da truth

    jillyro #19 are you really that ridiculous? Because they are both blond and singers dating hockey players, there has to be a rivalry?

    Man, tabloids love simpletons like you — they built their empire on your kind of thinking!!

  • Jen

    Damn this boy is lucky, he plays hockey AND his fam owns the brick. I might have paid for hil’s wedding ring..