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Jared Leto: Mohawk Man!

Jared Leto: Mohawk Man!

Jared Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars rocks a mohawk while performing on stage at Wembley Arena in London, England on Tuesday (February 23).

The 38-year Fight Club actor has successfully made his way into music circles and recently released his 3rd album, “This Is War.” He collaborated with Kanye West on the track Hurricane on the album.

10+ pictures inside of Jared Leto, the mohawk man performing in London…

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jared leto mohawk man 01
jared leto mohawk man 02
jared leto mohawk man 03
jared leto mohawk man 04
jared leto mohawk man 05
jared leto mohawk man 06
jared leto mohawk man 07
jared leto mohawk man 08
jared leto mohawk man 09
jared leto mohawk man 10
jared leto mohawk man 11
jared leto mohawk man 12
jared leto mohawk man 13
jared leto mohawk man 14

Photos: WENN
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  • emarosa

    whoa!!!! one of my favorite band…3o seconds to mars!! jared new hair is perfectly with him.
    oh by the way guys let me share with you this video
    this is my NEW favorite artist
    i bet you would like it too

  • 28

    I’m a huge fan of Shannon Leto!!

  • Aleee

    I love him, but i don’t like his new hair style T_T

  • dave

    that track with kanye west did not make the final cut of ‘this is war’, you should update your story to be accurate.

  • Nobody

    GAY GAY GAY ! Come on Jared, be true to yourself you arrogant, selfish Jerk! Beautiful outside with Botox but inside so bad!
    Many people would pay a lot for you until they know you real!!!

  • Poline

    @Nobody: Perez Hilton, is that you? Or we have now another stupid person, which doesn’t know what he says?

  • kate6778


    Hahaha well said


    @Nobody WTF are you talking about ur obviously not a fan so u know nothing about him !!!!!

    Jared is a great guy and he deserve to be respected for that.!!

  • Nobody

    WTF are you talking about? YOU know him? A nice photo
    means not he es a great guy! Very stupid to think so!

  • Zz23

    Looking good Mr.Leto <33

    If he can Rock that hairstyle he can Rock any hairstyle in The world.!
    and that performance is part of their tour .. so yeah you should update your story ..

  • Poline

    @Nobody: Yes, I saw him in a real life several times, and I can say that he is VERY friendly, kind and awesome person!!! And of course he is NOT a gay, so don’t even dream about it. Do YOU know him?!
    Don’t look at his photos if you don’t like him. And I definitely don’t think anybody needs your comments.

  • Nobody

    @Poline: Ohhh, you saw him in real life and that means he is a nice guy? How old are you to be so naive? I dont like his character and that he thinks he can have every girl on the planet because he is so supersweet and famous!

  • Poline

    @Nobody: You contradict yourself, earlier you said he is gay, now you’re talkin’ about girls he can or cannot have. Wow, now I guess, maybe he turned you down? My sincere condolences in that case!
    P.S. I’m 28 if it does matter, and I’m not SO naive.
    P.P.S. And yeah, he is supersweet and famous.

  • Dreads

    Can he look any younger??!?! I mean, is he really about to turn the big 4-0 soon?! I can’t believe it. He looks so juvenile, so young…..I know if it’s his style or his baby face…..I’m amazed. Anyway, he’s handsome. And he rocks that hairstyle, indeed.

  • Nobody

    @Poline: He looks like gay, maybe he is a little bit; no, he dont turned me down – never comes to it, Im not a whore!!!

  • Poline

    @Nobody: You know nothing about him. Not gonna continue this stupid talk. Envy silently.

  • Nobody

    You know nothing about me so you dont know, if I know something about him!!!

  • alex p

    he cant stay “hot” for too long… every once in a while he tries to fug himself up, whether with a huge beard, bleach or this stupid Mohawk … sorry jared… you still a pretty boy.

  • Zz23


    what’s with all that hate??? seriously if you don’t like him what are u doing here then??

    and plz don’t comment me back I’ve heard enough from you.!!!

  • Juliet

    I think the band is soo great. and they r amazing live. The people who talk shit about them, look like they never really took the time to listen to them.
    And bateway if the band wasn’t so good, they way the sold out the Wembley? Those r 12,300 people!!!
    GO MARS!!!

  • Nobody

    Zz23: Have a nice day :-)))

  • devil_undercover

    Awww Jared, you’re hot, but I’m not so sure about this choice of hair.

    Anyways, LOVE 30STM, the new album is amazing!

    The man is gorgeous.Beautiful beautiful eyes.

  • Ike

    Jared can’t have every girl. Why waste time even 15min on a guy that goes through women like kleenex
    There are some that wouldn’t touch him with a 10ft pole
    Paris Hilton ahem

  • hanna

    i was there! at wembley! IT WAS AMAZINGGG! best night ever! ;)

  • Oceane

    Stick to acting and stop acting like 15yr old try hard emo…

  • Kätlin

    Why do people even bother to comment here if they hate that jared?

    I think that mohawk looks very good on jared, I dont care if he is 70 and having a mohawk or blonde wig if he looks that young, my goodnes!! With those face he can really do whatever he wants with his hair.
    Age is just a number.

    Not trying to prove anything, that is just my opinion so please do not attack me all u perezs and his supporters:)

    C ya in motherf*cking Dublin!


    He’s a babe but why does he constantly try to down play his looks?!?
    This makes no sense to me.
    He always has to change his hair into these random styles.
    Why can’t he just leave his natural hair alone?

  • fee

    I think jared leto is full of talent!! i also do not understand why people are putting such horrid comments on here about him.

    Always been a fan, and always will…he is the truely amazing!!! :0) x

  • lakers fan in boston

    im a fan of his music and the band but he really tries way 2 hard 2 look cool
    trying 2 act like he’s in his 20s
    act grown up dude, ur almost 40 altho u dont look it
    show ur grown man side and stop acting like ur hip

  • teachersdatingsite

    does he have any vd

  • Belgiangirl

    Love this band to pieces <3
    He rocks the Mohawk like no other man could. Can’t wait to see them this monday!!!
    To all the haters: Stuff it.

    From what ive seen, they are kicking *ss this tour! =)

    Ps: Provehito In Altum ₪ ø ||| .o·

  • claire

    Going to see 30STM tomorrow night in Glasgow with my 8 year old son who loves them just as much as me. Cannot wait!!!

  • luarna

    I saw 30STM in Nottingham and they were amazing.
    The following morning, i saw Jared leto at the train station and he was really nice and let my friends and i take some photos with him.
    You would think he looks in his 20s…life is for living….i hope i look that good when im his age

  • Undeniable

    Jared looks amazing for his age , for any age… love the band, they can wear what ever the hell they want. The Hawk is pretty cool, Jared can pull off any hair style because face it, perfect bone structure. Having met the band, they are as beautiful on the inside, as they are on the outside. Everyone has an off day, so many fans have said how they go the extra mile to connect with their fans.. yeah that’s all.
    LMAO at the (Perez is that you?) reference.. nice one ;)

  • Kary

    soo awesome!

    and I love his music
    he is just the best man in entire world! :)
    I LOVE HURRICANE and his new hairstyle is the best! damn it!
    i love him ! so muuch! :)

    he is THE BESSST

  • Nobody

    How stupid can some people be??? If you dont know someone really in private you can say he is a good man! You speak with someone 5 min. and that tells you all about this person? So naive? Ok, he really looks good for his age, but to know someone really you have to live 24 hours with that person together! Come down to earth!

  • Angelica

    love jared, and his band! but the mowhawk isn’t sexy. :-/

  • danigirl2259

    @Ike: she actually did! there are pics of them kissing at a club or something. google it. it is right in your face no mistake. she went there. i don’t blame her i would. lol

  • Me(:

    @Nobody, okay if your SO sure hes such a horrible person give us a valid reason on why we should listen to you??