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Olivia Munn Lands 'Perfect Couples' Pilot

Olivia Munn Lands 'Perfect Couples' Pilot

Olivia Munn has scored the first role in the NBC/Universal pilot, Perfect Couples, from Jon Pollack (30 Rock) and Scott Silveri, one of the executive producers and writers on Friends.

The 29-year-old star will play the character of “Leigh,” one half of one of the three starring couples (each has a different definition of relationship perfection). The script describes her as “24, very put-together. The youngest of the group, but easily the most mature. Asian-American, but the biggest Burberry-wearing, Pasadena WASP you ever met.”

Olivia will also star in Iron Man 2 (May 7th). And on July 6th, she will release her first book called “Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek.”

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  • Sarah

    Jared, you know I LOVE you, but come one, spot talking about this chic. From the previous comments I’ve seen whenever you mention this D-lister, it’s always negative. Her people keep feeding you all these things that she’s going to do; and frankly, no one gives me a damn! You pulled the same stunt last time when you told us that Olivia was the one who broke it off with Chris. Yeah, right. Please stop shoving her down our throat, because no one is interested. I may be speaking for myself here, but I don’t think this chick appeals to Just Jared readers, she appeals to the perverted men who read Maxim. Thanks! Again, love ya!

  • Jaceym

    Is she your sister or something? I DON’T CARE!

  • bally

    Olivia Munn is the new Rachel Bilson on JJ.
    Poor Rach. She’s being replaced by someone as overexposed and mediocre as she is, and someone who also uses her hookups for more media exposure. Work it!

  • anna

    why are you guys so freaking mean? jj has new people on this site all the time. idiots.

  • Beatrice

    she’s just one of thousands of wannabe upstarts in hollywood. filming a pilot doesnt even mean the series will even be made – what a useless waste of a write up. Other than that its cameos and bit parts. is that really worth the mention? wtf?

  • pam

    Is she even part Asian. Because if she isn’t, her casting is way off – it will be like some white actor wearing black paint to play a black character.

  • Lou

    She’s half Asian. I think her mom’s Asian.

  • cindy

    Really Jared?! Are you her PR person! HAHAHAHHA *sarcasm* I just want to see her as Iron Maiden on the big screen. I hope she does well.
    Other than that…..more of Chris Pine! ;)

  • James

    I couldn’t agree more with everyone else. Jared….are you on her payroll? Enough with her. She’s an attention whore…and you’re just helping the habit.

  • Amy

    Jealous much people? I don’t get what’s with all the hate. Building a career makes someone a attention *****? She is just doing her thing like every other actor in Hollywood and seems like she is doing pretty well. I’m pretty sure that she got her roles in the movies long before she ever met Chris Pine. They starting dating like 6 months ago and both those movies were shot like 12 months ago. Hello! Was Reese Witherspoon an attention whore for having a relationship with fellow actors Ryan Phillippe and then Jake Gyllenhaal? What about Blake Lively dating Penn Badgley, was that for attention? She’s on the red carpet and at events a ton more than Olivia is. It will be interesting to see how you all change your attitude if this show becomes a hit. Yesterday’s unknown is tomorrow’s superstar. Let’s stop with all the negativity. She’s having the last laugh anyway.

  • ally

    I feel like there’s an outrageous infatuation you have with this girl that no one seems to understand but you

  • Helen

    I don’t even know who she is. But everytime I see her last name, I laugh so hard. (translate it from estonian.) wouldn’t want that name to stick with me for the rest of my life.

  • Lola

    Who is she??…..

    Seriously she must be Jared’s BFF!

  • Amy

    Just one last thing, I don’t know much, but I think pretty much all the info on Just Jared comes in from sources, whether it be publicists or people’s friends or randoms on the street. That is the job of a publicist, to get info on their client out to the public, like when Jared puts a magazine cover up, that is the magazine’s publicist sending him the info I think.

    Anyway, the point is that she’s an up and comer, so not everyone is supposed to know her name but looking at all the different things she has going on, seems like more and more people will know her name soon enough…

  • Erin

    Haters to the left. Love her.

  • Messer

    Jared’s crush is getting a little pathetic…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …a 20sec scene in iron man 2. ahahahahaahaa.. jared, you’re so funny. you fail everytime you try to hype one of these z-listers. ahahahahahahaha.. but i have to admit, it’s funny to watch. keep it up.

  • meh

    Um yeah thanks. Looks like a PR release.

  • anok

    I see the Chris Pine fans are awake and still hating on this woman. So what if posts pics of her, it’s a gossip site that’s what they do. Get over yourselves. Pine is probably onto his next conquest at the moment and it’s not any of you guys…LOL.

  • anok


    They’re Chris Pine fangirls, they’re just angry that he’s into tooling good looking skinny women, not overweight, pimply, angry fangirls. He dated this woman a while back, and they are still angry and bitter…hahahahahah.

  • bbwlovers

    Beem me up!

  • All Women Stalker

    I don’t understand the hate. I actually like her.. And with producers like that, the show could be a hit.

  • shaar

    ok everyone, I used to say the same (and b part of the hate) but it’s getting old. Let’s get over it and stop the hate, what’s in the past is past, let’s give the woman a chance!

  • mediacritic

    Interesting. A new pilot by producers of 30 Rock and Friends is a legitimate industry news item; however, the casting of someone as unknown to the general public as OM is much less legitimate.

    In that context, the rationalization of both pro and con Olivia viewpoints is fascinating. While some here attribute negative comments about her to “chris pine fangirls’ jealousy” there is an alternate explanation. Rachel Bilson has also been mentioned on this site as someone who fans are “sick of having pushed at them”. I think these reactions stem from members of a public who may be getting a little tired of media hyping unaccomplished, or marginally accomplished “celebrities”. And yes, I do understand the value of PR to a budding career. However, when the subject of these PR items is someone whose activities have no inherent interest to most of the public, then it’s reasonable to assume that a certain percentage of the public will yawn and click through to the next site, and others will groan and protest.

    I’ve seen similar reactions to these so-called “D-List” or “Z-list” celebs on other gossip sites as well. I wish I had been tracking these systematically, because my gut feeling says this type of response is increasing. And it is a response to the PR campaign, not necessarily to the person behind the image.

    So while some folks may really be fans of hers, others may think she is untalented, and many simply don’t want to read PR blurbs about people uninteresting to them. Ultimately this kind of PR may backfire by turning off potential fans, but on the other hand, it may work very well.

  • Jenny

    People severely disliked Olivia Munn long before anyone she dated. She’s always been either cheap or lame. Been like that for years. Geeky guys love her…that’s it.

  • BR

    Holy Cris Pine……. Is not so ?????

  • Bradley

    people need to get over the Chris Pine thing. It’s over and people need to move on.

    This pilot has good producers but it’s on NBC. Right now they simply aren’t doing well at all. If the show is good more than likely they will cancel it.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, the show sounds really stupid
    best of luck and i mean that
    i dont like her but i always love a good success story
    going from being the chick on the video game channel 2 having a tv show

  • Hmm…


    People like you need to get over thinking it has to do with Chris Pine. People just dislike her. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else.

  • melissa

    I agree. It has nothing to do with Chris Pine. She’s just annoying. She’s conceited. And doesn’t have much to back it up.

  • Cosmo

    Oh please. It has everything to do with Pine. The reason all you girls hate her is because she dated him. Now get over and move on!! Obviously Olivia has.

  • J

    Good for Olivia, I hope it does well.

    Olivia’s not conceited at all. I don’t know where people get that idea from. She hasn’t exhibited that kind of behavior at all.

    If she has, she’s not the first person in Hollywood to.

    She may not be a huge star, but Jennifer Aniston wasn’t either when Friends 1st started.

    It’s an ensemble cast, meaning the whole thing won’t be centered around her.

    I don’t know why people have this attitude towards her, but they should just get over it, because they’re gonna be seeing a lot more of her.

    If the pilot works out, great. If not, that’s showbiz.

  • whitneyxx


    I’m a female and I love, love, love Olivia. Olivia Munn is a sweet, caring, wonderful girl who is talented, funny, and terribly gorgeous. She deserves every role she gets and all the success in the world. She works incredibly hard and still makes time for her fans. Not many people do that. Olivia Munn is awesome. OMFG!

  • RedEyedJedi

    With all these haters, she must be doing something right! Hope she does good! Hope the haters stay fat and ugly! :)

  • BettyWhiteCuntPunch

    Talk smack about Olivia and Betty White will punch you in the C U Next Tuesday!

  • Just_Jeff

    People who CHOOSE to spend copious amounts of time trolling sites dedicated to “celebrity” lose the right to complain about what they get shoved in their faces.

    Regarding this specific topic, I know next to nothing about this chick, but I’ve seen some pics of her, and she looks fairly hot (screw blondes, brunettes ftw!), and hot is 90% of what most of Hollywood cares about.

  • Bradley


    Yes, it has everything to do with Pine. It’s sad really that they can’t let it go. She’s moved on and good for her. When is the last time you have heard anything about him other than him walking to get his daily cup of coffee. Her career is moving forward and his apparently has stalled for some reason.

    This pilot may or may not get picked up, we’ll find out on May 17 when NBC annouces their fall lineup and replacement shows.

  • mari

    Hmm, I first saw a pic of her when she started dating Pine and I thought she looked nice and cute.

    But…there where some weird articles about her, including the condom article that I only thought, wow that girl is so calling the paps to get attention and THAT is why I don’t like her.

    It is also very annoying that someone’s suicide (Alexander McQueen) barely gets an article, while someone like her gets an article every second day with the most stupid things.

  • J

    This is a celebrity gossip site.

    If you want to read about stories like Alexander McQueen’s suicide, go on, or another news site like that.

    It’s funny how people who say they don’t like her, always find themselves commenting on stories about her.

  • Beatrice

    @Bradley: i diagree, from what i’ve seen he’s been since linked with piper perabo since – and she wasnt hated on by pine fangirls. but then, she isnt a famewhore like olivia – remember condomgate? the majority of people only became aware of her through that, so thats what they have based their opinions on. interesting to see that this write has changed since yesterday – different picture, the random cameo/bit part diary has been deleted………seems jj is starting to realise its all getting a bit too much. i think the problem is that pple arent getting the chance to get to like her – i’ve seen nothing shes been in/on, and rather than discover her, i feel like i’ve been bombarded with random pointless crapola about her that is irrelevant. i dont care what brand shoes she wears, what she ate for dinner, how her poop smells, etc…. call me petty,

  • not again!

    Wow, people really do dislike her. Funny how the only excuse Munn fans can come up with is “Pine fans are jealous!” Does it occur to them that Munn is a cheap, z list, wannabe hitting 30, who’s being shoved down peoples’ throats? famewhores are a dime a dozen in HW.

  • OMG

    @Helen: Munn in Estonian language = slag word for a penis. Sounds fitting!

  • OMG

    I got bleeped. Munn = D.I.C.K. or C.O.C.K………..Lol!

  • Andrew

    I think people hate her cause she’s a thinking man’s sex symbol.. I don’t think they get how she can be into computer games and geeky stuff but also be incredibly hot! It is confusing the small minds on here..

    And I never read about her out being a slut like Paris Hilton & her friends and maybe the condom story was taking the piss out of the paps or the reason she broke up with Chris was because the paps were always following her cause she was a story, or he way gay either one.

    I wish her all the luck, and Jared please post more of her.

  • jesse

    Olivia is funny and i like her.
    Keep talking about her good or bad, it only helps push her name..thanks!

  • BS Walks

    @Andrew: Actually Olivia is not into computer games or geeky stuff, that is the only major acting she has done her entire life: her role as co-host on G4′s Attack of the Show. She knows nothing about games or technology and has to be spoon fed any information that she appears to regurgitate on camera or in interviews to magazines. Olivia Munn is the Sarah Palin of the geek world. They both majored in Journalism (although Palin graduated), depend on their looks rather than substance, and have a book that tells the story of their life (although Palin’s has already been published). There is also the possibility that Munn’s was also ghost written, but that remains to be seen. Also Andrew, if Olivia Munn is “incredibly hot” in your eyes you should see what happens when a real woman has gone through puberty and has developed actual breasts and real curves. It is simply amazing.

  • J

    @BS Walks:

    Right, because Olivia has the body of a little girl!!!


    For someone who it’s clear who don’t necessarily like, you sure know a lot about her!

    She never claimed be an expert on Technology and Video Games.

    Matter of fact, she admits that she doesn’t know a lot about gaming.

  • BS Walks

    @J: Olivia has the body of a underdeveloped teenage girl. Most women who appear in Playboy appear nude. Playboy is not Maxim or Complex, where the models are expected to appear partially clothed. Appearing clothed as the feature model in Playboy is akin to going to the beach in a bikini but leaving your t-shirt on: pointless. I’ll revise my earlier statement, she is built more like a teenage boy: flat chested, hip-less and essentially shapeless. The only reason she appears to have any shape is because the photographers have her stick her ass and upper body out when they shoot her and then they Photoshop the hell out of the pictures. With Photoshop a person can make a Hostess Twinkie appear to be an Olsen Twin. The Playboy cover she was on didn’t even look like her. If you cut Olivia’s hair short and dressed her androgynously she would be mistaken for a guy very easily. She would almost be a dead ringer for the guy who delivered my Chinese food last week.

    As for not claiming to be an expert on technology and video games, she is the co-host of AOTS. Her job description is to be an expert on developing technology, games, movies, and internet trends. Or she is just an actor playing a role standing next to the actual people who are the experts. Your pick.

  • Bradley

    @BS Walks:

    Have you seen a pic of him and Piper Perabo. I didn’t believe it when the story came out they he and her were supposely dating. Sounded to like two friends having cocktails to me.

  • !!

    “I think people hate her cause she’s a thinking man’s sex symbol..”

    That, I think is the best joke I’ve heard this year!!
    Olivia Munn, who eats sausages suggestively, who jumps in choc pies, who lets her breasts be handled for giggles and who graces the pages of Maxim…..
    Thinking man’s sex symbol?? ROTFLMAO