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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Go Granville Island!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Go Granville Island!

Hayden Christensen and fiancee Rachel Bilson play tourists for the day!

Hayden showed his bride-to-be around his hometown on Monday (February 22) in Vancouver, Canada.

The cute couple explored the Granville Island market and grab some Mexican food for lunch. Later in the day, Rachel satisfied her sweet tooth with some cookies from The Muffin Granny before heading out on a water bus.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen exploring Granville Island…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 14
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 15
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 16
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 17
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 18
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 19
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 20
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 21
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 22
rachel bilson hayden christensen granville island 23

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Kristen

    Vancouver is his birthplace, but not his hometown. He was raised in Thornhill, Ontario and Unionville, Ontario, which are across the country (about a five-hour plane ride from Vancouver). Nonetheless… I loved Granville Island when I visited Vancouver, and I’m sure they did too! It’s a great place to spend an afternoon.

  • yo sista

    he doesn’t seem too pleased with the paps taking his pics and i can’t blame him!

  • jamie

    they are so cute together!

  • bas

    in before all of the hate comments…

    i love these two!

  • bas

    in before all of the hate comments…

    i love these two!

  • amanda

    Rachel is blond?

  • nursedatingsite

    The are so perfect

  • padme

    Hayden is sooooo HOT!!!! Rachel is EWWWWW!!! He can do soooo much better than Ratchel.

  • lana

    They are my favorite couple! Is good to see photos of them together every day. Thanks Jared :D

  • s

    I love them too, but the haters can do what they can do best, and that is, hating.

  • Kar

    he lives and was raised in ONTARIO, CANADA

  • Chrissy

    No one cares about these two! And I mean that with all due respect, I’m sure they’re very nice people but they are so boring. There’s always pictures of them on here and there is literally nothing happening in the picture! Enough already!

  • jillian

    Hayden you are the hottest guy ever and i envy your girlfriend (luckiest/prettiest girl ever!) if onliy I was 14 years older we could be together!!!

  • canadian girl

    OMG! I saw them yesterday here in Vancouver, they are so adorable.

  • Piper

    I love these two. Sweet couple!

  • LMAO

    That first picture, poor Hayden!

  • Megan

    can’t wait the day when this showmance will end.

  • apple creek

    What a cute couple. Hmmm, don’t lose your time, learn interesting stuff :

  • catholicdatematch

    I love them both

  • bave

    Its a sea bus not a water bus

  • carrie

    I have never seen a man be more disinterested in his “fiancĂ©” than Hayden. They have absolutely no chemistry between them. He would rather pay more attention to his phone than pay attention to her while having lunch together.

    Rachel honey you are wasting your time with someone would rather look elsewhere than actually look @ you.

  • $$$

    @carrie: Rachel is not wasting her time,
    she needs publicity and this charade with Hayden is her best chance to get it.

  • Christie

    I think they make the cutest couple.

  • iFellytone

    That jacket is a Canada Goose, not Dolce & Gabbana

  • Penny

    Not liking the white sunglasses (rather see his baby blues) but I love Hayden and Rachel. Vancouver seems like a beautiful and fun place.

  • brian

    there are paparazzi in vancouver?

  • lexy

    Well Brian I was just going to say how interesting it is. Rachel and Hayden have been together for SEVERAL years and she’s gone to Canada and plans on living there but only now – that the Olympics (and media) are in town, is she suddenly interested in sight-seeing and hanging out with Hayden. All the times she’s been to Canada and we’ve never seen her interested or out sight seeing. HE said she’s rather be shopping in Beverly Hills than at the farm with him. But since the media is in his town Rachel high tailed her butt up to Canada and is out there pretending to be interested in all things Canada and sports!!

  • JJ needs facts

    Pictures above are from two different days regarding Hayden, doesn’t your picture princess tell you these things. Also Hayden lives in Ontario, Toronto as pointed out by others.

  • lana

    @Brian: This was the most ridiculous question I read LOL!
    The Olympics are in Vancouver, photographers around the world are there, any celebrity to go to Vancouver will be photographed, God, people are so ignorant.

  • Lisa

    her hair looks ugly…

  • Kristen


    I am not really a Hayden Christensen or Rachel Bilson fan, but your comment is not well informed. You do realize that Canada is the second largest country by land mass, right? It is *enormous*, so saying she has come to ‘Canada’ now the Olympics are in ‘town’ is not very specific.

    Hayden is NOT from Vancouver. He and Rachel are just visiting there for the Olympics, where, as others have pointed out, there is currently tons of media.

    He lives in (and Rachel plans to live in) ONTARIO. That is a different province from BRITISH COLUMBIA (which is where Vancouver is). In fact, the area of Ontario he lives in (near Toronto) is about a five-hour plane ride away from Vancouver; that’s about 3 or 4 days of driving, if you drove straight through! There are 3 totally different provinces you have to pass through to get from Ontario to B.C.

    Basically, Hayden and Rachel are currently NOWHERE near where he lives. Moreover, he lives in Uxbridge, Ontario, a very small town (as you noted, with farms; Vancouver is a huge, booming city). I would be beyond shocked if there are paparazzi there, because I was born and raised near there (in a much bigger city, actually) and have never seen one in my life! Here is a map of Canada; please note the distance between BC and Ontario:

    I hope you don’t find this rude, but I feel compelled to let you know that the geography of your theory doesn’t really jive.

  • lexy

    Yes, Brian why else do you think Rachel has an interest in being in Canada and sports?? She’s been with Hayden all these years and could care less about Canada – she probably couldn’t point it out on a map!! But now that the media is there she’s suddenly Canadian!!

  • tennille

    Wow… Media-Whoooring in FULL BLAST!
    Let me guess both careers are in the toilet now isnt it???

  • periwinkle

    Yeah very much true, it just brings back a lot of “entertaining & hilarious” memories like this one…

  • @ lexy

    I read the German interview I think you are referring to about Rachel and the farm. Hayden said that Rachel liked it on the farm and that they took long walks in the woods for hours. He also said that she liked to go back to LA for some shopping, and laughed when he said it. That does not mean Rachel would rather be in LA than with Hayden on the farm. Hayden also pointed out Rachel was born and raised in LA. It would be natural for her to like it in LA, and I know she likes shopping!. There are lots of Paps in Vancouver for the Olympics, so it would be normal for them to photograph all celebs, not just these two.

    It does look like a great place to spend the day. I think they look cute together, I wish them the best.

  • periwinkle
  • Jessie

    Those pics make me wish I was in Vancouver. Really cute couple too.

  • lexy

    Yes, I agree. It’s perfectly normal for the paps to be in Vancouver b/c of the Olympics and it’s perfectly normal for Rachel the Media Whore to suddenly be interested in Canada and sports. Again, these 2 have been together for quite some time – why are they site seeing NOW when the paps are in town?? If they’re as private as they claim to be, why not go sight seeing when the Olympics are over? Or 2 months ago?? Or any of the other times they were in Canada? Because she’s a media whore clinging on to her “celebrity” status for dear life. Again, if she put half as much effort in to her acting skills she might actually be able to get a job. Look at Jessica Alba – she’s taken some acting lessons and she’s got a job in the next Meet the Parents film. Not to mention her latest movie opened at #1.

  • amaranth

    These two are one big cold plate of oatmeal as boring and average as the movies they are in!

  • Jeanne

    Love Hayden and Rachel and seeing them in Vancouver. Thanks JJ. Go Canada!

  • Chuckles

    @lexy: Holly shit you seriously never stop!!!! You amaze me how douche you are, Im getting entertain every single time i see your f**** comment on rachel post. Wow You Really like her Lexy, come on… Dont you love Rachel Bilson? Or is it Hayden that you love so much? You talksh** on Rachel to evacuate your broken heart, Must be it!!! Keep Going Lexy, I love what you are doing!
    Your Number one fan Chuckles ;)

  • Jenna

    He is sooo hot!

  • Chuckles

    @Kristen: And Wow, I have to say: I’m impress about your geographic knowledge of Canada and for Hayden…. It is also interesting how well you know him for a none fan ” I am not really a Hayden Christensen or Rachel Bilson fan”.

  • The truth

    To lexy rachel is not going to live in Canada.She just use this for for media attention cause she don’t have nothing to do.The paz wouldn’t be folllowing them ifr rachel wasn’tthere and you all know this.When rachel slipped a visited hayden where he live you don;t see no none at all even at the airport.So why would you all say that. Rachel ismedia hog just like she’s he’s la.So why haven’t he took her to his home then. Rachel is not going to maay him at all. She just using him for an excuse not to go home. I know hayden be glad when she leave.She just up there to see ratther or not he’s going to buy her something.If she so much love canada so much why didn;t she support in when at the hockey game? She did not put on the canada sweater to that represent canada home team when she went.All she do is go up there beg for things and when don’t get them she go home.Like now she is not thinking about her career at all.Wish rachel would go aways for awhile.She really needs it.As a couple it not even it cause she wants all the attention for herself.Also don’t know why jj keep says that his bride to be when they never talk about it at all Also lexy he said that its in the near future and not right now. Sos noone know what going to happen then And he said that nonths ago Don’t know hayden feels about her that she don’t want him to visited her much anymore. Wake and tell your heads out the cloulds . This what rachel want you to say to make her feel good like last about her and hayden. The engagemnt stoey is over and was done last year. don’t need to bring up why happen last .I would like to hear hayden’s opion about the engagemenr aqnd the ring. Hayden never said that he gave her one. And why she keep hiding the ring vancouver too? she just putting on an act for you all can she know that Hayden is not going home with her .and got to tell the people a story when she get home.And no 28 i agree with 100 percent.! He only do that to make rachel look good.Think that we don’t know the different. Other times he says that’s her boyfriend.WEhy do he keep cahanging it like that.And what you say about pretending is right. But why you keep changing your mind about what you say?You don’t have to do that to please other people I don’t.Rachel is using the media for herself not hayden.Hayden is the one suppose to be doing that not her its his right not her Like i said she is using it for her benefitsShe’s banking on him to make her look good;They don’t look like a couple that”s together for in relationship.Cause they should be holding hand and like the other day.And its not happening.Don’t believe the couple thing anymore





  • x-tina

    love them

  • go for gold

    I saw Hayden and Rachel wearing some really great Hudson Bay stuff at the Olympics. They are really nice people too. Signing autographs and taking pictures. Love them!

  • Kristen


    I have never even seen a movie he’s been in. However, I knew he was an Ontarian because I’m one too and we see famous Ontarians (i.e. Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling) mentioned occasionally in local news, especially when the TIFF rolls around every year. As for the other stuff, I looked that up on his Wikipedia page before I posted on here. It took about a minute to read; it’s not exactly lengthy or intellectually challenging. I was just astonished by the comment that claimed they only turned up in ‘Canada’ when the paparazzi were around, as though ‘Canada’ were a small town, when in fact it’s a huge country and Vancouver isn’t anywhere *near* Uxbridge or Toronto geographically.


    who cares where they are theyre beautiful and a great couple