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Shiloh & Zahara Jolie-Pitt: Day Out with Dad!

Shiloh & Zahara Jolie-Pitt: Day Out with Dad!

Brad Pitt heads to a car waiting for him with daughters Shiloh and Zahara on Tuesday (February 23) in Paris, France.

While mama Angelina Jolie filmed scenes for The Tourist today at Place Colette, Brad had daddy duty and kept his little ones happy and occupied.

Over the weekend, Angelina‘s father, Jon Voight, joined the family for a fun day out together in Venice, Italy.

How cute is Shiloh in a blazer?!

FYI: Z is wearing an alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Bow Back Double Breasted Coat.

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brad pitt shiloh zahara paris car 01
brad pitt shiloh zahara paris car 02
brad pitt shiloh zahara paris car 03
brad pitt shiloh zahara paris car 04
brad pitt shiloh zahara paris car 05

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  • camille


  • Cindy

    That is Shiloh!

  • Anon

    Fool Jared. That’s Shiloh. Just because Shiloh wants to wear what she does doesn’t mean it is not her. Do you even look at her face?

  • engi

    thats shiloh!!!

  • dundies

    very cute. lol i thought that was shiloh

  • http://deleted vickifromtexas

    that is clearly shiloh.

  • shlioh

    Shiloh, not Knox.

  • Anon

    Isn’t this a female cut of a jacket? Looks so to me, it would look sissy on a boy to me anyway. You look great, Shiloh, keep wearing whatever you want.

  • mln

    now THIS one looks like Shiloh. and looks bigger than the child everyone was debating about last week.

  • Jajp

    omg She is Shiloh not knox =.=

  • Nuri

    Oh please Jared, thats Shiloh!

  • eliott

    Jared (or whomever wrote the post) knows full well that this is Shiloh. He’s hoping for another thread full of debates. Hits = $$. It’s a juvenile tactic, but whatever. Cute photos. Shiloh is a beauty.

  • hyacinth

    That’s Shiloh

  • L

    That is Shiloh… she is absolutely beautiful! The Jolie-Pitt kids are clearly full of their own personalities… and having such a great time!!!

  • vic

    they keep dressing Shiloh like a boy, but it’s definitely Shiloh. I think. you never know with these babies they all look the same. they’re so cute!

  • Uh HUH

    Shiloh, Jared can’t tell a 3 yr old from 1 yr old.

  • L

    @eliott: I was absolutely thinking the same thing… contrived, but it’s getting oh so old and obvious….

  • I hate snakes

    hhhaaaa poor Shiloh .They kept saying she is Knox .Does she look like a boy that much ????? or maybe the daddy and the mommy wants her to be like boys ????? .

  • Tanya

    That is Shiloh! Shiloh is a beauty.
    Not Knox.
    У нас говорят под копирку деланные:)

  • So Judgemental

    That’s SHILOH!! Good God man you are supposed to be a celebrity blogger!! Isn’t it your job to be able to look at picture and tell the difference???? WTF?????

    I know she is dressed like a boy.. but it really is not that confusing. Shiloh likes to be called John (Peter Pan) and dress like her brothers. But she is easily reconizeable and much larger then small baby like Knox.

  • Sarah

    both really cute little girls. n_n

  • Agatha

    So cute

  • Carrie

    Gosh, I’m getting sick of this. It’s Shiloh. Does that look like a 2 year old??? And I’m sorry, Knox has a completely different look, it’s not that hard to tell them apart.

  • Angelove


  • Ana

    I have no doubt that it is Shiloh!

  • shoes4life

    Jared and his camp knows that is Shiloh. If they can’t tell the difference between a baby and a almost 4 year old child then they are pitiful. They’re trying to start some mess. That’s why a majority of the true JP fans stop posting here. Also, Shiloh is wearing the same hat she wore yesterday, duh.

  • So Judgemental

    shoes 4 life. .. no it is just being lazy. INF where he pulled the pictures from have her labeled again as Knox he just copied and pasted.

    The paps are selling the pictures as Knox, the photo agencies are selling them to websites as Knox and even though the celeb sites should know immediately that that is Shiloh.. who are they to question the way the photo was sold and marketed.. so they blog that it is Knox.


  • silvia

    thats cute beautiful SHILOH…………you guys are wrong again

  • brangie fan

    such cuties……but that’s Shiloh!!!!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    aww Shiloh is so adorable

  • citi

    This is Shiloh
    Look at her clothes and hat (same clothing ) from the pictues of “Venice to Paris”.

    The child’s face is not a 19 month old face.

  • Dumb


    Believe me or not, almost 4 year olds have their own mind and freewill and they know extremely well what they want to wear. Shocking I know!

  • bonnie

    look at the pictures of Knox yesterday.The face and shape of his eyes tell me this is Knox. He is just a beautiful boy lke his daddy.

  • 50/50

    That’s Shiloh. She’s the spitting image of her mother. Is that really Brad? He needs a good scrubbing and a shave. He looks a hot mess.

  • gorgeous shi

    Shiloh is a beauty, look at her face, perfect eyes, lips and nose. no matter how she is dressed like a boy, you can see she has a very femine and gorgeous face, like a doll.

    And she looks so confident and calm for a 3-4 year old.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …poor guy cant even take all of his kids out at one time. lmaooo

  • andamentothat

    adorable.. both girls are rocking their looks!!

  • sharon

    Sexy Brad and gorgeous Shiloh and Zahara.

  • ebmo

    Here come the professional photo diagnostitians! (I am talking about the haters who stated that they could diagnose divelopmental disabilities as well as gender identity from mere photos, not the people who state this is Shi, it clearly is)

    Jealous and not only that jealous of children!

    BTW Jared……your site is giving my PC fits with that spyware “Booty Hunter” ad… much did they pay you to put that up?

  • lia

    Anything is wrong with Shiloh’s hair

  • Anon

    My daughter is 20 years old, still sleeps with her silky baby (identical 3rd) PINK blanket on the sly…but you could not force that child to dress in pink or purple while she was Shiloh’s age. No dresses or frilly for her. She had 2 older bros just like Shiloh. Shopping was a whole new ballgame, the boys let you pick out their clothes (ninja turtles was a must though), but the daughter picked out it all out down to her own socks…no lace, no pink, bows, the seams had to fit just right, starting at around 3. I feel for Brad and Angie. Shiloh actually seems laid back. (I always thought what are you talking about when they said boys are easier then girls, it is true.)


    Shiloh is drop dead gorgeous. Zahara is a cutie. Just amazing!

  • wow

    Shiloh looks just like Angelina , and for gods sake Angelina, why do you want to make Shiloh into a boy. She has done this to her since birth with the boy clothes. You loons know this is true.

  • tres’ jolie

    I think Angie will speak some French in The Tourist. I think thats why she wants to do it, she will have a chance to practice her French. Perhaps Johnny Depp will speak french too, coz im sure she is fluent because of his wife.

  • Well well well

    So wait he made Angie pack up the entire family to fly to France to stay In a hotel? Whaaaa? Then she is gonna has to pack the
    all up again to italy? Y not just wai for her in Italy? This guy just can’t let Angie Dow her thig without watching her like afking hawk.

  • cherubim

    Shiloh has a cherubic face. She will be a beauty like Ingrid Bergman.

  • http://justjared deke

    Shiloh is beautiful.

  • juniper

    Have you ever been kissed by someone with a scruffy itchy beard, can’t imagine Angelina or the kids like it much. Brad its time for a good shave.

    The kids look cute, I think Shiloh admires her older brothers and wants to dress like them.

  • teri

    Simply darling and everytime she steals the spotlight. She loves dressing like her daddy. Princess Z and her pigtails are adorable, love this whole family.

  • PrettyInPink

    Shiloh is tall for her age. She has an athletic body.