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Behind Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Venice Trip

Behind Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Venice Trip

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie brought 19-month-old twins Vivienne and Knox out of hiding on February 22 for a stroll through Venice, Italy.

Life & Style has the deets on the family affair, which also included kids Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3. “[Angie] was fussing over the kids to make sure they were covered,” a witness tells the mag. “She was being a very loving and doting mom. She even wanted to make sure their little ankles were covered – it was very cute!” The cold wasn’t getting them down. “The whole family seemed happy,” the witness adds.

On Feb. 16, the Jolie-Pitts stopped for ice cream – lemon for Angie, black cherry, vanilla, caramel and strawberry for the kids, nothing for Brad – at La Gelateria Lo Squero. “They seemed very peaceful, happy,” co-owner Beatrice Zennaro tells Life & Style. “I read in the newspapers that they were having problems, but it didn’t seem the case.”

They also grabbed lunch at Enoteca Cantinone Gia Schiavi, a restaurant and wine bar. Brad and Angie split most of a bottle of La Poja, an Italian red wine, and bought two bottles to go, owner Lino Gastaldi reveals.

20+ pictures inside of Angie shooting The Tourist on February 24…

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  • brad

    Why need to post this?

  • Agatha

    So cute


    Let the spin begin. The Jolie-Pitt fans are having the best week ever!!!

  • Agatha

    So cute, i love this family

  • teri

    Love how close and loving these parents are toward the children. Why is this site running so slow?


    Star magazine claims Brad and Angie are back in love!!!

  • lulu

    I think suing NOW had bring some effect on these tabloids.

    Love this couple !



  • Hollywood Royalty

    See! That was Shiloh Brad was holding last week. Knox is much smaller and this proves it.

  • van


  • haaaaaaa

    MAN, ,,,”Life & Style” picked a really bad pic.

  • ?

    Why does Jared tow the line with the JP nuts when they constantly question his character and insult him ?

  • Toothless

    I luvs the Joelee Pitts and specially luv them little yungins who are so chubbie an cute. Bless all yuse fellow JP fans to . xxx ooo

  • beth

    she look gorgeous , love her

  • dora

    Love this family!

  • brad

    i was hoping to see Angie with Jony holding hands for the movie

  • Passing Through

    Another damned tabloid thread? Are you freaking kidding me, Jared? You just never learn.

  • Karen

    You can’t really blame them for suing…I mean really…their kids are hearing and reading this trash whenever they go out. They tried to ignore it and small-minded people considered them fair game to attack. I am glad they are stating that enough is enough.

  • Huio

    WOW! That woman is gorgeous!

  • pokeman

    TRUTH HURTS. @ 02/24/2010 at 11:28 am Star magazine claims Brad and Angie are back in love!!!

    only until johnny depp starts filming than the tabs will be back to the breaking up story or they are fighting or brad wants jen back. you know the same old stuff just to keep the trolls delusional.

  • lucky

    Hollywood legend Jon called to reveal delight at healing rift with Angelina

    I was thrilled to receive a phone call on Monday night from my old friend, the actor Jon Voight.

    The pair of us had a wonderful reunion last weekend at the IFTAs, before he flew to Vienna for a long-awaited meeting with his daughter Angelina Jolie. Jon then rang me from London as he prepared to head back to Los Angeles, and he told me the story of their reunion.

    Pictures of the pair later appeared in the papers, but I’m delighted to confirm that there was nothing staged about those smiles. Jon told me he had met Angelina, Brad Pitt and their six children and revealed they had managed to heal all of the old rifts.

    He said they had a marvellous time and that while he may be a so-called famous actor, “at the end of the day she’s my daughter, they’re my grandchildren, they’re beautiful and we had a wonderful time”.

    He described Brad Pitt as a wonderful father who was instrumental in healing the family rift.


    Jon kept me talking for nearly half an hour and promised to keep in touch.

    It was a lovely way to end a fantastic weekend during which we had a great chance to catch up — we first met when I advised him in the film The General.

    Jon had invited me to a party on Friday night, where I got to rub shoulders with the likes of Patrick Bergin, Matt Dillon and John Boorman. Then he brought me to the IFTAs as his guest. I watched as he worked the room like a pro. He posed for photographs, signed autographs and had a smile for everyone — a gentleman of the screen.

    He was horrified at what he called malicious and despicable gossip surrounding Angelina’s relationship with Brad and said he believes they are very much in love.

    And so I was delighted to get that call on Monday and hear that he is reunited with his daughter and family. Jon is a fantastic man and I couldn’t be happier that all past rows with Angelina are forgotten.
    (Credit: JJB)

  • lucky

    Julian Fellowes’ From Time to Time a really satisfying family film

    I was also curious to find out about the film Fellowes has recently written for The Lives of Others director Florien Henkcel von Donnersmarck. It’s called The Tourist and is shooting right now with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, whom Fellowes admiringly calls “two of our most mysterious stars”. All he would say of the story was to expect “chills and thrills, and a kiss in the middle”, but it’s clearly going to be big, and I could tell that he’s particularly excited about it. Later on in the evening I met him again, happily doling out screenwriting advice – “in America, it’s basically a case of ensuring the least bad version of the script makes it to the shoot” – and I know that everyone who spoke to him came away happy.
    (Credit: JJB)

  • besane

    Despite the huge media swirling around them, Jolie-Pitt seem like a normal couple raising their family. That’s hard to do. Wonderful.

  • besane

    BTW Angelina is beyond beyond beautiful. WHAT A FACE. She is a beauty of the ages, and no wonder, really, why there are so many women who pretend to be self-righteous criticizing her life style, in fact they are completely in awe and mesmerized by her beauty. They have to find something to put her down. Jealousy is a strong emotion, really.

  • well

    So it was Brad’s idea which Angie reunited with her father. Brad had a very good influence on Angie and vise versa.

  • Sady

    They are a lovely family , but it’s scary that their ice cream flavors is on the magazines.

  • lucky

    Johnny Depp on co-star Angelina

    Johnny Depp is highly impressed with Angelina Jolie – calling her a “real doll”.

    The Alice In Wonderland star is filming The Tourist in Venice with Angelina, who also has Brad Pitt and their six children in tow.

    “I’d never met Angelina before but I found her to be a real treat, I mean a real doll – she’s a nice woman, serious about what she does and loves her man and loves her kids; I was very impressed,” Depp told the Daily Mirror.
    (Credit: JJB)

  • niwatori

    Angie is so beautiful *O* She and Brad make great parents.
    And thank you Jared for cleaning up your forum. It’s so delighting to read JP threads without seeing hateful comments one after another.

  • dawne

    Wow, some of those face-on photos of Angie just take your breath away……….this is going to be some movie!

    I noticed in the last thread that gorgeous Shi is starting to reveal the long legs and elegance of her mother; what a beauty she will be. As for Brad, he looks like the most content man on earth with all his ‘little hers” and their mother, of course. And yay for the reuniting of father and daughter. It is a good thing for everyone. There is no down side.

    Amazing how many people actually believe what they read about this couple. People who are not haters but just buy into all the fairy tales that are printed. Angie and Brad don’t have to prove anything to anyone….they have been in love for five years and nothing has changed in that regard.

  • teri

    Thanks JJ keep up the good work.

  • Really

    hmmmm, she was making sure they were all buundled up, huh? Katie Holmes, you need to speak with Jolie about how she manages to get ALLL 6 children bundled up for the cold weather.

  • to well

    well @ 02/24/2010 at 12:50 pm

    So it was Brad’s idea which Angie reunited with her father. Brad had a very good influence on Angie and vise versa.

    Read more:

    But how do you know it was a good decision? Angelina has explained why she didn’t want to be around her dad. It was UNHEALTHY. before the reunion everybody hated Jon Voight and now it’s “oh, how wonderful of brad to bring them back together.” what? Let’s just hope he doesn’t hurt her again because she listened to brad’s advice.

  • Kim printed these comments from the gelato place and restaurant owners last week . I wonder if Lies and Style even spoke to them . I don’t trust these tabloids they lie 90% of the time even its positive stuff. Lies and Style claimed Angie gave Brad a motorcycle and he told Extra it was made up and they claimed he gave Angie a pendant for her BDay . He said that was made up too

  • teri

    to well, At some point JV just has to let go and realize Angelina is no longer a child. She is caaible of making her own decisons and must live with the outcome. He seems like a protective father who cares deeply for his daughter and loves her.

  • teri


  • Anon

    I say good for Jared for posting this tabloid here. No need to buy this or even link to their site. No need to buy any tabloid in this economy and for the lies they’ve all pulled at the expense of the Jolie-Pitts. Why give those tabloid editors any satisfaction, they deserved nothing except getting fired and having their rags go belly up.

  • Ana

    Thank you, Jared for cleaning up your JP threads. It is a pleasure to read the comments of the JP Fans.
    Angelina is beyond GORGEOUS because her true beauty comes from within. One can tell she loves having her “ideal” man and children with her no matter where she is. And Brad cannot bear to be apart from her for too long it seems. It certainly shows. He is such a wonderful and supportive lover, husband, father, mate, spouse, daddy. So thoughtful of him to bring the children by to see their mommy in action, and get a little “action” of his own going at the same time. :) That KISS …..ooh lala, l’amour! And it is obvious she loves him very much and he loves her. Appreciate very much what Johnny Depp said about this lovely woman.
    “I’d never met Angelina before but I found her to be a real treat, I mean a real doll – she’s a nice woman, serious about what she does and loves her man and loves her kids; I was very impressed,” Depp told the Daily Mirror.
    Now there is a REAL quote from a REAL LIVE SOURCE!

  • Anon

    “[Angelina] had pithy things to say about what she wanted to do. She was direct and goal-oriented,” says Cornwell, who adds that she was particularly impressed by Jolie’s demeanor. “She waited on everyone, getting them their lunch, while her own staff was seated. She was aware intuitively how other people were feeling and wanted to make them comfortable. It was not typical for people of her stature.”

    As Cornwell succinctly notes about dealing with celebrities: “Usually, it’s all about them.”

    Nice compliment from Patricia Cornwell how Angelina isn’t self-absorbed like some stars.,0,6807816.story?track=rss

  • justme

    Lovely Angie, stunning.

  • uh

    a tabloid thread….um ok….We’ll all be at the other sites…..Using lovely pictures of Angelina from yesterday but putting up a hideous tab cover as the headline? That’s nasty no matter what the headlines say.
    Enough with tabloid covers, They are runing you blog JJ.

  • popsugar

    Video of Jon Voight Talking About Visit With Angelina, Brad and the Jolie-Pitt Kids

    Jon Voight arrived back in LA yesterday, where he was quickly asked about his weekend visit with the Jolie-Pitts in Venice. Jon kept fairly quiet about his trip to see his estranged daughter, though did reveal that it was wonderful and compliment Brad Pitt’s acting. Check out what he has to say!

  • Lurker

    If John would like to see the children and spend more time with the family, I would advise him to stop talking to the media. He should know, they will use his comments and put their own negative spin on them.

  • Ms. Marla

    I think it seems strange that they always were so private, now ,all the kids coming out for pictures, making out at the super bowl, kissing on the set, seems calculated, also, I must comment,on A.J.,she looked absolutely (..hard for me to admit,) beautiful,in the pictures of her,on set, I am sure the dress was a french designer, her make up flawless

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    I agree with you Angelina is a beauty of the ages. Happy for her.

  • gracie

    Angie is damn gorgeous, Brad is one lucky man. I’m loving all these beautiful family pictures and Brad and Angie able to express their love freely as they please. . JJ, Thank you. I’m glad to see you’re trying to clean up this site and stop ugly posters posting. A lot of Brangie fans left b/c of the nasties but I’m sure some will come back once this site is cleaned up. JP’s fans are the best and you need us.

  • mslewis

    @lucky: So this “friend” talked to Jon before he flew to “Vienna”??? Voight must have been surprised when Angelina and her family weren’t there!!

  • eliott

    Oh yeah, AJ is living doll. She hit the genetic jackpot.
    I don’t care enough to read what the tab had to say, so I just skipped over it . Simple, really. I do love the photos of AJ, though. I also appreciate that JJ cleaned house.

  • nancy

    @mslewis: Vienna is in Austria, of course they are not there.

  • Elizabeth

    I went out to get the mag. but did not see it. I just want to support the lovely family. I read somewhere about SHI she’s just like “cameleon” her looks change at all times. Beautiful family. I know a lot of men envy Brad he got it all. Hello to all JP fans.

  • cee

    How can any person in their right mind believe anything In Touch rag writes about Angie and Brad. It is slear that they dislike Angie and are really just printing lies to support their own lies. I do not watch any entertainment program that uses anyone from IT as a spokesman, IT should be ashamed of themselves.