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Gerard Butler's Golden Globes Tuxedo: Up For Auction!

Gerard Butler's Golden Globes Tuxedo: Up For Auction!

You can win the clothes of Gerard Butler‘s back – and for a good cause!

Gerry‘s charity of choice, Artists for Peace and Justice, is taking part in an auction on to build schools in Haiti, and the Dolce & Gabbana tux he wore to the Golden Globes will go to the highest bidder!

100% of the auction’s proceeds will go toward APJ‘s Haiti relief efforts.

Gerry‘s tux will be up for auction until Wednesday, March 17 – good luck!

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Photos: FayesVision/WENN
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  • Scot


  • Wishdone

    Does the tuxedo also come with orange stains and crabs?

  • curious cat

    No nasty stuff now. Who is donating the tux? The company that lent it to GB, or does he belong to it and donates it himself? anything that helps Haiti I applaud.

  • Life&Style

    apparently the shirt is slightly stained around the collar. Wonder why…

  • LO

    This man is so ugly.
    he’s chubby inbetween films because he’s lazy and he has a giant overbite, he’s sleazy and he hooks up with women like aniston only to use them to gain more fame. it’s disgusting and he’s sooo overrated, he’s not even that good looking for a man his age, i’ll take george clooney, johnny depp etc this man is average at best but if he wasn’t ana ctor everyone would think he’s just a normal mediocre old man with a beer gut. yuck.

  • LO

    he looks like someones dad and his nose is fug, typical scottsman

  • newhour

    He left Brazil on Sunday. Back in the U.S. Or is the next jump to Haiti?

  • The Doctor Is In

    No doubt the shirt stains are from that hideous fake tan he sported. Either it couldn’t be drycleaned out or they think the phannies will want to scratch and sniff the shirt and trousers. Disgusting!

  • Rihannna

    wow so his rep actually thing a tuxedo auction can build school in haiti or is this just promotion to keep up hisname with the recent media wowws. get the ef out of here gerald. Manwhorrrrrrrrrre

  • eliott

    Free Gerald!!

  • KyrieM-NZ

    Gerard…. if this man is ugly, wonder what you all think about the others… :D

  • POTO fan

    I want to buy Gerry’s pinky shorts

  • Lisa

    Bravo, Gerry. And interesting how his tux already has bids and the other doesn’t. Gerry is the epitome of man, inside and out.

    Stain on collar? Hmmm, maybe STAGE MAKEUP? You people aren’t even imaginative.

  • The Doctor Is In

    Lisa, you sound like a scratch and sniffer to me.

  • sukar

    I love him. If I had money I’d buy his tux any day! :)

  • mimi

    “he has a giant overbite”
    LOL! Yep, he does have quite an overbite but as bad as when he was younger. Yikes!

    Anyway, who would EVER want to wear what that manwhore has been wearing. *shudder*

  • jinx

    LoL i wonder how much it will go for. I don’t think he’s as famous as he seems to think. lol I know I wouldn’t waste a penny on him.

  • joanna

    Why wasn’t my post posted??? Was it because of the link? Anyway, what I wondered was if it’s true that Beatriz Coelho actually talked to the press about her and Gerry and said that she didn’t know what would happen next and that they “were together”?
    I have a link to the article but for some reason JJ won’t let me post it.

  • yawn

    I think JJ is a scratch and sniffer too.

    Why else is he singling out Gerry’s contribution to this charity and only writing about him and not the other celebrities and things in the action?
    JJ is getting just as boring and predictable as Gerry and his antics.

  • Curious Carla

    @Lisa: You are right, Liza. If you go to the auction site, you will see everything that is up for auction. Josh Brolin also put his tuxedo up for auction, along with several A-list actresses dresses from the Golden Globes. Gerry’s tuxedo is the only one that has any bids on it at all, and he has two bids already. In the stuffed elephant auction, his elephant sold for the hightest price of any of the others. This could also happen with his tuxedo. I think when he was on the Jonathan Ross show in the UK, the guests that night all had a Build-a-Bear representative of them and the bears went up on Ebay for auction and Gerry’s bear fetched the most money there, too. And it doesn’t seem to be his fans that are buying all these things, so Gerry is quite a bit more popular than most think he is.

  • yesssssssssss

    According to Serbian newspapers Gerry is coming to Belgrade very soon.Welcome Gerry Serbia is dying for you.:))) I am so glad that he is coming to my country.:)))
    For Serbian fans if there’s any here is the link for the news:–u-Beograd

  • sukar


    Well Serbian women are stunning, the boy will have fun there :)

  • Lise

    That’s really weird because in this article she says that they just talked and nothing happened. It seems weird that she would say different things to different magazines:,,MUL1498800-9798,00-MODELO+QUE+ENCANTOU+GERARD+BUTLER+DIZTENTEI+ENSINALO+A+SAMBAR.html

  • sukar


    Yes it is true. It was posted on the last thread. I think she ruined her chances by blabbing to the media.

  • He likes the dudes

    Nothing happened with any women.

  • Lise

    @sukar: So I guess she lied in the link I posted. She seems weird. She is also VERY naive if she thinks he meant anything serious with her. He was like that with women in Norway too.

  • @curious carla

    If you don’t think it’s his uberfans buying this stuff, then you really are delusional (good grief the bidder is named PhantasticGB for pete’s sake). But then again, you sound like an uberfan yourself w ith your encyclopedia like knowledge of the man and every move he makes. So perhaps you aren’t very objective.

  • sukar


    The weird thing is why do women feel the need to tell the media about their encounters with stars? I I mean if you read some of the quotes it sounded like she was confiding to a friend or something. weird. I think he is just a huge flirt.

  • Sammie

    @sukar: Sukar, could you please, please give me the link to where you read those quotes? Thanks in advance.

  • sukar
  • Lise

    @sukar: From what I’ve learned about him through the women who spent time with him in Oslo he is more than a flirt, he is a sex addict who cannot meet a woman he finds attractive and NOT come on to her in a very sexual way. It’s more than flirting. It’s almost like he has to prove to himself that all women find him desirable and only then can he feel sure about himself. Well, they DON’T.

  • amber

    oh well the usual trolls swarm back in at the beginning of each G thread. they will die out as predictably as they show up.

  • Well, All I Can Say Is…

    …That Beatriz Coelho may just be they ugliest woman Gerry has ever hooked up with or dated. Well, at least of the women we know of:

    I know this has been said before but she seriously look like someone who was born a man. But he seems to like that (remember Alicia Marie Ballenger?)

  • sukar


    There was an Australian women who worked as his assistant when he was staying in Sydney and she said the same thing. He was coming on to her all the time. I think he is insecure, which is funny because he comes across as this confident outgoing larger than life person.

  • twitterfiles

    @Well, All I Can Say Is…: Didn’t Gerry’s fans buy him a Furcedes for his dog?

    from Twitter
    Tallulah (my chihuahua) is STILL humping her Fur-cedes stuffed car toy!!! Like for hours on end…. :’-( wtf
    about 1 hours ago via web

  • :(

    @Well, All I Can Say Is…: The link doesn’t work.

  • mutual exploitation

    More women should come forward and give interviews about their hookups with Gerard.
    He uses their youth and beauty for his pleasure; the girls use his name to get attention and money. Mutual exploitation!
    Gerard shouldn’t be the only one who benefits from the encounter.

  • Anon

    Thanks, Gerard for all you have been doing lately for charity. Glad you chose to not play the faux bf role, that one is the death of careers. Work hard.

  • Georgia


    - chatting to her before moving with her to a more private room in the box, where they ‘got to know each other better’, -

    And “getting to know each other better” in Gerard Butler language is “having sex”.

  • cherri

    Lise, was he like “oh come on, you know you find me sexy and want to sleep with me don’t you” or something like that? That’s a little more than just being flirtatious, more like sexual come-ons. He is probably under the impression that women in general find him sexy but is puzzled when any one particular woman didn’t find him sexy. Is that called sex addict?

  • CynicalButNot

    Manny, GH, Spanky — someone — smack me for coming onto this thread too soon, but I couldn’t resist speculating on the GB fans who are in a bid-to-the-death on this tux so they can tote it to the annual convention in Vegas and pass it around for EVERYONE to scratch and sniff. And, no — they do not want it dry cleaned or laundered — all secretions are sacrosanct.

  • yesssssssssss


    Thank you in the name of all Serbian women.Wish I was one of those around Gerry!:))

  • Smacky

    G’s item is the only one gets any bit. It currently at $650 with 2 bits.

  • Edymia

    @twitterfiles: No, that’s go to be Josie D’Arby. Or maybe they were never an item, I dunno lol.

  • Does not like the dudes

    Do not say that.

  • Does not like the dudes

    Don’t say that

  • Edymia

    Oops, sorry, I meant to reply to post #33.

  • Edymia
  • June in Wales


    Yep his fans bought him a Furcedes for his dog some other toys. huh.
    I now believe that he and that trainer chick Alicia are just friends. but I don’t buy that they hooked up or were dating (I think that that is all psycho fangurl “lore”) for the mere fact that she never tried to capitalize on it. Any woman would — hell even REAL celebrities do.

  • The Doctor Is In

    You yentas are so pathetic with your 8th grade recess chatter about who he’s kissed behind the bleachers. I hope he’s nailed them all — girls and boys alike! The phannies would still probably chew the crust from his t@int.