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John Krasinski as Captain America? Say it Ain't So!

John Krasinski as Captain America? Say it Ain't So!

The Office star John Krasinski is said to be one of the contenders to play Steve Rogers, the alter ego of the title character in the superhero flick Captain America.

Marvel will be conducting a series of screen tests this week. Other celebs in competition include Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), Michael Cassidy, Patrick Fluger, Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) and Mike Vogel (Cloverfield). THR also reports Garrett Hedlund was also supposed to test but no deal has been made yet.

Deadline reports that if someone like Chace or John is cast, they could fetch around $300,000 for the first film.

DO YOU THINK John Krasinski would be a good Captain America?

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  • RadioGaga

    Why “Say it Ain’t So”? I love John Krasinski!

  • Dawn9476

    Actually, you are wrong about the pay part. Deadline says that if an unknown is cast, they would get paid $300,000. If John or Chace would get the job, they would paid more because they were well known.

  • Dawn9476

    That should be are well known.

  • Dani

    I read about this Krasinski rumor Monday night on Twitter ( and at first I was stunned, but the idea has sort of grown on me.

  • cheryl

    There was also a rumor that Chad Michael Murray auditioned for the part. Thank god he didn’t because I don’t think this is a great role..

  • hmm

    LoL @ Chace Crawford trying out for the role. I would think they would get more than the 300, 000. that doesn’t seem like much for a movie that will obviously be a boxoffice hit.

  • nooo!

    he is a pretentious douche already
    imagine what happens if he gets such a massive franchise
    also he looks like shrek

  • j

    OMG if that goober John Krasinski gets cast as friggen badass Captain America I will die from laughter at how ridiculous that would be. He is not Captain America material at all. Nerdy Jim Halpert yes, but Captain America NO!

    And if somebody like Chace Crawford gets cast, that would more or less mean the apocalyse is near! Comic book fans would mutiny at his casting. Just please no! LOL

  • joe

    All you have to do is look at that picture of Captain America next to John Krasinski’s and it’s painfully obvious that he is all wrong for this part.

  • Yeah

    I love me some Jim, I mean JK, so yeah I’d be down to see that!

  • bad choice.

    What ishe going to do the whole movie? Smile like a douche to the camera? Meh.

  • Shane

    John Krasinski is awesome, but not right for the role. Plus with Joe Johnson at the helm, the movie is going to bomb anyway. JKraz needs to avoid this at all costs.

  • Bella Coola

    Chace Crawford doesn’t have the masculinity to pull this off. He’s too effeminate.

  • hillarious

    CHACE CRAWFORD AS CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Thanks for the laugh. He’s way too girly to play that role.

  • LuckyL

    Krasinski would be excellent. We need a more rugged, masculine man.

  • Nicholas Adams

    Definitely not! They need someone with a stronger jawline, and better acting experience.

    My vote is for Nathan Fillion.

  • Brandon

    Nathan Fillion is way too old

  • Stop wasting PEOPLE’S time

    Channing Tatum should be Captain America end off. I wish the makers would stop wasting PEOPLE’S time and just cast him. He looks the part and his voice is sexy enough to take charge of any situation and a strong actor. Dear John especially proved to me that I would buy him for sure as Captain America.

    Chace Crawford and the rest are not man enough for this role.

    Again, stop wasting PEOPLE’S time and cast Channing Tatum as Captain America ENOUGH already.

    Why is it taking so long?????

  • Sam

    Please let this happen

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    kared, you know you dead wrong for posting this bullshiiit lie. ahahahaha.. everyone’s a contender for captain america. ahahahahahaha.. and john’s not one.
    let’s be real.. captain america’s an all american looking blue eyed, blonde haired pretty boy. and that’s not john krasinkisdagksi
    this thread is funny.

  • Tihomir

    Actually, you are wrong about the pay part.

  • man from abroad

    Much work is important news

  • Mr. Gnytnol

    Tom Cruise should be Captain America.
    Tom Cruise, like Captain America is a wonderful awe-inspiring example of all the qualities that make the USA the greatest nation on Earth.
    It would be thrilling to see Tom Cruise as such a great symbol of freedom, truth and justice, not to mention an advocate of the wonderful and thrilling American family.
    Like Captain America, Tom Cruise is a wonderful, thrilling leader of men.

  • Lex10

    The guy is an artist – why is he wasting his time with this?

  • say what?

    Chace Crawford cannot act. Have you ever seen him on “Gossip Girl”? He’s boring as hell.

  • Clare

    Of the choices you listed, I am hoping for Scott Porter.

    Whomever they choose is going to have to be able to being compared to Robert Downey Jr. and Ed Norton who did great jobs in their respective Marvel comics.

  • brian

    well krasinski cant act either

  • Nic

    From what i hear Jensen Ackles also auditioned for this part, and was quite good, but it seems they didnt go with him in the end.

  • Zacal

    ALAN RITCHSON. He played Aquaman on Smallville and now co-stars in Blue Mountain State. Great physique, square jaw, good actor.

  • joe

    Absolutely NO to Channing Tatum as Captain America. First of all he doesn’t look a thing like him and second of all I do not wanna see Channing’s wanna be thug boy voice and attitude in this movie. Let him stick to the Step Up’s and Dear John’s where that crap is ok.

  • Rob


  • Mishelly

    Seems like I’m the only one on this, but I think Garrett Hedlund would be perfect!!!!! I hope he ends up doing the screen test…i think he’s going to be a huge star in the next few years :)

  • anne

    i love john but i can’t see him as captain america yet. if he bulked up, then maybe.

  • boyOHboy

    absolutely ridiculous! are they going nerdy? Trevor Donovan should be up for that he looks so much like Captain America

  • Captain Awesome

    for Captain America. How has this not already happened? Tall? Check. Blond? Check. Thin enough to play pre-super serum Steve Rogers? Check. Able to put on the bulk needed to become bad-ass Captain America without a plastic nipple-suit? Check. Dude is a former D1 tight end and checked in around 6’4 240lbs. Plus he already pulls off the nice guy “aw shucks” mannerism that Cap will need when he’s unfrozen into modern day society. Ryan McPartlin ftw.

  • Ian

    I’m keeping an open mind. Who knew that Robert Downey Jr would be so good as Iron Man?

  • testington

    I would think Mike Vogel or Marc Blucas for this role, both seem very all american

  • JC

    Why not have John Cena from the WWE do Captain America. He already has the charisma and build to pull it off. Plus, he is very respectful when playing a military character such as in The Marine and on USA’s Psyche. He would be great.

  • Stop wasting PEOPLE’S time

    @joe: HHHHEEEELLLL YES, to Channing Tatum.

    By the way – HE LOOKS LIKE HIM, WTF Channing’s wanna be thug boy voice is wrong for this movie. I didn’t know he had thug boy voice especially since he is a MAN and attitude in this movie??????

    I’m sure, if he got the part he would play it differently to what is required of him. Someone has been watching too much Step Up (don’t blame you though, he was good enough to start a franchise, Step Up 3D anyone???) and as for Dear John it was not crap BUT great movie (everyone has their opinion though) – WATCH ALL and judge for yourself.

    It’s funny how people say they don’t like him but STILL watch his movies especially going far back as Step Up, again every performance is different and he might just surprise. This is a guy who brought down Avatar (brilliant movie) WHY can’t he play Captain America?

    I agree with Ian, I didn’t think Robert Downey Jr would be great as Iron Man and look HOW that turned out – brilliant.

    You can say what you like about Channing Tatum but he does look like Captain America hence his name has been put forward too and majority of other websites his name is also mentioned, MUST be a reason?

    Captain America would say PEACE TO ALL –!

  • mj

    I think he would be great in the part!

  • meewlee

    yes! i love john krasinski! can’t get enough of him on the office, he needs to make more movies!

  • engineersdating

    He is so funny

  • katkat

    Nothing against him, but Captain America should be someone else.

  • yo

    hope this is not true.dunno what’s the big deal about this guy. he doesnt do anything for me.

  • cari



  • Amy

    Director has said we’ll know by the time he leaves the country Monday.



  • Eoin

    WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is as bad as when Nick Cage was going to play Superman!!! Do these people not even READ the comic before casting???? Unless he’s going on the Mark McGuire diet of vitamen S, this guy should NEVER be a superhero…in fact NONE of those listed should be a super hero…unless of course it is playing “Bland-man”

  • No

    No — I don’t think he has the range. He’s Jim Halpert in every movie I’ve seen him in. Honestly I’m pretty sick of him in general.

  • Derek 8-Track

    I like John Krasinski. Anyone can bulk up, so his beanpole-ness is not a problem, but what i like most about Krasinski is that he kind of has that All American, Normal Rockwell illustration look to him. dopey ears and all. I think this would be a great angle for the character. better than all the pretty boys in the running for the part anyway. start out as some regular American guy and then super soldier project happens and BAM! All American Guy with Huge Muscles