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Alexander Skarsgard Premieres 'The Pacific'

Alexander Skarsgard Premieres 'The Pacific'

Alexander Skarsgard rocks out a classic khaki Burberry trench coat at HBO’s premiere of The Pacific at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday (February 24).

The Pacific is a ten-part television World War II miniseries that will premiere March 14. Alex starred in HBO’s Iraqi´╗┐ war series called Generation Kill (2008).

For more info on The Pacific, visit Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks executive produced!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at the premiere of The Pacific

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alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 01
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 02
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 03
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 04
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 05
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 06
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 07
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 08
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 09
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 10
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 11
alexander skarsgard the pacific premiere 12

Photos: Tonya Wise/London Ent
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  • The Comedian

    The guy is soooo into plaid shirt ;-) but whatever he is wearing he is still soooooooo hot. . // Kate you lucky B*** :-D

  • true blood

    Alex looks good.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • icey

    Still looking tired but seems more rested and happier than in the NYC pics.

  • justme

    Wow, JJ managed to blog about Skarsgard without throwing Bosworthless’ name into it. I guess that check she wrote last week didn’t clear.

  • nice

    3 2 1. .. till the whack jobs appear

  • Nicole

    He looks great here!! Finally!! And so much better without Bosworth attached to his d*ck!!! Heard that he denied dating her AGAIN in UK Hello! magazine..the current issue. She is disgusting and he is so much better without that one. Alex, get yourself a decent woman!!! Then we will see how far your career goes!!

  • urban

    @icey: He does look better. Didn’t seem too happy last week.

  • Hotness

    He is so hot, no matter what he’s wearing…
    I would love to see him in some trendy outfit though, he’s been wearing that plaid shirt forever!

    It’s his way, I guess, to point out that he needs to be undressed now! *smirk*

    Question: How come no fashion designer hasn’t grabbed him for a men’s line/fragrance campaign yet?

  • nice


    no he didn’t deny it, they just printed his old comment

  • cute

    He seems to recycle his outfits but he’s still cute.

  • Yeah

    Man he’s so frkn handsome. I agree that he’s been wearing that plaid shirt for a while, but he wears it so damn well.

    I would love to see him as the spokesperson for a men’s line/fragrance as well. I’d buy anything he was selling me!

  • yum

    He looks very lickable here! He looks happier then he did in NYC when Bosworthless (stole from above and love it!) was around. Looking good AS!

  • Gorgeous

    He sure rocks the classic Burberry look.

  • beats

    He’s got big bags under those eyes.
    Rest up, dude.

  • dipsy

    Nice but beige is not his color. Seems more alive than in recent pictures. In the last several pictures of him the light seemed to have gone from his eyes. Hasn’t really been looking happy lately; whatever the problem is I hope he gets it resolved. Even exhausted from a long flight from Sweden to LA or working long hours, this guy used to have a 100 watt bulb shining from within. Best wishes to him and his life.

  • Mmmm

    He looks better with the vampire makeup, but I still think he’s cute :)

  • Sweet Pea

    @dipsy: True. Hope he gets that spark back.

  • Halle

    He probably is very tired with filming True Blood at the same time and trying to attend premieres and events.

  • Raven

    Beige is not his color, but definitely looking better. Still not back to the level he was at last year.

  • whoa

    what happened to this guy? He used to be so hot. Is it the Angelina curse?

  • sweetie

    He is so handsome and talented. :-)

  • Vixen

    @justme: Looks like Rachel Bilson’s check cleared. :-P

  • Pook

    He’s got weasel eyes.

  • yoda

    ASkars is drop dead gorgeous but yeah, time to get some sleep. He could service an airport with those bags.

  • Hot spotter

    @sweetie: His brother Gustaf is a hottie too.

  • Katy

    he’s not blonde anymore…why??:/

  • JustJoanie

    @whoa: What’s the Angelina curse?
    He looks okay. A little burnt out though.

  • jessie

    Love the coat!

    Other true blood cast members were there as well.

  • true


  • Shemp

    His brother Gustav looks like a cadaver IMO.

  • Shemp

    Alex has had the puffy under eyes since he was a little boy. I like my man crushes to be human… don’t mind a few flaws. Agree, he does look tird sometimes and when he is spot on and he smiles… he is blinding in his appeal. Darn good actor too. Hope he continues to do well. He is still my favorite part of True Blood and the most interesting character. Again IMO.

  • Funny

    Love him but hate Bosworth and have to admit he has been looking terrible lately since they have been “dating”. He could do so much better. She is bringing his status way down.
    Love what Lainey Gossip had to say about her today. Loves it!
    But she ragged on him too. Not undeservedly but I think he has a chance to repair his image if he just ditched Kate. Ughhh.
    Nice trench though!

  • Limpit

    Alex has THE ugliest nose in Hollywood. No wait, Adrien Brody has that. OK, 2nd ugliest nose in Hollywood.

  • RM


    I agree, interesting how the other gossip blogs are on to her act. She’s definitely not good for Alex’s rep.

  • dipsy


    By ugly do you mean a genuine nose that works very well with his features? Then so it is. Perhaps one day you will be blessed by such ugliness. Thank goodness for actors who have enough faith in their talent and self esteem that they don’t feel the need to pursue some unattainable, distorted sense of beauty through extensive plastic surgery. If you think about it most of the actors that are well known are the ones with very distinguished features+talent+charisma. BTW, about his limited wardrobe, it only lends creedence to the fact that he is not a fashion victim. His brother Gustaf is a very talented and sexy actor IMO. Some of us are not limited to the idealized standard of beauty that is forced fed to us by HWOOD and the fashion industry. For the rest of you, resistance is clearly futile and you choose to be assimilated.

  • Shannon

    His pupils are so very small. Have they always looked like that? He’s really much more attractive as Eric.

    I’ve said it before but the bags under his eyes are genetic, not as a result of lack of sleep. The only way to get rid of them is to add restylane there which he doesn’t seem vain enough to do. But it would surely enhance his good looks.

  • Shannon

    And I wanted to add that I actually like his nose. He’s a very tall man – a small perfect nose wouldn’t look as good on him.

  • heidi

    Alexander looks wonderful in these shots. Love his smile. His good looks are not based on having generically perfect features, it’s how everything works together and how he brings the sexy when he interacts with anyone. Can’t wait for True Blood to come back.

  • Marie

    Hate the game he and Bosworth are playing. Trying to be like RPatz and Kristen Stewart. It seems immature on the part of Skarsgard and Bosworth. They are both too old to play the “are they, aren’t they” for attention. RPatz and Stewart are genuinely trying to keep the relationship out of the press b/c when it does come out people will go beserk esp all the tweenies out there. With these two no one will care once they say yes they are(IF they even are). By playing this game keeps the press wondering and writing and them in it. Alexander is far to old(33) to play this and should just move on to being talked about for his acting and focus on work. Not playing press and pap games at fashion shows like Bosworth is known for doing her WHOLE “career”.

  • dipsy


    Old news. RPatz confirmed they were dating. As for whatever game ASkars might be playing I don’t think it’s regarding if he is dating that”actress”, I think more important things are at stake.

  • Oceane

    Beige isn’t his colour but still hot

  • Laura


  • eva

    @nice: maybe he did not, but she did, says he is after her , but she does not want a relationship. I guess it depends on you you believe. Anyhoo he looks good. I need him to get back to the way he looked last year. I also need new projects for him to star in.

  • eva

    Kate is around somewhere lurking. JJ will post that later..probably. The banks close @ 6PM. LMAO

  • Tam

    SHE doesn’t want a relationship? Please, she is one if the most desperate fameseekers in HW. She has NOTHING going on and a terrible reputation to boot. Gee, wonder why she is hanging on to him?

  • Lola

    Kate is definitely sucking the life out of him. He used to look so happy in photographs! =/

  • samantha

    I must not have got the memo, because this guy is NOT all that! I see better looking guy at my university every day, but then again, they don’t have million dollar bank accounts LOL. He has beady eyes, which are adorned with bags, and a nose that looks like it’s been broken a few dozen times. Yuck! He makes Robert Pattinson look like a dream boat.

    His brother is MUCH better looking. Alex Skarsgard a hunk? You guys kill me with your comedy. Hahahahahahaha

  • Britt

    Very Handsome


    Not the best outfit AT ALL

  • j

    he is gorgeous but he looks bad here.