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Angelina Jolie Pax a Punch

Angelina Jolie Pax a Punch

Angelina Jolie gets a surprise visit from her 6-year-old son Pax Jolie-Pitt on the set of her new movie, The Tourist, in Paris, France on Thursday (February 25).

Angie‘s dad Jon Voight recently spent some quality time with the entire Jolie-Pitt clan in Venice. He released a statement via his rep to People: “[Jon] wanted to spend the day with all of them. It was wonderful. He’s crazy about his grandkids. He thinks each and every one is very special. Jon says Angie and Brad are the world’s greatest parents. They’re very hands-on.”

25+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie spending some quality one-on-one time with Pax

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angelina jolie pax tourist set 01
angelina jolie pax tourist set 02
angelina jolie pax tourist set 03
angelina jolie pax tourist set 04
angelina jolie pax tourist set 05
angelina jolie pax tourist set 06
angelina jolie pax tourist set 07
angelina jolie pax tourist set 08
angelina jolie pax tourist set 09
angelina jolie pax tourist set 10
angelina jolie pax tourist set 11
angelina jolie pax tourist set 12
angelina jolie pax tourist set 13
angelina jolie pax tourist set 14
angelina jolie pax tourist set 15
angelina jolie pax tourist set 16
angelina jolie pax tourist set 17
angelina jolie pax tourist set 18
angelina jolie pax tourist set 19
angelina jolie pax tourist set 20
angelina jolie pax tourist set 21
angelina jolie pax tourist set 22
angelina jolie pax tourist set 23
angelina jolie pax tourist set 24
angelina jolie pax tourist set 25

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  • april

    Their son is cute

  • michaela

    A stunning beauty! A little too thin for my taste but that face is exquisite.

  • Huio

    God she looks gorgeous!

  • Tina

    She looks like such a happy mom! Bless her!

  • Tim

    I am totally in love with this woman!

  • jinx

    i’ve always thought Pax was the most underrated Jolie kid. he is way cuter than Shiloh jolie and Zahara jolie.


    Angelina is a gorgeous woman who proves you can have it all.

  • anne

    this pictures say it all. no words are needed here. just simply a mother and her child.

  • Elizabeth

    Can’t get over with Angie…she is so stunning. Wow , finally Pax. I have a feeling that Pax is loving and will protect his sibling….you know the tough one. I miss Shi today. Hello to all JP fans.

  • Angelove


  • Angelove

    My oldest adopted was 3 years as well. They are gifts. Pax is a cutie.

  • jaliah

    They look so lovely together. Her weight is just fine, she looks as stunning as ever.

  • sam

    Pax is so cute!!! ^^
    they’re all very beautiful children!

  • African Girl

    Angelina Jolie Pax a punch? Funny Jared.

  • African Girl

    Pax is such a cutie. So i guess today’s topic-gate is either her weight or who is the cutest of the JP kids.


    Love the new pictures of sweet little Pax. He is so adorable, but then again, so are all the JP kids. Angelina is so gracious. She can get away with wearing any color, but this vanilla color looks very classy on her. Angelina is a great trend setter. I bet we see a lot of this color in the styles next fall.

    I love the new format here. Thanks to Jared for getting rid of the filth. Sending out more blessings to all the JP’s, their family and to their great fans.

  • Grescia

    Can’t wait for the movie!
    Love you, Angie.

  • Dreads

    I think Pax is the cutest boy of the whole bunch ! I bet he’s gonna be much more handsome than Mad. And Viv is gonna be the most gorgeous girl since apparently she’s the one who looks the most like Angelina….Shiloh looks way too much like Brad. A female version of him, and that’s not entirely a good thing. She’s pretty but I have a feeling that Viv is going to be much prettier. But anyway, all the kids are cute! I love Angelina. She is the sexiest woman on this planet, indeed. She has the perfect face. And I mean it. Really. She has that sexy sultry thing going on…..I don’t know…..but she’s one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in my entire life. That said, I somehow agree with @annoula though….. the media make them way too “perfect”, “ideal”, “good-hearted”….overrated. Angelina could have done better than Pitt IMO haha but oh well….. they made beautiful kids and seem happy, that’s what matters the most I guess.

  • Pasadora

    Angie looks so stunning in all these shots. So classy and beautiful.
    Love how her kids keep visiting mommy on set. Maybe it’s gonna be Maddox tomorrow? ;)

  • Dreads

    OH MY GOSH, I made it to the first page! That’s incredible. XD ….. Everything related to Angelina always gets millions of comments all the’s so hard to be on the first page :p

  • yipee!

    wow! angie is just gorgeous! and i love pax, he’s so cute!

  • niwatori

    These pictures are sooo adorable and Pax is the cutest thing :D Happy to see him. May I say Mummy Angie is looking pretty gorgeous herself, too ;)

  • pp

    Luv the Jolie Pitts, and their kids are gorgeous <3

  • Angelove

    Yes, Angelina is Beautiful. Why so much about her looks? I would like her underweight, overweight, warts & all. :)
    There is so much more to like about her.
    1. She is a great actress.
    2. She doesn’t try to act like she is perfect…what you see is what you get.
    3. She loves others is always actively engaged in a good cause.
    4. She is a wonderful loving mother.

  • Courtney

    Ahhh so cute!

  • eliott

    What-up Pax!!!
    This little guy seems to be a still-waters -run-deep type.
    AJ is gorgeous as usual.

  • Goopy

    How is this “surprise visit?” The French press said he and Maddox had lunch with her in the nearby support apartment the production is using.

  • mmsic

    Wow,Pax spending a one on one time with his gorgeous,elegant,beautiful Mom.I bet you,Maddox would have love to be there but he’s probably at school.Cute Pax!

  • Twinkle

    Love the new format! Bravo!

  • LuckyL

    So gorge, so cute

  • smack

    the cryptkeeper is back

  • LuckyL

    African Girl @ 02/25/2010 at 5:00 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Pax is such a cutie. So i guess today’s topic-gate is either her weight or who is the cutest of the JP kids.
    Lol, I’ll just call you Nostradamus.

  • teri

    Pax is such a cute little boy. We had no doubt about Brad and Angelina being wonderful parents. The way the children act towards them is really loving.

  • to goopy

    How is this “surprise visit?” The French press said he and Maddox had lunch with her in the nearby support apartment the production is using.

    don’t be an idiot. read what is being said. yes, the boy had lunch with mom and dad in a nearby appartment. it was a surprise visit to the set. ok? have you got that? or do i need to draw you a picture.

  • dani

    I can’t get over how beautiful and classic she looks in this outfit. Channeling Hepburn or classic Chanel! Wow. BUT I would like to see the dress without the capelet. It would be nice to see how that orange scarf thingy is utilized on the front of the dress.

    Pax is also adorable.


    If anyone know the shooting schedule (in Paris) for The Tourist, please tell me, I’m gonna be there next Sat. I wanna see her so bad :(

  • xxx

    She looks very beautiful

  • amalia

    hi guys i am an old timer from the days before Rica’s amazing fan fiction, and i just want to say that i live in Paris now and i just happened to get off at Palais Royal yesterday with my kids to meet my husband for dinner, it was drizzly and cold and just as i got out of the metro i saw the set for the Tourist!!!! i dont think Angie was there any more- no paps, and they did have a giant white screen to block off some of the restaurant so i couldt see what was happenning, maybe for lighting, or protection, i dont know but they were still shooting- after 6:00 pm, it was so cool to just stumble on it, i didnt know thats where they were shooting, anyway, just a fun moment to share> nice to know the jolie pitt clan is so near.
    blessings to all and i too love these pics with pax, bisous

  • Maria from Texas


  • The truth


  • luvangie4ever

    “Mommy!” It’s great to have a job where you have the chance to steal some precious moments for your loved ones. She looks so beautiful. And I’m so anxious to watch this movie! I can’t even wait for Salt to come.

  • ladylurksalot

    I’m liking the new format, Jared! The threads may not get up quite as high without 8000 troll posts, but I don’t think the fans are gonna mind! If we feel the need to vent, we can always click on the hidden comments, I guess, and give a troll a proper smack down (usually courtesy of PT or Jill) P.S Nice to see you back, Jill! Love the pics. This woman is truly stunning. Even as a heterosexual woman, I think I’d have trouble controlling myself around Ms Jolie! Wowee!

  • Lurker

    Question for Maria from Texas .

    Is your Cap lock key broken? if not, it would be nicer if you don’t capitlize every single word. Just a thougt.

  • Love them

    She is beautiful, and love that her father is is spending time with the grandkids and her loving man and her. What a great family!

  • Nina

    Where is everyone? This site is falling apart… such a tragedy…love all the fans :( so sad…I don’t care about the looser comments,everyone is entitled to their own opinion…I love jj and don’t want it to shut down…always best pics of the familiy on this to the fans..may you come back

  • two dots

    you do realise joie didnt choose ths oufit/do er own make-up/style her own hair dont you? shouldnt her dresser/make up genius and hair stylist get a mention for ‘chanelling hepburn/chanel’????

  • AJBP

    So cute.

  • teri

    Angelina is simply perfect, love everything about her. I don’t understand what your refering to infamousely but her neck is long and gorgeous.

  • Richard P

    A LOVE Angie forever

  • A

    All I can say is wow! Look at pic # 3. Angie must be the most beautiful mother on the planet! She looks very relaxed and happy too. I think she is in a wonderful place right now. Everything is going well for the JPs.