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Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston Just Go With It

Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston Just Go With It

Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker is set to appear in Just Go With It, also starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston!

The 22-year-old model will make her feature film debut in the movie, originally entitled Pretend Wife, according to TheWrap.

In the film, Brooklyn will play the woman Adam falls for, and he’ll hire Jennifer to play his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Just Go With It is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day of 2011.

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  • to bet

    hey bet, halle took her daughter to the park. she was pimping her daughter. oh wait, halle is not angie and she doesn’t have movie out so i guess that doesn’t count right. my bad. never mind.

  • bet

    to bet

    he are you jealous becuase she is the cutes thing of all. i mean just working out her pink shirt , looking girly and proud of her being girly. and aslo don’nt forget momy giving her stable home that not be dragged all over the place,with 100 nannies also to be draggeed all over the place, what more kids want from mom, realy giving the stable home not being selfish of to her lifestyle of being relevant in the eyes of public.sleep the same hour and time , with her bed , not in every feaking hotel number , can you imagine of littel kids live that life style.with out being confused his bed time every freaking week. i mean look at Halle kid does she look like worn out kids from moving every freaking week?, becuase momy dear has to be in the spot light of working and being relevant. i am sure every week your idol has to tell her kids, “kids this week i am going to work with one of the famous sexy guy in the world, you know this is very important to me, so pack your things let go to mission of being relevancy”.

  • bet

    can you imagine those kids go through, every freaking week they have to be told to pack their things, becuase it Dad turn to be relevant, next week it is mom turn to be relevant, . Can you imagine adjusting to every freaking time zone they are going to. i mean do not forget on the top of that the kids has job in every country to act as turist for ophoto ops, becuase it look good in the eyes of public.

  • zztop

    Suggestion for x’s purfume….”Has-been” undertones of dying flowers.
    “Manipulater” as in when Jen first met the reporter ‘in tears’ months after her divorce from Brad Pitt to set the stage for her passive-aggressive campaign in the media. Maybe Jen is a little actress after all, what woman would do that? Let a reporter see you sweat? Was it Barbara Walters…no.

  • who is the idiot

    who ‘s this bet person? she sound so stupid. WTF! can’t understand anything she wrote. no wonder she is Aniston’s fan.

  • Danny

    Guess what BET, they are smarter and can put a sentence together .

    They will make you look as stupid as you sound

  • outem,,20144047,00.html

    When X started manipulating the media. Why did Pitt call the marriage a “merger” in 2001, set up by agents? Jen, herself said in 2002 being married 2 years was a lifetime by HW standards…sounded like a happy couple, NOT!

  • outem

    But let’s admit it: These are the reasons we love her. Her very lack of success — in romance, in childbearing, in making films that are more than trifles — makes her appealing. Jennifer Aniston allows the average person with a bad marriage, or bratty children, or no relationship at all, to feel better about his or her plight. If this rich and famous woman has troubles of her own, then truly no one is spared. In these dark days of domestic decline, does it come as a surprise that America’s sweetheart is a 40-year-old single woman without children, whose messy love life lets us feel smug about ourselves? Is this sick? Well, yes, sort of. But celebrities have long filled this sacrificial role.

    Some of us recognize Aniston for the manipulator she has become.

  • Rolecall

    How bloated and plastic is Jen looking these days, a lot.

    But I must admit, without makeup Jen makes a good looking MAN.

  • crista

    No wonder john mayer had to dump jen, she is looking old as his mom and made him feel way too younger to be with an old woman like jen

  • liz

    did she go the the oscars?

  • Jill


    Didn’t see her there. Guess she couldn’t scare up a date.

  • Sorry, MANISTON

    Such a sad night for Maniston. Bet you tonight was going to be her biggest night showcasing Gerard as a boyfriend but Gerard refused to play her stupid PR games. Guess the next 2 weeks she will be on a major onslaught – will be everywhere trying to drum up interest for the flop since Gerard has refused to participate in her fake plans. Poor Manny. No one wants to love her or be assoicated with her.

  • liz

    @Sorry, MANISTON: why are you so mean??? so much hate, anger, plot, spite, nastiness… It’s just sad all this darkness in you!

  • outem

    Gerry and Bradley together at the Oscars sent a message that they shall not be used as Maniston PR fodder.

  • bet


    actually Gerry and Bradley should thank Jen, Using her name put them on the map . They become the talk of the town. But you know jen is always helper, she does not mind people use her name to be on the map.

  • bet


    even what is Name Bradly what did he do in showbiz?, It turn around and jen become the user to be famous. I do not blame you , you read all this crap from lainey gossip and you rant here.. not only Bradly is benifted due to Jen, also Renee from no where else to be found while she was siting in her basment with no job, suddenly she become interesting in the media too.Jen is a helper not a winer like her ex husband, His fan always complain ” she use my name to be famous”, Yea right. Even his fan complain about it by mailing thier complain to People magazine. I read about it, what pethatic fan he has.

  • bet

    What did Bradly do , What hit moive. that was it. Then it Jen the user, wow

  • jade

    Hi bet,
    How are you, friend? People give you a bad time,but you keep hanging
    in there. Good for you!

    Where did everyone go? Has ellie’ been around?

  • Bella

    Is Aniston playing Brooklyn’s mother?

  • Jill


    Who pooped in your Froot Loops? We both know if Jenny could have found a date for the evening, she would have been prancing all down the red carpet. She has a movie to promote, after all. But Gerald Butler said flat out he was not going with her, and she probably couldn’t get anyone else.

  • Miami Girl

    The only thing that matters is the world knows Jen is better at everything than the Ho-lee/Sh!ts are…She is a better actress, person, wife, friend, and just an all around perfect person and everyone of you already know this, or you would not feel the need to post the same bs over and over again on the J/P topics…You all feel the need to defend these two loser’s and no matter what you say, you cannot defend nor argue the fact that they are sooooo hated in the industry and among fans…maybe sites like this are set up just to help defend low-life people like them…There actions have spoke way louder than any words any of us can put on any site..They are disgusting human beings and Jen will always beat them out in everything they do or have ever done! Stop trying to defend them…You simply can’t!

  • http://justjared carolynlee

    Did I miss something ?Wasn’t Jen supposed to be hosting a Haiti charity or something ? Didn’t I read that shortly after George Clooney’s ? Or was that another way to give the fake impression that she is not what we have been saying about her these last five+ years ? Oh i know, she has been so busy helping the Mexicans .

  • Maria from Texas


  • mmsic

    Yeah,Aniston is busy helping Mexico,while Greece economy is going down the drain.They must hate her in Greece that’s why aniston isn’t lifting a finger to help.Wow!

  • Jill

    @Miami Girl:

    What has Aniston beaten the Jolie-Pitts at?
    Their films make more money than hers make
    They get paid twice as much per film as she gets paid
    They have six children to her zero
    They travel all over the world while Aniston’s world is bounded by Malibu on the north and Meh-hee-co on the south
    They have a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with each other while Aniston can’t find a man to stay with her for more than two months since Brad dumped her
    Shall I go on? Or is the idea slowly beginning to seep through the ossified recesses of your brain cells?

  • Jill


    Hi Jade, haven’t seen ellie around since Jared put the rating system in place. Draw your own conclusions.
    Hope all is well with you. We can still agree to disagree.

  • jade

    Hi Jill,

    So glad to hear from you! Everything is good with me. I had read you
    were leaving here, and I felt bad about it. I was trying to figure out a way to send you a message. I’am happy you are back!

    You and I have been through a lot of discussions, over two years. You
    have always helped me. Yes Jill, we can still agree to disagree, my
    dear friend!

  • Kelli

    I dislike this woman because she and her publicist keep planting stories in the tabs. Midnight meetings, sexy texts, “they are reconciling”, etc. All lies.

    Brad and Angie have six beautiful children. Do they need to go grocery shopping with Mom and Dad, only to see these lurid tabloid covers?

    It is abusive to plant this false sh!t – the older children can read!

    Selfish, shallow woman who cannot let go of the past. She is only able to keep herself relevant by continuing to link herself with Brad. Pathetic.

  • Brooklyn B

    The story is…..Brooklyn is to find out that Jennifer is the long missing mother of her.

  • Lucky Charm

    Oh, this is too funny – Jennifer Aniston reduced to being in a movie with Heidi Montag. Poor Jen, no more good roles coming your way?

  • totallyuncool

    Better get moving fast Jennifer your EXPIRATION is just around the corner and people had had enough of your boring flop movies…

  • tuncay

    Jennifer Aniston films I already have enough to watch all the movies I love to adore him

  • TheReb

    Another flop again for the one dimensional actress…If she is a A list….then they must of lower the standards reallllllllllll low!!

  • Damiana

    She can’t compete with younger actress on her looks and body alone because there are a thousand of them out there with a better face and a better body than she has; and she doesn’t have the range to play anything besides rom-coms. I could be wrong but I think her acting days are numbered.

  • puutarha

    amazing woman; smart, beautiful, talented, loved and loving. what a breath of fresh air! love her!
    She is like puutarha tiedot (very good)!!!