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Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston Just Go With It

Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston Just Go With It

Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker is set to appear in Just Go With It, also starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston!

The 22-year-old model will make her feature film debut in the movie, originally entitled Pretend Wife, according to TheWrap.

In the film, Brooklyn will play the woman Adam falls for, and he’ll hire Jennifer to play his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Just Go With It is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day of 2011.

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186 Responses to “Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston Just Go With It”

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  1. 76
    plez Says:

    New drinking game. Drink every time Aniston or Decker touch their hair or have their hair covering half their face. LOL

  2. 77
    tota Says:


  3. 78
    bet Says:


    you look like you follow me a lot,but if you did , One thing you should know about me,I do not write nor speak english well. And also, I do not believe at all what insider said about AJ controlling BP. I believe both are very much in to media and image thing too much. They too obsessed about image and to be love by everyone. i do not know why?
    May be it kind of crazy thing. who knows people are different.. Look at them they are everywhere, Last nigth i saw Show something on CNN and they compareing who have more news. Amazing, ofcourse jen has moive to promote she will be in the news, i can not understand why the other one for.

  4. 79
    Jennifer Aniston - I love You! Says:


    Jennifer Aniston was 33,34,and 35 when she played a mother on friends! she wasn’t in her 20s! Get your facts right! i didn’t thumbs down molly ether. I think Jennifer Aniston knows what she is getting herself into.

  5. 80
    ann Says:

    jen is gorgeous!!! and a amazing actress!!! I love her movies, especially because I love comedy! God protect her from the haters!!!
    I love the new format! I think will be more respect now!

  6. 81
    LuckyL Says:

    Jennifer Aniston – I love You! @ 02/27/2010 at 10:38 am


    Jennifer Aniston was 33,34,and 35 when she played a mother on friends! she wasn’t in her 20s! Get your facts right! i didn’t thumbs down molly ether. I think Jennifer Aniston knows what she is getting herself into.

    Please re-read my comment. And I blame Jared for the deletion(s), not you.

  7. 82
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    this movie is full of garbage so far
    even jen cant stand a romantic flick anymore, she’s done so many of them now it’a all the same
    lol, the things brooklyn had 2 do 2 get a role in a movie i can just imagine =]
    and adam sandler is not a bit funnt anymore
    it’s gonna suck big time

  8. 83
    nnpl Says:

    This movie’s plot is so predictable. Here is my guess: Adam has a bitchy ex (Nicole) that made him weary of commitment. He attracted to beautiful girl in her early 20s (Brooklyn). Both women are extremely gorgeous (tall, slim, model look, etc.). Then come the plain, down to earth, single mom, normal woman (Jennifer) with a kid. After many hilarious routines typical to Adam Sandler’s movies, the ending is he’ll find true love and hapiness with the plain, normal woman and realize that the beautiful, exotic women are just illusion (pretty much like “10″ w/ Bo Derek and Dudley Moore). However, don’t mix up movie w/ reality. The plain/woman next door actress is really a super rich, super famous woman, who has 110+ mils, lives in multi-mil mansion, had relationships w/ many hunks, takes frequent expensive exotic vacations, so there is nothing “normal” or “plain” about her.

  9. 84
    Goopy Says:

    …..and….SHE’S OFF!!
    Great post from IMDB —
    Once again, as CNN’s Showbiz Tonight detailed, this is how she very strategically tries to sell her crappy rom coms, it’s the ‘poor pitiful me,’ routine, reminding people ALWAYS that Brad Pitt left.

    JEN (translation of that blurb): Yoooohoooo!! Ladies who lunch, it’s me…your pal Jen whose ‘team’ you’re on – reminding you to hate the one who shall not be named (except for the people writing my puff pieces). She must continue to be reviled by my loyal hags everywhere….afterall, I need butts in seats – thanks!”

    True, true, true!

  10. 85
    Puhleese Says:



    ROTFL! Jen has the same agent as Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep and Clive Owen, Tom Cruise, Sarah Jessica Parker … Kevin Huvane at CAA! He is one of the top 3 most powerful agents in Hollywood. If he had anything to work with Jen would be a star. Sadly that is not the case.

  11. 86
    Jennifer Aniston - I love You! Says:


    Sandra Bullock & Jennifer Aniston are two fav actors in Hollywood! I love theses ladies. Meryl Streep is one of my favs, but i love Jen and Sandy more!

    Clive Owen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Huvane and Tom Cruise, are great actors.

    Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston are so funny, down to earth, and both have HUGE HEARTS!

    That agent is lucky to have both of them or any other of those actors you named.

  12. 87
    zce Says:

    Why do she keep playing the same type of movies that is similiar to her life? Jennifer is the same Ms. Pitiful, I guess this is what Hollywood likes or did anyone wake up out of that trance she has on them. Can you imagine her against Brooklyn? Yes she make be smoking to some but she is still 41 and Brooklyn is 22, it’s sad the other woman comes in and swoop up the man, we have been living this picture over and over for the last 5-6 years let it go already and make a decent movie. Jennifer best bet was she should have stayed on the small screen with her comics. Every man that she has dated left her for another woman almost instantly, and they stayed with those women for a period of time, if that is not telling you something is wrong I don’t know what is, hello her same movies, go figure. She is not a bad looking woman but it is time to let go of the PITY-PARTY.

  13. 88
    deevah Says:

    Wow not too many peeps interested in insulting Hagiston anymore…less than 100 comments. Speaks volumes.

  14. 89
    Anon Says:


    Indifference is the cruelest of all.

  15. 90
    celia Says:

    Sandler is funny! He and Aniston will be a cute couple! But I prefer she and Bateman!!!

  16. 91
    Jill Says:

    Anon @ 02/27/2010 at 9:35 pm
    Indifference is the cruelest of all.

    One of the most intelligent comments I have read on this blog. It’s exactly why she keeps making silly rom-coms and why her publicist keeps fabricating bullsh*t romances to keep her name in the tabloids. People are losing interest in the triangle, and by extension, in her, because the triangle was the only reason anybody paid attention to her to begin with. One of the truest adages in Hollywood is bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

  17. 92
    boring jen Says:

    The fool only get attention when her crappy movies get her real life names. Why don’t she do it like everybody get it by working hard .

  18. 93
    JJ Says:

    Scenario of movie:
    1. Older guy (AS) tries to impress younger woman.
    2. JA comes along, bit of arguing/disputes between AS and JA characters.
    3. After about 1.5hrs of comedy movie-time the two (JA and AS not JA and BD characters…thou the latter would be interesting!) end up falling for each other
    = happy Hollywood ending!

  19. 94
    fabi Says:

    JEN divina!!!

  20. 95
    HFA Says:

    Jen Aniston is magnificent!

  21. 96
    Toni Says:

    Andy you are so right. These women have nooooo idea what men think about women and are to afraid to speak except in the locker rooms.
    Women are in denial about their use to men; prime example is the casting in this movie. Or. In any movie. The only place women have achieved is their usefulness as an object fir men.
    See. …… It’s Hollywood, movies, men. Period.
    Jen and the others are tools. … Deny it all you want ladies. It’s not possible to live fir a woman still without the denial. That’s why these peeps here deleted andys comment.
    Just look at Cathrine bigelow …. She had to make a mans movie to get anywhere. 40 Rock…. It’s a mans humor that’s successful.
    These women working at just Jared are brainwashed.
    Deleting a statement of womans rights to be admitted to so ladies can demand more. Deny sex until you get what you need- to be a human ; not a mans free use of a hole.

  22. 97
    bet Says:


    Remeber one of you like John mayer with spit brain, the only thing he sing about love song the same as this moive love moive. If jugde women place becuase of romantic moive then, you are stupid. NO one of the actor or actress in industry did not creat anything. they just act , they do not have to be genuies to do that, they do not even write what they act on, they just repeat on the camera what someone else wrote . i am sure most them do not even finsh high school. i am sure you do not jugde women intelect due to thier acting. you call it acting ,repeating what you read (scripts) by just changing your face , i am sure any one of us can do it , if you speak the language and be lucky . The whole day you stupid guys fighting about this person act that one do not act. as if they creat some kind medicin that going to cure your cancer, Most of the actor and actress are a butch of drop out from high school or college, who just read script and stand infront of camera that was it. If you injoy the moive go and watch it , if you do not skip it, but creating a big seen about who act can not act or what kind of moive one does or not as if that going changing your life . nonsense. . If you want to judge women intelect you have to go to the site where a lot of women doctor , scientist etc . i wish if their is a lot passtion fight about which women doctor is best in practicing her work , we will save a lot people . In stead of waisting your time wheather actor or actress can change her or his face attiude on the camera. bull.

  23. 98
    bet Says:


    remeber most of the men in the industry may be they come from Oklahoma, carrying thier luggage , with no qualification just to be star. They do not even need any kind of certificate… Please do not try to make the place where you are going find genius men.

  24. 99
    Jaliah Says:

    boring jen @ 02/28/2010 at 3:34 pm +4

    The fool only get attention when her crappy movies get her real life names. Why don’t she do it like everybody get it by working hard .
    She could work till the cows come home but it isn’t going to help either because she doesn’t have the talent, she’s just not versatile enough..her range is limited to the sitcom style of acting because she played it safe, liked the $ too much and stayed way way too long in that sitcom. She wasn’t the most attractive one in the sitcom and definitely not the most talented but has been given chances the others haven’t because of her association with a big name moviestar. Now that is history which means she has to have talent to survive…Sandra Bullock is genuinely funny…JA isn’t she is a physical actress that relies on an ensemble to make her appear funny. Since her divorce the triangle is what has kept her name and face in the tabloids without it she is just another cast member of Friends.

  25. 100
    Jennifer Aniston - I love You! Says:


    how do you know this is true??

    I agree with you about Sandra Bullock… Sandra Bullock is just awesome. Sandra Bullock know that you can’t just do roles over and over again… She said in interview that you got to break lose out of the same roles. She is right. i can’t tell you word to work she said. She did say you got to break lose out of the same roles. Thats all I can really say..

    How do you know this about Jennifer Aniston? are you part of the business??

    I love Jennifer Aniston. She is a lucky woman to be working with all theses actors… If I was her I would be taking the chance to work with other great actors like her. Gerry Butler, Owen Wilson, and now Adam Sandler… I wouldn’t turn a role down if I knew I was about to work with them. She is know actress now and thats why she so lucky to get work with great people and end up being a great movie. Rom comedy are just know not to do well and theater… Business just always gives bad ratings when it comes to comedy stuff. Most of the time they are really good…

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