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Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston Just Go With It

Brooklyn Decker & Jennifer Aniston Just Go With It

Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker is set to appear in Just Go With It, also starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston!

The 22-year-old model will make her feature film debut in the movie, originally entitled Pretend Wife, according to TheWrap.

In the film, Brooklyn will play the woman Adam falls for, and he’ll hire Jennifer to play his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Just Go With It is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day of 2011.

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why is one image should be judge by the moive he/she make, i taught that suppose to be acting. So why do not we judge Julia Robert, Sandra etc according to what their character on the moive. Not becuase one do a moive that suppose to be on Lifetime tv chanal , a moive about killing your husband, or your wife, some how someone dieing at end means that means you are not to be consider as poor person in real life. what a pethatic idea. The problem you and other think of that, but she is not . If she think of that way, we would see her married or do something drastic to satified the outside world. but she think of her life her life nobody businuss.

I do’nt agree with you on her talking anything about i am happy for them, . Unless all the three group say something at the same time , or themself the two are the one can solve this triangle thing if they go out say some thing to end this mess. If she said something by herself, the whole world will swallow her a life, that why she think too much before she said something. Even she is not allowed to talk about herlife one decad which involve a lot of her success and start in the industry , If she said i use to like playing piano at this period, immediately, the media will follow with head line “oh she was married to this person at this time”. Or if she change her bath room, oh his bath room is change to hers. blah blha bah. . and the loonies and lainey will follow how dare she……. the only perosn who can solve this problem is them.

those loonies site amazin me how work up they get when they read about thier idols news on taboid. I read” celebritichy” site . she said ” she feel like banging her head” becuase of the cover story on LIfe@style magazine.Why woman?, is that better to bang her head for a kids out there who probably missing dinner or break fast becuase they do not not have enough money to put food on table . than a parent purposly wear thiier kids as boy to be on the news. mission accomplished what is the complain? And why bring another kids who did not do nothing to the other family Suri in the mix.

the amazing thing becuase of ,loonies passtion about those two, they bring other kids who did not do nothing to others, or bring jennifer aniston in to the mix. leave those people alone. Those two want everything done to make them on the news, why complain if they are there where they want to be which is being on the news .” Banging my head,” wow, i am sure she would not bang her head, if she see hungry girl on the street

i am sure there is one person who mark me the lable. Do’nt think it wrong in order to protect one child you have to bring down another child. by bashing her. it just sound pethatic too me. and also to protect one bring down another.

I see Gerard just stated for the hundredth time ” I’m and not with Jen and I was never with Jen” to Enews. I guess he is tired of been linked to her. Will see what lies the tabs will make up when they start doing press

Hi bet: so try a script already if u got so much verbiage.
Garbiage. Please stop.

””Just Go With It ”” the perfect title for a group of losers holding on for
dear life, not a drop of talent in the lot, this should be brutal.


perpetuate a, split rumour= Check
Not show together for months untile the rumour got leg = check
then have a photo of ops after months of not showing up together = check
Not say anything about it. if one said something that will crash the drama=check
have a youtube of dead mother memory for public , which suppuse to be private= check
have father recoucilation infornt of the world= check
cut littel girl hair and dress her like a boy= check

weather bad or good news, what matter with you idols want to be in the news, so do not work up about it. mission acccomplished.

Bet U

i forget

work with one of the sex actor , so that it can creat more drama in the news. You know the more the drama look , the more you can be in the news. Check. it about being on the news, nothing more nothing less.

Again Lainy at it again

Of course their PR stunt is all over the place, of course as usuall who Lainey bring jennifer in the mix of the drama. Remember her jealousy about this woman start since she arrive in hollwyood, , she got it all what she does not have, the blonde ,fit, pettit , cute women who has it all , the success, making million, marrying with big wedding that everyone talked about, while a lot of women like her pulling thier hair, how could she. then she was divorce and still single and work and making and still shinining with strength. this all situation does not settel well with this woman, until she bring her down. When a woman is strong like jen, no matter how many time you call her weak, she will not break.

You can see from her post of lainey her jealousy of this woman

instead the post about like JD is not BP. Of course why should she talk about the man. She have to go strait to her weakness of jealousy that is jennifer aniston. then make the seen about Jennifer Aniston. I taught Jen is the one who shake her hand to work with her husband and said ” have fun” how insecure is one if let you man to work with that kind of seen on it .

Becuase Jen was dispointing by thier action, that was long time ago move one men , then this woman has to repeat angain again again. how many years she going to talk about this thing, every time this AJ media guessing a probablty of F@ck another man.

what i do not understand is , If like lainy kind of person not able to move on from the subject of Jennifer Aniston dispointment about thier action million ago, how could the taboid will move on. This lainy woman keep saying how she is tired of taboid about the triangle thing, then she turn around repeat million time how jennifer aniston dispointed by the action which happen million years ago. can we all move on !

Is Jennifer Aniston keep going to bring in the mix , every time there is possiblity of AJ may F@ck another man.

what i do not understand some women like lainey more shocked by the Jennifer Aniston dispointment of thier action than their action. i just do not get it, to this day , they can not stop blabing about it.

@ bet ?????
Excuse me, but being that you used my name to rattle off your senseless gibberish rants, I will reply to you this one and
only time, with a question! are you on drugs or naturally stupid?

I am tired of this people just blaming everything on women this women that. Women are harsh blab blah lbh. I taught most of the tabloid editor are men, who bring all this mess all the time, and also, i taught most of the book writer are men too. of course allways it is easy to blame it one the women.

some stupid people like lainey and other sit down just let blame on women, In her mind every thing is women fault, they are the cause to her miseary. look at her day in day out, just harrassing women on her blog.

Jennifer has not been funny since her ‘Friends’ days. I have some hope for her movie with Gerard Butler and this one . Lets see if she will make a comeback in comedy.

She only exists as a character the writers of friends created.
That’s it.
The end.
A friends character. The pathetic manager and agent
pay everyone to publicize. Everyone hates her. We all know you pay magazines and ent news. Give it up she stinks. Now she’s old and stinks.

is that sad to be remebered as famous H O of hollywood married men. When ever even book comes out , the ony thing they write about her is how she is famous in going around suck marreid men d@ck like a H o. that is shame.


at least when jen fished her life, there is something decent thing to write about. I mean your woman went in histoy, as famous hollywood H o that suck slizy married men d@ck. We all remeber her, as famouse high price H ooker in hollywood.

Maria from Texas @ 03/05/2010 at 3:22 pm


A page full of only “bet”. This thread is dead. Jennifer is history. Her co-star in her movie comin’ out does not even want anything to do with her.


here another BET. always H ookers attitued, blame women for thier miseary.

what happened to your face jen @ 03/06/2010 at 5:08 am

what happened to your face jen? Too much botox

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