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Jim Toth & Reese Witherspoon: Date Night!

Jim Toth & Reese Witherspoon: Date Night!

Reese Witherspoon and Hollywood agent Jim Toth went for Italian fare during an intimate dinner Wednesday night (February 24) at Pace restaurant in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon.

Here are some quotes from People spies at the restaurant:

– “Reese looked very cute and casual in jeans with black boots. She was in the best mood ever and would not stop laughing. It was very obvious that Reese likes Jim and the two had great energy together.”

– “[When they got into his car,] Jim seemed protective of Reese and made sure that she got into the passenger seat safely. They kept laughing as they drove [away].”

Reese, 33, and Jim, 39, have been quietly dating for at least a month.

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  • hmm

    she was dating Jake for year and she’s already moving on? Did she cheat on him? She sure does move on fast… unless her relationship with Jake was…. fake.

  • fugly Reese

    Who gives a ****?

  • lexy

    She’s probably not dating this guy. He sounds like a gentleman. A man with manners – apparently if a man helps you get into the passenger side of the car it’s a big deal. And let’s not ignore that he made her laugh – someone call the cops!! A gentleman who has a personality is on the loose!

  • Nic

    Seriously, wow, this is worthy of a post? She was on a date? Geez!

  • lexy

    Yes, it is news. Reese is at least a bona fide star! She’s not a Z-lister like JJ fave Rachel Bilson.

  • Jimmy

    Found a new gigolo to replace Jake very fast. Lure them in and then dump them. She must find that lots of fun and good for her ego.

  • Dirty-Reese

    Isn’t this guy her agent or something? Technically he is her employee… is this workplace harassment or what?

  • commonsense

    These Hollywood types don’t give their vagina time to “air out” before moving on to the next guy.

  • Etta

    Reese would not stop laughing in the restaurant and was laughing as they drove away. Sounds rather maniacal?

  • Abbie

    LOL the “spies” at the restaurant have the exact same comments said by “spies” when Jake and Reese started their fauxmance way back when. CAA must really hate Jim Toth to be putting him thru this. I suppose that’s what they had to do, pull someone from their own company, when no actor was desperate enough to fake date Reese.

  • gloria

    At least he’s straight.

  • What a BICHT!

    OOOOOOOOps she did it again! After her split with Jake, RW American Fakest one, needs desperatly a new man for that people
    (mags tabloids) talk about her!

    You really thought that the first pictures with that guy was a PURE coincidence RIGHT?
    Well NOT AT ALL!!!! for almost 3 years with her ex she was doing this show, circus, love parade almost every days to show us how she get over RP, how she could be sexy, desirable, revelant and a cougar too like her friends’s sister aka Jennifer Anniston.

    She was showing to us and the whole world to see and know how she was IN LOVE WITH JAKE, how he was desperatly IN LOVE WITH REESE and wanted desperatly to married her. The press almost married them with all that Jake down on his knee and ask Reese to go to Las Vegas and get married ( NOT say that way but almost); but Reese said NO because she’s just getting divorced and her KIDS are her PRIORITY and come FIRST.
    ( Question when the last time we saw RW with her KIDS? HUM! MONTH and RW alone or with FRIENDS almost EVERYDAYS!)

    So Jake asked her so many time to get married, with many differentes rings and she dares to LEAVE him broken-hearted for the LOVE OF THE KIDS SAKE! GOOD MUMMY : )

    I’m surprised that the split did’nt kill him or he did’nt commited suicide because he was sooooo broken-hearted and sreaming heartbreaking ( according to US weekly)

    This woman is exactly like JP, say whatever you want to defending her (REESE LOVA & STANS) but she has no CLASS whatsoever!

    Every time she splits with a man, she needs a new one in her LIFE QUICKLY, because without a man, she’s not feeling herself revelant, sexy, desirable and confident.

    Now she’s doing the same things with this man( Poor man if he only Knew!) that she did with Jake.
    But I strongly doubt that with this man she’ll parade him so long like Jake.

    Look at the 5th, 8th and 10th pictures, Reese is all smiling and laughing on the street BUT the guy is behind her and looks concerned! and for the 10th she’s acting like a child shy by the paps and photo oops! ( even Suri, Shiloh and Zahara do not act that way!)

    THe FAKE BIG SMILES AND LAUGHTERS were 1000X better with Jake at least he faked it better (after having all that FAKING ATTITUDE that he adopted since he was with RW, he splits with her).

    Glad to see that Jake finally recovers his SENSE and DUMP the hollywood most PHONIEST,FAKEST and WORST ACTRESS!

    I forget how GOOD MOTHER she’s NOT! THIS KIDS’ll problably to deal with NEW mom’s BOYFRIEND,gettting close to him and see him disappear in their LIFE ( This kids need to go to DR Phil!).

  • emmaa

    This woman needs to slow down on the dating for a bit.

  • Jt

    I’m sure Jim Toth is in on this arrangement as was Jake. The only one I feel sorry for is Ryan Phillippe because she made sure to black ball him and ruin his reputation.

  • nursesdate

    Ryan cheated on her

  • think about that this way

    So what. They were over anyway do you think she really cared what he was doing or do you think she cared what people thought of her? If she was so dedicated to her marriage why didn’t she go on location with him?

  • T Shirts

    Enough wine will do that to you.

  • All Women Stalker

    She seems to have a type. And that type is the complete opposite of Ryan.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really hate it when anonymous ppl quote what’s going on
    it always sounds so fake, they exaggerate the truth so bad
    i do hope things are going good for reese do, altho ive never heard of the guy he sounds decent

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