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Miley Cyrus Gets Poisoned by Bret Michaels

Miley Cyrus Gets Poisoned by Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels has released a new single called “Nothing to Lose.”

In the track, the Poison’s lead vocalist teams up with Miley Cyrus, singing the chorus together.

Bret and I had a great time in the studio together just hanging out and making music,” Miley has said. “He’s is so passionate about music and it shows. I think it is such a rad collaboration because it shows that two artists that seem so different on the outside can come together and organically create something that we are both proud of.”

Click inside for a listen to the full song…

Miley Cyrus Gets Poisoned by Bret Michaels
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  • tadaaaa

    Amazing. She’s so talented.

  • MileyFan

    As always, my Miley, so good!

  • BRooke


  • Alejandro

    Wow, this is Miley Cyrus? This girl is talented… wow.

  • liz

    thats crazy

  • TFreak

    She sounds amazing. Haters fall back.

  • Lola

    Damn, this Miley Cyrus girl can sing!

  • FlyingSolo

    Bret Michaels, my childhood crush!!!
    And Miley, my adulthood nothing. LOL

  • wow

    im actually really impressed. they both sing it so beautifully. seriously haters skip this post if youv got nothing nice to say. but DAMN the girl has talent!

  • Ilia

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, wow… Crap comes to mind after hearing this song.

  • FlyingSolo

    I just listened to the song and I loved it!!
    Bret sounds great and so does Miley Cyrus!!

    Haha! yeah, they’re way different. :-)

  • Chelsea

    No! i loooove miley but she shouldn’t be doing songs with people him him! this is a really trashy song!

  • cindy

    I’m sorry, but I’ve to post this….Miley loves older guys! HAHAHHAHA.

  • someone

    She has a wonderful voice, and I really liked the song!

  • mehdi

    soo coo; we love you miley…!!♥

  • john

    Sounds just like all her others songs… and pretty much every other generic ‘soft-rock’ song on the radio…

  • john

    and wtf is wrong with you people and ‘haters’… do you seriously have that much of an issue when someone dislikes your favorite recording artist that you have to become so defensive before anyone even says anything? Kiddies, get in to the real world.

  • MollyMakeout

    this is disgusting


    LMAO she is just absolutely terrible.

  • LuckyL

    john is a genius. Thumps up bud. It’s a childish, cop-out response.

  • LuckyL

    Not going to listen to it of course, but just wanted to say this: Failed artist capitalizing on the current cash cow little girl.

  • dfdf


    now meditate on this.


  • Ryan


  • cacey

    TRASH ATTRACTS TRash!!!!!!!!

  • Cara

    JJ what ever happened to freedom of speech? The cencorship is way over the top. Makes me wonder why you bother with a comments page at all.

  • http://! ivanka

    @Cara: I AGREE

    ew miley and fergie together singing!

  • Jeannified

    Didn’t I just hear something on the radio this past week, about her Mom supposedly having an affair with this guy, because Billy Ray Cyrus has become such a Hollywood prima dona? Seriously…I know I just heard that, because I was surprised at the connection…that these two (Miley’s Mom and this guy) were having an affair. Did anyone else reading this post, hear about that?

  • shortpeopledate

    She is jail bait

  • Annabelle

    Trash and slut.

  • T Shirts

    Great duet!

  • mely

    Miley is amazing!!

  • HeartofSerenity

    I love it!! But I love all of Miley’s songs. *Claps Hands*

  • rach

    That. Was. Just. Terrible!!
    Boring, unoriginal, uninspiring, neither of them can sing.
    And why is an old man singing about falling for a child?? This could become the pedos theme song.

  • rach

    That. Was. Just. Terrible.
    Boring, unoriginal, uninspiring, Neither of them can sing!
    And why is an old man singing ‘can i fall for you’ to a little girl? guaranteed to become a Pedo theme song. YUCK!!!!

  • AgentM

    Umm they both talk slowly and then someone with talent auto tunes it. No singing required! So silly really, but good for them and her parents.

  • lakers fan in boston

    this is imo a sign of things 2 come
    she’s gonna keep on getting crazier
    bret michaels….really….
    she’s just trash, she needs some1 2 control her before she gets 2 wild

  • casey

    im thinkin pretty trashy… how old is she doing this song????

  • JDMary

    LOL epic fail, she doesnt even really sing…..

  • Wookiee1807

    @dfdf: if she represents the US of A, then im living in the wrong damn country… my America doesn’t support pedophilia.

  • Shawna

    Ya know this would be a good song if it wasn’t Miley Cyrus singing it. Hello that is like pedophilia. She is singing a song with an older guy talking about getting naked and being so close they can hardly breath. Um yeah no! I don’t know how he father allows her to keep doing this over and over and over again.

  • DrewB

    old school trash meets new school trash.
    trailer parks across the country will love it.

  • Kera

    I don’t see anything wrong with it all except it’s oozing awesomeness.

    Nothing sexual in it at all.

    People need to look past Miley’s age and listen to the damn song.

  • Leah

    go miley you derserve it