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Gatorade Ends Tiger Woods Deal

Gatorade Ends Tiger Woods Deal

Tiger Woods has lost yet another endorsement deal.

“We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship,” Gatorade spokeswoman Jennifer Schmit said. “However, our partnership with the Tiger Woods Foundation will continue. We wish him all the best.”

Following AT&T and Accenture last year, Gatorade is the third company to part ways with Tiger since his personal life made headlines. Endorsement contracts with Nike, EA Sports, NetJets, Upper Deck and TLC Vision are all still active.

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# 1
remember da truth @ 02/26/2010 at 7:22 pm

I can’t see a picture of Tiger with Nike’s slogan “Just Do It!” really making sense for the company anymore…..

# 2

At least for the sake the kids and vets his foundation supports Im glad Gatorade will continue to support it, if not him.

# 3

@remember da truth: Thanks…never made the connection with the slogan until now, and no that’s really NOT good is it?

# 4

I just don’t get why this is such a big deal?

# 5

@Married: hmmmm maybe because he cheated with like 14+ other women…if it had been one, i might be asking that, but uh really?? 14 other girls???

# 6

Oh my god – i had no idea how many companies this guy was associated with. He was basically a walking billboard. And i thought he was a man-***** simply for sleeping with all those women. Turns out he was a financial-***** sell-out too.

# 7

biggest ugliest looser walking the street look at those disgusting lips ugh hes lucky he has money

# 8
unbelieveable @ 02/26/2010 at 7:44 pm

The second he starts winning majors again all these sponsors will come crawling back

# 9

He’s just skeevy now.

Well there you go. Tiger sucks. And is a *****.

Yeah!! Suck it Tiger!


Well because he used to pretend in interviews he was such a nice guy, a real family man.. and now we find out he’s had affairs with multiple women while he was still married and raising two children!!!!!!

I agree with *** and unbelievable. This is corporate America, after all/ a capitalist society.

Sucks to be him right now either way, doesn’t it?

All men are dogs – Fact. There is not one man who would not sleep with another woman if the chance passed him by, especially if their partner gave them permission to, whereas a LOT of woman would feel disgusting sleeping with another man, morally wrong, regardless. That’s one of the major differences between men and woman. Sex drives aside, men block their consciences out so often. Simple example: Ewan McGregor is in an open marriage but his wife has chosen to stay faithful. Some men are obviously worse than others, and it turns into an addiction or ego thing.

shame shame on Tiger!

If I were his wife….I would dump him! He had no respect for his wife and children. PERIOD. Probably won’t be the last time either.


I think he apologized too much. In my opinion he only needed to apologize to Elin. The more he publicly, apologized the less I thought of him.

@men: I thought Ewen McGregor liked men, not women. Could be wrong.

Tiger is going through difficult time at this point. Due to the fact that this comes from his private life we all may be in trouble. If he had broken the laws of the land then OK, but he was just out and getting ahead of himself. Yes his wife had a right to take a bat to him and walkout, but the rest of us should mind our own business. Your private life belongs to you, not me.

Katsaridoula @ 02/27/2010 at 6:44 am

ha haaaaaaa everyone laughs a woods now :-D

wonder if they have started using male birth control injections/pills on males yet & when that will take off…

Poor Tiger…I bet he’s going to have to file for bankrupty and the bank will foreclose on this home!!

Finally! I am not going to be a patron of any company that uses him as a sponsor! Woods had manipulated the public by creating that false persona of a family man, and then made a mint on it. What a hypocrite! He needs to just go away! Who cares how well he plays with a ball…

Tiger can still play golf. I agree am growing tired of hearing about his affairs.

I kind of agree with lexy though.

Would his wife stay with him if he didn’t have money?

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