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Lady Gaga Branches Out

Lady Gaga Branches Out

Lady Gaga adorns an interesting headdress as she leaves Zuma restaurant on Thursday night (February 25) in London, England.

Earlier in the day, the 23-year-old Grammy Award winning singer recently paid her respects to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen and attended his funeral service.

The service was held at Saint Paul’s Church in London and was attended by close family and friends including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and designer Stella McCartney.

The British fashion designer passed away earlier in the month.

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  • eliott

    Bambi’s evil twin.

  • eeee

    OMG I love her headpiece! only gaga could pull that off, gotta love her.

  • Natalie

    I love lady gaga she realy doesnt care about how people think about her. I realy like her personality

  • ck_always

    She’s so horny ..

  • ka-blamo

    I wonder if someone took a massive dump and spray painted it gold if she would wear it on her head and call it high fashion???

  • NativeNYker

    Girl is good and crazy! Luv it.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • bhf

    HAHAHAH that girl is crazy…this is the first time I really laugh at her. I mean not everybody would pull that off its like Bjorn’s swandress lol

  • MAC

    LOL!!!!! only nutcase like her can pull this off

  • bullshit

    omg ladybird!!! what are you doing with that on??

  • Talk Sense Girl

    Paying tribute to the Baphomet…

  • Talk Sense Girl


  • Eric


  • ck_always

    I think people missed my humor, lol.

  • Brian


    attention seeker.

  • ma74

    where is my chainsaw?I wanna cut it off

  • oh jesus

    I would be so pis.sed if someone came sitting in a restaurant wearing that, can you imagine how everyone around her would have to cater to her, and work around her? i like gaga’s music and performances but bish thinks soooo highly of herself.

  • Dog Lover

    I want one

  • ok

    Stuff like this would be funny if she didn’t take herself so seriously, but she takes herself SO seriously, so it’s just contrived and annoying and looks really attention to me.

  • hearts

    This is the craziest. I can’t stop laughing.

  • oh my lord

    She looks like a museum statue, that would be cool for a performance or photoshoot, not a freaking restaurant visit!

  • yo sista

    Soooo crazy but that’s Gaga for ya! She’s awesome but still that was weird

  • 15minutesfameisover

    once this tranny said she is a shy tranny, but always dress to get attention.. what’s this shemale point..

  • Dreads

    @Talk Sense Girl: haha I would have bet someone would say that. She’s crazy. I don’t like this….I agree with the others saying it’s not right to wear this to a restaurant.

  • smiley

    Hilarious! Wonder how she kept that thing on her head?

    She’s nuts……that’s for sure. Restaurant manger should have advised her to remove her nasty headpiece.

    Well…hopefully she got a nice headache wearing that thing. LOL

    It’s interesting how she can come up with nutty fashion ideas? They are just very bizarre and not normal for sure. Her brain must be a wired mess!

  • smiley

    forgot to add that she should be called:

    lady gag gag

  • eedi

    Gaga’s running the risk of allowing her attention seeking dress sense to overshadow her music. What does she want to be remembered for?

  • In The Know

    Attention Whore is about it! If she really was about sitting at a piano and singing, and pure great music……would she be wearing that.


  • Lada

    She’s CRAZY !!!!!!!

  • wavel

    Easy guys i made it, she looks amazing…

  • Roar

    Stuff like this would be funny if she didn’t take herself so seriously, but she takes herself SO seriously, so it’s just contrived and annoying and looks really attention to me.[2]

  • silly

    I love her. She shows everyone that shes insane. Shes being herself and doesnt care. Good for you

  • canoeguy1

    @talk Sense Girl: I think you’re right. Everything Gaga does has a specific meaning, and her outfits are no exception. Most people take it all literally and never scratch the surface (look at the number of people who thought her Tinkerbell dress at the Grammy’s was a ‘galactic dress with a spiky accessory’) . Gaga just went to Alexander McQueen’s funeral, who, you could argue, was killed by the fame. This outfit ties directly into the ‘Bad Romance’ video, where she essentially has a bad romance with the evils of the entertainment industry (depicted by Baphomet/fire).
    It’s a tribute to McQueen.

  • arianne

    @canoeguy1: I have to agree with you. People dont understand her and just by looking at her eyes you can see how she is like and everything shes gone through. Its weird I dont know why some people dont understand the meaning of those clothes shes wearing. Its something I dont get.

  • rpatzfan

    the meaning of her clothes is being an attention w**** ,art ?

  • canoeguy1

    @rpatzfan: Her outfits/videos/music are meant to carry a message, to provoke thought, and to tell a story – but only if you dig deep enough.
    She can’t get her message out if nobody’s listening, hence the ‘shock’ art to make people look and think. Notice how she often disappears behind her outfits with glasses, and an expressionless face, etc-it’s the message embedded in the art that she’s drawing attention to, not herself.

  • hmm

    @canoeguy1 Im starting to think you are in love with this drag queen. Why so much analysation???

  • dfdf

    @ hmm

    symbols mean more than a thousand words to the subconscious mind.

    now meditate on that.

  • dfdf

    @ ka-blamo


  • quick

    doesnt she want to be the queen of pop?? lmao

  • canoeguy1

    Actually, an artist named Teherence Koh, did exactly that, if info on the internet is correct. He sold the result for $500K, apparently. Now that’s an insane person…(not Teherence, who made more with one bowel movement than I make in several years of working, but the buyer)
    It’s what gives art a bad name sometimes.
    However, he redeemed himself by designing the piano for Gaga’s Grammy performance, with the monster claws coming out of the top.

  • dfdf


    HOLY SHITT!!!! 500K for that?!?

    on another note I’ve read it on a blog that the whole dusty performance was a symbol for Haiti…

  • jj

    I love how she pisses of trolls here. You go gurl! Love her style

  • T Pain

    How about:


  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    an idiot that wants attention.

  • http://N/A artisticguy99

    she just wants attention it’s her only way to stay relevant

  • mayer

    This girl gets famous becoz of her crazy look. Her music is nothin’ new. One Word : UGLY

  • emmaa

    Madonna at the Costume Gala, much?

  • atrium


  • bsqua

    good thing she has all that talent she can fall back on when this boring, calculated schtick becomes last months flavor.

  • cowboysdatingsite

    Wow, she is pretty