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LeAnn Rimes Plans San Diego Summer Dates

LeAnn Rimes Plans San Diego Summer Dates

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian head back to their car after doing some shopping at the Malibu Country Mart on Thursday (February 25) in Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer, who wore a summery sundress on her trip out, picked up a pair of jeans at Earnest Sewn on her shopping trip!

It was announced recently that LeAnn will be performing as part of the newly renamed Bridgepoint Education Summer Pops in San Diego this August!

LeAnn will perform on August 13 and 14 – tickets go on sale March 3 at!

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  • michaela

    Very nice! Love the summer dress and Eddie and Le Ann as a couple.

    Thank you JJ!

  • Flygplatsen utanför Berlin

    Yes, very nice indeed!

  • Puffin

    What is she wearing?

  • Annie

    That dress is very unflattering. It makes her chest look really far apart.

  • gina

    Is she preggers?

  • gina

    Is she preggers?

  • michaela

    Le Ann has FLAVA x’s 10. She’s traveled the world, has great taste in home decor, and a rich vocal gift that 99% of us would love to have. She’s got spunk, smarts and business savvy. She’s a catch!

  • alone

    she should get a tan to wear that dress but she must have an ugly tan so shes ugly anyways

  • cbme

    Is your name any indication of how you are, “alone?”

  • alone

    @cbme Yes, Im 15 years old.

  • ke$haluv

    luv her

  • hmm

    oh, lord. .. is she pregnant?

  • gwen

    They look happy.
    They have been a couple
    for about
    a year and a half now.
    Who cares.
    They are such an old subject.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    Why does jared keep posting on her, i love leann and all (Have since i was 8 yrs old) but she doesnt have an album out, she is not in any movies and is not doing the endorsing thing celebrities do. please jared, until she does any of these please do not post about her. you should focus more on someone who isnt chastized as of lately like Xtina Aguilera, she has a new movie out this year and a new album out in a couple of months. so please post more on Xtina and less on leann unless something big happens, (like if leann captures osama bin ladin, lol)

  • Cayenne


  • lisali

    I don’t think shes pregnant.. its just a flowing dress. She and Eddie look content & cute..

  • Earl

    Don’t know what all the fussen be bout these two. Country folk know animal behavor and what been goin on is just that. Ya see when the bull gets to feelin pressure it needs relief and thats what Le does. She reliefs the pressure. When a big ol rooster gets strutten bout the yard the hens hike up their tail feathers for him. If one hen aint been serviced for a time she chases the other hens away. Sometimes she pecks the eggs in a rivals nest so as to kill the chicks so as to get her rooster. Yup animals be animals and aint no changin that. Only diference be chickens dont sing karaoke (cant hold the micrafone).

  • Bright

    Jared posts what the celebrities pay them to post. It is the only way some of these celebrities can keep their name in the tabs. This is an advertisement for Rimes summer concert. Would any site post this story if they were not paid to do so? I don’t know why Rimes would want to be seen in that outfit. Eddie is the same lap-dog Deane was.

  • Sasha

    Another celebrity web site posted a photo and video today of his ex wife and son shopping. She is so much prettier than Rimes and seems like a nice lady with a sense of humor. What was Eddie thinking? Money, money, money.

  • Carrol

    Brandi Glanville, just posted on a celebrity website with the story “Eddie dumper her for Rimes!!!?” It’s a great post that shows just how much class she has. Of course Rimes supporters are tearing her apart for posting but then that just shows how much class they and Rimes have. Brandi looks and sounds fantastic in the post, picture and video. Gotta love that gal.

  • michaela

    # 26

    Self-promoting by any chance. LOL!!!

  • Jay

    Thanks for telling us when she is playing so we can make sure we are on the other end of the US. I just don’t like this couple at all. Bad Vibes and Bad Karma. YUCK>

  • Taylor

    Watching Brandi’s video and reading her post makes me realize just how stupid Eddie is and what he is really after. If LeAnn were smart she’d dump that guy. Brandi seems like such a vivacious and down to earth person. Obviously, Eddie isn’t looking for a wonderful spouse and home life but then maybe LeAnn isn’t either considering who she betrayed. Maybe Eddie and LeAnn just want to live in the fast lane of the limelight until they both burn out which should be in about a year. I hope Deane is as positive and in as good as place as Brandi. They both deserve so much better than LeAnn and Eddie and the public way their adultery was displayed. Disgusting people to enjoy causing so much pain.

  • Someone here who’s obsessed about LeAnn and whom LeAnn should place a restraining against can’t spell her name right. it’s LeAnn not Le Ann. Dumb a**

  • Maryjo

    LeAnn looks so great!!!! LOLOLOL She’ll never change. How long is Eddie going to play the game?

  • Jack

    Why are they posting her concert schedule? She’ll just cancel and leave her fans out in the cold as she does so often.

  • Polly

    Brandi’s post at X at 17 is great. I knew she was cool.

  • michaela

    hey jako, back again?

  • Taylo

    Odd. She needs a tan!

  • gwen

    I didn’t make post 19 (the one about EC and LR being happy), that was made by michela.

    So by hijacking my name, michela has just told everyone that she is posting under different names.

  • sara

    I am going to laugh my butt off when she gets knocked up and he dumps her for another ho just like her

    isn’t she supposed to be a Christian? What a joke!!

  • gwen

    While the media/press continue to pat Sienna and Getty on the back, is EC even divorced?

    Summer dates? Don’t you mean LR stages yet another “EC loves me and isn’t using me for money and free publicity because he opens a car door for me, holds my hand, and spends my money” photo-op?
    Why does the media/press keep trying to force this nonsense down our throats? No one is buying this and it doesn’t matter how many different photo-ops that Miss Rimes stages and how many times she instructs the media/press to write a nice little fluff piece. And the media/press continue to glamorize the disgusting behavior of these two making it even more obvious that they have negotiated with Miss Rimes for positive press.

    Did I call it or what? I said that Miss Rimes and EC were using the charity to whitewash their image and make it okay for them to stage their WEEKLY WATCH MY SHOW photo-ops and/or EC is not using me for money and free publicity because he appears out in public with me outside of the usual routine” photo-op.

    EC and LR managed to go about 3 WEEKS without being seen/heard, so the fact that we are even seeing them now means that Miss Rimes tipped them off. Miss Rimes didn’t get much attention from her latest stunt, so she has to go to the media/press and have them post info on her. It’s just like how people pay to place an ad in the classifieds. That is what Miss Rimes is doing. Paying to have an ad about her farce placed onto these blogs.

    What about EC kids? Once again LR is so insecure that she encourages EC to break a promise to kids.

    Once again, MR “It is not conducive to play anything out in public AT ALL” Cibrian breaks his word and promise to his kids. While the media/press continue to force this farce down our throats, they are making are showing just what a LIAR EC is. Since EC is not obligated to keep a promise to his kids, you know that he is not being faithful to LR. So who is EC cheating on LR with. EC is not LR boyfriend, he is LR freeloader. Notice how they threw in the part about how LR bought herself some jeans so that people would think that this was shopping spree to reward EC for his peformance at the charity event. Did anyone else notice how these blogs keep trying to convince us that EC is not using LR for her money by putting something about how EC either bought LR something?

    If LR keeps up this behavior, she is going to have to cancel those concerts.

  • gwen


    What do you think EC and LR are doing by tipping off the paps so that they can see them shopping?

  • cbme

    @alone: My congrats on your age. Learn something from all that is going on in the world today and don’t participate.

  • cbme

    No, the ex is NOT prettier than LeAnn. The legs are nowhere near LeAnn’s for pretty; I don’t see the natural look that LeAnn has on this face, etc.. I do see a smile on LeAnn’s face and have for years. Hope Eddie sees that and hope that is what made him see what he wanted in her – maybe she makes him feel like he is worth all the effort. I know she loves him – hang in there, LeAnn.

  • cbme

    @Taylor: Yes, indeedy, depending on someone else for your existence always depicts class. Telling your child that his father hates him and ripping up the tires on his motorcycle depicts all the old “class” you can find. Tell me, where can I get some of that kind of class?

  • cbme

    @gwen: Gwen, why do you suppose the ex is staging a photo-op while all the time telling us that she has moved on? Why is she doing this?

  • gwen


    1) post 47: Why is BG doing what? Oh you think that BG is stealing EC and LR thunder?

    Well perhaps EC and LR should stop staging photo-ops so that they don’t have any competition.

    BG has moved on. Was she seen engaging in pda with another woman’s husband? No?

    2) post 46: And you wonder why people think that you are having an affair with a married man. You said that you were cheated on yet you have no sympathy for the real victims. So when you say cheated on, I think what you mean is that everytime the married man was with his wife it felt like he was cheating on you.

    BG had every right to be angry. She was not wrong. You can not blame her. Sometimes I get the impression that you want BG to pat EC and LR on the back for their cheating and lying.

    3)”No, the ex is NOT prettier than LeAnn. ”

    BG is prettier than LR.

    4)”The legs are nowhere near LeAnn’s for pretty;”

    LR doesn’t have pretty legs.

    5)” I don’t see the natural look that LeAnn has on this face, etc.. ”

    LR doesn’t have a natural look.

    6)”I do see a smile on LeAnn’s face and have for years.”

    Because Miss Rimes enjoys wrecking havoc in the lives of innocent people. Didn’t you watch gremlins?

    7)” Hope Eddie sees that and hope that is what made him see what he wanted in her ”

    EC doesn’t even appreciate his own kids, now why do you expect him to appreciate LR.

    EC sees LR as a means to an end.

    8)”- maybe she makes him feel like he is worth all the effort.”

    Yeah right, a woman who sits backs and encourages a man to break promises to his kids can’t make a man feel worthy.

    9)”I know she loves him – hang in there, LeAnn.”

    What about LR actions say that she loves EC? Nothing. If LR loved EC she would encourge him to be a good father to his kids and none of these “date” photo-ops would not exist.

  • Mer

    LeAnn is a beautiful woman, but, most importantly, she’s not shallow.

    Thank you JJ. Eddie and LeAnn fans love all the pics and information you provide to us, and appreciate you giving us the option of clicking on the threads we enjoy reading about.

  • gwen

    They are a couple. Move on. They are an old subject.

  • gwen

    Where is my post?

  • gwen

    How interesting, so MER shows up when everyone knows that “cbme” usually posts at this time.

    Thanks for letting everyone know that you are posting under all these different names by hijacking my name. Post 50 and 51 were made by michela/cbme, just like she also made the post by mer.

    LR is shallow, why do you think it was possible for her to sleep with another woman’s husband?

    EC and LR don’t have any fans. You gave yourself away by hijacking my name 3 times in this thread alone.

    Posting for more info on EC and LR under different names it not going to save EC and LR.

  • gwen

    michela(aka cbme)

    Post 50 and 51 where she hijacked my name.

    EC and LR money are couple?

    People will move on when EC and LR learn to move on.

  • michelle

    The question is how long until he cheats on her? It isn’t a question of “if” but “when”. People like Eddie don’t change and she will learn that the hard way.

    They humiliated their exes with blatant cruelty and didn’t even bother to act discreetly in order to lessen the pain of his wife and family. I’m sure that Eddie’s next adultery will be discreet and it may be some time before Ms. LeAnn finds out but she will in the end.

    Nasty people.

  • the dq

    Ugly dress on an ugly piece of trash.

    I know she doesn’t really have any boobs, but that dress makes it look like her boobs are in her armpits.

  • Caitlin

    At first glance this appears to be a totallly uninteresting thread but to those of you new to the PR game I assure you that there is much more here than meets the eye. I mean, who cares that Rimes has concerts dates in So. Cal six months from now that she will probably cancel? Rimes PR team, that’s who.

    Michaela and Chris, who lead Rimes’ PR team were caught with their pants down yesterday. You see, X17 posted two threads, one of Rimes and one of Brandi Glanville. The Rimes thread is the same as this one but with closeup pics of Rimes that show her looking hideous with greasy hair like a rodent in a summer tent dress in February. The thread of Brandi on the other hand includes a video that shows her to be beautiful, vivacious, and laughing.

    In order to divert attention away from Brandi’s thread, Michaela and Chris quickly posted this thread on JJ with the oh so lame caption of the concert dates. Obviously M and C don’t think too fast on their feet. Another great thing about the x17 thread is that Brandi personally posted a comment and she sounds just wonderful.

    Michaela quickly began smearing Brandi in the thread, which once again only confirms the mean spiritedness in the Rimes camp. If anyone wants to learn more about Brandi, I encourage you to read the x17 thread in the context of how desperate Rimes is to destroy the innocent people she’s hurt.

    Rimes has hired Vince Gill to produce her next album in order to give her music some credibility. Even though Gill too is an adulterer, I think he is a pretty good guy and I wish he would leave the project so as to not sulley his name by associating himself with a woman so desperate to hold onto a fading career that she tries to destroy a woman like Brandi whose family Rimes wrecked.

    I hope all of you will leave Brandi and encourage post to off set Rimes vile nature.

  • michaela

    Jason, or whatever aka presently used, is back nasty as always.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the info. Loved her post and vid. I wondered why the first posts here were pro Rimes. Now I know. I see Rimes is now stealing posting names as well. Desperate.

  • jj

    Bravo #56..EC looks like a dog with LR holding the leash.

  • michaela

    Yesterday was Deane’s last day of cooking school. Once the divorce is done, June 19, he’ll be set for life. Though I think he’ll want to be productive and creative…. the guy doesn’t seem like a slouch.