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Nicole Kidman: Just Go With It!

Nicole Kidman: Just Go With It!

Nicole Kidman poses backstage during the 12th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel on Thursday (February 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Thanks to presenting sponsor Swarovski, Nine director Rob Marshall was awarded with the Distinguished Collaborator Award.

It was just announced that Nicole has joined the comedy Just Go With It, a movie starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker. Nic‘s role is being kept under wraps but the movie has an interesting cast, can’t wait!

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman at the Costume Designers Guild Awards…

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • ykw/you know who

    Nicole is going down, huh?
    What goes up…Must come down.


    Lovely as always.

    This is 42?

  • sienna

    I like her new hair

  • janie

    Her dress is so gorgeous and I love her current hair color!

  • paoiekins

    Shes definitely laying off the procedures. shes soo lovely.

  • MIMI


  • Megan fox rocks

    i love her , she’s so gorgeous and classy

  • Pasadora

    New movie. Yay. Exciting! I love her. :)

  • Ana

    ” I love her, I love her, I love her”, thats so stupid! I could never say I love someone who I dont really know! P.S.: She has the same
    Botox-Face as Jared Leto!

  • robbie

    you’re delusional

  • maggie

    ok I don’t think she uses botox, and if she does, well those are her damn business..for what I know using botox is not a federal crime so LEAVE HER IN PEACE for christ’s sake. she didn’t kill anyone.

    BUT her forehead is too big, I’ve always tought it, always..I think she should use another hairstyle although I like her long curly hair. I think she should use a hair cut that can cover part of her forehead. I don’t know like a fringe or something…

  • lexy

    She keeps out of the sun – that’s why she doesn’t have as many wrinkles and her skin looks so great! She’s said it many times that b/c she’s so fair skinned she keeps out of the sun. The tabloids have shown pics of her on sets with an umbrella to keep the sun off of her.
    Either way she looks lovely and she’s a terrific actress!!

  • Tina

    That dress is gorgeous and she looks so pretty. She is always so classy.

  • mousse

    A natural elegance. Despite her horrible Botox addiction that freezes her face to a waxen doll expression. And the colour of her shoes is wrong too. But she has the flair and classy presence which not many celebs have.

  • jaliah

    What happened, surely she can still get some decent roles? Adam Sandler, a reality star who is not an actress and a tabloid girl? Have the studio execs lost faith in her. I remember the first role she played where she is accused of drug smuggling…she was good.

  • T Shirts

    Still as lovely as ever!

  • http://tuti75 arlene

    mucho botox y colageno de labios y con lo bonita que era ,que desperdicio ,si fuera mas natural ,seria hermosa ,pero parece que ella no coje consejos.

  • Ana

    Robbie: No, I´m not! Its ony a fact, thats all!

  • African Girl

    Ok what are they trying to do to Aniston with this movie? First they cast her with a younger and more beautiful woman…i mean a swimsuit model for goodness sake. Like that isn’t enough to send the insecure woman’s teeth gnashing, they cast oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman.
    Boy, the low self esteemed woman child is gonna be a hot mess by the time shooting ends.They shoulda just left it with her and Sandler, at least with that there’s a slim chance she’ll be the pretty one.

  • emmy jay

    That is funny, AG!!!

  • NativeNYker

    Am thinking you are one of a few who thinks this cast is “interesting”.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Sims

    Who matched those shoes with that dress? Is Nicole color blind? Horrible look!

  • dani

    Love Nicole, but don’t like the color of the dress and the shoes she paired with it! Style is good. Her hair looks wonderful with the return to the red.

  • Carl

    OMG She’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!! she’s a great woman

  • Venom

    Love her current hair color! Love the dress. She is so skinny and perfect! Looks more like 22 instead of 42! Way to go Nicole!

  • jake

    I love, the dress. I agree,the shoe color,yikes. An off color shoe with the dress is nice,but that color is too off. Another site, shows a close up of her feet. Talk about YIKES. Her big toes!!!! EWWW!!!

  • hopeso

    One of Nicole biggest fans, thanks for the pictures Jared…YEAH!!!!!

  • eliott

    Nicole looks beautiful with red hair. She’s also a very good dramatic actress. Insipid comedies are not her forte. She deserves way better than an Adam Sandler movie co-starring a swimsuit model and that tv girl.

  • Smith

    Nice dress, the colour suits her. Black shoes would have looked so much better.

  • Puffin

    @eliott: You say that Nicole deserves way better than an Adam Sandler movie. Well, isn’t it up to Nicole whether she does a project or not? Obviously, she believes she deserves this project.

  • eliott


    Yes, Captain Obvious, it is ultimately up to Nicole to decide what role she takes, what dress she wears, and the color of her hair. Perhaps you don’t understand the nature of the comment section of a gossip blog.

  • ykw/you know who

    Oscar-winning actress Nicole must be having a hard time lately to accept a role in this movie with B-list actors.
    Oh well, What goes up…Must come down.

  • Anne Marie

    I posted Nicole being added to Just Go With It 2 days ago and everyone said that it wasn’t true. LOL! Perhaps Nicole wants to be in a hit film after her last 10 films have bombed including Nine. The pairing of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will prove to be a huge hit.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …oh boy… fugbag [x] and box office-poison kidman. i definitely wont be seeing it. at least [x] movie do decent numbers at the box office, and it isn’t because of her. safe to say this movie will gross more than any film kidman has done in the past few years.

  • Candi

    she’ll be the scapegoat if the movie is a bomb

  • Zoe

    The Kidman haters should really check the numbers before talking.
    Kidman is actually a far bigger box-office draw worldwide than both Sandler and Aniston. Her last film (Australia) made $211 million worldwide (and some people call it a flop!). Sandler’s last “Funny People” made only $71 million. And Aniston’s last “Love Happens” made $33 million (bahaha!). Sandler and Aniston might be big in the US but the rest of the world doesn’t seem to care much about them. Kidman, on the other hand, is an international superstar in addition to a respected Oscar winner. I probably won’t see “Just Go with it”. It sounds like a silly romantic comedy, the kind of sillyness that the American audience loves to see. I’m far more interested in seeing Kidman in “Rabbit Hole” (directed by John Cameron Mitchell) and “The Danish Girl”. And to the haters: those two films won’t make any money but I, for one, have far more respect for someone talented who takes big artistic risks like Kidman than for someone who does the same film over and over again (like Aniston, Sandler, Bullock and the like).

  • Anne Marie


    Jennifer basically has a supporting role in Love Happens. Aaron Eckhart was the main actor. Before Love Happens, a small indie film Management did poorly because of lack of money for advertising. However, Jennifer Aniston prior that had 3 films in a row open at number 1. The Break Up, Marley and Me and He’s Just Not That Into You. The Break Up grossed 120 Million domestic with a worldwide total of 230 Million dollars. Marley and Me had a domestic gross of 143 Million dollars with 250 Million worldwide and HJNTIY had a domestic gross of 97 Million with a worldwide gross of 175 Million dollars. Not to mention her huge hit Along Came Polly. This is why Jennifer is not going away. Poster Jill has said that her days are numbered……LOL! The haters have been saying that for 4 years and guess what? SHE’S STILL HERE with 2 films being released this year.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    nine – production Budget $80 million – domestic total $19,583,354 – foreign $19,516,640
    australia – production budget – $130 million – domestic $49,554,002 – foreign $161,788,219 (nobody outside of australia cared)
    the golden compass – production budget $180million domestic total $70,107,728
    the invasion – production budget $80milliondomestic $15million foreign $25million
    fur – $2million WORLDWIDE. not even$ 250 thousand domestic
    bewitched – c’mon, no numbers needed, we know that flopped.
    the stepford wives – production budget $90million – worldwide $102million.
    …”men lie, women lie, numbers don’t?” – JAY-Z
    …it’s safe to say kidman has no fans inside her own country.

  • rose

    Thanks Anne Marie..did you ever notice it’s the same haters that hate Jennifer that think kidman can walk on water I’ve got news for them it would have to be frozen

  • Anne Marie

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:
    I’ll add to your numbers

    Margo at the Wedding: Domestic gross, $1,959,420 Wordwide gross

    Fur: Domestic gross: $223,202 Worldwide gross $2,305,841

    Birth: Domestic gross: $5,095,038 Worldwide gross $23,925,492
    Production Budget: 20 Million dollars

    Dogville: Domestic gross: $1,535,286 Worldwide gross $16,680,836

    The Human Stain: Domestic gross: $5,381,908
    Worlwide gross $24,863,804 Production Budget: 30 Million dollars

    And there’s plenty more where those came from….lol!

  • smiley

    who cares if she uses botox or not? She is a beautiful classy woman who also happens to have porcelain skin that she takes care of very well.

    I wished I knew what kind of skin cleanser, moisturizer, make up she uses. You can’t even see her pores. Flawless!

    Wished I had her skin!!

  • Anne Marie


    Yes, I so agree with you. It’s so funny because Nicole is the Queen of box office flops……more than Jennifer has ever had.

  • Zoe

    Mmm… Margot at the Wedding, Fur, Dogville, Birth, The Human Stain, etc, are all small, independent and difficult movies. They were never meant to make money. Mentioning those movies as flops just shows that you don’t know much about cinema. And The Golden Compass grossed $380 million worldwide. Funny that you don’t mention that number Anne Marie. Which means that Kidman last two movies grossed nearly $600 million. Not too bad for the “Queen of Box Office flops”, don’t you think? And I’m not a Jennifer Aniston hater. She is completely harmless IMO. She’s good at what she does I guess but honestly, she just gives the same performance again and again. Even her biggest fans have to admit that. She just isn’t an interesting actress. At all.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    Moulin Rouge – trash
    Eyes Wide Shut – trash / bomb
    Practical Magic – trash / bomb
    The Peacemaker – trash / bomb
    The Portrait of a Lady – bomb
    To Die For – trash / bomb

    kidman ALWAYS tops the list for most overpaid actress. thats FACT. @Zoe: your opinion means nothing when there’s real fact saying how bad she is. ahahahahaahahahahahaha game, set, match! biiiiiiiiiiish! ahahahahaaha

  • Diego

    She looks beautiful, I love her!

  • Zoe

    InFamouslyCool- How old are you? Seriously?
    You consider Moulin Rouge, Eyes Wide Shut, The Portrait of a Lady and To Die For trash? Well that says a lot about your taste in movies (*cough*). Stanley Kubrick, Jane Campion, Baz Luhrmann and Gus Van Sant are really awful directors, huh? And “Marley and Me”, “The Break Up”, “He’s just not that into you”(lol) and “Love Happens” are modern masterpieces. Mmm…
    And yeah, Kidman was in the list of most overpaid actors in 2008. So was Cate Blanchett.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Zoe: dudette, a hate [x] more than anyone.. ok, not really. some of these people want to see her dead, i don’t dislike her that much. i’d just like to see her gone! anyway’s.. she’s trash. she’s built a career off of leading men.
    The Bounty Hunter – butler (who i’m not sure can actually act)
    Love Happens – Aaron Eckhart
    He’s Just Not That Into You – everybody.
    Marley & Me – owen wilson (actually a good movie. i have a dog. it was sad at the end)
    Management (c’mon, no comment)
    The Break-Up VINCE VAUGHN (only funny because of him)
    Rumor Has It… kevin costner (should have never been made)
    Derailed – clive owen (his movie)
    Along Came Polly -ben stiller (funny ONLY because of stiller)
    Bruce Almighty – jim carrey (his movie)
    so on and so on..
    she’s a supporting actress in everything. i’ll give kidman credit for standing on her own two feet and being the lead.

  • Puffin

    @Zoe: No, I think that says a lot about your taste in movies if you think Eyes Wide Shut was a great movie. I don’t care who directed the movie – just because he made it doesn’t make it a brilliant movie. That was the hardest movie to watch. No plot – B O R I N G! It received no award nominations, but it did get a whole lot of bad reviews!
    Marley & Me – there was a plot there – a wonderful storyline about a wonderful family – unlike that messed up family with a father who has some strange sex fantasy in EWS! Who didn’t cry when Jen said her good-bye to Marley? There was more emotion in that movie then anything Kidman could ever produce.

  • MBrasil

    Anyone who saw ”Nine” can’t disagree. She’s one of the most beautiful woman in the world. For me, she is the ONE. PURE PERFECTION and also an amazing actress. Lucky Keith!

  • slambang

    The shoes are horrible, all wrong, but I like the rest of it.