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Rachel Bilson: More Casting Agency Visits!

Rachel Bilson: More Casting Agency Visits!

Rachel Bilson heads to a casting agency on Friday (February 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress is back to L.A. after hanging out with fiance Hayden Christensen in Vancouver to watch the Winter Olympics!

Rachel was spotted out yesterday heading to a different casting agency.

FYI: Rachel‘s super chic purse is a Marci Horseshoe Tote by Chloe.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson going to a casting agency…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 01
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 02
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 03
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 04
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 05
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 06
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 07
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 08
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 09
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 10
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 11
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 12
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 13
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 14
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 15
rachel bilson bluewater ranch casting agency 16

Photos: WENN
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  • IamBW-BWisme

    what a sweetie :)

  • cacey

    CASTING? SO she acts? LET me just say she is going to loose out to a real actress.

  • alone

    She looks so comfortable with her clothes

  • lexy

    Rachel stop wasting your time at casting agencies!! You need to go to an ACTING class!! There are more talented actors serving food at the local diner or at the local high school play!

  • brightside

    Casting Office Cutie – Casting Agency Chic?
    What’s up with JJ – is he running out of imagination?
    Two casting agencies (and let’s not forget that they are agencies – this is not an offer of work) smacks of desperation.

  • someone

    can’t wait 2 hours for the next thread about that girl

  • brightside

    Yes – like she’s slept in them – doesn’t the girl own an iron!

  • annie

    shes about as chic as a dead rat. no talent or style. why do we have to see any pics of this dog. hayden get with it.

  • lexy

    @ Brightside – JJ is doing the best they can. I mean how much can they say about this has been who never was?? JJ’s gotta pay the bills so he’s gotta keep posting pics of Rachel. Next up – Rachel gets coffee and pastries or goes shopping!!

  • lexy’s no 1

    @ LEXY

    lexy, get your self over to the crazey days and nights web site
    and read there 4 for friday blind items, num 3 and 4,
    now we know why she has so many casting auditions,

  • brightside

    LOL – true that, so true.

  • jake

    How much longer do we have to suffer. The pop ad for that movie is killing me. I’m crying.

  • lexy

    I don’t know if they are talking about Rachel and Hayden. B-list seems a little high for both of them!

  • Ahari

    Desperatly trying to get a job for one of two reasons, either the CDAN blind IS about her and that’s the ONLY way she can keep any attention on herself, or it’s so she can legitimately stay in LA and not have to move to Canada and live on a *gulp* farm.

  • mickey

    Awesome, more walking in Los Angeles with the always stylish Rachel Bilson.

  • stacey

    aaaahhh… what is she doing with that???

  • lexy’s no 1

    @ LEXY,

    you are right on that, but it has to be put so its just stops just short

    of giving the name out when i read it that was the first name i thought
    of, and so do many in the comment’s.

    and we know how that site just love’s them both. (not).

  • brightside

    I would say that both are c-list but with b-list recognition. But I can’t see anyone paying 35k for a sexual favour from anyone. Weird item – only in Hollyweird. LOL,LOL,LOL

  • lexy’s no 1


    even doing that she is still a bargin basment ho,

    i mean got to keep your self in handbags and shoes.

  • stücki

    @ all lexys — She is doing something to find work! and she is quite a good actress and is young and will became better with the years and experiences!

    She is not like a jessica biel who runs all days with her pigs silly face around after her boyfriend and is not really interested to work!

  • Whoever

    Wow! She has haters?! I know she was on the OC and no one from that show could act, but anyone that says she cant dress knows nothing about fashion! She dresses very cute and casual which is why I always love to see her in magazines! Anyway, is that her hair?

  • lexy’s no 1

    @ STUCKI

    if she is that good why is she not working like now?

    since jumper and a few blink and you miss her jobs? what has she
    been doing?

    oh sorry i forget shopping, going for cups of coffie, being a media whore, blah blah blah, she is on another level at being boring.

    BTY- she is hitting 30 should she not have her range now?
    and not play i’m so cute and dont look my age now card?.


    #3 & #4- Do you have $35,000? Well, if you do and have an hour to kill, you can have sex with this former B list television actress who has a B list movie actor for a boyfriend. Well I guess he is B list. He had a chance to make A list but his above the line movies have bombed. Our actress is not even bothering to audition for acting jobs at this point. No one can understand how she maintains her lifestyle without acting. Now you know. Oh, the boyfriend doesn’t care because he is just not that into women. (If true then we all know how he paid for her engagement ring which was estimated at 30,000.)

  • lexy

    Excuse me but Jessica Beil’s movie opened at #1 and was #2 last week. Nothing wrong with Jessica exercising either. And by the way, if you compare acting credits – Jessica’s resume is much more filled up than Rachel’s and they are about the same age. Jessica did Broadway!! Say what you want about Jessica but the girl managed to survive Broadway – where she went on and performed to a live audience. Justin’s done nothing for her career expect have the teeny boppers hating on the poor girl b/c they dreamed of marrying him!

  • brian

    i have to agree that sounds like bilson and christensen

  • She’s a bottomfeeder

    She needs to give it up. She can’t act and everyone knows this after Jumper and NYILY. Three sets of re-takes for an 8 minute segment and hardly any lines. A walk on in HIMYM with about one line and everyone is getting on that show. EVERYONE. Even Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be going on it. Lindsay Lohan even got big press prior to her stint on Project Runway. She did it the week before and SUCKED.

    Rachel can’t act. She can’t design. She was caught and publically castigated for copying another designer’s work and calling it her own. She called Zac Posen’s line last year sh*7. You can tell from her clothes that her own fashion sense is blah. Doesn’t even write her own so-called column in InStyle. It’s Q&A and her publicist does it. She just ‘approves’ it. The hair is two tone and fugly. The face is nothing more than girl on the street. pretty Hippy with short legs and a big butt plus no chest does not equal fashion model or clothes horse. Getting old looking fast. Shopaholic. Medi@wh073 who calls the papparazzi to record the fact that she’s looking for work now (and mostly not finding it) as well shopping, having lunch, shopping, having coffee, shopping, shopping, shopping, having dinner, shopping, taking out the recycling, shopping, etc. etc. I guess we will have endless photos of her looking for work now instead of drinking coffee and shopping?

    Her husband to be is a PERFECT match for her, being a rapidly aging C-budget actor with the worst reputation of his generation of actors thanks to Star Wars and Jumper, and as much a recluse as she is a medi@wh073. He usually looks awful since he doesn’t shave much or wash his hair or his clothes but she trotts him out or begs to be seen publically with him so that she can be seen as something other than an unemployed actrine out doing nothing but getting her picture taken doing it. Like a performing midget lipranzer mare only not as intelligent. Even a horse can be taught to read cue cards. Rachel can’t act without them. Or with them.

    How much does she pay you to run these endless posts for this untalented employable loser, Jared?

  • Jeren

    duno why i never liked this girl..maybe because she cant act??? or lookin so phony?? she s helpless

  • Marie

    Lookin’ haggard, Rachel. Well done.

  • the truth

    No 26 he did great in star wars and people keep saying that? Yes she run behind cause she think its ok to do that>hayden has done nothing wrong to anyone.Sure his has made it but don’t blame about that ok. How people can be about others Rachel is the one that should be talked about here.What you say about her is true but hayden don’t have nothing to do what she do. Rachel is the one wasting her time on him .Hoping that he would make her a star.Noone told rachel to stop trying to get her act together.She was the one that was banking on Hayden to do it for her.Hayden always going to gety something to do.Rachel is one that is lazy. She always depend on the men she date to get her something. And lexy noone hate rachel for being with hayden she don’t want to be with hayden herself.Why didn’t hayden come back home with her? if they so much in love with her.And about the ring hayden still didn’t say he brought her a ring.itwould have been mention on E!.Those magazines tell lies and you all believe it. LIke jj promoting her about her when she went to canada. JJ you needto stop bringing that up.If hayden wasn’t asked to come she wouldn’t have went no where.It look like the blame is on hayden and he hasn’t nothing to you No.26 Noone knows what be going on with him personally.He’s aperson trying to make it the way he want.So he don’t have to owe hoolywood nothing. Rachel was against hayden in star wars she’s no better that you talking about him.As being her boyfriend don’t think its real anymore cause people don;t about them like theydo the otherscouples.Real couples be together are talk about what going on with their lives these two don’t. If something do go with them her rep come and clean it up them.Like in oct they was having problems and her came and lied for her saying that she didn’t have ttwitter page and she does.All this about hayden has to can’t bame him cause rachel don’t have nothing to do.Rachel has to stop depending on people to help.Hayden didn’t tell rachel to follow him in newyork ilove you movie.Rachel did that herself.Yes on other actress get movies but you got to be all the time.And rachel never said that she want to live in canada with .If she did she would stay with him instead are coming back home.This where she wants to live and hayden undrestand that. But its not relationship when both can’t agree to live with each other.Hayden has his house and i know he told her that last year when he was here working.He already three years ago that he wasn’t coming to LA much.Then she said that she didn’t want him around her much.He was only coming down here to work.If she didn;t want him around her then she should have told him.Lexy you need to comments on nothing you don’t nothing about.If hayden didn’t have fansthen who would go see his movies?Nothing is wrong about being a fan.Rachel don’t have too many at all.Its ok to dream we all know that can never have him but wesure candream about it.Rachel don’t treated him like that all.All she want to is use him in those tabloids that out on the newsstands every week.So it willget her somewhere other than him.She never support the movies he do.She gets mad when he do one and don’t include her in one.Can’t say that’s her boyfriend the one she act toward him.JJ promoted that idear for them like its something special and its not.They wasn’t the only one went otherecelebrities went there too.Wedidn’t see that many time.Its boiled down to now its someon’s fault thatshe isn’t any jobs.She’s the one blame fror doing that herself.She did grow-up like hayden. Things was given to rachel hayden had to work for his.Hayden don’t have to work ifm he don’t want to.And for hayden given her something.He don’t. I see she had to buy herowe clothes for herself when she was you all know need to stop saying that its crazy. And jj stop talking about when she went to canada everyone know that. andit wasn’t job that she did. She made herself go to be seem!No more hating hayden!

  • towhoever

    not everyone on The OC is a bad actor. I suggest you check out Ben Mckenzie’s work on Southland, Junebug, Johnny Got His Gun. He’s the least papped among the OC actors, you rarely see paparazzi pics of him, and he’s never mentioned in thefashionspot and all those fashion sites. He shows up on Just Jared maybe a handful of times a year, but he’s gotten the best critical notices for his work among all the ex-Ocers. New episodes of Southland begin March 2 on TNT.

  • Amanda

    @lexy no. 1

    It’s totally those 2. LOL

  • brightside

    JJ does so love to post about his favourite d-listers…..

    Pasty skin + puffy eyes + wrinkled brow = the face of a desperate d-lister trawling for a part. Any part.

  • anna

    How many casting agency’s will she go to before someone gives her a job? I’m sure Jared will be there to cover it like always!

  • brightside

    New word for today,

    Q: Is Rachel Bilson an example of floccinaucinihilipifacation?

  • sidony

    Her GLUM face says it all that she didnt get the part (again) from the casting office/agent the other day. I’ve told you Douchel… you’re just good for nothing but just “mediawoooring”!

    #3 & #4- Do you have $35,000? Well, if you do and have an hour to kill, you can have sex with this former B list television actress who has a B list movie actor for a boyfriend. Well I guess he is B list. He had a chance to make A list but his above the line movies have bombed. Our actress is not even bothering to audition for acting jobs at this point. No one can understand how she maintains her lifestyle without acting. Now you know. Oh, the boyfriend doesn’t care because he is just not that into women.
    Yeah it totally screams for/to the ONLY so-called celeb couple who wh0res out to the max during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

  • Answer

    Love those little buttons

  • Ms Anonymous

    Hating destroys the soul, you guys really need to quit it.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Douchel… how immature.

  • Rayden’s flying circus

    @Ms Anonymous:
    “Hating destroys the soul” : only for a Jedi.
    “how immature” : everything on here, sweety, because of 98% of
    stupid teens on those threads.

  • the truth

    We all know why rachel went up jj it wasn’t to be with hayden at the Olympics. She wanted something ok.Its not that a big are a deal.She only went for personal gain anyway cause other people went as well at the same place.Why didn’t you show them to?You the only site that promoted her every week. Knowing her reps are paying you to that. I already what’s going on.Just because E! and other didn’t put her on their show she has to come on sites.She has to do more than to canada to get attention for herself. Who do that anyway/ you have to do work and show yourself. Instead are hanging with hayden and where he live. And using her relationship with him to get somewhere.That’ what is all about no celebrities use their relationship with other people for attention. Need to leave hayden out are this anyway. she’s on her own and he’s not around to help her out this time. She knows that people going to mention it that why she went up there. She need to start going back out there herself no matter what they ask her about her relationship with him.If they are not dating or is its ok.Update on E! was not good.What have they been doing in between that?She need to update in magazines instead are the gossip sites all the time. Just seeing don’t mean nothing. Natalie is still the best one.

  • c

    Should have stayed home if she really wanted a job real bad!

  • the truth

    Why don’t you all just say that they are living apart? That would stop all are this right now right. And jj should do the same it seems that way Right? Noone has to say anything about her being in canada anymore. He has his life and she has hers right.Are he would have came back with her right?Noone has to discuss the ring , the relationship or rather or not she is engaged.WE see what’s going on before our eyes anyway.Then the next time jj post her he don’t have to say all are that. This is seems this is all she did this month. Didn’t need to do all this like last year.She hasn’t done anything like lastyear.Hayden is the one that deserve this not her.She stole the limelight from him that was his moment to shine.And she went up there to that. Do we see any pictures are him now? That’s because she was up there.Need to find pictures are him doing something instead are her everyday.Should have read hayden and rachel living apart.

  • aberfitch

    @ Rachel Bilson: More Casting Agency Visits!
    What a WH0REiffic story!
    Btw, w/o her shades on, RaTchel surely beginning to look more & more like her witchy-hag looking mom. No wonder, for almost all the time, it (shades) was plastered all over her face.

  • Alias

    @42 – Since at least one cr@p for brains RB hater has to bring NP up in a RB thread all the time… Natalie is a big fraud and a homewrecker. Beneath the good girl image she so carefully has manufactured is a hypocrite so NP is not the best one, sorry!

    I’m no big RB fan but even on her worst day she’s must be better looking than all the fat, ugly, pimple faced, obese, bitter haters who post here all the time. And if you’re going to throw it back that I hate on NP on all her threads that’s fine, but I hate her based on her comments and actions while you losers hate based on looks and her life with HC.

  • tom

    The three worst couples that call themselves actors, in the history of Hollywood.

    Rachel and Hayden
    Jen Gardner and Ben Afflect
    Jenifer Lopez and that gross Mark guy that she is married to.

    None of them should call themselves actors. But for some reason people pay them to do so.

    Rachel is cute and that is a big plus.

  • sterling

    Midge(t) NOT even listed here… (but her ex co-star Mischa Barton is)
    Tsk… how poorly-cheap; maybe even her numerous photo ops just cost a “Penny Per Dozen” LOL

  • Alias

    @42 – who the heck is Jen Gardner and Ben Afflect? Are they from a parallel universe?

  • lexy

    Jen and Ben must be doing SOMETHING right b/c both are always employed and don’t have to spend the day going to casting agencies to get work.
    I’m no J-Lo fan and agree – she’s a loser but Mark doesn’t call himself an actor. He calls himself a singer and he’s quite successful at it.
    Who’s hating on Rachel b/c they are in love with Hayden?? I think you have confused Hayden with someone famous and talented…like Justin Timberlake or one of the guys from Twilight. Most people outside of Canada don’t know who Hayden is and sadly careerwise he’s become a D-lister.

  • a fan
  • Alias

    I guess I can count put one in the column of the fat, ugly, pimple faced, obese, bitter haters who post here all the time LOL

    And a person must be in real denial or real naive to to think there isn’t at least some hating of RB because she’s with HC. And if you want a real example of a D-Lister, try Adam Brody, he who’s starring in some lame Rush Hour ripoff!! LMAO! He should be a Z-Lister, he’s so lame.