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Shakira & Nadal: Gypsy Video!

Shakira & Nadal: Gypsy Video!

Check out Shakira‘s hot new video “Gypsy” featuring tennis champ Rafael Nadal.

“Shooting this video with Rafa was a great experience, he is very sweet and made it easy and fun,” said Shakira. “He and I have so much in common — starting out so young in our respective careers and traveling the world — I felt this would translate the spirit of the lyrics in the song and I was thrilled he wanted to be a part of it.”

Nadal added, “It has been a great experience and I had a lot of fun doing it. I had some time in between tournaments and preparation and could not miss this opportunity. Shakira, as always, was spectacular. Working with a woman as charming as her, well, it makes it a lot easier to tell the truth. It was great, very easy, she’s really sweet and that always makes the hours go by faster.”

Gypsy” is from Shakira‘s latest album She Wolf. Watch it below!

Shakira & Nadal: Gypsy Video!
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  • Rachel

    poor xisca!

  • aw

    I love this video.
    Perfect amounts of sexy and cute :)

  • isaac

    love nadal!!

    he is super cute, when he smiles;
    he is super hot, when he plays;

    and he is a great talented and hard-worked player.

  • Yeah

    They’re both incredibly hot!

  • Kim

    wow they’re very close

  • explode girl

    oh god she’s a bomb !!!

  • Udb

    Rafaaa! (L)

  • gossip

    she is really attractive

  • andres

    Shakira is absolutely amazing. Her songs and videos are incredible and she alone is a remarkable woman!!! I respect and adore everything she does!!
    This song is fantastic, lyric and music wise!!!
    The video is great too!!

  • lovely

    Shakira is such a goddess. So freaking flawless (although she’s short but short is cute when you’re in proportion). Plus she writes all her own stuff and is super smart and kind. Nadal’s awesome too.

  • lesbian

    I wonder what her boyfriend thinks about her lol

  • :)

    “People fear what they don’t know”

    love her…

  • Nic

    She is beyond hot, but he was so uncomfortable in this video, haha bless him. And wow at them kissing at the end, i guess his girlfriend gave permission.

  • vi_1004


  • jdub

    boyfriend!!!! Rafael is soooo good looking!

  • lol

    This is the first time I don’t find Rafael totally fugly.

  • lyricist

    I love her too. We have the same opinions. And Nadal is a gentleman.

  • Nukiland

    He looks really hot!! I think I’ve fallen in love… RAFA I LOVE U!!

  • yo sista

    Shakira is a stunner! Nadal is so HAWT!!! Cute couple.

  • Alie

    At least he’s not picking his wedgie for once!

  • adrianna

    she can’t sing but nadal is HOT

  • lola

    Don’t think I will get tired of this video anytime soon….ahhhhh….

  • eedi

    Great tennis player but geez, his face…….. Shakira on the other hand…. :)


    Shakira is pure talent & an amazing aura!

    Rafa is mega hot & talented ;)

  • ummahyk

    cute song..i admire schakira because she writes her music and her lyrics..she’s different from all the others on the market right now..congratulations shakira!

  • Deedz

    Love him.

  • jhon

    i lov herrrrrrrr
    she’s so gorgeous, talented and hot
    shakira is great artist, diferent and original
    VIVA COLOMBIA!!!!!!1

  • hypn0tikal

    Jesus Christ, can Rafa be any hotter? Glistening and all.


  • Mariela


  • vivi

    NADAL = Yummy!! ; D

  • delilah

    Shakira is a goddess. She’s so sexy and seductive and gorgeous. Rafa is a hunk of man meat as well, oh my! They look totally smitten with each other, the chemistry is off the charts!

  • Ashley

    love the video!!!!

  • nat

    Loved the song, and liked the video, very artistic video.

  • What

    Lame. When will people realize that ‘gypsy’ is not a word to be thrown around lightly? It is a highly derogatory term used to describe the Roma people.

  • Diego

    Shakira’s hot I love her, but Nadal he’s not he looks as if he’s in shock all the time. Love Shakira anyway!!!

  • andamentothat

    Another hit for Shakira.. Rafa does a good job in the video as well.. By the way they should hook up!

  • ralu

    OMG!!! OMG!! They kiss !! For real… UUUUUh

  • sharon

    Somebody told me Shakira was fat in real life

  • happy girl

    shakira is always a reminder of what a truly beautiful woman is. she is stunning, curvy, toned, in great shape, not a stick and just a perfect body. i mean, she can’t be any hotter. she puts other women to shame. love shakira! oh, he’s hot too.

  • S*

    I dont loooove the song but I like it…the video is AMAZING!!
    This is the proof of a natural beautiful woman ( Heidi and learn poor girl!)

    Never thought of Nadal as a cute guy…but I guess he’s ok

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …she’s fcuking hot. but that muthafcuka’s.. so.. fcuking.. ugly!
    @ummahyk: …you think my-sexy-shakira’s the ONLY female artist who writes her own music? LOL say it aint so. =]

  • alone

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Rafa is a hard-worker something you probably arent. Hes hot and he knows it

  • helene

    nadal soooo hoooot … shakira … ugly song …

  • rosmiller

    To whom it may concern
    Only run with scissors
    When you want to get hurt …

    Are you coming with me???
    I migth steal your clothes and wear if they fit me

    hahaha….LOVE the methaphor!
    This is who I am;
    Do you acept me with all my flaws?
    Cause I am not going to change even if I tried.

    Beautiful Lyrics!

  • LeviKlein

    That video just made me really happy for the rest of the day!
    Gypsy wasn’t my favorite song in the album (I prefer by far Men In This Town) but that video is simply perfect. It’s sweet, sexy, dreamy and sensual, and it makes me like the song SO much better!
    I love the way Rafa kisses her at the end, very slowly, very sweetly, it gave me chills.

  • Mike

    Cannot get enough of Rafa. That was scorchingly hot. I think I need to be alone for a sec…

  • Maria.

    I can’t believe Nadal and Shakira made out!! I was like GASP!!! But i looovee him!! She’s got a killer bod!!

  • xxx

    Its Anna Kournikova and Enrique 2.0……

  • Ankka

    I love the video!!! i love the song!!! I LOVE SHAKI!!!! XXXXXXXX this should be a NR.1 HIT!!!!!

  • MsNJS

    I don;t really like the song but she is so cute. I love Shakira!