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Marie Osmond's Son Commits Suicide in L.A.

Marie Osmond's Son Commits Suicide in L.A.

Marie Osmond‘s 18-year-old son Michael Blosil leapt to his death Friday night (February 26) from his downtown Los Angeles apartment building.

ET reports he left a suicide note referring to a lifelong battle with depression.

“My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time,” Marie said through her publicist Saturday.

Marie‘s brother Donny Osmond added, “Please pray for my sister and her family.”

Marie and Michael‘s father, Brian Blosil, pulled the plug on their 21-year marriage in March 2007. The couple had two biological children together and adopted five others, including Michael.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Osmond family and friends.

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  • CanadaGirl

    Poor Marie. My condolences to her and her family.

  • http://Website Stella

    I’m sorry to hear this tragic news for the Osmond family. I wish we address depression more in society and stop trying to sweep it under the carpet or looking at it like it’s a weakness. More lives maybe saved if we got people help.

  • sweetie

    How sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  • Celia

    I just don’t understand how something like this happens. It seems their loved ones, especially their parents, would KNOW if something is wrong and would try their best to make sure the person gets well. Anyone who is about to commit suicide gives out some kind of warning. It doesn’t just happen out of the blue. His family was not paying close enough attention to him. But I feel very sad for that family. It’s really tragic to lose a child at such a young age, especially one that took his own life.

  • FuglyGarner

    just another thing for them to exploit by having donny go on Entertainment Tonight every night for the next month to talk about it.

  • bob

    @Celia: Celia, maybe if his mother wasn’t so concerned being a celebrity she would have taken better care of her son then maybe he wouldn’t have off’d himself.

  • slambang

    #5 and #6 – You are awful. Suicide is a tragic and heartbreaking thing for any family to go through. Unless you’ve been in that situation (as I have), you need to shut up!

    Rest in peace, Michael.. Condolences to Marie and the family.

  • pines

    wut has the world come to

  • janelle

    My condolences to the Osmond Family. I wish them the best in this tough time.

  • Holly

    It’s so easy to be an ignorant S.O.B when your behind a screen, isn’t it posters 5 & 6.

    I am so sorry for their loss. Depression is such a hard thing to manage. My thoughts will be with them, always.

  • Annodam

    Depression and Anxiety are very serious conditions and should be looked after very carefully. I suffer everyday for these conditions.
    Thoughts and Prayers to Family and Friends Of Michael

  • dani

    @Celia and Bob

    Often people who are depressed act normally and many are surprised when they do commit suicide. Parents and siblings and others who are close can miss the signs simply because the person has cried “wolf” before or pretends to be well so that the parent or sibling will leave them alone.
    Unlike a mental illness, you can’t keep everyone who suffers from depression institutionalized. You can’t force them to live at home or with a caregiver because they are functioning and often high functioning individuals who are able to do everything a non-depressed person can do.
    Before you both make additional ignorant comments, perhaps you should do some research on the matter instead of spouting off about someone that you don’t know and don’t know the person’s situation. For all you know his girlfriend broke up with him or he lost his job or something–these stressors are enough to send someone inclined towards depression into a downward spiral.

  • Jen

    RIP Michael. So sad to hear this, Depression is such a horrible condition to deal with, it’s just very tough, but like someone said, society ignores this while people keep on dying.

  • G

    Depression can sometimes have NO outward, clear symptoms. Make sure you and your children/friends/family members see a mental health physician (a psych doctor) as part of a routine annual check up.

    It’s a matter of life and death for some.

  • LadyB

    I don’t think Hollywood is a great place to raise children, esp., if your child is suffering from depression. Celebrities that have made it in Hollywood have a choice to move out and move back when their kids grow up. I just think in a place like that, things like depression are heightened.

  • Lillianne

    oh god she’s going to go on tv an talk about this

  • Anon

    This site has many links if you or your loved one is dealing with thoughts of suicide or need help with depression/PTSD.

    My sympathy to the Osmond/Blosil families on the loss of their Michael. May you find serenity some day, able to remember the good memories once again. God Bless you all.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Infamously Cool, don’t even THINK about it.

  • anne

    oh my god! i’m so sorry to hear this. first andrew koenig, now Michael Blosil. my deepest sympathy to marie and her family.

  • Rhonda

    Oh, my goodness, life sure can be unkind. Dear Marie, hold on, we love you and are praying for you and your family.

    RIP, Michael

  • Celia


    My comment was not ignorant. I’ve taken a few psychology classes and I’m also minoring in Human development. There are ALWAYS signs. His family was probably too busy to notice, but I’m sure they knew something. He was checked into a rehab facility for undisclosed reasons. They knew something was wrong. I just don’t think he was given enough attention as is evident by his suicide note. This is the 3RD suicide that’s been reported by the press in the last few weeks: Alexander McQueen, Andrew Koening, and now this. There are always signs! They should have been paying more attention to him. Someone should have.

  • well…..

    ok so now we can rate comments and get them removed and we can ead 29 out of 30, deleted posts

    genius Jared

    you retard

  • AGA

    @Celia: I agree with Dani–you are an ignorant Twat!! Taking a few classes does NOT give you ANY personal insight into Depression and it def does NOT give you the right to act like you know it all–when you do NOT!! I’m sure Marie looked after him and got him help,but sometimes the pain does not go away and it it VERY easy to hide extreme pain from loved ones.
    So,come back when you or a loved one has actually had depression and give us your expertise then.

  • April88

    Celia—-do you have any idea how hurtful your comments are? You are saying no suicide just happen out of the blue BULLSHI T>It happens all the time and it’s the family that are left behind hurt & angry.They try to work out in there minds-what did i miss/why didn’t he talk to me/someone.And then it’s the fam that has to seek help.
    for you to add insult by saying i’ve done a FEW classes is horribly cruel and ignorant. Get back to those books,maybe ask your professor the stats of suicides that do leave notes or those who shock their families. You must be a sheltered person to have made these statements. I was ready for the idiots saying MO&DOwould go
    on TV.
    Also WTF do McQueen & Koenig have to do with this? nothing

  • Geraldine Hegarty

    My deepest sympathy to Marie and all the family – such a terrible tragedy for them all to bear – our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time
    Michael Rest in Peace

  • G

    People, Depression is VERY difficult to diagnose if you’re not a doctor. Depression is a medical condition and you should not assume you know better than a doctor. Your kid/friend/family member does NOT have to be a drug addict, alcoholic, drop out, criminal, gothic, tortured artist, or whatever – to suffer from depression. This is IMPORTANT – there is no outward appearance that says “this person is depressed.”

    Some commonly overlooked symptoms? Loss of memory, loss of interest in activities that can be disguised as “moving onto other things,” loss of regular sleep patterns, incoherent speech that is circular and reflective, thoughts of mortality, etc. These things are often overlooked unless you know what to look for.

    If you go to a psych doctor, they have surveys to measure depression. Make sure your kids and family members don’t joke about this kind of stuff and make it part of their annual check up.

    In my town, a man killed himself by waiting in front of a moving train after dropping off his kids to school and kissing his wife goodbye on her way to work. They had NO idea he was suffering from severe depression until they consulted with a psychiatrist and compared symptoms one by one. Depression is just not that obvious to non doctors.

  • LuckyL

    This year is already full of death…how sad.

  • AutumnM

    So sad. My condolences to Marie and her family. I know they must be devastated.

  • Celia


    She looked after him? When he was in an apartment in downtown Los Angeles by himself?? I didn’t say I was an expert on depression. People are clearly misunderstanding me, so I won’t say anymore. I know I have suffered from depression since I was 12 years old and suicide is something that I take very seriously. My heart goes out to his family and I wish them the best during this difficult time.

  • madmax

    my deepest sympathy to her family. It’s so sad he decided to end his life

  • Go Ask Alice

    Why is my post awaiting moderation?

    I said nothing inthis post or any that is vulgar, cruel and flameworthy.

    I HAVE NEVER been a sick or crazy poster here.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I flaged my post asking it be posted.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I am going to be the diplomat here and not falme anyone and go out on a limb and assume no one here is being so cruel. Call me stupid to think this, giving others, credit. Some decorum. I am a fan of MO. I think for the most part she has tried to live normally away in Utah and kept her private life and kids, all 8 of them, from the media spotlight.

  • happy girl

    RIP Michael. Yes, depression is a terrible illness that needs more attention. So sad for his family.

  • :(

    My condolences go out to Marie and her family.
    Suicide is a heart breaking thing to go through and I know first hand how badly it hurts and the tremendous amount of self blame you can put on yourself for not having “saved” the person.

  • g!na

    wow,deaths come in three’s but 3 suicidal deaths just happened in hollywood – Alexander McQueen, Andrew Koeing & now Marie Osmond’s som Michael Blosil. So sad to hear this! I too suffer from depression. I have tried to commit suicide before in 2004. I’m so very thankful i got a second chance. I had a friend who killed himself last year because he was depressed but never showed it. he hung himself & left a note! we were in shock. Just remember – SUICIDE IS A PERMANENT SOLUTION FOR A TEMPORARY PROBLEM! just say this if you ever feel like u can’t handle things and know things do get better with time.

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    My deepest Synpathy to all the family for the loss of their precious son.

  • Watch What You Say

    @Celia: Hi Celia. I think maybe you are lashing out on this issue because you feel like nobody is caring for or looking after you. Since you have taken psychology, I’m sure you know what “projecting” means. If this is the case, I’m sorry. It’s awful to feel that way. Please know that people DO care, even if it doesn’t always feel like it is so.

    The truth is that everybody has their own life to live. You can’t watch somebody 24/7. People have varying degrees of depression all the time. Suicide isn’t normal behavior, and somebody that is thinking normal would not expect somebody else to commit suicide. If someone wants to take this action, I really don’t think it’s possible to stop them. Most people that go to therapy do not improve because they aren’t honest with themselves or others about their problems. For example, have you ever met an extremely difficult person to deal with? Ask that person if they think they are difficult, and they will say that they aren’t, and that it is everyone else that is difficult. Take that person to a therapist and ask them to change, they won’t change until they can admit their behavior.

    My point is that people are in denial all the time. Michael may not have displayed how badly he was hurting. His family may not have realized how deep his problems were. There’s no reason to blame people. We are all just human. A lot of us are depressed, it doesn’t make us all suicidal. How can people know the difference? If a brother tells his sister in anger that he’s going to kill her…do we take it as a joke…or as a real death threat? Get the picture?

  • joneblaze

    I always say suicide is never the solution its a smack to the faces to all that have passed that wanted to live,but perished from disease or injury. But in some cases like her son Michael depression can be so severe ,and once a person stops taking their meds,they see no other alternative than suicide R.I.P Michael
    Unfortunately Maries brother Donny will likely go on The Insider next week to throw her and his nephew under the bus for some t.v time

  • Celia

    @Watch What You Say:

    I wasn’t blaming anyone and I wasn’t “projecting” my own feelings into this situation. I want to work in the health field, so issues like this concern me and make me nervous. I was just wondering how his family didn’t know and I guess you answered that question. I know for a fact that there are signs you can look for, but like you said, you can’t watch someone 24/7. I just feel really bad for his family. I couldn’t even imagine what they must be going through. My first comment was from pure shock since this is the third (celebrity) suicide death that’s been reported over the course of 2 weeks. It’s just shocking.

  • OMG!

    Stella #2, your right!

  • Va


    How rude. I hope someone you care for never does this. I’m sure it won’t since you are ever vigilent to everyone’s thoughts and needs. I am in tune to my children but I cannot read their young, sometimes confused, minds. How dare you imply that every parent ever could have prevented their child’s suicide.

  • khristi

    Depression sucks ass. I know because I suffer from both depression and anxiety-I have had mornings when I wasn’t able to sleep through the night or even bring myself to get out of bed in the mornings. I have no friends, boyfriend, or a job-I have often thought about not being here anymore myself, but everytime I have those thoughts I think about what my life could be down the road (i.e. marriage and children) and I humbly reconsider. God Bless him and his family.

  • A

    @khristi: Well Khristi, you can always come here and have friends here! I don’t know why you’re out of work…if it’s voluntary or involuntary. But that is a first step. Think of what you would like to do, no matter how big or small, don’t worry about the money. Go after it. Don’t be afraid to go places by yourself either. If you want to do something, do it. Once you make yourself happy, and focus on that, the friends & boyfriend/marriage will come. Hope you feel better.

  • Soni Hannigan

    I think everyone here is forgetting that a mother has lost her child. I have never been in Marie’s shoes, but I did lose a nephew to suicide. It is a very hard thing to comprehend. I just have one thing to ask? With all his cousins, which I know most of were in Utah, how did he feel so alone? Anyway, I have followed the Osmonds for since I was 10 ( I am 49 now) and I have always known them to be a strong family. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Marie and the whole Osmond family. A parent should never have to bury a child. Keep strong Marie. You have alot of fan who are behind you and love you.

  • helen

    My heart goes out to her. May god gives her his comfort ..

  • msblknasty1

    so young … no one will ever know what was going through his young mind……RIP

  • Karen

    celia, you really don’t know what you are talking about. My Grandmother committed suicide 22 years ago and no one ever dreamed she would do something like that. She was a very kind hearted person and was loved by her whole family. If there would have ever been a sign we as a family would have damn sure helped her. I pray the Osmond family finds some comfort during their time of grieve but I know from experience you never get over losing someone that way.

  • rocky


    You really don’t know what you’re talking about. A parent can give as close attention to one of their children and soemtimes those ‘signs’ are just not there. Michael had subsance abuse issues and from all accounts was getting better. Don’t speak of things you don’t know and don’t put blame of those you don’t know.

    At this very sad time in Marie and her family’s lives pointing fingers is not what anyone should be doing. Marie and her husband and famiy will be torturing themselves enough with ‘what could I have done better?’, but sometimes one never knows what can be done.

    My prayes go out to all the family.

  • rocky

    @Celia: @Celia:

    You really don’t know what you’re talking about. A parent can give as close attention to one of their children and soemtimes those ‘signs’ are just not there. Michael had subsance abuse issues and from all accounts was getting better. Don’t speak of things you don’t know and don’t put blame of those you don’t know.

    At this very sad time in Marie and her family’s lives pointing fingers is not what anyone should be doing. Marie and her husband and famiy will be torturing themselves enough with ‘what could I have done better?’, but sometimes one never knows what can be done.

    My prayes go out to all the family.