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Ian Somerhalder & Meghan Auld Couple Up

Ian Somerhalder & Meghan Auld Couple Up

Ian Somerhalder holds hands with his girlfriend, NYU alum Meghan Auld, on a snowy Sunday afternoon (February 28) in New York City.

The 31-year-old Vampire Diaries hunk recently tweeted about the recent Chile earthquake, which has resulted in over 700 deaths. Ian said, “Chile… I’m at a loss for words. So uhh, I’ll help in whatever way I can and simply say sorry to anyone and everyone hurt by this thing.”

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Credit: NYCD; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • LO

    what’s up with hot guys having ugly girlfriends? i’ve noticed this a lot.
    Tom welling and his wife, ian and this girl,,jesse spencer and his girlfriend…that’s just from the top of my head but there are many more! the only couple i’ve seen that match eachother in the looks department, and are equally attractive ,are angelina jolie and brad pitt.
    I know not everything is about looks but humans are visual people at the end of the day.

  • Camila

    oh thank you man!

  • zaraaaa

    yea she might be a dog, but it makes me love him even more. A guy who likes a personality rather than annoying bitches

  • Catherine

    LO: I agree that she’s not the prettiest looking girl, but it just shows that Ian and the other guys are not just superficial jerks who go after hot girls, but they look beyond apperance and value personality more than good looks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • LeviKlein

    She’s not ugly. But those pants are a big mistake.

  • pup

    wooooooow. Can you say, lucky much?

  • LuckyL

    I agree with both LO and Catherine haha.

  • Deedz

    Rofl wow.
    It’s nice to know that I have a chance now.

  • Missb

    I don’t mean to be mean, but she kinda looks like a female version of Lance Bass…

    (although a “female Lance Bass” is like a “sour lemon” or “wet water”)

    Ok, I’m being mean now, lol :-)

  • vqs

    @zaraaaa: // Thinking the same that u!!

  • dundies

    lol he’s also dated nicky hilton! that offended me

  • dundies

    i think its a trend. if a woman dates a guy thats not attractive, its a blow to all the men who done her wrong, or like turning gay

  • Dee

    She looks great.

  • nadia

    i think his better off with nina dobrev at least thats my opinion

  • Aqua

    they look great together, and they met before ian got famous on lost, so it’s great that they have been together for so long & it shows that he’s not a superficial jerk that only goes for model looking girls.

  • Aqua

    they look great together, and they met before ian got famous on lost, so it’s great that they have been together for so long & it shows that he’s not a superficial jerk that only goes for model looking girls or girls that are famous.

  • Aqua

    they look great together, and they met before ian got famous on lost, so it’s great that they have been together for so long & it shows that he’s not a superficial jerk that only goes for model looking girls or girls that are famous.

  • Aqua

    they look great together, and they met before ian got famous on lost, so it’s great that they have been together for so long & it shows that he’s not a superficial jerk that only goes for model looking girls or girls that are a famous celeb for publicity.

  • Aqua

    sorry about the triple posts. my window kept on saying error so i thought it didn’t submit -_-

  • lalala

    i was gonna comment about her um, lack of attractiveness too but then i realized that there probably ISN’T a girl out there who’s as pretty as ian. lol but i like what someone here said, that he doesn’t just go for looks. that’s a nice way to look at it…

  • Sassy

    Who the heck are they??????????

  • diana

    Ian used to date Nikki Hilton.

  • w

    Nelly Fang!

  • Bellie

    God some of you people are rude rude rude. Imagine if she actually read these comments? (Not that she would probably care what internets bashers say about her- goes to show their lack of intelligence- plus, she is the one with the hot guy!).

  • Aqua

    @Bellie: plus she is pretty! and i’m guessing she must have a great personality too!

  • Bridge

    OMG!!!!!!! She is just weird to him.
    IAN, YOU ARE ENOUGH TO YOURSELF! (and your fans)

  • Kara

    Hmm…I think she’s super gorgeous!

  • babybop

    he is carrying a blue print cleanse lunch box. it’s a strict and expensive juice detox

  • w

    So Nelly Fang! Deal w/ it!

  • rosielee9

    A good personality outweighs good looks anytime. And looks don’t keep a relactionship going it takes a lot more important aspects than that to sustain a good relactionship on all levels with someone. And as the saying goes ‘ beauty is in the eye of the be holder’ so she obvioulsy ticks all the right boxes for Ian and that’s all that counts.

    Love The Vampire Diary’s, so glad that it got picked up for a second season.

  • michelle,Philippines

    Ian also dated Kate Bosworth and Maggie Grace.

  • emil

    Ian is a sexy man but I so hate the pale look.

  • sim

    his girlfriend is fugly. and look how hot he is(:

  • Anastacia

    whaaaaaaaat?! !!
    oh come on!! he could do so much better!!

  • Anna

    Wwow! I just hope she has a personality as amazing as she is ugly…

  • Summer


    I don’t think anyone is being rude, I think people are just expressing their opinion which they are more than welcome to do. How many times have you looked at someone and so, gosh, not cute. It’s not being rude. It just shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    She seems to like the lime light. Looking right into the camera. He may look beyond looks, but i would not be surprised if it was his looks that drew her in. Also, there is a saying that “pretty girls don’t get dates” which is bull. But, some men are insecure, and men in the entertainment industry maybe more so. Certain guys don’t want a girl that’s on their level in terms of looks, career, notoriety because they know she may leave, and doesn’t need him.

    This guy has had so many girlfriends it’s not even funny. I would not be surprised if they dumped him. Maybe he’s with someone that he feels isn’t going to go anywhere, her looks may not be the reason he thinks that, although it could be a big part. Why have all of his other relationships ended, and this one lasted so long. Who knows, what does it really matter, but it’s just funny.

    Who cares if he’s good looking. He may be a jerk, but she may be with him because she can’t get into any cool parties, go to any cool events without him. Although many people feel he’s a cool guy or that he may be, i think it may be insecure.

  • Mermaid

    Being in the modeling and acting world myself, I can tell you it can be very lonely and the disappointment is almost too much to take, so once you make a connection with someone, (no matter how ugly) who builds you up and makes you feel good about yourself, you are able to see past their looks. However, I don’t think Ian has met his lady yet. I’m sure he will meet someone on set who is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside and this chick will be history no doubt!

  • bbwloversmatch

    I love him on lost

  • 4js

    @Aqua: well then,they may have had a break in april ’09 when ian was with ashley greene? when they were at 100 monkeys concert…they were kissing,right? so,he wasn’t always with meghan.

  • slickcat

    THAT is his girlfriend?….is this a joke?

  • Mischa

    i don’t know.. i know that he’s going out with Megan but i noticed that he’s happier with Nina Dobrev.. when he’s with her, he’s smiling, talking to paparazzi… and with Megan he seems like he don’t want to hold her hand… i don’t know…

  • Blaire

    Oh my God, I am so sick of people saying he’s not superficial because he’s dating a pooch. There are beautiful girls in this world with matching personalities FYI. I guess she must be the sweetest girl on earth for him to be interested in her, because obviously she doesn’t have anything else to offer.

  • Loriann

    @nadia: No, she is like his little sister. And she is 10 years younger.

  • Loriann

    @Summer: Ian Somerhalder is probably one of the nicest guy in the industry. I have LOADS of friends who have met him and he is the biggest sweetheart to his fans and people in general. The crew on the Vampire Diaries say that he is the sweetest guy. So I dont think he is a jerk and his girlfriend didnt leave him because he is hot.

  • nati aranguiz

    now im living in concepcion, chile. The earthquake was terrible!! i think that i wake up in the hell hugging my mom protecting her. now my famiy and me are good, my friends, my people. and my appartament too.
    a lot of new construction are down or will be. this is a call for all american project in LA for worry about that and chilean futures projects too.
    think that a building (edificio borde río) with 15 floor now are down and other (torre o’higgins) with 20 floors will be.
    dont forget the tsunamis that cause a lot of destruction

    some pics:

  • Summer

    I think that’s why he is with her becasue she is so young and young people are in awe and still finding themselves and are willing to do what someone else does simply because he does it, willing to bend to the boyfriends will and ideas. I agree with Blair, I am sick of people saying that he is not superficial, and he may be nice in public, but he could still be a real jerk.

  • Summer

    I never said he was a jerk, I said he COULD be a jerk and it’s ridiculous how people act as if this guy is their cousin. I don’t care if you have a truck load of friends who say he is cool, YOU can’t KNOW and NEITHER can your friends after just meeting him once, and neither can I. That is why i said he COULD be NOT that he is. I don’t know him so I don’t know what he is like. It’s amazing how people sit there and say so definitively he is this that or the other. You can’t possibly know. Can you really gage how someone is after meeting them once or twice. Come on! He is not your brother.

  • ash

    i think shes cute. not hot but cute. like baby face.

  • Sanne

    Well..I do not think that she is ugly..she is natural beauty, not overdone like a lot of celebrities are…you can not say that she is ugly just because she is not famous and wearing comfortable clothes and no make up on rather than something fancy… I think she is a normal girl, who is not trying to be somebody she is not…no plastic nails, hair and eyelash extensions included…;)

  • elena

    his girlfriend is so ugly,why he has so a girl ??