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Jared Padalecki: Wedding Pictures with Genevieve Cortese!

Jared Padalecki: Wedding Pictures with Genevieve Cortese!

Jared Padalecki tied the knot with his Supernatural costar Genevieve Cortese in her hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho on Saturday (February 27).

Jared’s best man was his real-life older brother Jeffrey Padalecki and one of his groomsmen was his on-screen brother Jensen Ackles.

The couple has said, “Our wedding party consists of friends and family that have watched us grow up and watched us grow in our relationship. We thank all of you for being a part of us and cannot wait to grow with you in our lives together.”

Their engagement lasted around two months.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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145 Responses to “Jared Padalecki: Wedding Pictures with Genevieve Cortese!”

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  1. 76
    Dee Says:

    I noticed that Jared had been looking really miserable on his show
    this season. Now I know why. I seems that the closer he got to
    his wedding date, the more and more miserable he looked. If he
    is not happy, he needs to do a JLo and get out. I don’t want to see
    him looking all miserable and bloated like that next season if
    Supernatural returns.

  2. 77
    SASH Says:

    “friends and family that have watched us GROW UP and watched us GROW IN our relationship”

    Why not construct it this way dearest!!
    Jared’s family and friends saw him GROW UP, they were present for the wedding.
    Gen’s family and friends saw her GROW UP, they were present too.
    And Jensen, Jordan, Dan, Matt etc etc would be people who saw them GROW INTO their relationship.

    God why are you guys being so bitchy and all?? I’m not a great actress, like majority of ya’ll, but no one has ever accused ME of being a bad person, so why are you guys judging her for her on-screen CHARACTER???
    So far as I have seen her, she’s soft-spoken, and a really private person….seriously how many of you have SEEN her in Real Life?? If you’ve never met her….how are you able to pass judgment? And even if you did meet her, are you judging her because she might not have been flying over the moon meeting a bunch of fans WHO ARE BASHING HER online?? I just dont get ya :-S

    I certainly wish them the BEST in life and wonderful years ahead.
    And if it wasn’t meant to be it won’t be, but that doesn’t mean they are not in love right now.
    que sera sera, anyone?

  3. 78
    Emily Says:

    Talk about a slap in the face to his fans! Funny how he apparently lied to us and said they weren’t an item. I understand that it’s a private matter but come on I thought you were better than that. I guess I was wrong. But hey, if you are happy than I’m happy for you! Just have some respect for your fans and Sandra McCoy ok?

  4. 79
    JENSEN luver TANYA Says:


  5. 80
    DeeDee Says:

    @Jensen Fanatic:

    AMEN! I totally agree.

  6. 81
    Shane Says:

    Awww. Congrats to the cute couple.

  7. 82
    Emily Says:

    I take back what I said Jared. I want you to be happy and if she makes you happy then I’m happy for you! What kind of fan would I be If I wasn’t supportive of this quick engagment!

  8. 83
    Shotgun Wedding? Says:

    Thought Jared was smarter than that. Hope it works out, he deserves to be happy

  9. 84
    kate Says:

    I agree with Jedaqia im soooo devastated :( i cant say congrats cause im a total Jared/Sam faan.The only thing i can say is :WHYYYYYYYYYYY?????
    He is So Yummy.Whyyyy?????? :(

  10. 85
    Jen Says:

    he certainly has bad taste but oh well, best of luck to him.

  11. 86
    Dorothy Says:

    Congratulation to Jared and Gen on their wedding, they are such an adorable couple. I wish them the best as husband and wife, and hopefully soon in the future will see little Jared’s and Gen’s running around.

    Jensen and DAnneel are next to be married, I’m so excited for them to. They make such a gorgeous couple, I’m so happy for both J’s finding someone to love.

  12. 87
    Anne Says:

    Congrats to the beard and groom!

  13. 88
    jo Says:

    And I care because…
    The only problem I see here is that they BOTH can’t act and NOW they’re going to infect their kids wih thair BAD ACTING GENES

  14. 89
    Annie Says:


    I would have to agree with DeeDee and add that why would an actor who claims he wants to jump into movies and become a Hollywood star get married in his 28 years under a tent in Idaho?
    Where are the producers and directors and actors from his Hollywood entourage to invite and pump his public image??
    Not even co-starts who have been on the show for years weren’t there.
    And don’t tell me she’s pregnant cause that would be even more lame.
    Anyway he is hot and talented and that’s what I should care about, what he does with that package is his business I guess.

  15. 90
    Mandy Says:

    Many, many congratulations to the happy couple! May their lives together by joyful and filled with wonderful, special moments!

    *Sends them hugs and kisses of congrats*

  16. 91
    Jane Says:

    Jared Padalecki is the among the best actors on Thursday nights, a natural and emotive actor with raw power underneath, and I am very glad for him if he is happy. Gen has always seemed very sweet with the fans who meet them on the street. I think Jared sadly learned his lesson when he was so public with the fans about his relationship and engagement with the darling Sandy. That didn’t work out for them. This may be a rebound relationship but I don’t think Jared would rush to marriage without love and reason being there. Because fans have been so nasty about GC on the show, and because of how things fell things fell through with Sandy, I think he kept his new relationship as close to the vest as possible. I don’t blame him at all. Jensen fans are frakking awful, and the reason I won’t be following his career once Supernatural is over. Plus, I am bored with Dean, so damn much. You can tell an episode is over now because Dean is blubbing about being a hero again. Meh. Anyway, I do love the J2 friendship and on and off screen brother relationship. I think they are lovely people from lovely families. Jared is getting married off-season in Idaho because he’s not a media ***** out to score points. He’s an authentic person and gracious to fans always. I just love him. Best of wishes to Jared and Gen.

  17. 92
    Torino Says:

    They’re so cute together! can’t wait for them to do small Jareds and Genevieves.

  18. 93
    Pointe Says:

    Congrats to you both! I wish you all the best for your future together, and I hope your wedding day was as special as you’d hoped. You’re both very lucky and I hope you have a long and happy life together.

    To the naysayers – please keep in mind that Jared and Genevieve may have been dating for a lot longer than they let on – at the very least since April last year. We the public know jack all about their private lives, which is definitely how it should stay.

  19. 94
    Sam Says:

    For two people who are almost 30, their little wedding schtick sounded pretty immature to me. And badly written. Only Hemingway could get away with using the word “grow” that many times in two sentences.

    I concur with the poster who thought it was weird that they married in the middle of shooting, in the middle of winter, in the middle of Idaho, and barely invited anyone. Quickie wedding = quickie babies.

  20. 95
    Jodi Says:

    I wish it was me :(

  21. 96
    gemma Says:

    oh why jared, you really didnt need to get married. congrats anyway, im devastated i could cry. You cant help but be jealous of her though. I am defo all for sammy still.

  22. 97
    gemma Says:

    and i sooooo wish i was her ;(

  23. 98
    Kate Says:

    This marriage will definitely not last long. I know everybody is either happy or wants to be happy that they got married. Afterall, it’s what they wanted and it’s new, it’s shiny and bright. No one likes being accused of being a hater or actually being a hater. I’m not a hater. I couldn’t give a crap who either of them marry. However, I still don’t think this will last. I think they both just want to play house. They haven’t known each other for long and Jared’s been engaged twice already recently. A marriage is supposed to be about love and the concept that they’ll be together until death do them part. Does anyone really think Jared is that mature? Or on some level, is he like his good old pal, Chad Michael Murray? He started dating Genevieve shortly after his engagement with Sandra fell through.

    It’s all publicity. They’ll both get bored.

  24. 99
    Angie Says:

    I so don’t like Genevieve. She’s such a bad actress. I bet she was fast to get in bed with Jared and she was one to ask for a quick wedding – to get married as fast as possible so he wouldn’t get distracted by a prettier face. Afterall, his engagement with Sandy got called off pretty fast. Now, she gets half of everything he owns and she gets her fifteen minutes in the light! SCORE. I bet she’s proud of herself.

  25. 100
    emily Says:

    This comment has nothing to do with the wedding but more to do with fakers on the social internet sites and Jared and Jensen anouncing they had no accounts. I was following twiiter accounts who claimed they were really them, but as soon as I saw a video of them stating that they have no facebook, myspace, or twitter account, I dicountinued to follow them instantly. I know they will probably never read this but If they happen to I just want to personally thank them both for warning us. I know this comment has nothing to do with Jared’s wedding, but I feel like I had to thank both he and Jensen for saying something since they didn’t even have to. Once again to Jared and Jensen-thankyou

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