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Jennifer Lopez: Saturday Night Live After-Party!

Jennifer Lopez: Saturday Night Live After-Party!

Jennifer Lopez is all smiles while she hangs onto Marc Anthony at the SNL after-party held at New York City’s STK restaurant on Saturday night (February 27).

Earlier in the evening, Jennifer hosted and performed at Saturday Night Live. She performed two songs from her upcoming album, Love?, called “Starting Over” and “Pieces.” Check out Jennifer‘s performances below! What do you think of her new tunes??

FYI: J. Lo is wearing a Loewe Black & Chestnut Fox Jacket!

Jennifer Lopez – “Starting Over”

Jennifer Lopez – “Pieces”
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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Nora

    A very undeserved and lukewarm acting ability from JLo, as her singing performance was the saddest thing in the industry…

  • S*

    wow…althought she is beautiful…these songs were not ” On the 6″ quality songs…pleaase jennifer return to the studio and stop singing crap!! U can better!!

  • olle

    Haha, I loved it! and she was amazing live, I wish she’d perfrom more often live!

    Go Jen!

  • alice

    I thought I heard the sound of cats being skinned alive last night, now I know it was just Lopez trying to sing.. Thank goodness.

  • Sara

    I think she’s singing about Ben Affleck, her true love.

  • Brandy

    Yikes, if that is what is considered AMAZING live performing, we are in trouble. I’m sorry but I’ve heard 5th graders with a better octave range and maybe next time she could find the key in the song. Just a thought.

  • Janice

    It’s hard to stop singing crap when you sound like crap.

  • dezzie

    She’s a pretty woman but not much of a singer.

  • jinx

    her singing is horrible but the SMASH Mouth Skit was HILARIOUS. I have that stupid song stuck in my head now

  • mikee25

    SHe did a great job and she sounded really good!!! People just like to hate on her!!! If she would have lip-singed everyone would have been talking crap also!! Great job and glad she did it all live but hateful people will always talk crap and thats why you don’t do things to make other people happy, you do it for yourself!!! YOU GO JLO!!!

  • Michelle

    I don’t know if it’s people “hating” on her or maybe people just have good hearing, that my dear was crap. Straight up.

  • let’s just say she’s a “better” singer than an actress. ouch…

  • Sarah

    @Michelle, I agree completely. I don’t know what kind of head she gave to get a record deal to begin with but it must have been good.

  • Honeybunn

    Although I have voiced my opinion about J Lo’s singing ability at times. I have never really been to tough on her. A lot of artist today rely on the gimmicks in the studio to make them sound better.

    I actually own J Lo’s first 2 Albums. So saying this ……. I have to say Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have the talent to sing live.

    Her fans will think her performance was great. Anyone NOT really paying attention will think she did OK. But if you…. like myself who have purchased her CDs in the past……(was actually listening to her). I think J Lo should think twice about putting out this album. She is only going ruin her creditability in the movie and music industry.

    Both performance where mediocre.
    I will not buy any more of her music.

  • Jane

    The first song “Starting Over” is interesting, first I thought it was probably a song about he relationship with Affleck but in the beginning of the song there is a verse that says “we got these kids, got these ties..” this is probably about Marc Anthony and the trouble they were having a few years ago when it was rumoured that they were going to split up. The second song ‘Pieces” is clearly about Marc Anthony too.
    As far as her “singing” she sang Starting Over better, the other song was an utter mess. Hey but atleast she sang Live, right??

  • Cath

    I’m not sure what to think of the “starting over” song, but I liked “Pieces” alot! I think she was reallyy good!

    Looking forward for Love? to come out!

  • Emma

    I’m sick with pneumonia and was up late last night. I made the horrendous decision to watch SNL. Huge mistake. First, the show still isn’t funny – and I last checked in on it during the Chris Farley era, when it was only marginally funny. Anyhow, when JLo is your host you’re in serious trouble. She has no talent. If it wasn’t for her ass and her shiteous choice of men (at least Ben dumped her before it was too late) she would literally have no career. So after twenty minutes or so I packed it up and went to bed before I felt worse than I already did. Watching the clip of her “singing” – I for sure made the right choice.

  • Nik

    They threw a party after that!?! Anywho singing was garbage but didn’t expect anything different. She couldn’t sing when she got a deal and that wasn’t going to change. The difference is now she’s older and people don’t buy into the hype anymore. And wouldn’t someone with an upcomming album be signed to a record lable? Perhaps she should consider spending her days with those 2 bundles of joy of hers because, were done now.

  • plez

    She is still a fine singer. She needs someone to write her some good songs. These two songs that JJ posted are sadly below avg.

  • Nora

    And to think they gave her the honor to Act and Sing on SNL is pretty unbelievable… I gather she must have paid them a lot of money and the rights to Marc Anthony.

  • justsaying

    I have enjoyed many movies she has been in. But I didn’t realize what an uninteresting to poor singer she is.

  • Jane

    People are being way too harsh, on hearing these songs again they are the right direction for her career both of these songs while not great they both show a lot of maturity, I’ll take these two songs over “Louboutins” anyday. She really wasn’t that bad folks.

  • cacey

    JACK OF all trade AND master OF NONE.

  • chilecare
  • josh

    Why is she wearing her daughter’s skirt? @Cacey, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • cacey

    i AM sure that the BACKUP SINGERS are mad as hell at her out of tune mess. THEY probably wanted to switch off her mic. BUT COULDN’T. i WOULD say that the backups did the singing and JLO DID the wall scratching.

  • gina

    I love how people blame the “song”, yes it’s the song’s fault she sounds like horse shit, just like it was the dancer’s fault she busted her ass and the acdemy’s fault she didn’t get an oscar nod and the public’s fault they didn’t “understand” Gigli. God when is it her fault for being wack as hell?

  • sharon

    @Cacey hell yeah, they were trying to cover like crazy. They earned their money last night.

  • Carrie

    Notice while she sings her voice has to be dominated by her backup singers, and still you can’t help but notice how flat she sings and how she crackles trying to hit a note. JLO’s devoted fans are the only ones that say she can sing.

  • Diego

    She looks really beautiful, to be honest,I didn’t like the songs, but I loved her in everything else, in the Besos y Lagrimas skit I was LMAO. She might not be the best singer but at least she’s hot!! :P

  • yo sista

    I’m so over her yall

  • Marsha


    Yes she CAN SING – can you hit that soft-cat voice??

    I bet you sound like an elephant ready to announce there presence!

    She has it – i guess you cant and just a poor note in that case!!!

  • Eden Lords

    it was so funnny..the skits were very funny
    her voice is really good..i thought she cant sing live..but she did an amazing job


    Jennifer needs to take over the Oprah show!!!!

  • Jenna

    JLO records elevator music now?

  • So, so

    She was so, so. She can’t really sing, but neither can a lot of pop stars like Britney, Madonna, Rihanna, etc. Not everyone needs to be able to sing like Celine Dion or Christina Aguillera in order to be a successful musical artist. For Madonna & Britney, they have fame for their overall talent as performers and their catchy songs. Rihanna has a unique sound. J.Lo would do a lot better if she would stop forcing things. She tries to be a mainstream pop singer, then a hispanic singer, and then she wants to sing about fashion in one song and get all deep and meaningful in another. All she needs to do is keep it light, have a catchy beat, and catchy lyrics. Stop trying to be a “singer”. People want dance music from her. When she just focused on making dance music, her albums sold. But I give her credit for performing live. It didn’t sound great, but it wasn’t awful. She just has a very nasaly voice and she can’t hide it when she sings live.

  • Yawn


  • Mike

    It’s interesting, didn’t she just get dropped from her label? And I’m sure record exces are clamoring to sign hippo assed egomaniacal 40 year olds for the pop scene. Sometimes it’s just a wrap, it’s not the song or the sound people just move on. At the end of the day it’s about dollars, Your right about the people you named but they can still sell an album because they have an audience that will still pay for them and if the album doesn’t sell the concert tour makes money (Madge) that would be the difference. It’s about money, and they’re not gonna make theirs back with her. I’ve sang better in the shower, no record deal though.

  • jayne

    Yeah, I agree. There are alot of bad singers always have been always will be, but the truth is no matter how many excuses are presented she can’t give it away at this point. That’s just the way it is. You can be a crappy singer but you have make money not cost the record company more. That’s the business.

  • sana

    “Pieces” is a dreadful song. Her voice isn’t much better.

  • jess

    It’s good the songs named pieces because that’s the state of my eardrums at this point.

  • sana

    Unfortunate choice of material. Did she write this dreck?

  • imbhndyou

    your career is over Jlo! Take your money and your kids and leave us alone now

  • imbhndyou

    your career is over Jlo! Take your money & kids and leave us alone now

  • cacey

    I think MARC anthony is an indulging HUSBAND because he knows good music so 4 him to support his wife’s debacle is pathetic. I have always said that JLO THINKS that she is better than she actually is. If i were her i would stick to acting becos she does not do as much damage to it.

  • please stop

    It’s time to take bow gracefully.

  • Lowest denominator

    She’s ALWAYS been a beautiful woman but a mediocre talent at best. Since day one. And she wasn’t gonna be able to use that booty forever.

    This chapter in her career is closing. Time for her to re-group and re-define her persona/public perception…Operation Comeback: Failure.

  • Jennifer Garner

    I think it kills her that Jennifer Garner has now become more famous than her. She is desperately grasping to stay relevant. She needs to stop trying to be what she thinks people want her to be. Be yourself! I don’t even think she knows who her real self is anymore.

  • Tyra

    @OPRAH: She would be good as a daytime talk show host! I’d watch her show. It would be a more mature route for her to take since her singing and acting are about done. OVA!

  • J Lo Rocks

    She was awesome-the songs were good and she sang them so well. She is going to have hits AGAIN. She has it all. There are so many people on this site that are plain jealous and couldn’t do what she did ever. Just sit behind thier computers and make insignificant remarks.