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Lady Gaga Wears a Lobster Headpiece -- Bedazzled!

Lady Gaga Wears a Lobster Headpiece -- Bedazzled!

Following the final London date on her Monster Ball tour, Lady Gaga wears another crazy costume to dinner at Mr. Chow in England on Saturday (February 27).

The 23-year-old performer wore a see-through plastic dress, white tape X’s over her nipples and a bedazzled silver lobster headpiece. And carried around a strange yellow claw to boot!

Oddly enough, Gaga covered her face and tried to hide from paparazzi. When you’re wearing a costume like that, can you really hide from all that attention?! Bedazzled seafood headwear!!!

15+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga wearing a lobster on her head…

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85 Responses to “Lady Gaga Wears a Lobster Headpiece -- Bedazzled!”

  1. 1
    jane Says:

    i guess this is what NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER does to you…

  2. 2
    paige Says:

    she’s an absolute mental case… i mean remember bjork and the swan around her tame does that look compared to this???

    i think the woman’s losing her mind…but i guess it’s hard to keep up appearences 24/7. she must really hate herself if these are the lengths she’s going to to get attention. she’s starving for attention, the way some people are for food…geez. that is not normal.

  3. 3
    brightside Says:

    Love the fact that she tried to hide from pap attention dressed like that! LOL, what an idiot!

  4. 4
    Jay Says:

    if she’s gonna call her fans little monsters and project onto them her own messed up mental state she needs to start referring to herself AS THE BIG MONSTER.

  5. 5
    adfsdf Says:

    this is too much… she need to lay off… look at her, she’s always dressed in these costumes, … I guess she thinks the world is a stage and she is the main act…

  6. 6
    hmm Says:

    @paige: Gaga said “I want to be bigger and better. I want world domination.”

    I think she is constantly thinking of ways to stay exciting (which actually doesn’t work when she’s doing it all the bl00dy time) until she gets to a point where she’s satisfied. It’s def. scary but she hasn’t exactly broken down yet. For now I’m just going to enjoy her work. Looking forward to the Telephone vid….hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  7. 7
    Crikey Says:

    OMG the 3rd from last photo how does she walk in those heels?!!

  8. 8
    celia Says:

    ewww… disgusting…

  9. 9
    Brain Says:

    Gaga is a very, very smart woman and I don’t think many people know this. When you hear her speak properly, you’ll be in awe at her mind.

    She created a character for the public eye, to 1. make a point about Fame and all that comes with it, and that desperation celebrities crave to stay in the public eye, that longing for validation and acceptance and paparazzi craving. and 2. to keep her own private life private. By creating a public persona, she is somehow able to keep something to herself.

  10. 10
    Peter Says:

    Look at me people ! I’m Lady GaGa, I need attention (:

  11. 11
    remy Says:

    i feel bad for any boyfriend who’s gonna be with her. can u just imagine… she seems like a complete robot as far as emotions are concerned. she’s flat lining inside. just look at her face. always NO EXPRESSION.

  12. 12
    Loopy Says:

    @Brain: You say this is her public persona but everyone that meets her says that she keeps the crazy outfits on all the time even when there are no cameras around. I don’t believe she has sold her soul or anything but I can see she is living a character, and that messes with your mind, and it MUST drain you what with having to keep in character all the time and performing on top of that.

  13. 13
    Marry Says:


  14. 14
    Shantelle Says:

    @remy: actually she’s cute and talkative in interviews (she can also be rude and quite patronising but anyway), she’s a pretty normal new york girl.

    when i see photos of her covering her face and not smiling, i just think she is either exausted and cold and doesn’t want people taking photos of her like an object, or she knows what she’s doing because it keeps people wondering and fascinated about her, keeps people talking.

    see like we’re all doing now lol.

  15. 15
    yo sista Says:

    Ok i get the whole “Artistic” side of her, only when she is on stage! If she wears somethin like this on stage or for a performance only then it can be called “Art”! But for a damn dinner? It’s more like attention seeking.

  16. 16
    Music Says:

    The most disturbing thing about this look is the p!ss color hair. WHO in their right mind dyes their hair THAT color? : 3 I remember thinking “omg she is bleeding ONSTAGE this is crazy” when she did her VMA perf and yet she keeps surprising me with weirder things lol. But she is a graduate of Art and Fashion so…..

  17. 17
    Jake Says:

    @yo sista: This.

  18. 18
    dan Says:

    the only reason she’s commenting on the fame wh0ring is to deflect from herself….she is the biggest fame w* of them all…

    yea i think she’s smart..but so are a lot of con-artists out there…so that doesn’t really make her persona any better…

  19. 19
    Eva Says:

    I agree with brightside, don’t act like you don’t want you’re picture taken when you have a giant lobster on your head. That’s what someone does for attention

  20. 20
    Sacha Says:

    What does lobster taste like? I’ve never tasted it :(

  21. 21
    lora Says:

    i ‘ve noticed that whenever females interview her .she is VERY RUDE. like unbelievably rude. i don’t think she likes women..

  22. 22
    Sanne Says:

    Gosh, she looks ridiculous.

  23. 23
    Dana Says:

    is she wearing plastic ?

  24. 24
    Dana Says:

    @Crikey: she doesn`t need to walk..they are carring her! :D

  25. 25
    =)=)=) Says:

    what does squirt means ?

  26. 26
    wth Says:

    ………….does she have pink tape on her bum cheeks or is that just her skin lol??

  27. 27
    Celia Says:

    Now she’s starting to scare me a little bit.
    I wonder what happens to all these outfits after she wears them?

  28. 28
    meli Says:

    she´s stupid

  29. 29
    Andy Says:

    OMG this woman doesn’t know what to invent in the ridiculous to do speak about her
    Can someone tell her just do GOOD music and stop being so RIDICULOUS !
    She must know like the girl who wore stupid dress that an good singer
    PATHETIC and some compare her to Madonna !
    Madonna never nedd to wear an Lobster to sell CD

  30. 30
    cacey Says:

    THIS GIRL has definitely lost her MARBLE

  31. 31
    Spfxgirl Says:

    I don’t beleive what i’m actually seeing!!! WTF!!!!! her ass cheeks are so red from sitting ..why would anyone what to display “big red ass cheeks”???i feel embarrased for her body guards.. having to be seen with this metally disturbed adult.
    I mean c’mon .. i work in industry and have avery open mind to peoples creative talents ..this takes the P*ss ..

    Gaga is gone gone!!! next she’ll be wearing a white straight jacket ..because then we know she’s been comitted..

  32. 32
    Mario Says:

    Ugly Gaga!!!! She is sick!HAAHAHAH

  33. 33
    len Says:

    how can u criticise fame and then do the most ludicrous things to get that fame? last time i checked that’s just plain hypocrisy. so she needs to stop with the fame is a monster stuff, because she is the FAME MONSTER.

  34. 34
    brightside Says:

    Maybe it’s a fetish thing. At first I thought she was wearing pink knickers but now I don’t think she is wearing knickers at all under that. It looks more like she was spanked.
    I’m strangely attracted to the silver lobster, but not as headwear, though I would have it in my house, on the table, perhaps. It could go with my inflatable space shuttle and steampunk rabbit. Cute.

  35. 35
    emmas Says:

    @Spfxgirl: couldn’t agree more!

  36. 36
    ren Says:

    i think her fans are sadly mistaken if they think this woman cares about them..she just keeps praising them so they’ll keep buying her records, so she’ll get more money and ATTENTION.

  37. 37
    Dante Says:

    So did the crazy start after she made the paparazzi video…

  38. 38
    Just Interested Says:

    WTF what is she wearing??!

  39. 39
    LiLoOx .... Says:

    She’s so ugly…. She doesn’t even understand the sense Of Fashion…..
    I sware she needs a psy or she ‘ll get to suicide soonely…. So please Lady Gaga …. Die we’re done OF craziness and what you call ‘”Fashion ” is for me a FashionLess…….;

  40. 40
    sharon Says:

    She is a living twilight zone but at least she can sing. See you can find the positive in anything.

  41. 41
    Ian Says:

    WTH? She’s obviously a talented musician, but how can anybody take her seriously when she looks like this? She hides her face for the paps but forgets to cover her ass. Nice. Ha ha!

  42. 42
    CanadianGal Says:

    honestly, i think she looks prettttty effing cool! i love how it the lobster’s legs go under her eyes! :D love her.

  43. 43
    hindusfindus Says:

    baboon butt. hehe

  44. 44
    niki Says:

    @jane: please take this awful site out of our faces…she’s disgusting!

  45. 45
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Lovve. Her crazy, fantasy creations are meant to be provocative. The fact that we are here talking about her and her get-up is a testament to her ability to engage with her fans and other people.
    Think about the dressmakers and artists that are now being exposed to the world because Gagaloo is wearing one of their creations.

    She’s brilliant; she appeals to the new media market like no other artist.

  46. 46
    Annodam Says:

    she is getting so boring , so fast…she needs to grow up

  47. 47
    Puffin Says:

    She really needs to be committed. What would happen if this was just your average Jane Doe walking down the street wearing this and the branches on her head from yesterday. They would be hauled in for questioning!

  48. 48
    linndy Says:

    and she smells like it too, yuhhhhhhh

  49. 49
    deke Says:

    Well, it does get your attention.

  50. 50
    atrium Says:

    U Should Try…

  51. 51
    Madonna Says:


  52. 52
    faggiano Says:

    nice dress

  53. 53
    Bfashion Says:


    take a look at the pictures below and how she COPIED them exactly.
    These are of the late Isabella Blow.

  54. 54
    Jeff Says:

    Someone didn’t get enough attention growing up… or too much.

  55. 55
    artisticguy99 Says:

    she reminds of bjork she is the original weirdo with a crazy fashion

  56. 56
    Bab Says:

    I would hate to be sweating in that get-up.

  57. 57
    pixy Says:

    At first i didn’t really understand her whole…persona. However, she has stated many times over that it’s all part of her art. And I have to agree. She lives and breathes her work. She’s a walking piece of art. Plus, the girl is truly talented. She writes her own songs, she sings LIVE and she can dance and play the piano. I just can’t hate on that. Besides, news flash! Of course getting attention is part of the whole act! Everyone who’s famous needs attention. How else are they gonna sell tickets to their respected ventures? And they all get it in their own ways. They might not take it this far…but they all need it and they all do it. This is definitely one time where I must say-HATE the GAME and not the PLAYER.

  58. 58
    Ryan Says:

    can this stop now? it’s way past ridicilous

  59. 59
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she looks straight up horrible
    the worse thing is u idiots who adore her fed her ego
    she just needs 2 crash, just like kanye’s ego did after he interrupted taylor
    im not worrying tho, this bitzch is bound 2 do something stupid where she makes alot of ppl mad

  60. 60
    Jokergurl Says:

    Can’t read my, can’t read my lobster face, that hat looks like something they drug out from the depths of the ocean. She’s a character though, gotta give her that.

  61. 61
    anon Says:

    I guarantee you if Lady Gaga was not ugly she would not have to resort to theatrics. Would people really buy the music of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta dressed as herself (big shnoz and all) instead of her alter ego Lady Gaga? My guess would be a big fat NO.

  62. 62
    smiley Says:

    ummmm…I’m at lost for words.

    One thing I know for sure…I would not want to be stuck in any room with this creepy woman!

  63. 63
    lenny Says:

    This isn’t just over the top, it’s just dumb. Paris Hilton thinks she wants too much attention.

  64. 64
    Lukas Says:

    I hope no lobsters were harmed on her seafood platter hat!

  65. 65
    M Says:

    lol lol lol !!!!!

  66. 66
    REEVEN Says:



  67. 67
    dohdoh Says:

    What happened to her?…..

    Guess this is what happened when fame and money gets to you. You lose your sense of things, you think you can wear anything without looking ridiculous and laughable.

  68. 68
    ron jon Says:


    Dont you dare compare her to Bjork, Bjork is an artist. This idiot is a famewhoring copycat that takes pieces of other people’s scraps and puts them together…boo!

  69. 69
    Camila Says:

    When is she going to shave her head?

  70. 70
    jen Says:

    you know Cher wore outrageous costumes on stage, but the difference was that hers had taste and glamour.
    This (gaga) is not art, not anything but ridiculous. I am so embarrassed for her. She thinks the only way to fame is to be the most embarrassing thing in a restuant.
    Honey, try to get some music lessons and use the talent.

  71. 71
    AutumnM Says:


  72. 72
    wanda Says:


  73. 73
    Luabloe Says:

    She’s beyond boredom with all her attempts at getting the attention…..To think i’ve never heard a song of hers, but always see her in magazines….pfffffff…BOOOOORING!

  74. 74
    Gaga for gaga Says:

    i love her and cant wait to see her concert next week

  75. 75
    Matt Says:

    Ms. Gaga is foible. Love her look.

  76. 76
    laura Says:

    no it’s just her trying to take attention away from he face and that honker. It works not many people really look at her just what she wears!:

  77. 77
    Anali Says:

    SHE’S THE BEST !!!

  78. 78
    Jill Says:

    Sacha @ 02/28/2010 at 8:38 am
    What does lobster taste like? I’ve never tasted it :(

    Are you kidding? It’s absolutely scrumptious. :)

  79. 79
    Jill Says:

    OMFG!! ROTFLMBAO!!! Imagine her showing up in church on Easter wearing that hat!

  80. 80
    waffle bowl Says:

    Damn… this ***** is crazier than I thought. If she did this strictly onstage, it would be no big deal cause anything goes when you perform. I mean, she could perform in a SpongeBob Squarepants costume and no one would bat an eye. Even on the red carpet it would be acceptable. But 24/7 in everyday life? That’s someone who is DESPERATE for attention. She must be mentally or emotionally disturbed or something. And don’t try to tell me this is some Andy Kaufman sh!t she’s pulling. Andy was a comedic genius. Gaga is, well, what her name represents. @Brain: I would actually agree with you if it weren’t for the fact that she NEVER takes a break from this. Also, being intelligent doesn’t stop a person from being batsh!t crazy as well.

  81. 81
    bbwloversmatch Says:

    I love her style

  82. 82
    Michaela Says:

    I think the most shocking thing she could do now is go out in public completely fresh from the shower in a tee in jeans.
    She’d probably be gorgeous.

    All this excess seems like insecurity to me, which is sad, cause Gaga is legitimately talented.

  83. 83
    slickcat Says:

    her shtick is getting OLD…..

  84. 84
    john Says:

    wooow…..shee iss soooooooo hhhooottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..lolz

  85. 85
    Jacqueline Says:

    This (gaga) is not art, not anything but ridiculous. I am so embarrassed for her. She thinks the only way to fame is to be the most embarrassing thing in a restaurant.
    Honey, try to get some music lessons and use the talent. Shame!

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