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Madonna: Watch 'The Marriage Ref' Tonight!

Madonna: Watch 'The Marriage Ref' Tonight!

Tune in after tonight’s Olympics Closing Ceremony @ 10:30PM ET for a special sneak peek of NBC’s new series The Marriage Ref.

The series, hailing from Jerry Seinfeld, features opinionated celebrities, comedians and sports stars who will candidly comment, judge and offer different strategies for real-life couples in the midst of a classic marital dispute.

The celeb panel for tonight’s episode includes Madonna, Larry David (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and British comedian Ricky Gervais.

Madonna: Watch ‘The Marriage Ref’ Tonight!
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  • a

    Madonna?! Cougar with 2 failed marriages….there’s credibility for a marriage show!

  • harley

    haha, love ricky gervais. might check it out to see him.

  • eka


  • gina

    I totally agree with your comment,,,its a joke isnt it??

  • melinda

    I guess two failed marriages, a lot of plastic surgery and dating a child make her an expert. What a joke. She is probably impossible to live with and has to take up with a kid because no real man would put up with her egomaniac behavior. Ricky Gervais would be hilarious though. Might tune in to see him.

  • whatever

    People stop asking if this is a joke. Of course it is! This is a comedy show duh.

  • Genna

    It’s a comedy show. Are people really that daft to think this is serious? Larry David is divorced, so is Alec Baldwin, and Ricky Gervais is not married. Get a hint.

  • Genna

    @melinda: Oh what a sad, bitter little person you are. If you hate her so much then scroll on by. Apparently you also have been married to her and have lived with her because you seem to claim to be some expert when it comes to her private life and behavior outside of the limelight.

  • Ilia

    This is a comedy show, mother-******s. Which most of the Jesus-humping freaks on this page are not familiar with.

  • del

    melinda is completely right…i think someone needs to judge her parenting skills…u know at 50 she shouldn’t be acting like a giddy 16 year old with her 23 year old boy, she shouldn’t be accumulating kids just so the nannies will take care of them, even her own private chef said she spends 30 minutes a day with those kids..she shouldn’t be dragging those kids out of their homes and to a different country every time she wants a photo-op…now that would be a show.

  • jess

    madonna’s mental age i think is stuck at 5…and i guess seeing an immature 5 year old judging adult marriages is kind of funny.

  • Jinx

    It looks like she’s saying “rawer” like the cat lady face she is

  • Genna

    @del: Such bs. Her staff sign confidentiality agreements so they can’t talk. That’s all likely tabloid crap and the supposed chef had not even worked with her for nearly a decade so he had no idea what she does with her kids or not. Dragging them out of their homes? Are you stupid? She only travels when they are out of school, unlike Angelina and others who pull their kids out of school every few months and are constantly in front of the cameras (do you call the photo ops?). I bet you kiss up to them though. And what photo ops? She doesn’t pose for anything with her kids, they are always caught by paparazzi either going to Kabbalah or going on their daily activities like that.

  • Jinx

    “hizzzzzz meeeeeeeooooooow” – Madge

  • Catalina

    That’s comedy right there. Madonna giving marriage advice. Hysterical !

  • madmax

    Madonna wasn’t on tonight She will be on a future show. They had on Alec Baldwin and Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld

  • oy

    Alec Baldwin? Madonna? People with failed marriages are advising people with troubled marriages? Who came up with this idea, a dyslexic marriage counselor?

  • Trey

    Madonna looks AMAZING. Gorgeous, smart, and talented.

  • kk

    @a: yeah we can fail in our marriage so thats means we know what is essencial to be happy. everybody even divorced people knows. and madonna is not the only divorced to get the opinion loser. and she was there to get more audience to the program. madonna is top and she looks hot

  • kelly

    @jess: hey loser. 5? are u serious? she simply a briliant mind. she knows how to do a great speech ,she knows how to behave in ceremony. ur mind stuck on 3 dear. open ur mind. just because shes 51 she can be a woman??since when 51 is old??? get a life people. madonna looks amazing and u are all jealous cause she looks amazing and shes so sucessfull. shes a hard worker. the most important woman in the business. shes always the money maker of the year. she a HUGE WOMAN BUSINESS. SHE BETTER THAN MANY MENS. MY PEOPLE SO MUCH JEALOUS. AT LEAST SHES MORE ORIGINAL THAN PATHETIC GAGA. WHAT A WANNABE. madonna is who she is. and shes genious like timbaland says

  • jonas

    this is a comedy show. and madonna has a great sense of humour. shes extremelly funny. she is always playing around. love u queen. money maker. briliant mind. this woman is a genious.

  • Madonna

    yeh,I’m agree whit u,Jonas!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Is Tiger Woods going to be on this show.. beside Michael Richards?

  • bbwloversmatch

    she is such a gilf

  • slickcat

    Cat Lady?

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks just plain stupid
    i have yet 2 watch this show because it looks seriously stupid
    but madonna giving marriage advice is just plain idiotic, any1 that would look 2 marriage help from her is idiotic as well

  • Mooks
  • Amanda

    I don’t think that T woods will be in the show besides Richards.

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  • Amanda

    Yes I don’t think that T woods will be in the show.

    Amanda, Rowing Machine Reviews

  • karen

    It is nice to see that Madonna will be in Marriage Ref. Even though her marriages failed in the past, she could be able to share some inputs on various topics. Although it seems that she is independent, I hope she could find a right guy to be with for a lifetime.

  • eat weight off reviews

    It was just amazing to watch Madonna heading to small screen to judge the reality show with comedians Larry David and Ricky Gervais dished out advice to married couples on the Marriage ref. it was very exciting o see this musical star making opinions regarding the marriage problems in this show.