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Tokio Hotel: Oh Oberhausen!

Tokio Hotel: Oh Oberhausen!

Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz rocks it out on-stage with a Dsquared spiky shoulder creation during their “Welcome to Humanoid City” tour in Oberhausen, Germany on Friday (February 26).

Bill‘s twin brother, Tom, allegedly punched a 21-year-old woman in Germany after she put out her cigarette on his windshield. She reportedly was part of a group that harrassed him and Bill‘s mother.

He was prosecuted for willful damage to property as well as assault. A German court fined him €1,000.

The band next hits Hamburg on Sunday (February 28) at the Colorline Arena.

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bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 01
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 02
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 03
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 04
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 05
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 06
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 07
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 08
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 09
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 10
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 11
bill kaulitz spiky shoulders 12

Photos: Volker Hartmann/AFP/Getty, Venturelli/WireImage
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  • LuckyL

    That’s so old Jared and a rumor. You forgot to mention that dumb wh*re and her two fat friends were stalking them for months, thanks.

  • LuckyL

    You’re just as much a baiter as Perez.

  • vanity

    Those were dangerous stalkers that harrased their mother. Police had a report about those stalkers and did nothing. It was a question of time when Tom snaps.He is a good guy. Thanks god those retarded stalkers left Germany.

    Billl looks gorgeous, btw, and their concert in Oberhausen was EPIC WIN.

  • Kian

    How are this band still around? Stay in Germany. And I don’t mean that in a racist way DON’T even try it, just stay away from my ears lol.

  • omgz

    What’s that have to do with the sux platypus shit

  • ri


  • omgz

    @ kian fuk u stay in the hole u came from

  • damn

    Those are some unflattering shots.

  • amy


  • ohne

    Can’t wait to see them today!

    That “girl” Tom hit was a stalker, she and her gang had been following and harrasing them for months.
    If I were Tom I’d have done worse.

  • Schnee

    Jared, thank you for professional reporting by saying that he “allegedly” did it. It would be nice if more people reported the rest of the story, that the stalker he allegedly hit had to agree to stay the hell away from him and his family.

  • Susanne

    Hopely they bring the Humanoid Concert DVD out soon!

  • allesklar

    Love the pictures.

  • Romantic Verses

    Thank you, Jared for yet another Tokio Hotel post, though I wish you had given just a little more information on what happened with Tom and the girl, who was part of a stalker gang. They had stalked and harassed Bill and Tom for many months and had assaulted their mother shortly before the night Tom allegedly hit the girl. I’m at least happy that you said “allegedly” in your post here, and that you didn’t make it sound as though the girl was just an innocent fan that Tom hauled off a smacked simply cause he didn’t want to give her an autograph. Many articles and blogs have portrayed it that way, which is just wrong.

  • Peaches

    Thank you for more news and photos of Tokio Hotel. Those insane stalker girls are lucky it was Tom. They assaulted the twins mother. If it had been my mother they would have gotten their asses kicked to hell and gone for it. Tom showed amazing restraint after all those girls put him, his family and his friends through.

  • Lana

    The first pics are wrong, they’re from the San Remo Festival, not from Oberhausen.

  • eli

    Thank you for some seriously beautiful pictures, Jared. And thank you for covering Tokio Hotel. I heard that the concert in Oberhausen was epic, and their best show yet. I’m going to see them on wednsday, and I can’t wait! Btw, Tom did nothing wrong. He was just sticking up for himself, his twin and his mother because the police didn’t do anything about the stalkers.

  • Jade

    Tom hit a stalker who attacked his mother-been nice to add that info. Plus she has a restraining order keeping her away from him. Where is the rest of the band in pics? Oh I forgot Tokio Hotel is a one man band. The other three are there just to back Bill up! Please I’d rather look at pics of Georg and Tom any day.

  • Riona

    Thanks for changing your post to include the stalker info! Needs more pics of the rest of the band! There are only thousands to pick from from the concerts.

  • Susanne

    A awesome HQ clip from Oberhausen concert, with the song “Träumer”! This is “BILL KAULITZ”!!!

  • ME

    I love that you are writing about Tokio Hotel, Jared, but I really wish you could post more pictures of the rest of the band :D Not that Bill doesn’t look like a perfect sex god, but the other guys are not so bad either.

  • Immi

    they need to go away

  • ann

    Few days till I see them, god, this will be the best moment of my life. I was waiting for years.

  • ann


    It’s not Jared’s fault that photographers take pics mostly of Bill ;).

    Not that I complain, I can look at his pics all day long without blinking.

  • ann


    Yes yes, and I hope it will be from Oberhausen!

  • intheparkinglot

    So like everyone said, that girl Tom punched was a stalker that with her friends had been stalking him and Bill for months. If I were him, I would have punched her in the face too.

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome performance pictures! These guys are so good at what they do, gah. The first few are from the Sanremo festival in Italy while the others are from the Humanoid City tour.

  • ann
  • karen

    Gosh, this band is so talented and original. I am so proud to be their fan.

  • Karena

    Jared too, I wish you would post Bill’s pictures from “Stern” magazine. He looks so, so beautiful. I hope someone is able to get you those photos because look:


  • Karena

    @Schnee: Totally, thank you. The frightful part of the story is that the twins/the band have to deal with stalkers and such dangers at all. It’s so sad. Thankfully these girls will leave them alone now. Totally scary.

  • LuckyL

    Okay, I’m really glad this post was corrected. You’ll never be Perez <3

  • BTGG

    (THeses pics aren’t all from Oberhausen THough)

    just sayin’ ; )

  • zombiemary

    Agree with Karena!
    Jared, you have to get the pictures from Bill’s latest photoshoot with Stern Magazine. He is beyond beautiful in these pics, and the clothes are also awsome.

    *hotness overload*

  • freaks

    Seriously, people are defending a guy punching a girl? Stalker or not, physical violence is never the answer.

  • jackie

    Oberhausen concert was amazing! It was Sold Out with 13,000 fans! Bill is a god!

  • ann


    That bitc*h and her gang were waiting near twins’ house , and when twins’ mom came home they tried to grab and push her. Then they started yelling at her, and one of the bitches filmed everything with her phone. Tom had all the rights to punch her and yes in this case violence was the answer.
    Jeez, twinss doesn’t even eat meat because they can’t stand when animals suffer, they would never hurt a person, but this time the line was crossed.

  • Gary

    Perrine and her stalker gang egged Bill and Tom’s cars, camped in front of their house for months, sent threatening letters to them and their friend, physically attaced their mother and then lit out a cigarette on his car. Tokio Hotel did go to the police but they couldn’t to anything about it. They said that things like this comes with fame. What would you do if someone attaced your mother and harassed your life for months, and the police didn’t do anything about it? Just because she is a girl and he is a boy, he is automatically the bad guy? If you still think that Tom is the douche, then you obviously are retarded.

  • Eli


    If you knew all the facts, i bet you would be thinking different. Tom isn’t a violent guy. He is just a normal guy who stood up for himself, his twin and his mum, when the police didn’t. If you knew the band you would know that Tom is the funniest, sweetest, most polite guy ever! He even chooses not to eat meat because he loves animals so much. Please don’t judge him before you know all the facts.

  • katie

    Thanks for all the posts about Tokio Hotel! Oh and thanks for including info about how the girl was stalking Tom and threatened his mother.

  • ann


    Yes, it was amazing, I wish I were there ://

  • ann


    ha! great souls think alike ;)

  • LoriLori

    Please JJ more Tom pictures he is eye candy just like Bill

  • ann

    Their concert in Hamburg is starting now @_@

  • Whatever


    Tom “I’m black and gangsta” Kaulitz is a douche, freaks you’re right. Tom probably was more angry about his car getting damaged than his mother being attacked.I have a feeling even if a completely innocent girl who wasn’t stalking, harassing and attacking his mother(unlike the stalkers in this case) was punched by Tom, his mindless fans would still support Tom just like Chris Brown’s idiot fans simply because “ZOMG he is sooooo hot, therefore he can hit women.” I’m ashamed to be a girl. Just like these crazy stalker girls put us to shame, so do his mindless fans who will support him regardless of anything. Why didn’t Bill sink down to his level? That’s right bc Tom is a weakling who snapped like a little hoochy.

  • Birdie

    Why does everything flip a Sh** when a guy hits a girl?
    It’s no different if a guy hit a guy, a girl hit a girl, or a girl hit a guy.
    and to say that women are soooo weak and fragile that they can’t be hit is very sexist.
    I’m a girl and I think it’s so patronizing that people think “awwww don’t hit a girl, if you even touch her face, she’ll shatter!” Bull!
    Like I read somewhere else – I’d rather be punched than patronized.

    Perrine had done atrocious things to Tom and his family. she deserved it.

    if you really want equality for women, STOP treating them like porcelain dolls.

  • ann


    Not to mention that this “girl” is A LOT bigger than Tom and older.

  • ann


    You don’t know a shit about Tom so shut it.

  • http://justjared deke

    I have loved Tokio Hotel from the moment I found out about them. Especially Bill. He’s the bomb!!!

  • Surviver


    Haha, are you serious?
    Are you comparing Tom with Chris Brown? Chris Brown hit Rihanna in the face many times so she started bleeding and got all swollen in her face because they were arguing.
    Tom punched Perrine in the face once because she and her stalker gang had been harassing him and his family for months, camping outside their house, throwing eggs at their cars, sending them notes with threats and physically attaced his mother. (+ of course the fact that the police didn’t do anything about it)
    Do you still think that Tom is just as bad as Chris? Because I hardly doubt that you would think that if Tom hit another boy. Perrine is a tall, fat monster who actually looks like a guy.
    In this case, the fans knows the facts so of course they support Tom. They know that Tom is the sweetest guy ever, and he was just sticking up for himself and his family.

  • ann

    The show has started, their families are there :)