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U2 Tops 2010's Money Makers List

U2 Tops 2010's Money Makers List

Billboard has released its list of 2010 Money Makers list, compiled from tour earnings, CD and digital sales, publishing royalties, etc.

Hare are the top 5 earnings:

1) U2 — $108 million
2) Bruce Springsteen – $57 million
3) Madonna – $47 million
4) AC/DC – $43 million
5) Britney Spears – $38 million

Young acts like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus came in respectively at #7 ($33 million) and #15 ($21 million).

Check out the Top 40 money makers at!

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  • Quoc

    Um…2010 isn’t even OVER YET….wtf?!

  • the_boyfriend

    Britney! How impressive is that? Numbers don’t lie.
    Love Her!

  • Nathan Smith

    Shouldn’t Britney be at no. 3 if she earned $48 million?

  • tt

    @Nathan Smith:

    its 38Million for Britney, NOT 48.. typo just jared!!!

  • LuckyL

    It’s for 2009 Jared, since I read this somewhere else already.

    And any excuse to mention MiHoley, eh?

  • Amal

    MADONNA the queen !!!!!

  • David

    i make 109$ from my blog why i am not listed?!

  • Just Jared

    @tt: Thanks!!

  • lida

    Britney is the best!

  • slave


  • Average Teen

    This list would look differently if it was ranked by individual earnings. Bands have to split the earnings.

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  • s

    Where’s Beyonce? She’s all over 2009! 2010 isn’t over, yet! Is this some kind of quick count or something coz I don’t get it!

  • Stepdep

    good to hear that U2 made 109 million on their album. They can now take at least half of that and give it to the causes they are always flapping about…they can afford it. Instead of getting others who can hardly afford it to give. Especially since they live in Monaco were they don’t have to pay taxes….

  • Tom

    Beyonce ‘only’ made 23 million….she’s #13 on the list….the thing with Beyonce is that while her album may have been succesful everything else hasn’t been….her tour is far from sold out and in several cases she’s been playing for stadiums that were only packed for 50%….her movie only grossed 70 million…studio gets 50% of the box office gross so that’s 35 million…the movie only costed 20 million BUT another 20 million was invested in promoting it so it actually lost 5 million….

  • =)=)=)

    miley and britney are my favz !

  • Jamie

    YAY BRITNEY!!!!!!!!!

  • yo sista

    U2 Sucks how the hell did they make all that money? Yay for Britney and Madonna! LOL at beyonce’s lying a$$ saying she made 80 million when her Sasha Fierce’s a$$ only made 23 million!

  • hot chick

    Madonna was number one last year. She’s always my number one.

  • Val

    GO BRIT!

  • KIS

    Does he mean 2009?
    2010 has barely begun!

  • terrence

    I would like to know why Lady Gaga isn’t in that list? As much as i know her Album has been sold over 10million.

  • JLK

    Love U2! It’s nice to see a band who is socially conscious and has something to say in their music succeed.

  • Quoc

    Beyonce should be higher up in the LIST!!!!!!!!!

  • Adriana

    @terrence: Cuz Lady Gaga SUCKS! JK, she probably only makes about 5% royalty per album since she’s a new artist. International sales are even less because most of the money goes to the record label for distribution unless you’re Madonna, who gets the same 35% royalty rate no matter what. Also with digital sales it’s only like 25 cents per song that goes to Gaga (or even less). The reall money comes from touring which is why the top three are who they are. Madonna is the queen of touring and international album sales.

  • Bella Coola

    No-talent S/h/itney? Please, is that a joke. It’s just proof that Shitney’s minions are as braindead as she is.

  • kathybxoxo

    GO BRITNEY…with all the wierd negativity she is still the baddest bitch in the game!

  • efron

    funny how everyone bashes britney, and still, she’s making a shit load of cash!!!! without promotion nor whoring herself every 5 minutes like lady caca and all those celebrities out there nowdays

  • OMG

    @Stepdep: They pay tax alright and Eze and Eze de sur is if France not Monaco. Monaco finishes at Cape D’Ail . Sure they flap and it annoys me to . Their is a hypocritical duality to the mouthing that ps me off too but they are the biggest band in the world for now.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, those numbers are pretty impressive
    108 mil is a lot of money, even for a band that’s not at the fame level where they use 2 be
    miley made less than i thought

  • Jokergurl

    Glad to see Britney in there, U2′s awesome and so is The Boss.

  • In The Know

    The public is clueless, and Billboard knows this.

    Publishing alone could cut those numbers in half.

    Acts like the Jonas Bros and Miley Cyrus……..those numbers are seriously misleading

  • mfan

    @ In The Know
    You are right that the Billboard article is misleading, but not for the reason you are implying. The article cutoff date seemed to be mid-october (though they said Nov) based on reported tour receipts for several acts. Any artist on a tour would have moved up the ranks. This includes Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Madonna, Britney, etc. Lady Gaga is only playing small venues. Miley would have moved way up on the list if the entire 2009 was considered. They probably stuck to gross revenues because those numbers can be tracked. Profit can’t. Miley will probably keep 40% of the $67 million from her tour. The JB’s have to split their earnings 3 ways. U2 has to split their earnings too, and their tour was very expensive, so they will earn less than 40% from their tour, but on a very large gross. Most artists original deals with their record labels are probably confiscatory. That means older acts like Madonna do relatively well, while new artists like Lady Gaga do less well than the public believes. Touring is indeed where the money is. That’s why this is a golden age for fans. If you love an act, you will definitely get to see them live. Even Rickie Lee Jones, defintely not known for her touring, was in my hometown this year.

  • Bond ETF Trader

    Great to see AC/DC still rockin! Talk about longevity.. very impressive considering they don’t have the mass appeal that a U2 does

  • Ciffroorn


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