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Gerard Butler: Fun and Fearless!

Gerard Butler: Fun and Fearless!

Gerard Butler jokes around with football star Terrell Owens as they arrive at a celebration of Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun and Fearless Males of 2010 at New York City’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Monday (March 1).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor joined celebs like Kellan Lutz, Ne-Yo, Stephen Moyer and, of course, T.O. as the coolest guys of the year!

For the complete list of Cosmo’s fun and fearless males of 2010, visit!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler being fun and fearless…

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gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 01
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 02
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 03
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 04
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 05
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 06
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 07
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 08
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 09
gerard butler cosmopolitan fun fearless males 2010 10

Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • Fritz


  • again?

    Take a rest with the famewh/oring. It makes these types of things seem like a joke.

  • ManLESSton, I likely…

    The Butler is in! Looking good G.

  • eliott

    Butler, you handsome rapscallion, you.

  • mmmmm

    I’ll take a tall glass of TO, please!!

  • p3rp3tu4

    I always love the focus on G.B. But don’t think age has to be mentioned all the time *_*. Cheers.

  • gossiphound

    Who is the lucky broad in the green dress?
    Okay I recognize Gerry, Terrell and the vampire dudes who are the rest?

  • cubedweller

    More of Nathan Fillion, please.
    Butler looks good – like the suit.

  • hellotheregb

    i like nathon too. Also G always looks great in a suit. He should it more often!

  • Fritz


    I’m with you there, Cubie. Miles and miles of eyelashes….mmmm!

  • gossiphound

    Okay anyone who doubts how tall GB is, the proof is in the photos with Terrell, I have to say best looking men in that group – Kellan Lutz needs about 10 years and some facial hair.

  • gossiphound

    Hmmm nice big pictures JJ I think Terrell likes to go commando

  • Cosmo

    @gossiphound: She works for cosmo mag.

  • cubedweller

    Maybe Dr. Oz will sit down with Butler and give him some healthy lifestyle advice. Like consuming lots of olive oil, fiber and green tea.

  • jane

    Where’s Jonathan Rhys Meyers? He was one of the guys in the magazine and is the hottest one

  • csi new york

    The skin on his face is totally cooked due to the recent three beach trips and one high altitude exposure (Aspen CO). He looks older than his real age because his facial skin is so damaged and wrinkled. He should take better care of himself.

    Can anyone tell if his beard is getting thicker or the same? Looks like he is the only movie star in the crowd.

  • skin

    @csi new york:

    Wow, I have to agree on the skin. The brown splotches are sun damage. He needs to go see a dermatologist before he ends up with skin cancer. Stay out of the sun, GB. It ages you prematurely – and you have aged a LOT in the past 3 years.

  • Mr. Giggles

    What exactly qualifies G as a Fearless Man ??? ……. hooking up with anonymous chicks …… who may hide ice picks under their beds ?!?!

  • gossiphound


    I thinking maybe he has already and we are seeing something else. And he’s got the makeup to cover up?

  • stupidfans

    @csi new york: His skin always looks like he’s peeling off a tan. SPF is your friend Gerry.

  • gossiphound

    @Mr. Giggles:

    doing a movie with Aniston, fearless – fearless isn’t always thoughtful

  • Legal Eagle


    Maybe Dr. Oz will sit down with Butler and give him some healthy lifestyle advice. Like consuming lots of olive oil, fiber and green tea.

    and getting circumcised

  • gossiphound


  • stupidfans

    @skin: Don’t forget any past sun exposure has contributed. If he buys a home in Rio, it will only get worse.

    He will be a giant melanoma if he’s no careful. He’s obsessed with tan skin as much as the Jersey Shore idiots.

  • eliott

    Butler refused to play Huvaniston’s games. I guess that makes him fearless.

  • ManLESSton, I likely…

    There is that blast of hot air again. Troll alert Troll alert…
    Gotta admit that suit Gerry is sporting is gorgeous. Looks well tailored. TO always looks fantastic. The guy knows how to dress.
    Looking at the group shot, it looks like the boys verses the men…I’ll take the men any day.

  • Legal Eagle

    It’s not just the sun it’s also the cigarette smoking. They both work in tandem to age the skin. STDs don’t help either.

  • stupidfans

    @Legal Eagle: lmao

  • TrollAlert

    @Legal Eagle: aaaaaand there she is. Maybe he’ll teach him about stds too? Or should you step in for that? idiot. Go eat some more sushi. @stupidfans: He would put the situation to shame, no doubt.

  • csi new york

    Is that the guy who played Gerry’s fellow-prisoner-turned-bad in Gamer? I thought he was a football player. Quite a few upandcoming TV actors there. A side note, Chris O’Donnel who was Robin in Batman movie now doing TVs… kinda considered demoted? Nathan Fillion was the hot priest in Dracula 2000 wasn’t he? He is also doing TVs now. If Gerry’s movie career doesn’t work out I would be happy to see him on a sitcom or some TV shows.

  • Dawn9476


    I knew he was pretty tall when he was on Conan last summer. He only appeared to be a smidge shorter than Conan.

  • Virge

    Kellan lutz is so inconsequential. He’s so fugly and shouldn’t be on any list. Gerald butler is a horrible choice too. Thnk god 4 Ed westwick and Paul Wesley- they save this event with their hotness.

  • Ashley

    Gerard Butler is SO nasty!! I didn’t realize overweight was attractive and of course Kellan Lutz is there. He’d go to the opening of an evelope. He probably wanted to show off his hair plugs-get his money’s worth. Ed Westeick looks yummy though.

  • ManLESSton, I likely…

    I see the Twihards have finished their homework. Lucky us.

  • who won?

    So who won Fun and Fearless Male of 2010?
    Not that it’s that great of award — John Mayer won in 2008, and Bradley Cooper won last year. Nick Lachey won in 2007 – yuck. Maybe it should be renamed Fun and Fearless Dou/che award.

  • stupidfans

    @Dawn9476: He’s five inches shorter. More than a smidge.

  • Tracy

    I wish tht loser kellan lutz would go away. I’m tired of seeing his ugly ass face. He looks like perez Hilton- doesn’t tht say it all? Add in Gerald butler and it’s a double ugh.

  • Get your facts straight

    Was gerry spotted in Alabama?


  • Legal Eagle

    At least I eat sushi, what do you eat genius? Probably a frozen dinner you had in the fridge or maybe some macaroni and cheese you warmed in the micro. Perhaps, you ordered some greasy pizza – that’s an upgrade for you, no doubt.

  • ?????


    What are you talking about? Conan is 6 ft 4. Not 6 ft 7.

  • gossiphound

    @csi new york:

    Not so much anymore or maybe it is where good movie actors go when there are no more roles or they just want a steady gig – in fact I think the TV actors must be pissed off because the good lead roles in new series are going to movie actors where once movie actors would rather starve than go on TV

    Hugh Laurie
    Tim Roth
    Joseph Fiennes
    Christian Slater [one of Gerry exes has a very small role in one episode ha ha]
    Thomas Jane
    Jason Schwartzman

    I am sure I am missing a few more.

    Elizabeth Perkins on Weeds, James Gandolfini was primarily a movie actor before the Sopranos

  • ManLESSton, I likely…

    Wow that bag of hot wind just can’t resist picking fights. Place it on ignore folks. Let’s have some fun in spite of it.
    Get your facts straight – all we need is to superimpose that twitpic of our Gerry leprechaun on that amateur drawing and bingo, we would have a winner. ;-)

  • LIKE


  • gossiphound

    Gary Sinise, you just reminded me csinewyork of another fine actor on TV

  • csi new york

    G looks very thin..detox much? Too frequent detox is bad for the body because it rid of the nutients as well as good bacteria and fat. It can get addictive…some people think that’s the quick way to lose weight, a short cut to regular long term good diet and exercise. Gerry picks up Hollywood’s bad fads quickly it seems.

  • TrollAlert
  • ManLESSton, I likely…

    ROTFLMAO! *cheers*

  • gossiphound

    Terrell has quite the shoulders, must be fun tailoring his suits. I have to look up Nathan Fillion what show or movie is he from?

  • Jinx

    I think he looks pretty damn good in these shots. He looks like he’s losing weight. very handsome.

  • Legal Eagle

    I wish I had her vast knowledge of STDs and circumcision