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Kate Gosselin Joins 'Dancing With The Stars'

Kate Gosselin Joins 'Dancing With The Stars'

Reality TV mama Kate Gosselin will join the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars, sources confirm.

ABC will make the official announcement during tonight’s finale of The Bachelor.

Kate, 34, has said she has always wanted to be on DWTS. “I want to laugh at myself,” Kate told Jay Leno. “I so cannot dance.”

ABC has allowed the mother-of-eight to rehearse in Pennsylvania so that she can be near her kids.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Kate Gosselin compete for the Mirrored Disco Ball on DWTS?

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  • Maria

    Nooooooooooooooo!! Ew. HATE this lady. This new season is gonna suck!!

  • Amanda C

    yeah i will :)

  • Puffin

    Why am I not surprised?

  • mary

    HELL no!!! She is not a Star.

  • bob

    what just came out of my @ss on the commode is a bigger star than Kate Gosselin, and nicer too

  • jenny.canada

    I hope she gets kicked out first. As Achmed the terrorist would say, “I kill u”

  • jdub

    HHAHAHAHAHAAHAH whyyyyyyy?? Kate, take care of your kids. no one wants to see you dance. i seriously thought no one could be more ridiculous than Jon. guess i was wrong

  • Quoc

    Um…WHY!??!?! She is NOT a star!!!

  • Juli

    Seriously, she’ll be the first to go..she’s not a star…doing for the cash I gather..once again with her its about the money…not the kids…why do people hire her…i just do NOT get it.

  • KG

    Doesn’t she have eight kids to take care of???

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahaha.. what a lame fame whoriing move. she wont win so who cares. let her get some sympathy votes then get sent home in week 3. then the world will be done with her.

  • Jenny

    WHAT MAN would want to be partners with this emasculaing b##ch?!

  • kizbit

    So all the REAL stars out there that can’t do DWTS because their work schedules don’t allow them to head to LA for the long term have just been slighted by NON-star Kate Gosselin. So unfair to make an exception for this moron. Are they going to film her in her driveway instead of making her fly to LA on the night of the show?????? She already has an unfair advantage if she’s not flying back and forth like everyone else who have REAL jobs.

  • phoebe

    Oh, god, no.

  • boo

    Hell to the no.

  • jb

    Nope, will not watch. This will be the first season that I skip. The thought of having to watch and listen to Kate, in addition to the possibility of Melissa Ryckroft (sp?) co-hosting, is enough to keep me tuned out indefinitely.

    How could such a good show take such a lousy turn?!

  • jop

    I wont be watching anything with Kate!

  • airline

    Kate, Please go away and stop trying to stay in the media spotlight!!

  • t

    Wow the cast sounds interesting, i’ll definitely watch some.

  • Ms Anonymous
  • Splat

    I’d like to see her cross busy highways blindfolded and call it,
    ” Dancing with the Cars”.
    That….I’d watch.

  • flo

    No way will I watch and they need to change the name of the show to
    Dancing with the Shrew.

  • http://justjared deke

    Please Kate, go home and take care of your eight beautiful children that need you! The public doesn’t need you!!!!!

  • dara

    first of all, i will proudly admit I am a kate hater. I hope she is the 1st to go home. second, she is such a hypocrite to constantly have “people” magazine interviews repeating herself on how the kids are struggling, acting out, and that she needs to just focus on homelife. I am not saying she needs to stay home 24/7, but a job in her town, next to the house “they just couldn’t give up for the kids sake”…That’s what she should be doing. Good Lord, with Marie Osmonds son just taking his own life, when will these parents, with too many kids to look after, just figure out its best to stay home and take care of your kids!!! Being on tv and in the limelight will only add to your pocketbook, not your childrens stability!!!

  • marie

    That’s funny. She told Jay Leno “I love to laugh at myself”…I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode that she laughed at herself. She was too busy laughing AT her children by being to critical. This women is so uptight, laughing has to be last emotion!

  • emmy jay

    I will watch to see her make an big fool of herself AGAIN…..

    Wow! That is all that I can say. Whose big fat butt has she been kissing?

  • porthos

    Shame on dwts on encouraging her own dillusion that she is a star. I will not watch the show ever again as a result.

  • RandyCandy

    Why does the “Media” think we care about this woman?
    She needs to get a real job and focus on her children!
    I’m sick of her countless public apperances and make overs and her saying “it’s for the kids” B.S lady! She is the most self absorbed thing I have ever seen! She should be ashamed of herself at this point.

  • earl

    Everyone is valid as a life form in expression of itself. Kate is no better or worse than any other media seeking personality. Live and let live. Or judge and be judged. One choice brings peace the other brings pain.

  • angy


  • kristine

    nope. def NOT watching.

  • Joanne

    Thanks for RUINING the show. I WONT BE WATCHING!! I hate that woman.

  • Bab

    Have eight kids and you become a star? She’ll be gone the first night.

  • Lillianne

    That’s it for me. No DWTS this season. I can not stand this woman.

  • BarbarainVA

    I am soooo excited. I cannot wait. Kate is going to be good now that she has hair extensions and lost weight. I bet the kids will make a special appearance in the audience so we get to see them again. GO KATE.

  • GulfportIrene

    Lordy Be, I cannot wait to see Kate. I have been a big fan of hers for many years. I wish I could be her partner.

  • KathyLewis

    Well somebody in that family has to work and get paid. Lord knows, the loser husband is always out galavanting with some new slut every week. He has been out of town for months. I guess he is at home now while Kate goes and makes money to support his kids only because he has to babysit so they can pay the bills.

  • RA/NDM/HamiK

    Cluck Cluck
    I am off my meds,
    Cluck Cluck
    Where is my sick husband

    Cluck Cluck

  • measha

    They are really dragging the bottom if Kate Gosselin is considered a good choice for this fading show. She is not a person the public will get behind and this contradicts her mantra of putting her kids first. Her next step will probably be a Maxim shoot. I used to feel for Kate and now am just disgusted with her fame seeking ways.

  • Rhonda

    Now, I can’t watch my favorite show! Why do they always jump the freaking shark. Wish this bitch would go away!

  • Barbara

    I used to blog at CM and they were mean to me and called me names. Wouldn’t let me play in the sandbox. Then I went to RWA and tried to get them to like me but they hate me too. Even SW doesn’t seem to care about me. I have no friends except Kate Gosselin. Even her 8 children hate me. Please Kate take me with you to Dancing With the Stars. I could be your helper, kind of like a lap dog. I am good at taking orders. Love, Barb

  • Krista

    EWWW! SHES GONNA RUIN The SHow. no1 even cares bout her and her family.

  • Krista

    EWWW! SHES GONNA RUIN The SHow. no1 even cares bout her and her family.

  • brian

    So Cam Matheson had to fly from New York to LA to do the show while putting in his regular hours on All My Children and yet this unemployed baby factory bitch gets special treatment?


    Oh Crapolla…does she realize that she is a laughing joke and not a star…..some member of her family ought to tell her plus poor kids just when they thought they could be rid of the witch she works a deal with the network so she can continue to torture them more and still pretend to be the awwwww so doting mother of the century…NOT


    @brian: yeah i don’t get it either

  • emmie

    Who could possibly still be a Kate fan at this point? She does not have a single appealing quality that anyone could possibly admire. Millions of single moms work there butts off every day at normal jobs and support their kids without fanfare and without trying to garner sympathy, DWTS execs are misguided in choosing her for their next season.

  • NancyBfromZ

    Me, SherryT, Ann C, Avis and Irene can’t wait until they trot out the kids in the matchy matchy outfits. We just love us some Gosselins. We’ll be watching. Go Team Kate – Celebrate!!!

  • Anon


    Actually there have been pictures of Jon and the kids playing in the snow the last few days on the internet. Did you miss it? Frankly, it would be a perfect time for these two parents to mend fences. Jon took care of the children for two years while Kate was flying around the country promoting her book. You can tell from the pictures and smiles on the kids’ faces, they love their dad. They both need to work instead of riding the coat-tails of their kids, along with the rest of the scum that attach themselves, including the “friends” of Kate that sell stories to tabloids…Jamie, former nanny.
    I lost interest with DWTS when they let the stars start campaigning so much for themselves via political vehicles or on ET.

  • Anon

    PS….the REAL stars that are parents should demand equal treatment.