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Michael Douglas Covers 'Vanity Fair' April 2010

Michael Douglas Covers 'Vanity Fair' April 2010

Michael Douglas opens up to Vanity Fair in their April 2010 issue, on newsstands in New York and L.A. on Wednesday (March 3) and nationally next Tuesday (March 9).

Here’s what the 65-year-old Wall Street 2 actor had to share:

On his son, Cameron, who’s in prison for drug-trafficking charges: “Anybody who has a relative or child in substance abuse has some idea of what this feels like. It will ultimately be a painful lesson and very expensive as far as time is concerned. I don’t wish it on anybody, but then, you know, look, everybody’s got difficult things in life.”

On what he’s learned about making marriage work: “We always tend to be kinder or make more of an effort to strangers than we do to the person closest to us.”

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair
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  • http://justjared deke

    That’s a true statement he made about being kinder to strangers than to the people we love.

  • anon

    Please! at least this is a change but a better cover title would be MONEY TALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or MONEY IS KING!!!!!!!!!

    Those would have tongues wagging…….

  • teri

    He’s such a liar and yes he was in sex rehab. He left his wife for czj and neglected his parenting duties. He has no room to talk bad about anyone else. Hypocrite at it’s finest.

  • cj

    this is the same michael douglas who critized brad pitt for leaving jenx for angie and carrying her adopted children………………..who is the fraud and phony parent now………………i have no symphaty for this man……………….people who live in glass house should not throw stones…………………brad pitt is maybe one of the handful of father in hollywood who seems to get the fact that you must put your children and family first ……….always……………..

  • cj

    someone remind us excatly what michael douglass said about brad pitt and his own children

  • Liz86000

    Um, sorry, but MD was divorced waaaayyyy before he even MET czj!
    And NO, he never said those things about Brad Pitt etc… It was tabloid trash, and he said he never said that. I think the tabloid recognized they made it up.

  • Melissa B

    @deke: Dito

  • jessalyn

    “I don’t know about Brad Pitt,” says Douglas, “leaving that beautiful woman [Jennifer Aniston] to go hold orphans for Angelina [Jolie]. I mean how long is that going to last?”

    He said it in a GQ article, and later claimed he didn’t.The reporter stands by the fact he did, and so does the magazine.

  • Jenna

    Michael Douglas did say that stuff about Brad Pitt.
    He obviously made mistakes with Cameron and was a huge sex and coke addict while Cameron was growing up.
    Kids should not blame everything on their parents.
    He was divorced way before he met CZJ.
    Cannot wait for this movie.
    He is one of the greatest Hollywood stars ever. Love him.

  • Jaliah

    Michael Douglas met CZJ in 1998 but didn’t divorce his wife Diandra until 2000 and then a few months later married CZJ. I’m stating this because of all the people that said he was divorced long before…not true.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    You wrong Liz.
    Michael Douglas left his spanish wife Diandra for Catherine after several separations because he used to have affairs.
    At some point he ven begged Diandra to take him back and she accepted it on the condition that he entered sex rehab. He even said publicly that he was a sex addict and wanted to save his marriage, hence he entered rehab. It was the first time that we heard about those type of clinics..
    After the affair with Catherine, he divorced Dianda in June 2000 to marry Catherine on…November the same year.
    It’s officially reported everywhere. You just have to look and find it.

    Michael Douglas is a liar and a hypocrit. But some of us are old enough to remembered what he did to Diandra. for years ! He was the Tiger Wood of the 80′s. Diandra even trade female employees for male because of Michael inhability to resist women.

  • eww


  • Celia

    Why so serious, Mr. Douglas?

  • Liz86000

    Maybe the divorce was finalized the same year, but he was separated from her (in the 90s). Heck, even his son Cameron supported him when he told him he met Catherine! He said that in his speech at the wedding!

  • Rhonda

    theres very few Hollywood kids that can even function in the real world.
    These hollywood types only have to look at their children to see they shouldn’t reproduce. adopt kids, 50-50 chance that way!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Again Liz he was still with Diandra when he met and had an affair with Catherine.
    That was 2 years before the divorce. He was still trying for the X times to fix things with Diandra when Catherine came into the picture. At the begining Diandra thought she was one of his mistresses and that he will leave her and gt back again to her but he didn’t.
    Diandra is the one who asked for the divorce months after he begins his affair with Catherine.
    The fact that his son was happy for hom doesn’t change those facts.

  • Emma

    @Not Impressed by JA:
    If what you say is true (though on they say that they split in the 1990s, check it out), then Diandra was a doormat for staying with a man who obviously didn’t love her anymore…
    I’m glad that he’s with Catherine. They both have the same sense of humour and they seem to really adore each other. Good for them!

  • Jimmy

    I have to wonder if he is really deeply upset about his son, or whether, Hollywood style, he simply sees it all as more (good) publicity. More publicity, more money down the line.

  • remember da truth

    Oh please…. I guess there are still some adolescents on here who believe that a marriage is hunky dory until the day the papers are filed. I think why people think he was divorced way before he met her is because that was a DEAD and DONE marriage for a LOOONNNGGG time. Everyone knew it. That marriage was so dead that the only reason he wanted to come back was because a divorce was so expensive and she threatened to put the screws to him. If he went to sex rehab, it wouldn’t look like he was interested in anyone but her, so that’s what she required, but it’s also widely known that he wasn’t a sex addict, just a guy acting like he was single, because he essentailly was.

    When continuing the farce was so intolerable, he finally filed for divorce and Diandra, who didn’t love Michael Douglas but loved being Mrs. Michael Douglas, dragged the divorce out for YEARS.
    They weren’t together at all for a long, long time before he met CZJ, even though technically he was still married. And it wasn’t an affair. It was a yearlong courtship before they started to even sleep together and then it went really fast after that because he wanted to marry her and he finalized the divorce. They’ve been married a decade or so, so it’s hardly some fling.

  • @Not Impressed by JA

    Is that you Diandra Douglas? Are you broke? Are the $64 million (payed by Michael to shut your big mouth) finally over?

    You can always write your famous “tell-all” autobiography on your life with Douglas, that we have been waiting for so long (rather that just threaten him, now and then)!

    Do you still think badmouthing your onetime spouse to the press “the height of bad taste”, or are you considering offers to tell all about her marriage to Michael again?

    Maybe not anymore, because you have being just too busy between your SPA sessions and covering-up Cameron and his electric toothbrush (full of heroin) in your $9.25 million townhouse…

  • @Not Impressed by JA

    *your marriage to Michael again?

  • remember da truth

    Jimmy #18 what a horrible, and clueless, thing to say. Anyone with a child going through that sort of thing is terribly upset. He doesn’t want to act like he’s alone, as he knows he isn’t, nor does he want to talk about it, and that’s why he deflects it by saying everyone has their troubles, which is actually a classy way to acknowledge the problem, but not exploit it.

    This isn’t Cameron’s first brush with drugs. And no, Hollywood-style looking for publicity based on your kids’ killing themselves, either slowly with drugs or quickly by suicide, is just a heinous thing to think. No one looks at publicity like this as a good thing. Are you that evil? Is that how you would view your kid destroying himself?

    And for God’s sake, what publicity does Michael Douglas need? Once again, proving you must be some teenager who only knows reality tv participants as “stars” who are desperate for publicity, REAL stars don’t crave publicity like this, go to club parties and pose on the red carpets to get their pics in Us magazine, or give info to paps.
    This is a guy who won an Oscar probably before you were born, and has more than one to his name. Probably both before you were born! He grew up in Hollywood, and was young when doing coke and partying were on a different scale and done in a different way than now. Doesn’t make him an addict for using — EVERYONE in the ’70′s and ’80′s was using. Nicholson isn’t an addict either.

  • eliott

    Not a good father to his first son. Not a good husband to his first wife. Good news for CZJ and their kids: he’s too freakin’ old and tired to run around on his wife. I’ll bet CZJ is in charge of the VlAGRA.

  • bbwloversmatch

    He is so money

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like him as an actor, he always reminds me of this really rich guy
    i cant w8 for wall street 2, loved the 1st one
    didnt no he even had a son until like a month ago

  • se

    Hollywood is a shanty town. The son of this men is in prison and the people has the courage to let this men give an interview and show his “butt face”!
    Robert Downey Jr. is another whose was in prison for a long time in the same situatuion!
    And lot of actors died because they took lot of drugs.
    USA make war against Alfganistan because they would like have the control of Opium! It is a shame!

  • son

    hi dady