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Robert Pattinson: 'Remember Me' in NYC!

Robert Pattinson: 'Remember Me' in NYC!

Robert Pattinson waves to fans waiting outside the Today show at New York City’s Rockefeller Center on Monday (March 1) before the premiere that evening at the Paris Theater.

The 23-year-old actor spoke with Matt Lauer about Remember Me, the Twilight sensation and his steamy spread for Details magazine.

Also pictured inside is Rob‘s Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart – the two were on the same flight to New York and sat next to each other at the premiere screening!

FYI: Rob is wearing a 3sixteen Olive Stadium Jacket in the pics at the airport. Kristen is wearing a 1020 by Nicole leather jacket, Burberry pants and Bally shoes.

Robert Pattinson on Today

25+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson promoting Remember Me

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robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 01
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 02
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 03
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 04
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 05
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 06
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robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 08
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robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 10
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 11
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 12
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 13
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 14
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 15
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 16
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 17
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 18
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 19
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 20
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 21
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 22
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 23
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 24
robert pattinson remember me today show premiere 25

Credit: Loccisano/Getty, Roger Wong; Photos: NYCD/Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
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  • Maddie

    According to the press… Kris waited for him to finish with them, and then they went into the theater together. Not sure how true this is but I hope so. It’s pretty obvious they’re together. :)

  • c

    Rob & Kristen THE BEST

  • elena

    omg! yay Robsten! This is basically a confirmation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • samjennings

    rob looks a mess. that emilie girl is cute but the dress is weird. and kristen is just so naturally sexy. unf shes my dream girl!

  • james

    Emilie de Ravin is gorgeous.

  • Just Me

    Im one of the Twilight fans that doesnt completely believe theyre dating till i get a confirmation(although i will admit im about 97% convinced lmao)

    anyways i adore Emilie but her dress looks like it got stuck in the front of her panties,the color is blah and the shoes look like mud is entagling her(is that even possible?)
    as for Rob well im biased so hes gorgeous lol and Kristen loks amazing! not a huge fan of the color of her pants but recently shes been getting better at this carpet thing


    Rob is so cool

  • kelly

    yaaaaaaaaaaay kristen was there

    they ae just so cute for words
    kristen looks beautiful not a fan of the pants but who cares
    and rob is hot as always

  • yes

    Ceiling eyes looks bad . The other girl is prettier but Robert doesn’t like women who would want to have sex with him so he is pretending to be with Lesbian ceiling eyes because he doesn’t have to have sex with her. he saves that for his friend tom.

  • babie

    Kristen outfit is ugly and she doesnt have any feminine aspect at all.
    for my opinion..that doesnt mean they are together just because she went to support her friend. I mean she was in NY also so why not support her friend. I have a best guy friend myself and i would do anything for him. So, does not mean anything for me.

    Emily is beautiful. ok maybe not the best dress but she’s soo feminine and mature.

  • ann

    Rob is ugly

  • newsflash

    LOVE the way Kristen’s dressed. She’s not trying to be the star. Which goes to show, she’s secure in their relationship. Awesome.

  • emma

    Tonight is so good.

  • Dreads

    What do teen girls see in that boy? He’s so not attractive…. Perhaps we have different definition of what’s attractive? I mean…..When I was little, Leonardo was the pretty boy every girl loved….or Brad Pitt ……if I name the blonde kind of guy of course….These guys were indeed hot. But THAT????? I would have liked him if he invented some kind of new cool style but the swept-like hair was brought back by Zac Efron like what? Four years ago?! Give me a break. I bet even my neighbour is sexier than this dude!

  • Anon

    I wonder if people stop and read RPatz’s interviews. I find him fascinating and handsome. Kristen and him, if they are a couple, look good together.

  • collegedatematch

    I’m so happy for them!

  • le sigh!

    different clothes but same poses and facial expressions for Kristen.
    Why does she have to look tough all the time? She is pretty…she needs to lighten up and act like a lady!

  • Anon

    The eyes, the wit, imagination and imperfect look, that well….just fits together perfect.

  • Celia


    I agree. I don’t get it. He has no sex appeal, he’s an idiot, and he doesn’t bathe. I just don’t get it.

  • emmy123

    Aw, Rob looks like he showered AND combed his hair! I’m so proud of him :D

    haha he looks adorable.

  • Hayley

    Last week after the BAFTA’S, the fashion police on this site were saying that Chanel wasn’t for girls like Kristen. They said she was fugly when she wore a white dress to the BAFTA’S. I guess she decided to have some fun at this premiere. I think she is very brave.

  • sammy

    Im sorry but Kristens outfit is horrible she needs a stylist ASAP!!!

    as for the rest they look nice, and Kristen is probably there because Remember Me has been produced by Summit the same production company of Twilight

  • pola


    Yah right, so where was she, in the premier of her friend Taylor, in valentimes day.. sorry

  • j

    Wow your just so Fuuuggllyyyy….i dont think theres even a woman in there look so butch ,poor posture…Grossss

  • Pam

    #23 you are SO RIGHT!!!! Misspellings aside, lol, that was a GREAT question!

  • kr

    I love Rob and Kristen. It’s so sweet that Kristen showed up to support Rob and she didn’t steal the limelight from RM premiere.

  • babie

    well i think she’s alot more best friend to Rob than Taylor first of all. and second of all like @sammy said..its produced by Summit also so thats an other reason why she’s there. and dont forget that Tomstu is there also. He just didnt take the pose for pics on the red carpet.

  • Sweetness

    Stop being daft. Kristen was there because she was supporting her man!
    Accept it …THEY ARE DATING.
    If she were there because it was produced by Summit…where was Taylor and every other member of Twilight? Besides they are not slaves for Summit, Kristen does as she likes.

  • emmas

    OMG I absolutely LOVE what Kristen’s wearing. It looks comfortable and her style. I love the fact that she didn’t get sucked up by the whole hollywood drama, and as much as I want them to be together, if keeping their relationship on the down low would keep them together, then go for it. Love Robsten ALL the wayyyy.

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    I hope they are dating as they make a good couple.

  • bbehnaz

    nice to gether

  • eric

    emilie is diaper.

  • zoey


    F**k off!
    I just don’t get it why waste your time arguing that you don’t find the guy hot ? What are you even doing here ?! You need to go get a life.

    ROB looks gorgeous as always. Can’t wait for RM.

  • tessx

    *sigh* why so beautiful Rob <3 love him sfm!!!

  • brian

    i wonder how many weeks she hasn’t wash her hair

  • Lauren

    1) You don’t have to think he looks good, he’s an actor- and with the right director and editor (Little Ashes, Harry Potter, New Moon) he’s really good.
    2) Looks are a plus, I like it, but it’s just an opinion- we don’t have to agree. It’s okay if you don’t get it- don’t worry, there are more important things in the world to be concerned or “bothered” about.
    3) For those still looking for understanding: A big part of his attraction is his personality, he’s polite and not a show off- he doesn’t have an entourage like other “stars”. He doesn’t care if his hair is sticking up (he doesn’t preen), he’s honest, funny, charming and not reading cue cards while being so. He’s not a puppet.

  • naylah

    ohhh please twi_hards!!!!! Stop lying to yourselves……
    Kristen looks like a MESS, she has no style,she’s skinny fat and she doesnt even have a hair cut!!!!!!!!!! her pants are hideous and those shoes she’s always wearing them….Rob looks like nothing as well…..
    They def make a great couple,Stick together, dont mix your dirtyness with the good looking and clean people!!
    Emilie de Ravin looks fabulous, pretty dress and pretty girl!!! So stop attacking her just because she made a movie with your Rob, she’s not a threat, she worths MUCH better than Rob……

  • khristi

    Kristen may be cool, rad, and down to earth-but I can’t call her attractive in the least. Robert will do, but not as attractive as people seem o think. Emillie de Raven on the other hand is very pretty.

  • ew

    @ann: LOL understatement. He is sooo ugly. But so is Kirsten, perfect match. They can sit at home being awkward, smoking pot together and not showering rofl.

  • lol

    They are both so hideous, untalented and retarded.

  • Yeah

    I’d like to think they’re a couple, but my gosh she looks hideous! Those pants are awful, the t-shrit I like, but the hair, eww… RPattz at least looks like he showered, though that man can do no wrong. EDR looks very nice, but forgetable.

  • Hayley

    All the brilliant fashionistas that bash Kristen. Let’s see. She earned about 12 million dollars last year, won a BAFTA award last month. Has 4 films coming out this year. It’s a shame that she is not as accomplished as you. If she did look and dress and think like you, where would she be? Oh yeah, at home typing anonymous comments on the internet.

  • Hayley

    @j: @j: Your comments have no class. I would consider it a huge compliment to be disliked by someone that speaks & thinks like you.

  • naylah

    @ Hayley, You’re hilarious!!! Dont forget that you’re licking the butt of a girl who doesnt even know you exist!!!! Yeah…you’re at home typing anonymous comments on the internet standing up for her while she’s probably spending the $$$$$ she makes thanks to people like you…..
    Much more fun criticizing……
    By the way anyone in THE WHOLE WORLD has a better fashion sense than Kristen Stewart.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`cool guy, seems genuine, unlike others. too bad he doesn’t have much of a personality. well, more like he’s completely uncool and unfunny. good thing is he knows he’s not cool and funny. he talks it, which is respectable.
    ..`not everybody can have a normal level of charm, charisma, and swag. he lack that debonair quality that.. say, clooney has.

  • Naty

    Fugly ass vag-hater.

    Hopefully he’ll be forgotten once this Twilight shit blows over

  • brenda

    OH…This guy is so UGLY!!!!! what the girls see on him????,this guy is sexy???!!! COME ON!!! YOU ARE CRAZY GIRLS

  • Jen

    I find him to be cute and dorky, but is he sexy? not that much.

    There goes Kristen looking all awkward and angry.

    Emilie is really pretty. I think she and Rob look really cute in that picture.

  • Paula

    emilie so so beautifull , gorgeous *-*

  • Observer

    I thought that Robert P was handsome onscreen during his debut with Harry Potter. He has incredible screen presence. But Kristen S is both a burgeoning star but really a baby when you think about it. What is she, 19? Is it fair to judge so harshly. I’d hate it if she acted like Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus or all of the other barely post-pubescent numb sculls we see sashaying for the camera.