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Daniel Craig Celebrates His Birthday in Ontario

Daniel Craig Celebrates His Birthday in Ontario

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz bundle up and walk together on a break from shooting Dream House on Monday (March 1) in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The British actor had a visit from girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell on set, and the cast welcomed Naomi Watts on her first day of work on the film!

Daniel celebrates his 42nd birthday today (March 2) – hope he gets a break from work to relax and enjoy his day! Happy birthday, Daniel!

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Credit: Sean ONeill; Photos: INFdaily
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  • at charity auction 2008
    Note a bored Sats in background, wearing ring and what looks like wedding band too? God she has a major underbite hasn’t she?

    This was the one where Babs Broccoli won a kiss from him.

  • at charity auction 2008
    Note blonde in the back doing what she would like to do with Daniel.

  • Exhibition – 2003
  • Exhibition – 2003
  • What I could do with that

    Cut and paste his tongue to your horny hearts delight.

  • things


    It was to get noticed.
    Note the rest of them wearing black and Sats turned up later in the day.
    No doubt planning to wear white.

    Love to know how she’s internally dealing with the “just commitment” rings information?
    Look at the pictures. Photo op to prove she isn’t bothered.

  • GF?

    His GF can not have children she is a hermaphrodite, which explains her masculine build and her pronounce Adams apple. if she is not an hermaphrodite, then women on the average who are built that way are more likely to be infertile.

  • mendel

    to ‘What I could do with that’

    “Cut and paste his tongue to your horny hearts delight.”


    Thanks! You’re giving me ideas…and I’m sure Guinness, DtM and DiH have plenty more… :)

  • Wondering

    I notice that JJ has not posted any pics of Daniel with his GF, I wonder why they left those out.

  • ???

    I don’t mean to start an argument but what would Daniel be doing with a nasty woman?
    I read back a few old comments and many people say she is nasty to her fans and suchlike.
    Surely someone would tell him? Or is he surrounded by so many “yes’ people, no-one dares?
    Is she just nice to the people near to him then?
    Daniel seems to be a nice man so being with such a “*itch” ,wouldn’t he know himself?

    I’ve never met her but met Heike and Daniel a long time ago when they were attending an Obsession premiere.
    She was lovely and very down to earth, Daniel just stood back and watched her do her thing.
    Satsuki seems very self consumed but again, I have not met her. It’s the vibe I get and her facial expressions are not warm to me.
    Even when she smiles she seems a bit self centered.

    I guess some people have better vibes than others.

    And I’ve seen pictures of her on set giving him advice on different scenes. Is that what she does now? is she his advisor of sorts?
    The last few films even Bond, were not his best.
    He seems uptight in every scene.

  • to: 59

    I’m sure there will be some soon.
    They are attending a WWO Charity event in L.A. on March 13th, I believe?
    Satsuki is now an “honourary member of the committee”.

    A mere afterthought as the original list only had Daniel’s name on it.

    Who knows if they are attending the Oscars. Doubt it.

  • common sense

    @Sats mentioned:
    only mentioned as a girlfriend though – nothing interesting. She’ll never be anything more

  • common sense

    @Here’s Sats:
    apparently, she doesn’t have a lot of clothes, as she wears the same ones all the time. She probably doesn’t buy anything unless he pays for it. She is waiting until he goes shopping to buy something new for herself.

  • common sense

    @the ring:
    She looks like a 3rd wheel that doesn’t belong. he is not even showing any affection towards her. I would be pissed.

  • to re marriage

    living together for the rest of their lives and planning children together? you really are a gullible aren’t you. tell me, would you also buy a swimming pool infested with sharks.

  • common sense

    @G/f NOT wife:
    not even fiance; what a downgrade

  • common sense

    @to 40:

  • to 40

    If he was intending to marry her or wanted people to believe they were married, he would not had someone state they were not married. that is a clear signal where they are at in this relationship.

  • things

    @common sense:

    He never shows affection to her unless he feels like it.
    Not a man to do something because he feels he has too.

    @to re marriage:

    Let’s not degenerate this thread into arguing with each other.

    @common sense:

    Yes, but she’s putting on a good show isn’t she?

    @common sense:

    If he won’t marry her out of sheer love and conviction now then he certainly will not if she gets pregnant.
    Personally I don’t think he wants another child.
    If he does, adoption might be on the cards.

  • common sense

    @Exhibition – 2003:
    he doesn’t have any taste in clothes and that’s why he never stops Sats from wearing all those ugly outfits she wears.
    He doesn’t have any taste in women either, as both Sats and Heike are ugly, though Heike is at least sexy (but ugly face).

  • megajill

    Why are all of them wearing real fur????? Including Daniel?????
    Didn’t someone just call Sats a b*tch for wearing real fur, so what about Daniel for doing the same thing????
    I wonder if all of you Sats haters realize that you while you say you love Rachel and Naomi, they are in the same situation as Sats, with men who do not want to marry them lol !!!!!!
    So according to the sats haters, it’s okay for everyone else to have the same living arrangement, including Rachel and Naomi, but it’s not okay and it’s not love just because it’s Daniel and Sats lol
    Bunch of wonky morons lol

  • common sense

    Exactly. The point I was trying to make was that for a long time he hasn’t shown much affection towards her. The last time i saw it, was in 2008. In LA last month, while they were holding hands walking, there was little bit of affection but that’s it. Chances are, the girlfriend situation of the last 2 weeks has starined their relationship. She is probably unhappy wth her position in his life, as she realizes that it’s not viewed as a traimph for a woman to remain G/F after 6 years.

  • megajill

    @common sense: I so agree with you, Heike is like super super homely and sats is just homely lol

  • megajill

    @common sense:
    Oh please, lol, naomi and Liev have been boyfriend and girlfriend for what five years, and they have kids, so are you saying she’s not happy either, come on, get a grip on your jealousy, it’s making you downright stupid lol

  • megajill

    @common sense: lmao you actually think that just because they’re not affectionate in front of the paps they aren’t affectionate behind closed doors lmao.
    I think they’re both homely arrogant idiots, but give me a break lmao
    I’m sure she gets more than enough affection in private lol
    Besides, since when does love have anything to do with looks.
    jealous wonkers lmao

  • megajill

    I’m new to this site, but one thing is for sure, all the women who come on here complaining about girlfriends are nothing but lonely, jealous, superficial idiots.
    They complain about Sats looks, so what, if you look better than her show us; and again, since when does loving someone have anything to do with their looks, if that was the case, Daniel would be sh/it outta luck since there is nothing attractive about him, the only reason women like him now is because he’s rich and an actor. If he had a normal job, he’d probably be single and looking for someone on Facebook lmao

  • guinness

    um, the tongue–yes, I would love to grab with my own, you have predicted correctly. I love that face he makes whilst doing that… ah, the Kate Tate show…..

    the North face coat he wears is under the current one he wears!!! poor cold man—I wrote about this in the last thread… and I tend to repeat myself so… this time I won’t. anyhoo, I hope they are NOT wearing real fur? It seems as though the production company supplying them and Sats had to get a white one, or is that the fashion up there in the great white north. do tell, DIH? I have one, but it is red and not so big!

    He looks wonderful. and he is nekkid underneath all the clothes.

    the coats are driving me crazy. and the freakin boots. she probably wears them in the GD shower!!!!!! ahhhhhhh–1.jpg

  • megajill

    @guinness: You would have to be blind not to see that it’s real fur on all of their coats, and on a final note, WOW you’re strange!!!!

  • guinness

    prophylactic olympic rings ffs. wha—this is news. thanks.

  • guinness

    wow you spelld my naem corectly. good for yuo.

  • megajill

    @guinness: Can you spell at all lmao
    The article you posted proves just how strange you are!
    Or maybe you’re just a little girl with a crush on a very ugly man !!

  • guinness–IMAO

    in my assinine opinion IMAO IMAO IMAO you don’t know me and I am bored.

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    “um, the tongue–yes, I would love to grab with my own”


    “It seems as though the production company supplying them”

    Yes, I think they hand them out to keep the actors warm between takes – one can see that Dan’s coat is huge and doesn’t fit properly. Hehehe, I could fit underneath his coat :)

    “he is nekkid underneath all the clothes”

    Birthday suit! YAY!

    “and the freakin boots. she probably wears them in the GD shower!!!!!! ahhhhhhh”


    And that article :)

    “Some media outlets reported that the supply was strictly for Olympic and Paralympic athletes and officials, totaling about 6,500 people according to the Vancouver Organizing Committee. That would suggest an average of at least 15 condoms per person, and rampant s-e-x of Olympic proportions.”

    DiH, what do they put into Canadian food? Or is it the cold – people have to keep warm? Or the Canadian air? Dan, I am coming over!!!

  • re:megajill

    I see that Wannabe or one of her minions is back under the guise of megajill.

    Do not play into their games nor allow them to inflame a thread war.

    They have been reported to JJ/Buzznet. They informed me that they are watching this persons posts.


  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Daniel Craig

  • ha

    What. I live in Oakville. it wasn’t even cold yesterday!

  • guinness

    Me, you, KOL, dinner, and wait, what the hell are paralympics? The people who help the olympiads, right? yeah, they helped them all right!! kept them warm and their blood flowing… Damn, Dan, see what they do in Vancouver? “when in Rome”…. It will take me 6 (sex) hours–you, me, Mendel(sexconds), dinner/breakfast, under your coat. yes, the BLUE Northface coat he owns is under the big one.

    um, you missed commenting on the walk with his cigar-smokin/sharing buddyguard. Nothing? ok. it was as bad as my b-day song to DC. I go cry now. but thank you for coming back… I almost jumped behind the couch scared!!! ~g

  • guinness-insert foot

    into mouth. I apologize…we have paraprofessionals who help the teacher in the classroom here. I jumped before looking here… and said something that may offend some people. My intent was not to offend but to joke using my interpretation of “para” …risky, yes, but not intentially stupid. I can be intentionallly stupid–but that means I am mad at something and shooting my mouth off… so sorry.

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    “you missed commenting on the walk with his cigar-smokin/sharing buddyguard.”

    Aaargh! I thought I had commented! I am half-asleep here, and that’s why I didn’t read over what I’d written! I loved your caption as always!
    Let me see if I can put my foot into my mouth…whooops, not quite :)

    And your birthday song was great – the bit about sharing a can was pure poetry!

    “Damn, Dan, see what they do in Vancouver? “when in Rome”…. It will take me 6 (sex) hours–you, me, Mendel(sexconds), dinner/breakfast, under your coat. yes”

    Definitely, when in Rome! Dan, can you hear us??? *grin*

    Mind you, right now I am too sleepy to party, so I think I have to retire and dream of Dan’s birthday suit.

  • fitnesslovematch

    I love Bond

  • guinness

    Yes! I feel better, thank you… i am feeling a little weak in the self esteem posting tonight… but I will get over it and the comments about my comments helps! so thanks. nighty-night in your naughty nightie dreamin’ bout the hottie!

    and did everyone see those old pics of Satslover??? go back a page and damn, I would have fallen for the man no matter what age or even if he wore the bowling shoes…. (i wouldn’t be looking at the shoes–they would be under the bed! ). love the jacket and jeans combo… always. or nothing is better too!!! ciao~ tomorrow night, same place, around the same time!!! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • guinness

    oops, i pushed the wrong thumb on yours mendel! great friend I am… just stick a thumb down on mine and we’ll call it even!!! even thumbs. ahh, wha? sleep.

  • rachel and darren

    For the record, Rachel is engaged to Darren, so her ring is an engagement ring, not a commitment ring.

    She shrieked yes when Aronofsky got down on bended knee in New York’s Times Square. The old-fashioned gent even asked her daddy’s permission before popping the big question.

  • megajill

    mmmmm who is wannabe?
    I’m new here to this site. What am I missing?

  • dark bags
  • common sense

    of course he shouldn’t show affection just for the paps. But who cares if the paps are there? Just because they’re there you don’t hug or hold hands with your GF? he looks completely oblivious to her in those pics. It’s because the relationship stopped being pationate like it ued to. In 2008, he would have been all over her.

  • Re Satsuki

    Only the person who loves us can see our true beauty. Daniel is probably the only one who can see ther beauty inside and out because he is close to her and knows her. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or hwo dark the circles under her eyes are or how she dresses. The fact is this man has chosen her and we do not have to understand it or even like it just accept it.

  • to 97

    @Re Satsuki:
    apparently he has not chosen her, they certainly are not engaged or going to marry. Wonder why not, if he has, ‘chosen’ her! Another poster yesterday said the girlf signed confidentiality agreements. If he loved her and truly trusted her’ then she would not have had to do that. She must work for him as an employee because a girlfriend would not sign confidentiality agreements.

  • !

    he is x rated gorgeous

  • megik

    I barely made it ! Happy b-day Daniel !