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Justin Timberlake To Star in 'Bad Teacher'

Justin Timberlake To Star in 'Bad Teacher'

Justin Timberlake has landed the male lead in Bad Teacher, also starring his ex, Cameron Diaz!

The 29-year-old entertainer won the role over actors including John Krasinski and Joel McHale for the lead.

Jason Segel has also been cast in a supporting role, THR reports.

Bad Teacher tells the story of a foul-mouthed seventh grade teacher who sets her sights on a substitute teacher after being dumped by her boyfriend.

Filming is expected to start this month in L.A.!

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  • missy

    Wow, Jessica Biel is going to go crazy if he’s playing Cameron’s love interest!

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …um, cool. i like’em. i think he’s kind of a funny guy. his acting.. him being the lead of a film… `idk, oh well. ahahahahahaha.

  • Deedz

    Why do they let him act?

  • lisali

    They picked JT over John Krasinski??? Please!
    Justin is an excellent singer& musician, but when it comes to acting…not so much.

  • w

    His acting is limited to SNL skits that work because he doesn’t have to really act in them. They could’ve had John Krasinski or Joel McHale,…I even think Bradley Cooper was circling this as well. I won’t see it, but good luck, i guess.

  • up and away

    Are the directors/producers blind or something???
    Do they not see that Justin Timberlake can’t act to save his life?!!
    He should stick to what he’s good at (singing) and leave the professional actors to do their jobs instead of taking away their roles.

  • Sweetness

    The obvious stupid gimmick to get anyone with monkey like intelligence is…Justin playing opposite his ex Cameron. This movie plot is 100% idiotic…but a bunch a morons will pay to see him and Cameron onscreen…after weeks of paparrazzis detailing their every move onset.

  • brian

    oh god hes one of the worst actors out there

  • m

    The movie plot sounds dumb, what’s the point of making this?

  • shenanyginz

    how the flip do you pick Justin Timberlake over JOHN KRASINSKI?! stfu this is nonsense.

  • ace11

    love this…biel will flip

  • Stella

    There’s a new book coming out about Britney Spears, called “Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost” (check it out on Amazon). I wonder if it will talk about Justin.

  • marvinthemartin

    He can’t act/he can’t sing why do stupid people in hollywood give him movies to be in. Timberpussy needs to go away for ever.

  • julie

    Why in America singers want to be actors and actors want to be singers?
    Justin is a singer why does he want to be an actor!!!
    He’s not an actor, sorry…

  • ka-blamo

    I thought for sure he was going to play some creepy, child-molesting teacher.

  • Jinx

    i don’t even think he’s that great at singing. he has a whiny nasally tone to his voice that has always irked me. I’m sure Cameron Diez got him the role.

  • ace11

    Justin should get back with Cameron’

    she is much better for him than Biel

  • mickey

    Great, Bad Teacher gets a bad actor.

  • lexy

    He’s got an Emmy! That’s more than a lot of actors can say (see Rachel Bilson). Perhaps it’s a comedy – he’s funny. I doubt Cameron Diaz got him the job. She’s a beautiful and talented woman and she doesn’t need to get him jobs nor does he need her to get him work. He’s not K-Fed or Rachel Bilson!

  • lexy

    PS – the other actors might have had scheduling problems. Bradley Cooper is a busy guy and isn’t the other guy on a TV show?

  • abailey6666

    Justin Timberlake doesn’t ask for anyone permission to do a damm thing.It took George Clooney many times to get where he is today.Justin is on top of his game. That’s when the jealous bitches come out to play.

  • http://! ivanka

    biel it’s nervous now

  • renata

    hi guys, follow me in twitter,

  • lexy

    What’s she nervous about? Justin clearly loves Jessica and they’ve been together for a while now. Some of you need to turn off the soap operas!

  • dogloversdate

    I hope he marries Cameron!

  • Cora





  • emmaa

    I don’t really like Justin doing the whole acting gig…I love him but I’d prefer more music and leave the acting to others, even though he isn’t horrible.

  • lawyersdatingsite

    Cameron needs children

  • thds

    He’s a good actor! I loved him in Black Snake Moan. And he’s funny as hell on SNL.
    You go Justin. I’ll watch your movies!

  • alessia

    Oh my Goodness some people in this World seems to be really stupid, all his movies are flops and it will not change, because of he’s little-boy acting and a littles girl voice! who the hell would watch that crap? just people who are not normal or don’t know how to waste their time. he’s the weirdest person in hollywood, and the best is that he never will stop to waste his live with doing such horrible acting because he’s to much in love with himself and believes that he can act! Fu*ck off!

  • alan

    Just horrible! Even a Paris Hilton can better act than him. And i mean everyone know how she acts.

  • tasha

    Did he not mocked Cameron Diaz for her last Movie, because it was a flop and now he will work with her. It shows how immature and infantile he is. His narcissism personality let him believe that he can better act and it will not flop! Wow

    He also called her not a very good actress, i mean i agree, but in his position i wouldn’t say that, because he is the worst actor in Hollywood. So I would be more carefully what i say! But othersides he is still a child and everyone know that and takes him not so seriously!

  • lexy

    @ Tasha – well the man must be doing SOMETHING right. He’s one of the sought after musicians in the business – EVERYONE seems to want to work with him. Why release his own album when he’s on everyone elses? His clothing line is still alive and well and making money. He keeps getting acting jobs (and again – he’s got an Emmy) and he’s got endorsement deals coming out his a$$. He’s more successful than most in Hollywood EVER be and he’s what 28 or 29 years old??

  • tasha

    He can work with everyone in Hollywood and make tausend of flop movies. he will still never have a Idol title or be just so famous for something like a Leonardo DiCaprio In Filmbuisness or a Beyonce in Musicbuisness. He just do everything to get some money!

    If he want to act than he should better do some kids movies, because he’s not himself an Adult yet and can’t act like that either!

    I don’t know how do you so many things about him?It seems that he is obsessed in Money!

  • tasha

    sorry, I forgot @ lexy

  • Gabby

    He’s still trying to be an actor? Give it up dude! Go back to music.

  • kathrin

    It seems that really likes to mock his ex-girlfriends, what a jerk! I hate guys who do that! It’s never nice to play with their feelings! I mean both of them have support him Britney and Cameron, just because of them he’s got so many jobs and is what he is today! He’s such an unthakfull dork! I guess a Jessica Biel will he never mock, she’s his hard-core sex doll and he feels sorry for her because she’s a nobody! But really he should stop mocking generally other people, because he’s nothing better and will never be! And for a person who is with a prostitute together should he nothing have to laugh about other people!

  • tams

    The fact that they picked Timeberlake over Joel McHale already makes me dislike this film. But it probably won’t be funny anyway, they never are.

  • yo sista

    What? How come? He sucks. I’m sure Cameron got him the role!

  • lexy

    LOL! Like Beyonce in the music business?? You mean getting sued all the time for trying to take credit for other people’s work?? Sampling songs b/c she can’t come up with an original idea of her own. I mean you KNOW she WROTE Silent Night!!

  • tanya

    urm, justin is a fairly good actor. alpha dog anyone? hes awesome in that

  • tinsky

    i don’t like the idea of him doing this movie for two things: he’s gonna be spending time with cameron again (waited forever for that relationship to fizzle out), & that he’s going to be busy with filming to go to timbaland’s concert in manila…

  • lakers fan in boston

    another movie for justin 2 eff up
    this role should have gone 2 joe mchale, dude is actually funny!!
    justin just cant act for shiz, i personally think he’s gonna make his facebook movie flop big time